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Genre: Smut

Mingyu X Reader

Anonymous asked:Hi I just wanted to say that I love your account and enjoy it a lot. Can I ask for a smut where you’re teasing mingyu Infront of the guys and he ends up taking you home to give you your punishment. Thank you so much ❣✨

“How was New York? I’m really bummed I couldn’t go.” An in bed Wonwoo said to you and the twelve guys that surrounded him. He was bed ridden, forced to stay and rest while the other boys continued with the schedule. He hated being in bed and not being with his members, if it weren’t for his acute gastritis he’d be causing chaos with his best friend, your boyfriend Mingyu who hated that his best friend wasn’t with him.

“It was super cool, I loved it, I want to go back.” Vernon spoke up.

“Yeah it’s was the best. It would’ve been better if you were there.” Jeonghan said silence seeping into the dorm. You all had so much to say but didn’t want to in fear that it seemed like you were all showing off to poor Wonwoo.

“Wonwoo look at how cool this is.” Your boyfriend Mingyu spoke up breaking the silence. He takes out the light saber the guys and him had gotten while in New York from the big Disney store bag he was holding. He had made sure to buy Wonwoo everything he had boughten himself to make sure his bestfriend felt included despite the fact he wasn’t able to go.

“It’s super cool! Did all of you guys get one?” He asks quietly.

“Yeah hyung, of course we did.” An excited Dino says taking the light saber in hand turning on the lights and noises the toy had.

“Don’t think I forgot about you Wonwoo. I got you one too!” Mingyus says voice excited and full of pride.

“You could barely get it for him.” Jun said and you recalled the trip to Times Square , where it was their mission to head to the Disney store and get the light sabers.

The store was packed and the boys made a beeline to the light sabers for there were only 13 out on the floor, one of which a kid no older than eight ended up arguing with your boyfriend to get one. But of course he wouldn’t let the boy get it, it was for his best friend so there he was repeating “no child” at the kid.

“Y/N  had to explain to the kids mother why her boyfriend wouldn’t let go of the extra light saber.” Seungkwan said giggling as he recalled you explaining why he was repeating ‘no child’ and why it was so important to him to keep the toy.

Mingyu groans as the guys start to laugh at the fact he was arguing with an eight year old in limited English over a toy.

“Guys come on. I’m the third best at English!” “No child.” You say at him. The boys around you start laughing, Mingyu’s iconic line from the trip will never die down no matter how much he hoped it would.

He smiles widely as he walks towards you, he takes ahold of your hand while the boys continue to laugh.

“You won’t be saying no child when I make you moan out my name Y/N.” He whispers in your ear and you’re taken aback.

“Mingyu..” you manage to say. He smirks at your shaky response and snakes his hand around you to pull him close to him. You can feel his prominent bulge against you and you feel yourself shake at your core. He wants to take you right then and there for mocking him, it’s taking all his self control not to do so.


“You can’t just say that to me when all the boys are around.” You whisper as the boys continue talking about how beautiful time square is and how much they love shake shack.

“Oh I can do whatever I want.” He says as peppers kisses on your neck. You sigh in pleasure but feel awkward due to the twelve boys in the room.

He directs his attention from your neck to the boys, “We’re going to head back now and get some food. Wonwoo get better hyung.” He grabs you by the arm and pulls you away before you could say anything to the boys.

“Hey!” You begin to say but are silenced by your needy boyfriend desperate to teach you a lesson.

“Mock me again and I’ll take you wherever we are, got it?”

You pout as you get dragged from the hospital Wonwoo is staying at to the dorms a couple blocks away.

“Mingyu I’m sor-”

“I asked if you got it.” He turns to look at you, his pupils a dark brown color filled with lust.

“I’m sorry-” he turns to look at you eyes rolling at your inability to listen to him. He wants to teach you to never mock him again.

“Did I ask for an apology or did I ask you whether or not you understood the fact you don’t mock me unless you want me to have you yell out my name in public.” The dominance in his voice turns your legs into puddy, he was so hot when he wanted to assert his dominance so you didn’t mind the punishment.

“Yes, I got it I won’t mock you again.” You reply but you knew that it wouldn’t be enough for him until he has you sprawled open for him.

“Good girl, now let’s hurry home so I can guarantee you will no longer do so.”

You’re seated in between his legs, his head is tossed back as he groans out in pleasure. The wetness between your legs only seems to be growing by the minute; his moans and groans only seem to be making you wetter. Your hair is caught up in between his fingers and your delighted in the fact you have him so at pleasure.

