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Barney & Robin: Season 9
“I love you too, Barney Scherbatsky.”

I know this quote is from season 8 but it works with this gifset. Barney, will always be her Mr. Scherbatsky and nobody will ever tell me otherwise. It’s important to note that Robin, on her own terms decided to give this name (the name he used to call her Scherbatsky, it’s his nickname for her) but I love that she gave him this name when she could’ve just said “I love you” and that’s it but she didn’t and called him Mr. Scherbatsky because Barney IS her Mr. Scherbatsky. That’s all you need to know, that says endgame right there. Nobody, else will ever be called Scherbatsky it will forever be attached to Barney…


*shows late to femslash february with starbucks* oops. Oh well, @breeeliss gave us a challenge and here is my try. I hope I did it justice, especially given it is 4 am and I’m about to fall asleep on my keyboard. It is kind of short tho >_<

Look, Alya loved Ladybug, okay? Ladybug was the best superhero in the world and she would physically fight anybody who says otherwise. But even Alya, the crowned queen of ladybug fangirling and appreciation, questioned the superheroine’s rescuing methods sometimes. Because it was the second time when Ladybug locked her in a closed space for her safety. The zoo cage at least didn’t require her to share all her personal space and oxygen with someone. A broom closet? Yeah, not so much. And while Alya could have dealt with it reasonably in any other situation…

(Hey, Ladybug cared enough about her to force her to safety!)

… but being stuck in a broom closet with Chloé Bourgeois out of all people was too much.

“Ugh, I have no space! What is this place?” Chloé exclaimed in a tone full of indignation.

“A broom closet.” deadpanned Alya.

“It is horrible! It is dusty and small and I have to share it with you out of all people! I’ll have a word with my papa about this when we will be out.”

Alya rolled her eyes as silence fell over them. It wasn’t only squeezing, annoying and hard to breathe, but it was also awkward. Oh, boy. They stayed like that for long enough that Alya was surprised Chloé was so silent. Not that she wasn’t appreciating it. They were already sharing way too little space (along with some brooms), the last thing Alya needed was Chloé’s complaints and screaming.

“Well, why aren’t you saying anything?” Chloé inquired.

Alya rolled her eyes. “Why do you care?”

“Because I hate awkwardness, of course. Not that you would know anything about proper social interaction.”

“Listen here you little… ”

They bickered like that for what Alya guessed must have been around ten minutes. She wasn’t too sure, but time always flew by whenever she and Chloé arguest. Damn her, she always knew how to ruffle Alya well enough and raise her temper to the boiling point. Honestly, the argument could have continued for a long time, if a shout that clearly belonged to an akuma. Alya wanted to scream. Seriously? Her eyes adjusted enough to the dark to see Chloé was about to scream. Instinctively, Alya covered her mouth with her hand. The last thing Alya was in the mood for was to become a minion. She hated when that happened. As if to spite her, Chloé covered Alya’s mouth. They kept glaring at each other in the dark until the noise caused by the akuma disappeared. Pulling their hands away from each other’s mouths (as much as the space allowed.

“I can’t believe your lips are so chapped!” Chloé exclaimed.

“Why do you ca… hey, what are you doing?” Alya narrowed her eyes, as Chloé pulled a chapstick out of her… bra? The light from her phone would have been really useful if she could actually reach for her back pocket. “Did you just pull a chapstick out of your bra?”

“What, you don’t use your bra to store things?”

“No? I actually have boobs to fill mine properly.”

Chloé stopped dead in her tracks and Alya could have sworn she saw a hint of a smile. “Touché. Now pucker up those lips.”

Alya sighed. This was by far the weirdest day of her life, she decided as Chloé was applying chapstick to her lips. When she was done, Chloé nodded.

“Nice enough. Moisturize properly. I’d even say ready for kissing, but no one would actually want to kiss you.”

Alya growled. “I’ll let you know I had kissed lots of people.”

“Oh, please, everybody knows quality over quantity. And let’s be real Césaire. Everybody knows I’m the better kisser.”

Alya snorted. “As if! Who did you kiss beside the Ladybug posters? No way in hell you are a better kisser than me.”

“I am!”

“Prove it!”

