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mary wollstonecraft is a very important lady and you should know some things about her:

  • she’s considered to be one of the founding feminist philosophers of the 18th century and wrote a vindication for the rights of woman which said that women, then thought to be naturally inferior, only seemed this way because of a lack of education
  • in her other works, she also attacks aristocracy, the patriarchy, slavery, and the church of england
  • while most feminists of the time agreed with a lot of what she wrote, they found her personal life too wild and liberal and “passionate”
  • she once tried to woo a married man/convince him to run away with her and he was all “but i’m married” so wollstonecraft asked his wife if she wanted to come along too and be in a polyamorous relationship (the wife said no)
  • she was passionately anti-marriage, but when she did get married it was to famous feminist anarchist william godwin (who was also anti-marriage), and they only married because she was pregnant and they wanted their child to have a better life/have the rights of a legitimate child
  • that child was mary shelley, author of frankenstein and inventor of science fiction

mary shelley was the daughter of one of the first feminists as we know it, she met & ran away with percy shelley when she was 18, she wrote BOTH the first sci fi AND post apocalyptic novels, she was at the forefront of romanticism AND gothicism, two of the most influential literary and artistic movements in present day, she suffered from depression and only one out of her four children lived, her husband, who had several affairs, died when they were in their twenties, a majority of her friends and romantic poets also all died in their twenties, and yet she still continued writing poetry and novels and creating art throughout the rest of her life and lived til she was nearly 60. mary shelley is incredibly underappreciated she went through so much and has contributed & influenced so much to the english lit. canon as we know it she is one of the most remarkable writers & women of this era & i love her


Ian Bohen confirmed ON FACEBOOK:___that if Malia had died, he(PETER) would not survive this because it is the reason for which it is kept under control, it is all he ever needed-and would allow himself to die. HE CAN NOT IMAGINE HES LIFE WITHOUT HER!!!! HE LOVES HIS BEAUTIFULL DAUGHTER😭❤😭❤


They are married.💍❤

My mom made a conclusion ….. Peter Hale loves his daughter, and began to quickly change for the reason that only when Malia was born, he already loved her and was trying to protect her, and the memories he asked Thalia delete it, because he could not cope with the separation from his daughter. And so, the feeling is not the usefulness haunted him all his life. But Peter did not understand why he felt so bad, so trying to find the fact that he needed the power … then that will help to cope with the unbearable separation.
And once when Mom took all these thoughts together I was sucks because now I certainly understand Peter. All he would need is to be with his baby, and only then everything will return to normal.

mother who understands the actions of a psychopath…..family.

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