“Y/N..fuck.” He groans as your teeth slightly graze him.

You lightly kiss his tip and smile up at him admiring him; the strands of hair that stick to his sweaty forehead, his closed eyes and parted lips… wow he was so hot.

“Y/N did I say you could stop?” He says snapping you back to reality. You look up at him innocently hoping he’d finally touch you. You stand up and place your hands on his shoulders. You stare down at him as he looks at you curiously. “What do you think you’re doing, Y/N?”

“I can’t take it anymore I want you to touch me Mingyu.” You pout as you straddle him, your wet clothed heat grinding against his bulging cock he groans as he feels the contact. You grind down your hips even harder against him to feel something, anything.

“Naughty girls only get more punishment, you know that Y/N.” He grabs you by the arms and puts you down on the couch so you’re laying down underneath him.

“You think you can mock me and then do as you please you naughty girl. You want punishment you’ll get it.” He says voice deep and laced with desire and dominance.

“I’ll touch you alright.” He begins to lower himself down on you, his dark brown eyes filled with hunger. He peppers kisses in between your thighs until he’s finally at your mound and plants a kiss. He pushes your legs open and takes a long lick savoring you.

“God your so wet.” You whimper as his tongue keeps on tracing you. He sucks slightly on your clit and you can’t help but squirm.

He brings his two fingers to your dripping core and lightly runs them along you before dipping them inside you. He slowly begins to pumps his fingers in and out of you as you moan out.

“That feels so good Mingyu-ah.” You moan as his lips attach to your clit again as he fingers you. Your chest rises as your breathing becomes more erratic. You can here him lapping up your juices as his tongue traces out his name against your pussy. You find your hands sliding down your body and attaching themselves to his soft dark brown hair.

He takes his fingers out of you and uses them to spread open your folds and lick you. He pulls his mouth away to look up at you, your juices dripping down his mouth.

“I told you you couldn’t touch daddy today unless daddy told you so baby.“You feel yourself on the verge of cumming as your legs clamp shut against him.

He pulls away and tsks at you, “Not just yet baby.” He brings his fingers to your mouth and you take them licking your juices clean from them. He’s so aroused seeing you lick his fingers like that. You get him so worked up, he wants to fuck you into oblivion but he wants to see you a whimpering begging mess before he can do so.

He rises from the couch and pulls off his shirt in one swift move, your mouth practically watering at the sight of his toned and defined chest. You lean up and wrap your arms around his neck to pull him down to you, you take his lips into yours. As you do so you reach down to his crotch and begin to wrap your hand around his length. You slowly jerk him and he moans into your mouth, he’s angry that he’s turning into puddy for you. He doesn’t like that he’s letting himself be controlled by you but by god you looked so fucking good.

“Come on Mingyu you know you want me to do this.” You all but moan against his lips. He lowers his hips so you feel his cock against your thigh.

“Want daddy to fuck you baby.” He says voice deep as you continue to stroke him.

“Yes please I want you so bad daddy.” You whine. He moves his hips so he’s rubbing against your throbbing pussy, his tip touching your clit every now and then. His teasing is driving you insane,all you want to do is put him inside of you but you know that if you do he won’t fuck you and you definitely do not want that. He takes your hands in his and puts them above you and spreads your legs wider.

“You think you can get daddy weak for you baby. I’ll have you yelling my name in no time and we’ll see whose weak for who.” He pushes himself into you suddenly and you gasp at the full feeling. He picks up the pace in no time, his cock deliciously filling you up. He takes your right nipple into his mouth sucking and lightly biting it causing you to let out a loud moan. His hips are angled perfectly as well so that he’s hitting your g-spot and leaving you feeling so good you whimper his name.

“I love how you fuck me daddy. You make me feel so good.” He takes his hands from your hands above your head and sets them around your neck and lightly applies pressure so he’s choking you.

“You move your hands and daddy won’t let you cum today baby.” You nod in agreement biting your lip in pleasure. With every swift movement of his hips he seems to be burying himself deeper into you and you feel yourself about to cum. He feels that you’re about to reach your high and stops pulling himself off of you and pulling you up as well.

“Bend over baby I want to see you arch your back for daddy.” And you do as he says positioning yourself in all fours to receive whatever Mingyu will give you. He moves near you aligning himself with your entrance, moving his hand on your back and pushing your upper body down so your ass is up high and your chest and face are pressed into the bed. He slowly pushes into you filling you up slowly and deliciously. You begin to bounce against him shivering every time you go too forward and his cock seems to slip out.