From the many scenarios Alya pictured for the day, having an intense make out session in a small broom closet with Chloé Bourgeois out of all damn people, was certainly not one of them. Yet, here she was. The kissing was pretty much just like any argument between the two of them went. Heated, intense, each one trying to prove a point to the other. And even though she will never ever admit it out loud Chloé was a pretty damn good kisser. Seeing neither of them was yelding, they could have kept it up for quite a long time. Until the door of the closet opened, making both of them fall in a tangled mess on the floor, on top of one another. Looking up, they noticed a pair of blue eyes surrounded by a red mask, looking at them curiously, obviously awaiting an explanation. Chloé and Alya exchanged a look. What can one do when Ladybug catches you making out with someone you supposedly can’t stand. Especially if both persons in question would rather prefer kissing the superheroine. Well, for once, they were both on the same page.

“It’s not what it looks like!”

Scott’s Stepsister-Isaac Lahey-Part 2

School Days

Part 1-Moving and Meeting

Teen Wolf Imagine:#89


Word Count: 1,780

Warnings: None that I can think of?

A/n: Finally a part 2! 

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Last Imagine

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As someone who happens to really enjoy wine, delicious food, and beautiful countrysides, I can’t help but love Napa County just north of me, here in San Francisco. I also have Napa to thank for Olivia O’Brien, the fast rising chanteuse who gave us eternally infectious “hate u, love u”. The young talent, now based out of LA, is signed to Island Records. She’s been tipped by V magazine as “the next generation of Taylor Swift-esque anthems wrapped in the sweet vocals of Lorde and maturity of Lana”, and she continues to impress with a new single named Empty, which really isn’t empty at all. This smoky curling, synth heaving R&B pop number addresses the melancholy and confusion Olivia felt when she first moved to LA. I’d imagine if Lana and Alessia Cara made a song together, it’d sound similar to this tune, which comes with a music video you can watch below. 

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I love this moment for so many reasons. First, because Mike says Ginny’s name. He calls her rookie or Baker mostly, but here, he’s referring to her as Ginny, the woman, over Baker the ballplayer. Second, it’s just so telling, him being like YOU were staring at Ginny? Why? What gave you the right? Yeah, she’s hot and we all fucking know it but how dare you. And then of course his “you get used to it.” Our dummy Mike. We love him.

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Draco x Reader- Family

Draco looked at his wrist watch, 6 p.m. It was time to finally go home. He started clearing his desk at the Wizengamot Administration Services department. He quickly picked up his black briefcase and headed towards the floo network to get home to his wife and two small children. “ Mr Malfoy!” Draco looked over his shoulder to see Hermione Granger greeted him with a warm smile. “ Can I help you mrs Granger?” Hermione riffled through her red purse. “ Could you thank Y/N for me? Rose loved the book Leo gave to her. She wanted to give him this book as a thank you.” Hermione handed Draco a muggle fairy tail book. He couldn’t help but, smile as Rose had written her name on the book.“ No problem. Leo will love it. Thank Rose for us. See you tomorrow.” Hermione waved and continued to scramble to get home to her husband and kids.

Walking the two blocks home Draco enjoying the sun setting over the sea in Brighton. He saw his White house as he rounded the corner of the cracked sidewalk. The lights in the kitchen were on. No doubt Y/N was getting dinner ready. The warm yellow glow welcomed Draco as he unlocked the front door. “ I’m home!” He called taking off his dress shoes. The tiny stampede of tiny feet could be heard coming down the hallway. “Daddy’s home Daddy’s home!” Leo and Ariel yelled to no one in particular as they made their way to Draco. Three year old Leo was faster than his tiny sister of only two. Draco picked Leo up in one arm while Ariel dashed towards his free open arm. “Hello my lovelies. How was today? Didn’t give mummy too much trouble.” The two kids shook their blonde heads. “ We’re good.” Draco put them down. “ Good. I’m proud of you two. Where’s Mummy?” Ariel pointed towards the kitchen.

