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Reasons why Hau has become my favorite rival:

I love him so much it hurts, like…I haven’t been this happy about a rival since…I’m not even sure if I’ve ever been happy about a rival, like…Barry was cute, but HAU IS JUST…HAU.

(aaaay, check out my outfit btw)

And then there’s Gladion

He gets extra points for being the reason for making Hau say that and even more so for being such an edgelord-looking mess AND HE’S BEEN LIVING IN A HOTEL ROOM FOR TWO YEARS WHAT THE FUCK GLADION??!?!

It really says a lot when the hotel owner makes a comment about Gladion starting to run low on funds because Team Skull doesn’t really pay much, LIKE GLADION, ARE YOU GETTING ENOUGH TO EAT?!??!?!

Am I gonna have to drag you to a restaurant for some eats? Because I can do that. And right after that, I’ll shove you to Hau for some malasadas to share with your Type:Null.

And I spent a ridiculous amount of time just looking at his sprite because oh hey, player has to look up to talk to him (meaning player is shorter than Gladion, because otherwise, Player looks down or bends down). ANYWAYS, what the hell Gladion, you look like you’re starting to get too tall for your clothes?!

I bet you like 200 Pokedollars that those cuts in his clothes were done deliberately by him as means of a distraction from his current growth spurt… Either that or it was an accident caused by his Type:Null, because I’m pretty sure that Pokemon bed is too small for Type:Null, so SHARING THE BED IT IS WITH A 6′03″ POKEMON WITH SHARP CLAWS.


Just minus the “scared little kid” vibe I get from Lillie.

when i was younger
the romantic movies
i watched with hopeful eyes,
taught me that fighting for
someone you love and to
win them back
was romantic.

no one ever told me
that this wasn’t romantic,
i only learnt this when 
i found myself crying in
my room alone after
exhausting my myself 
from chasing after someone
who left me.

now i realize the romantic
thing you can do is
love yourself,
the universe will gift
you with someone who
you’ll never have to chase after.

It took me a long time to realize that you can do everything right and still end up unhappy. You can say all of the right things, do exactly as you are told, follow in the footsteps of all the people who swore by their success and their strategy surrounding it, and you can still end up displaced — because you didn’t ever choose to simply listen to yourself.

The best thing I ever did for myself was simply listen to what I actually wanted. I drowned out the guidelines, the advice, the “shoulds.” And I messed up. I made mistakes that I’ll never forget. I hurt people I loved, and I got hurt.

See, self discovery isn’t this comfortable, miraculous thing. It can get ugly, it can get confusing. It’s gritty, it’s hard. It’s difficult to confront yourself sometimes, it’s difficult to be the person who does things differently, who doesn’t settle.

But it’s the greatest gift you will ever give yourself. It will push you towards figuring out what your own personal version of happiness looks like; and when you grow on your own terms, when you figure out what actually matters to you, and when you carve out your own path, you live on your own terms. You love on your own terms. You become the person you have always wanted to be, rather than the person you were always told to be, and that is beautiful. Because when it comes down to it — life is about making yourself proud on your own terms. It’s about finding a happiness that works for you.

(Source: thoughtcatalog.com)

I’m constantly torn
between the idea of bettering myself
or burning what I do have 
to the ground.
The self-help section tells me to free up my thinking,
to take each breath as it comes,
but it is hard to speak a language
you’ve never heard.
“Be your better self.”
I think, when I was young, I mistook her
for an imaginary friend;
believed she couldn’t exist in the same room as my parents.
What does she look like now?
I imagine my better self doesn’t look like me.
She has wings and a killer ass.
She isn’t afraid to correct people over the obstacle course
of her name and her hands don’t shake whenever things get quiet.
My better self might be 
than what these books can teach me,
but I don’t know how else to reach her.
—  Schuyler Peck, Finding Home in the Self-Help Section

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but in the episode when Alex comes out to her mom and her mom says she’s proud of her daughter being gay and right after that Alex says the word GAY for the FIRST time to Maggie when fixing her wound. This is so important because before that she was struggling to find words to describe her experience and feelings. As if she was scared of the word GAY and that it still contains negative connotations to her. But after seeing how supportive her mom is of her sexuality, she has the confidence to say it loud and proud. Even when the word GAY is uttered from her mouth, she leaves out a big sigh as if something heavy has been lifted off her chest, as if she understands there’s nothing to be ashamed of being gay. Supergirl just shows how big of an impact family can have in one’s sexual self-discovery. I’m just in love with Alex’s coming out story. It’s so subtle, so intricate, so heart-felt and it’s important content that we don’t always get. Especially for the lgbt community.

i just watched wild (2014) dir. jean-marc vallée and i just wanna say that i love stories about self discovery and i also fucking love reese witherspoon that is all


I’ve always wondered what “contrived drama” actually meant when applied to Arrow? It is a dramatic television show. Granted that some of the storylines have been tepid or poorly written, (the BMD, the ambiguous thread between O/F, BM and SW, to name a few) but if I wanted all the issues solved by the end of each episode, with hugs and kisses all around, I would watch a Sitcom.

It’s because of the drama, that I watch. Yeah, the actions scenes are fantastic, but if the drama wasn’t showing me what motivates the characters, i would not be as invested in them—whenever Oliver superheros’ his way into my heart, or when Felicity fights and wins her way through her issues. Or Diggle, Lance, the Recruits—even the bad guys.

 I want to see my characters fight and struggle and win and love. I want to be angry and in pain, I want to feel happiness and love through redemption and self-discovery and forgiveness. I want to trust. I want to see the journey unfold and make up my own mind as to whether anything is off-kilter or right on point.