“Oh my god.” You moan out as his hand lowers down to pinch and play with your clit. “Please let me cum daddy! Oh please.” You whine as he pushes against you at the same time you push against him. His other hand moves to your hair and he slightly tugs at it.

“Why should I let my baby cum? Will she mock me again if i do?”

“No daddy I promise I won’t but let me cum, I want to cum all over you please!” The pace of his fingers on your clit quickens as he leans down his lips near your ear and neck and he begins to pepper kisses.

You finally let go due to the way he’s pounding into you, the way his fingers trace on your clit and the way his lips leave a cooling sensation on your neck.

“MINGYU!” You moan out loudly as you fall apart on him. It’s euphoric and all you see is him, you tilt your head up to look at him and see his eyes shut close and his brows scrunch together. He’s close too, the way you yell his name only seemed to push him over the edge and soon he’s cumming inside you. His accelerated breathing and low pants echoing around you two. He pulls out of you and falls on the bed, sweat running down his forehead. You wipe it off and cuddle next to him, his arm instinctively wrapping around you.

It seemed as if though he missed being inside you more than he missed being apart from his best friend.

Wanted this out as a little thanks to you guys for over 400 subscribers. Thank you and I truly appreciate you guys for enjoying my work. I promise to improve and hope you enjoy.


Dear @taylorswift,

My name is Brookley I am a 16 year old girl from Arkansas who has been a swiftie for almost 7 years. The first album I ever got was Fearless, and I performed Love Story for my 4th grade talent show. In 2011 my parents surprised me with my first concert ever. September 21, 2011 was one of the best nights of my life. I remember you singing “… Promise me this, that you’ll stand by me forever…” And I screamed “I PROMISE!!!” And from that moment on I decided I would never leave your side. Exactly 4 years later, after attending the Red Tour twice, I danced the night away at the 1989 World Tour. Another night I will never forget. My dad also said we get to go to the F1 race and I get to see you perform!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!
I’m also super excited about next month because I’m visiting NY for the first time ever!!! I wanted to let you know I will be in NYC April 13th and 14th and would love to meet you!!! I have been to 4 shows, bought all your albums, and have a butt load of merchandise that I love to death!! I plan on going to Milk Bar and Shake Shack, since you claim they are good!!
The other night I had a dream you and Selena were sitting at a twenty one pilots concert together, and Selena left to perform with them, so I got up and talked to you and told you how long I’ve been a swiftie and stuff, and you took two selfies with me. One of them was blurry and the other I had my eyes closed in😂😂😂. I ended up posting the one I had my eyes closed in on Instagram and then changed my Instagram description thing to “I met Taylor Swift”, but then I woke up and cried.
At the 1989 World Tour I cried three times during the show. The first time when Welcome to NY started and you popped up. It was like so many emotions that had built up for 9 months had finally been released. I was literally so happy in that moment. Then I cried during clean. The speech was so beautiful and reminded me of a friend I lost last summer. It was a really bumpy part of my life and listening to the clean speech just hit really close to home. My friend Bethany @fabulous-llama-swift (in the last pic with me) held me during that performance. #finallycleansquad The last time I cried was during Shake it Off. OI was just so happy with the night that I had waited so long for. Thank you for making me cry and for writing such beautiful words for the world. You truly are a beautiful unicorn angel lady person and I love you.
I would like to take this last paragraph to thank you. Thank you for all the amazing memories from each tour and each record. Thank you for taking Ed Sheehan on tour with you, I went and saw one of his shows (HE IS SO TALENTED!!!). I love relaxing to Vance Joy’s records on rainy days. Thank you Thank you! Thank you for bringing Dierks Bently on stage, my dad had tried to go to two of his concerts in the past but never made it, but you made his night!!! Thank you for making me and my family & friends happy. Because of you I have a goal of being happy. I try to smile every day and keep my head up! Thank you Taylor!! I love you!!!

To many more albums and concerts to come,

Brookley 💜

Smitten || Klaine

[Blaine sits at the piano in his pajamas, playing “I LoveBetsy” from Honeymoon in Vegas. He sings softly as he lets the music relax him and bring a smile to his face.] I like taxis, I like trains, I like Brooklyn when it rains, but I love Betsy. I like jogging after dark, I like walks in Prospect Park, but I love Betsy. I like Shake Shack, I like MOMA, I like New Jersey’s ripe aroma. The parades when I see em and even the DMV. And the Brooklyn bridge by bike, heck there’s lots of stuff I like, but I love Betsy and she loves me…