Draco was greeted to the smell of roast beef and potatoes. Y/N hair was away from her face in a high bun. Her seafoam green apron was neat and tidy. “ I’m home Lovely.” Y/N turned away from the stove. “ Oh hello Darling. How was your day?” She greeted him with a soft kiss. “ Good as always. Oh! Before I forget. Granger said to thank you about the book Leo gave Rose their last play date. She loves it. Rose gave Leo this book.” He pulled out the Muggle fairy tail book from his briefcase. “ Oh how sweet! We’ll give it to Leo after dinner. Could you please get them to wash their hands for dinner?” Draco nodded and headed out to the living room. Leo and Ariel were happily engrossed in their show on the tele. “ Ariel. Leo. Time to wash your hands for dinner.” Ariel jumped up without little thought. However Leo needed more convincing. “ Five more minutes.” He said not taking his eyes off the screen. “ No dinner now. Let’s wash our hands and have the wonderful meal mummy made us.” Leo ignored his father. Draco sighed. Getting the remote and shutting off the tv. “No!” Leo screeched. Draco quickly picked up the yelling and squirming toddler.

Y/N set the table. The colourful plastic plates were set for the kids. The kitchen’s mail slot opened. The owl had arrived on time. Y/N picked up the stack of letters. Wizengamot letters, bills, letters from Neville and something caught Y/N’a attention. The Malfoy family seal. She hadn’t seen the seal since before Draco and Y/N were married. “Now sit down nicely at the table.” Y/N hearing Draco. She hid the letter at the bottom of the pile. Leo was placed in his seat. His arms cross and his rosy cheeks puffed out in a pout. “ What happened?” Y/N looking confused towards her husband. “Mr Leo wouldn’t stop watching the tele to wash his hands. “ Mumma I’m not hungry.” Leo protested. “Leo darling you need to eat. If you eat what’s on your plate i’ll give you a surprise after dinner.” With that Leo picked up his fork. “ Did we get any mail today?” Draco asked moving towards the pile of mail on the counter. “ Yes, let’s open it after dinner. Sit down and eat before it gets cold.” Draco gave his wife a confused look but, thought nothing of it and sat down.

After a peaceful dinner Y/N knew she couldn’t avoid the letter longer. “ Leo. Take Ariel upstairs and play in the toy room. I’ll come get you for bath time.” “ Okay Mumma.” Leo grabbed his little sister’s hand and dragged her out of the dining room. “ Is everything alright?” Draco asked as Y/N handed him the letter. He soon knew why seeing his family crest. Y/N watched Draco go pale. He went instantly back to the scared teenager he had been so long ago. “ We better see what they want..” Y/N said above a whisper sitting beside Draco at the table.

Y/N watched as Draco’s expression changed from fear to anger. He crumpled up the letter. “ What did they want?” “ They want to see the kids.” Y/N nodded. “ They wanted nothing to do with us before the kids were born. What gives them the right to come back into our life’s?” Draco’s hands shook. “ Draco, I think it would be good for the kids to meet their grandparents.” “What?!” Y/N stood up. “ I know they wouldn’t do anything to hurt those children. They are your parents Draco. They are family.” Draco’s mind was racing faster than a snitches wings. “ I don’t want them growing up with those toxic people!” Y/N took a deep breath. “ We don’t have to be best friends with them Draco. You are an adult now. You can set your own rules and terms. Ariel and Leo deserve to know their family and where they come from. They deserve grandparents.” Draco clenched his fist. “ They have your parents.” Y/N sighed. “They work for the Muggle embassy in America. We see them maybe once or twice a year. They have two ready and able grand parents here. We can start off slow with just your mother, you and the kids. Then we can slowly work up to all of us being in the same room together. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy or overnight but, our kids are worth it.” Y/N gently grabbed Draco’s hands. “ In the end they are your parents not mine. I’ll support you in whatever you decide. You calm down while I give the kids their bath.” With a kiss on the cheek Y/N left the room.

“ Rosie gave me a book?!” Leo asked amazed. “ Yes she did. She loved the book you gave her when she came over so she gave you a book. Isn’t that nice of her?” Leo nodded taking the book from his mother’s hands. “ Ariel. Stay still I need to brush your hair.” Only being two years old Ariel already had long hair past her shoulders. Her platinum Malfoy hair was fine and soft. To keep Ariel from squirming Y/N brushed Ariel’s hair in front of the television. “ two braids or one braid?” Y/N asked. “ One!” No sooner was her hair combed through and braided. “ Daddy! Daddy! Read me this book! Oh please please please?!” Y/N then knew Draco was in the room. “ Of course I will. Did you brush your teeth?” Leo nodded. “ Alright then. Say goodnight to Mummy and Ariel.” Leo ran over and gave his mother and sister and kiss and a hug. “ Night night!” Before dragging Draco by the hand into his Thomas the train themed room.

