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Connor Murphy Headcanons???. In freshman year, he had hair that was really long (like mid-back) and Zoe called him a dirty hippie. He wears it in a man bun sometimes. He shaves EVERYTHING (because he can). He has like 13 fidget spinners, all different colors. He uses a fidget cube in class. He was like 5′6 in sophomore year and then he just gREW

Connor Murphy headcanons are always wanted and welcome! And !!!!! THESE ARE GOOD SHIT 

Freshman Connor’s hair was. SO. long. I adore it. He would of kept it that long but it honestly got completely out of control especially since his hair has curl to it and Connor didn’t put enough effort into his hair to keep it from becoming a knotted mess. Larry wanted him to fully cut it, and Connor was ready to grow it even longer. Cynthia had to mediate, and they agreed to cut it a bit below shoulder length. Zoe and Larry still want to cut the rest of it off. 

And the man bun is DEFINITELY a thing and that always makes me happy. I’m convinced he always has two elastics on his wrist, so he has easy access to put his hair up. He puts it up when he’s driving, exercising, or just really trying to focus. 

And him shaving EVERYTHING isn’t something I’ve considered before but I love it??!! I can imagine him just feeling, uncomfortable when he’s not shaved. But because he has really long legs shaving his legs tends to become an event that involves inventing a few new yoga poses. On Connor’s better days you can sometimes find him in the bathroom humming along with some music as he’s bent in half to shave behind the legs. 

So. Many. Fidget. Toys. His favorite spinners are a dark purple one, a black one, and a blue one. And I imagine the fidget cube is black? Just because he’s got to keep up the aesthetic. He really can’t function in class without it because his anxiety is so bad. And part of the reason he has so many fidget toys is they keep getting taken away by teachers, and occasionally another student tries to take it from him.  (connor may have punched the student who tried to take his cube). 

And the last one just is??? So perfect???!!! And makes me really happy honestly omg this is my favorite thing. Sophmore/Freshman Connor is so short, and probably being self conscious about it too. But he just. SHOOTS UP. It’s a total growth spurt that nobody saw coming. Cynthia feels like she’s buying him a new wardrobe every other week. And Connor’s grumpy because god damn it he’s sore from growing pains. But one day he walks into school and realizes he’s looking down on people now and fuck this is great??? He really loves his new height, and everyone else is just shocked by it. 

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Ok now I want your top 10 hottest guys list (and girls if you have the time and energy)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

These are my top 10 hottest guys in OP and here you can clearly see my arguable taste in men, lol. 

I’ll do the girls later. 


#10 Trafalgar D. Water Law

He’s the “bad guy not that bad”. And he’s a doctor. And uses a sword. And has many tattoos. And I love his facial hair and his grumpy face.

#9 Donquixote Rocinante/Corazon

He’s the nicer version of Doffy. Clumsy and adorable.

#8 X Drake

Hot dino-daddy. I love his style.

#7 Kuzan/Aokiji

This one screenshot is what made me love him. No explanations are needed.

#6 Killer

Because he’s hot and we don’t even know how his face looks like. He has good chances to get an higher position once it’s revealed.

#5 Sir Crocodile

Are you surprised? He’s not my first choice because I know he’s not that hot but I have a thing for older men and I love the fact he’s a huge nerd.

And should we talk about his scar? I love it.

#4 Rob Lucci

Hot Italian spy. And a ventriloquist. And a big fluffy cat.

#3 Drakul Mihawk/Hawkeye

Do I even have to explain this one? Look at him.

#2 Red haired Shanks

OMG. Hot daddy. Nice daddy. Badass daddy.

And I love the fact his legs are not shaved, lol.

#1 Roronoa Zoro

Sexyest swordsman ever. I love everything about him and I’ve had a crush on him since I was a child.


Buggy the Clown

I know he’s not attractive, but he’s my husbando. 

And his ponytail tho. 

White chaser Smoker

He’s a nice guy and I love his attitude. And his abs.

Donquixote Doflamingo

He could have been in the list if he wasn’t the biggest asshole in the OP world.