i love seiko


some of my favorite dangan ronpa girls!!

seiko kimura and toko fukawa

kimura’s holding a love potion, she’s happy cuz you praised her 

fukawa’s embarrassed cuz you told her she’s pretty and she doesn’t know how to handle it

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If you are doing requests, can you draw Seiko? I really love your art style and it would be cool to see her in it!!

aaaah i’m so happy you like my style! ;; I’m also excited that you asked me to draw Seiko, I love her design so much

(Unfortunately I’m not taking new requests for now! If you’ve already requested something, I’ll probably post it during the next week. Thank you everyone! ♥)

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thank youuuuuu////

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Could you write something with Seiko, Mikan, and Fukawa? You're such a good writer and I'd love to see how you'd incorporate Fukawa with them after that last story. If you can't, that's fine! Have a lovely day! :D

A/N Consider Chemical Bonds as a prequel if you want to

Team Self-Esteem Issues - Seiko/Mikan/Fukawa

Separately, they were a total wreck. Together, they were one big mess

of self-esteem issues.

Maybe that’s why they got along surprisingly well. It was to be expected for the SHSL Apothecarist and the SHSL Nurse to have some sort of connection but no one would have expected the SHSL Literary Girl to join in with them. Heck, not even the trio themselves expected to form this strange bond.

As it turns out, Touko was extremely sensitive. Well, to be precise, her nose was. And as much as possible she’d like to avoid sneezing– for reasons she’d rather not disclose. Since she’d been homeschooled all this time before Hope’s Peak Academy, she was never exposed to the outside world much and thus she was only beginning to find out just how sensitive her nose was.

That’s where Seiko comes in, or rather, that’s why Touko comes in to the Seiko’s lab. Tsumiki also frequently visits the lab and so it was inevitable for all three of them to meet. It was awkward at first but as the coincidences of their meetings continued and as their equally awkward short conversations piled up, they started to form this sort of camaraderie amongst themselves.

They didn’t know exactly when it happened but somewhen, somehow, the lab became a safe place for them.

An awkward place where awkward conversations took place but it was a safe place nonetheless.

“P-P-Pardon the intrusion!” Touko stammered as per her usual greeting whenever she entered the lab.

“Sorry! I’m laaaaaate!” Tsumiki shrieked as she tripped over the entrance as usual.

“F-Fanservice again?!” Touko shouted exasperatedly. “We’re all g-girls here so what’s the point? And how could you t-trip over the same nothing each and every time? Are you doing this on p-purpose??”

“I’m so sorry!” Tsumiki apologized from the floor.

“Um, are you okay?” Seiko asked worriedly.

Once they helped her up, they then went off to their own separate tables. Seiko would experiment with her chemicals on her usual table at the middle, Tsumiki would fix her now disorganized things at another, and Touko would write silently at one corner table which was the farthest away from the entrance.

Despite their distance, they were unexpectedly close.

“Umm…” Tsumiki timidly started.

“W-what? You’ve been staring at me all this time.” Touko accused as she pointed at her. “Don’t think I haven’t n-noticed! What are you p-planning!”

“Eek! I’m sorry!” Tsumiki apologized as she cowered in her seat. “But it’s just that… I was wondering if you sprained your hand… or something.”

“Huh?” Touko jumped back in surprised. “How did you know?”

“Oh, it’s easy. You’ve been writing in an awkward position all this time so I was worried that maybe you were having difficulties.” She explained.

“An injury? Is that true?” Seiko joined in with a worried voice. “Tell me what kind and I might have the right medicine for it.”

“W-What are you all getting w-worked up for?” Touko said as she flushed in embarrassment. “It’s j-just a sprain, no biggie!”

“But…” Tsumiki paused as she played with her fingers and shyly smiled. “Isn’t it normal for friends to worry over each other?”

“F-Friends?” Touko gaped. She was too stunned to say any more.

“Yes, friends.” Seiko repeated, unlike Touko she was more certain about it. She also looked ridiculously happy about the word. “That’s why you shouldn’t hide your injuries from us. After all, we’re friends.”

Touko finally returned from her reverie as she shook her head and asked, “Since when did we become friends?” And then in a less aggressive voice she told them, “B-But fine. If you’re all so worried about me, I guess I’ll let you have a l-look at it.”

The three of them were unexpectedly good friends. They’re still working out on the communication part though.

Separately, they were a total wreck. Together, they were one big mess of self-esteem issues.

Together, they bonded.