Y/N tucked Ariel into her jade green coloured covers. “ I love you baby. Get some sleep.” Y/N kissed the tired toddler’s forehead. “I want Daddy too.” Y/N dimmed the lights and looked outside the door. Draco was closing Leo’s door. “ Draco. She wants to say good night.” He nodded and headed to his little girl’s room. “ Good night my princess.” Draco said kissing her tiny soft cheek. “ Love you.”Ariel said quitely drifting into sleep“ Love you more.” Draco whispered.

Y/N knew her husband well. She knew it was best to leave him alone with his thoughts. Y/N began picking up the toys left out by her children. “ Lovley?” A whisper came from behind her. Y/N closed the toy chest. “ Yes darling?” Y/N was perplexed to see Draco not in his pyjamas but, in a clean suit. “ I’m going to see my parents. I want to get my feelings and rules out in the open. If there is any chance of our kids meeting them. I need them to know how I feel.” Y/N nodded. “ Please come back at a reasonable hour. You have work in the morning.” Y/N gave Draco a supportive hug and a kiss. “ I love you lovely.” “ Love you more.”

The two am mark is when Y/N started to panic. He left at 9:00. Y/N sat awake in her bed. “ Mummy?” Y/N turned to the doorway. Leo and Ariel stood in doorway. “ What’s wrong sweetie?” getting out of bed. “ bad dream. Can we sleep with you?” Y/N noticed their puffy red eyes. “ Okay but, you need to sleep.” Y/North felt a little bit relieved her children were awake. It gave her something to take her mind off of Draco. She placed one child on either side of her on the big king bed. The two small children cuddle their mother for comfort. “ Where’s Daddy?” Leo asked as his mother rubbed his back. “ Early to work baby now lay down and close your eyes. Mummy is right here.”

Y/N drifted into a very light sleep. She woke up when she heard the bedroom door open at 4 in the morning. It was Draco. A small sigh of relief escapes her lips. In the light illuminating the hallway she could see his puffy red eyes just like her children’s hours before. Y/N slipped through her children’s grip and made it to her husband. Before the door was even closed he pulled her into his arms. It broke her heart knowing how hard this must have been on him. “ How did it go?” Y/N asked quietly. “It was probably the hardest thing i’ve ever done. I was strong though and held my ground. I knew you were right. Ariel and Leo deserve to know where they come from and they have a family. My mother was the most remorseful. My father took time but, eventually broke down and agreed to my terms. You are my wife whether they like it or not. You are to be treated with respect. Leo and Ariel will hear nothing about that pureblood nonsense. It certainly won’t be an overnight process. We’ll ease the kids in and i’ll work on my relationship with them. Y/N brushed the stray strands of platinum hair. “ I’m so proud of you my love. I know it was hard but, you did the right thing for our family.” Y/N went in for a kiss. “ Daddy’s home!” Leo yelled from the doorway waking up his sister. Draco picked up his son. “ You little bugger. You should be sleeping.” Leo shook his head. Ariel waddled half asleep with her eyes half closed reaching up to Draco. In the other arm he picked up Ariel. “ See, you’ve woken up your sister. Let’s get you back to bed.” Y/N smiled as Draco hummed to the two toddlers drifting off to sleep in their big bed. “Go to sleep Draco. You have work in less than three hours.” He nodded. “ Love you Lovely.” “Love you more.”

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I feel like the rest of 'OTA' are dumbed down to make felicity seem better than she is, and on the opposite end of that spectrum Felicity seems to be able to do any and everything. An engineer, chemist, CSI expert, not to mention how she can somehow hack into everything. I'm curious to hear your opinions on it though

I think you’ve summed it up pretty well! The writers have been inconsistent with pretty much every character’s skill-set, but none more than Felicity. The irony is that the only reason she was introduced was because test audiences felt Oliver was able to do too much in the pilot. 

Now look where it’s gotten us. Oliver has been reduced one of the most incompetent, directionless heroes in the whole DCTV verse to service a toxic “love story” while Felicity is looked upon as a God. They literally gave her an old, partially ripped-off code-name (that belongs to a WoC) and purposefully changed one of the words to “Goddess”. That is how Felicity, and the writers, see her character now. And Diggle is made to serve as mediator and cheerleader to both of them, rather than enjoying his own story. He literally got shipped off the prison but all the supposed O/T/A fans cared about was that it was just going to be Oliver and Felicity together in the cave or whatever it’s called anymore.

