i love shinon

sweetest-thief  asked:

GAIUS GAIUS GIAUS GAOIUS (Ike, Legault, Setsuna) G A I U S

I actually kinda ship Ike and Shinon as well, but it’s more of a guilty pleasure sort of ship for me, haha. In a more real setting I see them as bros, as soon as they get over the bickering and angry glares sort of deal of course. I mean, everyone just assumes that Shinon hates Ike cause of the fact that Ike became the new commander of the Greil mercenaries. Everyone just assumes that Shinon wanted to take Greil’s place as a commander and all that selfish bullshit, which I don’t agree on at all. (Going off topic sorry, this just annoys me GREATLY). 

No but Shinon/Ike in my head is kinda hot, again guilty pleasure ship. Don’t think they are boyfriend/husband material for each other, but hey. Who knows? All this frustration needs to get out somehow, you know what I mean.  

So, I don’t really know too much about Legault. I never had the chance to RP with them way back when they were with us. But aesthetically I can see it tbh. Not sure about the relationship part, cause Shinon does not do relationship. Or at least not well. The sexy part however…

You know, this I can actually imagine and tbh I have thought about it as well. But as I’ve said, Shinon is difficult. It’s hard to get close and personal with him, unless he’s drunk and its a one-night thing you know and even then it’s a no-talk sort of deal.

I enjoyed Setsuna as a character, one of the few I really fell for in Birthright too. Besides she a hot and badass sniper, so is Shinon. *Winkwink*. 

No, but Setsuna is chill and I think Shinon really needs a chill person in his life. I think they’d make great friends at the very least, cause she seems like a person that can handle Shinon’s bullshit. Hit me up yo.

Heck boii, where do I start? I have a lot of feels for this ship tbh, and honestly I am pretty sure Shinon has to, as well as some confusion when we look back at how they met I mean. 

It all started with Gaius, dead drunk, coming at him, stating that he’s going to kill him. Then passes the heck out, and so Shinon drags his drunk ass to the inn he’s staying at to make sure he doesn’t catch a cold or die or whatever. And that is the start of their friendship.

When I started here, I couldn’t imagine Shinon ever really entering any real relationships with anyone, cause I mean… it’s Shinon. Nobody likes Shinon, and Shinon doesn’t like anybody. But there is a couple that has managed to pull at my heartstrings. Stares at old Oscar mun and stares intensely at Gaius mun.

Gaius has time and time again proven to Shinon just how important he is, and I think that confuses him greatly, mostly cause he’s never experienced that since Greil.  And Gaius doesn’t even know half of Shinon’s story and still he trusts him? Shinon is like ????????. ( But then, Shinon doesn’t know all of Gaius’ story either. It’s just clear that they have both been through hell and back)

Just the fact that Gaius has argued with him, even yelled at him for being reckless and then taken care of him afterwards, holds great meaning to him. He’s even cooked for him and treated him kindly. Which is all very weird and new, and it’s evident that Shinon has no idea how to react to such gentleness. He is used to rough treatment, ugly looks and distrust in everything he does. Not this feeling of actually being… loved(?)  And he so wants to return it, but he doesn’t know how. He tries, but he feels like a failure whenever he does.

So yeah. Gaius/Shinon holds a dear place in my heart, and I can absolutely see them becoming more than bros and quick nightly meet-ups.