I want the drama, contrived or otherwise. I want the happily-ever-after, especially when it’s earned.

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Campwolfe Fandom Nan™ is sensing perhaps some tension, nay fear, in the tags this morning regarding our glorious shiraz swilling Serena and the attentions she may pay a certain swarthy bobby.  Just as I did with @cinemastill I come to calm the troubled waters my lieblings.

***swans about sprinkling the sapphic waters of serenity***

While it is true that our endless toil of waiting for the beloved a bit emotionally thick BMAM to return from fannying about in Eastern Europe from her pilgrimage of how the hell do I deal with the reality that I’m soul-destroyingly in love with that brunette surgeon self discovery, our wait is almost at an end and we must forbear as Serena puts her house into order and lays waste utterly to her idea, however fleeting, of a future with the police force.

Be not afraid of the bumbling, neanderthal copper.  He is but a passing moment for our gorgeous Sass Queen.  She is exercising her goddess-given right to hedonism in all its glory and yet it may come to pass that she finds their lip-lock perhaps not up to the same sapphic, heart-pounding lingerie destroying caliber that she has become used to as of late.

CUE: This Looks Like a Job For………….

yes I know I have used this gif before but is there a such a thing as overuse with it? Really? Like can that actually be a thing?


“I was challenged to write a love poem to my body.
My body and I, we rarely get along.
You were the first person to call me beautiful.
The word tastes sour when I speak it to the mirror
But your mouth made it sound like trumpets
Like a declaration. Like fact, like definition.
I wear my skin like an apology.
I have many scars, like reminders of past wars worn on my arms.
but those freckles on my shoulders are a brilliant galaxy.
And You used to find constellations in my stars.
My eyes are like sawed off tree stumps- red oak with rings marking my age.
You can count my years in my eyes. I have life lines.
My nails are anxiety, my knuckles are stress.
I am a pin cushion, I am a doormat.
In the fifth grade a boy in my class started comparing all of the young girls breast sizes.
‘Becca she’s mountains, Ashley she’s hills, and you… Well you’re speedbumps.’
that was an insult back then but now I see the truth in it
These mounds on my chest merely hold me back most days
Keep me from going full speed
I never liked this body much after all
It’s a poorly constructed carcass moving about this world
Half heartedly assimilating into society the way I was taught
The way you’re raised to smile and say thank you even when your grandmother gifts you a sweater dress when you’re 20 years old
And you’ve worn nothing but men’s clothes for years but you can’t refuse her Christmas gift
Until she hands you a bag containing leggings and you give your mother a pleading look of ‘help me’
That’s how I feel walking around in this body
Like I’m politely nodding along and someone will one day look into my eyes and think
There’s someone trapped In there
Someone trapped behind hunched shoulders and awkward body language
Someone wanting to be heard
You were the first person to help me accept myself
And you left when I finally found the courage to stand up straight and stop hiding my face
Like you’d created a monster that you couldn’t stand to look at anymore
But that was a moment of realization I couldn’t have had any other way so I owe you some thanks.
I guess This isn’t much of a love poem
Maybe me and my body aren’t quite in love yet- so that letter will have to come at a later date
But for now I will write to my body and say I’m sorry for the wrongdoings of the past
I’m sorry other people made you feel like you weren’t enough
And I’m sorry I allowed those people to determine your worth.
Above all else I’m sorry that I made you feel like you needed to make yourself small and unnoticeable to the world around you.
Im sorry for everything I forced upon you.
Dear self, apologies will never be enough, but I hope that we can be friends soon
You’ve gotten me this far, and all I’ve done is fight you all the way.
This is a white flag, waving to my body.
I’m calling a truce.”

White flag by c.r.

Dynamic Change

Recently things have been..changing.

I do not have a girlfriend anymore..I still have my boyfriend. I apparently have been handling polyamory immaturely. I don’t know who I am anymore. 

I’m attempting a hiatus from dating. I think it will be best for my relationship. I’m attempting some self-discovery, some self-love.  

I just want things to settle down. 

Never doubt yourself, never doubt your worth, have courage and faith and keep pressing forward. Even if you seem to see the world around you literally crumbling or you have trials and don’t think you can get through it, just keep pressing forward and expect to accomplish the impossible.
—  advice from my eldest sister
“I love you” comes in different forms. When you say “be safe, wear your seatbelt.” When you stop by because you haven’t talked all day. When you facetime until the sun rises even if there’s nothing to say. When you never run out of things to say. Maybe it also comes when we say we’re bestfriends…
—  MK Ireland #73 : is there deeper meaning?
Coming of age

A plus sized woman growing up in the 2000′s


-never heard of “plus sized”

-heard of “fat” and fat=ugly

-insultingly called a lesbian

-is hurt by it


-desperate for male attention

-dreading school every day 

-trying to fit in

-pretending to be happy


-going through phase after phase

-pretending not to care about people’s opinions

-actually caring a lot

-teasing intensifies

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for mentally ill wlw whose journey of self discovery has been more confusing than clarifying: I love you. for mentally ill wlw who feel more set back and lost after coming out: I adore you. for mentally ill wlw who feel like accepting the fact they’re sapphic has made life harder: I’m here for you.

you’re wonderful and it’s hard and sometimes words aren’t enough to soothe the pain. i know feel-good aesthetics can only numb the doubt for moments at a time (and those moments are beautiful and bolstering). i know the future seems bleak. but we’ll make that journey together. you, me, we, us – all together. we’ll make it.