O/T/A is…I don’t even want to acknowledge it’s existence, ok? It’s a blatantly exclusionary term made up by fandom and then adopted by the writers to inflate the importance of certain “favorite” characters while ignoring the contributions of just about every other character that’s been there and helping in big and small ways since s1.

No one who first heard about a Green Arrow show signed up to watch a badly characterized GA and two OCs. You can bet what got them excited was seeing those archery trophies in Thea’s room and Oliver calling her Speedy, meeting Tommy Merlyn and his father Malcolm, watching Roy barrel onto the scene in his red hoodie, meeting Deathstroke or China White or Count Vertigo, and hearing the words “Dinah Laurel Lance, always trying to save the world.”

That’s the original Green Arrow content they signed up for. Anything else was supposed to be fresh window dressing. Instead, it took over the whole show.

Headcanon: Luke Evans

Headcanon Game A-Z (NSFW)

I’m going to use Luke Evans’ character from No One Lives. Which some of you know, his name in the credits is “Driver”. So I’m going to use that and also my name I gave him in Mad Love, “Jack.” 

So here we go. First one up, Driver 

(Basing off, how I have him in my,  Driver - Little Red)

D is for Dirty Secret (In up coming smut scene in Little Red) Since Little Red was teasing him about the car breaking down, he decided to be a tease her right back. So while they were in the back seat of the tow truck, he slide his hands up little red’s dress. He started fingering her and stopping when she was about to cum, then he did it again and again. He did this the whole time, while talking to the tow truck driver, who had no idea what was going on in the backseat.

R is for Risk Driver is always one for risk, so he enjoys taking them with his Little Red. They both love fixations, Little Red more so. Which, turns Driver on that much more. He just loves wrapping his hand around her throat, giving it a squeeze. Having that power of life and death, while pleasuring her. It’s a risky fetch, can hurt your partner or worst. But lucky for Little Red, Driver is a master of fixations. 

I is for Intimacy Though Driver seems like a cold hearted killer, he’s anything but cold towards his Little Red. He always make sure to hold her close, caressing her. Saying how beautiful she is, how much he loves her, how he can’t live without her. Even though things can get rough and kinky during sex, it was never fucking, it was always more to him. He would say “I’ll always make love to you, even if it’s the rough kinky kind.”

V is for Volume It would always start the same, steady breathing and a few soft moans. Driver wasn’t the type to get loud, that was till he met Little Red. His breathing would get heavy and he would groan. He would try to muffle his groans and grunts, by burning his face into her neck or breast. But once Little Red digs in her nails and teeth into him, he starts growling like the wolf that he is.

E is for Experience Driver is all about being observant which comes in handing for him. It helps him catch his prey and helps him pleasure Little Red. Over the years and pass lovers, he watch to see how they react to his touch. Once Little Red came to his life, he observer her too. He pays attention to every single moan, sigh, and whimper that passes her lips. He knows what she likes, wants, and needs. Every single time, he would leave her legs shaking, her breathless and begging for more. Needless to say, he has so much experience under his belt, he became the master of the bedroom.

R is for Risk Since being with Little Red, Driver as become more risky. Not just on the killing field, but being inmate. Driver would get turn on every time him and Little Red were out on a hunt. He would get more turn on when she made the kill. Soon as they were done, they would run home and make love. But there has been a few times, when Driver decided to take her right there and then. They would be making love, while there was people still in the process of dying in the next room. A few times, they got done, just before the heard the police sirens down the street. The thought of the risk of getting caught, made the thrill of the hunt and their love making, that much more exciting. 

Second one up, Jack. (Basing off how I have him in Mad Love )

J is for Jack Off Since Lucille is was only 17 when they first met, Jack was a gentleman and waited. A course Lucille always finding loop holes around anything, she found away to lend him a hand. She would put on lingerie and pleasure herself for him. Allowing Jack to find that release he needs, til she became of age and makes her his.

A is for Aftercare (After Lucille come of age) After they make love, Jack and Lucille’s limps would wrapped around each other, getting tangle up. Once Lucille falls asleep, Jack would crawl out of bed and have a seat in a chair next to the bed. He would have a smoke, as he watch Lucille sleep. He would be smiling and thanking what ever force brought her to him. After he was done with his smoke, he would crawl back into bed with her, holding her close. He would whisper in her ear, how much he needs her in his life and how he was never going to let her go.

C is for Cum After a year of spilling his seed everywhere else but on/in Lucille, he was done with it. Soon as Lucille came of age, Jack decided it he was going to have her, take all of him. Rather it was in her mouth, on her breast or stomach, or deep inside of her, she was taking his cum. A course, Lucille being Lucille, she never came complain about it. She would always till him, “I’m never one to let something this tasty go to waste.” Which would always put a smile on Jack’s face, every single time he watch her lick every single drop of him.

K is for Kink Jack was always one for bondage and fixations. But got more into the kinky side with Lucille being a massacist. During their lessons to with stand pain, Lucille would get turn on. She would end up jumping on Jack and beg him to take her. Jack would take her, but still continue the lessons. He would glide the knife down her body, slowing cutting into her skin. All Lucille would do, would moan his name and wanted him to fuck her harder. It wasn’t till after they were done making love, that Lucille realize he crave his name into her skin. “Your mine forever my lovely” he would tell her and she would reply simply with, “O Mr J, your such a naughty naughty koolaid.”

Hope I got this right, I’m knew to the whole Headcanon bit.

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Rosita has every reason to be pissed about how things went down with Abraham, but we all know the real reason she gave us all a little case of whiplash saying that bitchy stuff to Sasha after the fact, is because this show is largely written by men. A couple of dudes in the writers room probably thought it would be a hilarious line, and there weren't any women around to tell them that hurt doesn't have to mean moody bitch.

😄As much as I would love to blame the mens for this (although I’m sure Gimple has final approval), Angela Kang has sole writing credit on this one. But she’s done some questionable shit before (namely, Jessie’s cringeworthy “Would to do this for someone else?” line from 5x15. 🙄She also had her hands in the Glenn dumpster fire), so I guess I can’t be surprised.

Dream a little Dream - Lustful Intentions

Characters: Reader, Cas

Pairings: Cas x Reader

Warnings: Implied Smut, fluff

Word Count: 700 (Sorry it is kind of short!)

Summary: You have loved Cas from the moment he brought your brother Dean back from Hell. You have a dream about Cas and end up calling out his name. Cas comes to check on you and ends up taking care of you in the process.

Things to know: This is for the wonderful @bloodysideofhell and her “Week Of Writing” writing challenge. The challenge includes a prompt, in italics and bolded, and a 7 deadly sin. Today was Lust. Inspired by the lovely @loveitsallineed. After she shipped me with Cas and gave us a back story, I couldn’t help myself. 

“Castiel,” you muttered in your sleep. You tossed and turned dreaming f the angel that had changed your life. He had brought back one of the most important people in your life, your brother Dean. 

“Oh Cas,” you sighed and you startled yourself awake. You could feel the pool between your thighs and thought of the dream trying desperately to hold on to every detail breathing heavily.

You felt the bed sink in next to you  and you reached for your gun. “Y/N?” came Castiel’s deep raspy voice. His hand tentatively touched your shoulder and gave it a squeeze. You inhaled slowly trying to calm yourself. Ever since you laid eyes on Cas, you had gone weak in the knees any time you were around him. His blue eyes and lopsided grin. The way he looked confused when he didn’t understand. It was all sexy as hell.

You rolled over and looked at the Angel. He was staring at you, his eyes clouded in concern. “I heard you calling me,” he said. “Are you alright, Y/N?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

You couldn’t help but laugh. “Cas, I’m more than alright now that you’re here,” you smiled as you ran your hand up his arm. “I was just having a dream.”

“I don’t understand,” he said confused. “You were shouting my name.”

You laughed again and looked into his eyes. He really was as clueless as he seemed. “I was dreaming of you, Cas,” you laughed again.

“Was I in danger?” he replied with concern.

“No, you were taking care of me,” you said with a wink. He looked at you, his face contorted in confusion. 

“Then why were you shouting?” he asked then his eyes widened. “Oh!” he managed with sudden understanding.

You placed your hand on his leg and ran it up the length of his thigh. You stopped at the top and slowly slid your hand to his inner thigh. A low groan escaped his throat and he looked at you with a question in his eyes.

You swung a leg over his lap and rested your knee on the other side of him. His breaths were slow and collected. He slowly brought his hands to cup your face. He closed the gap slowly, gently kissing you as if he were asking if It was okay. You ran your fingers through his dark hair as you parted your lips to let him in. 

He lifted you off of him and guided you to lay on the bed, not once breaking the kiss. His hands made their way to your hips, and he ran them along your sides, drawing a moan from you. 

“I’m here now. I can take care of you if you want,” he said, his breath hot on your lips. You crashed your lips to his, and he slowly bucked against your pelvis. The pool between your legs was growing.

“What do you need, Y/N?” How can I care for you best?” he asked, desperate to please you. 

“I want you to taste how wet you make me,” you begged. He kissed you fiercely then worked his way down your body. You lifted your hips so he could removed your panties. He settled between your legs and smiled up at you. You were finally getting your angel. Your heart raced as Cas’ warm breath hovered over your heat. You moaned as Cas took care of you. Your angel wanted you as bad as you wanted him. That made your world complete at least for tonight

Today was a long day! AND I GOT NEWS FROM ROBIN!!

[I’m sorry for the inactivity today. I had such a long day…

I took Robin to the vet! His leggy will be fine pretty soon, his foster mom (which is a dog we’re also fostering, her name is Candy and she’s lovely) takes constant care of him, which the vet said it helps him heal faster. He wasn’t that badly hurt, his leg hurt but not because it was broken, but it was something related to his muscles instead, and he also gave us a painkiller. We got a flea powder for free :D

After that, I went with my mom to sign my sisters in school, then we went to buy spare parts for her sewing machine, she wants me to teach me how to sew, which is great because I will learn to make my own clothing *-*

Then I went to the vet store again, and bought food for my 12 pets, but I had to bring them home by myself (2 bags of 15kg each) because they didn’t deliver at home lmao.

Now I am home, all I want to do is watch Steven Universe and play Elona until my eyelids fall faster and harder than the Berlin Wall. I’m sorry I didn’t work in any commission, or reply anything. I’m just too tired and don’t want to think or even move my arms (I HAD TO WALK 15 BLOCKS WITH 30kg IN MY ARMS), but tomorrow will be a new day!]


I finally got around to revising this custom. I was a little disappointed with her original, rather plain look, so after some thinking, I decided to make her the daughter of a faun. 

Last fall I did faun makeup for myself (to be worn with a dress I made from the very same fabric I used for this custom), and I just loved the way it turned out. I recently got to thinking how cool it would be for a doll, especially an Ever After High doll, to feature this same makeup.

Thus, I dug out a pair of the antlers I sculpted, pulled and painted some flowers from my stash, and I did her makeup to match her new persona.

I thought she would make a nice friend for Cupid, given their parents Greco-Roman origins. 

I gave her the name Chieri, after the ancient Roman city. I was able to get her posted to eBay, and if you are interested in purchasing her (or checking out my other Monster High and Disney doll customs), you can find her listing here.

Thanks for looking!



NAME.  Melissa or Clara
PRONOUNS.  she/her.
SEXUALITY.   hetero.


ONE.   I’m a dancer.
TWO.  I have an older sister who recently gave me a beautiful baby niece whom I love with all my heart.
THREE.  I took French for two years but then gave up bc it was too stressful, but I’m picking it back up in my spare time.


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?).  eight years total, but idk if I’d call the first 4 rping, if that makes sense.
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED.  deviantart, skype, and tumblr.
BEST EXPERIENCE.  I talked about this in a previous ask.


FEMALE OR MALE.   I’ve only ever rped female characters, now that I think about it.
MULTI OR SINGLE.    single, just because I don’t have a lot of free time to rp and I like to focus on one muse. people who rp more than one muse at a time are badass tbh


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT.  I don’t write smut. I’m a total sucker for fluff, especially domestic fluff. but I love angst and character development with it. I also love fluff/angst combos.
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES.   I don’t mind short replies; I’m just better with long replies because I get ahead of myself before I even realize how long my reply is. Sometimes all I can do is a short reply, though.
BEST TIME TO WRITE.  When I’m out and about, or night time. I always do replies on the bus or at lunch. If I have a free night, then I’ll listen to music and do replies. Usually though, I write my replies on mobile, then edit and format them on my computer.
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S).   I’m similar when it comes to personality and attitude, but very difference appearance wise.

TAGGED BY.  @imthelcstprincess
TAGGING. anyone who wants to do this!!

there is a really sweet and cute girl who comes thru my work sometimes. she’s a dancer and she sometimes comes by with other dancers after practice. she always smiles no matter what and she tips us even when we mess up sometimes. i’ve got a little bit of love in my heart for her even tho i don’t know her name. i wanna be her friend. i haven’t seen her in a while and i’m stressin

Okay everyone, I know we’re all super salty and upset about how this awards season has gone (especially the oscars tonight), and that is completely justified. But what I’m really trying to remember and embrace is that we have this pretty close to perfect movie made by some of the biggest names in Hollywood who care so deeply about it. Cate Blanchett may be one of the greatest actors to ever walk the planet (I certainly think she is) and she chose this beautiful lesbian love story to dedicate 6 years or her life and her production company to. We have Rooney, Todd, Sarah, Phyllis, Ed, Sandy, all of these remarkable people who have put so much love and passion into this movie for us. We will have it forever and always cherish what they gave us. It will certainly stay with me for the rest of my life and that is far more important than subjective awards. So fuck the Academy for remaining frozen in the past, unwilling to accept how beautiful and important this film is. It will stand the test of time and be forever remembered on the long list of superior films that were totally snubbed by the Academy of old white men. Its legacy falls on us now and I for one, will never stop talking about how this movie touched me on a level no other film ever has. Even without the awards, I wouldn’t have wanted this movie to have been made at any other time or with any other people. It’s been a magical time celebrating this movie with you all. Thank you to everyone that had a hand in bringing it so earth shatteringly to life. I will never forget it. 

Quadruple agent?

Wild Ass Theory #Who knows? One of entirely too many.

So in this week’s episode, Nas shared some lovely information about Sandstorm with Weller, namely that Sandstorm has been watching him for over 20 years. (Because that’s not creepy at all.) But the part that I found most interesting was where she came by that information:

I never met our informant inside Sandstorm, only communicated through a series of dead drops. They gave us solid intel but claimed not to have access to high level planning details… But about six months ago, they went dark. But not before leaving one last message: That you are a major piece of Sandstorm’s plan.

So here’s my latest wild ass theory. What happened six months ago that might have prevented the informant from passing along any more info? Um, maybe the informant was busy having her memory wiped and being dropped off in Times Square?

I think the informant was Jane. She knew what Sandstorm was planning, and we know whatever it is, it isn’t good. But she couldn’t stop it from within, and she couldn’t leave, because if she did, Roman would be in danger. “She protected me my whole life.” So not just when he was a kid, but continuing up to and including the present.

Remember the scene at the very end of the pilot?

Marcos: Once I insert this, you will be permanently erased. Everything that you have been, will cease to exist. 

Remi: I know. But it’s my only choice.

She didn’t just say, “I know.” Or “Let’s do this.” Or anything that sounded like she was eager to embark on a mission she supposedly planned. She sounded like a woman who was backed into a corner and could only see one way out. (And really, what’s changed? She’s still backed into a corner, only she’s got two wolves watching her now instead of just one.)

The informant could be Marcos. But let’s be real. Jane being the informant is a lot more interesting from a story standpoint than a character who’s been dead for 20 episodes.

I think Jane wanted out before she ever ended up in Times Square. But she doesn’t remember that any more than she does anything else. 


Sign/Body Language In Use and Origin Story
Here we have an example of Cassie communicating purely via body language with Azrael back when she only knew a few words. I love Cass and Az together, his babbling and her silent companionship fit really well together. And then, years later, her meeting the linguist who gave Cain the body language idea. I think it’s neat that the only thing she says is the guy’s name, nothing else despite her being able to speak at least haltingly. Btw, the linguist did go on to help Cass catch the Doll Man.

Cassandra Cain (Batgirl) Sign Language
from Azrael #60 2000-01

Cass Fluent In Body Language
from Batgirl v1-47 2004-02 digital
Amazing! She wins every time!

22 Days Until Cassandra Cain Returns