i love seho

Leader-Maknae Love

(Some of my favorite leader-Maknae Dynamics. Not romantically. They are so sweet)


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Monsta X:

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Remember when:

-Sehun said that he wanted to marry Suho and Suho said that he also wanted to marry him.

-When Suho said that he will always choose Sehun as his roommate and that he wants to be with him until death.

-When Suho said that sehun was so supportive while he was away filming and how Sehun constantly asked when he would be back because he felt lonely.

-How Sehun almost snapped when he saw fans writing mean things on Suho’s vapp

-How Suho said that he would go out with Sehun if he was a girl

-and now that pic of Suho smiling while holding Sehun’s birthday cake

Q: If you were a girl, which member you’d think you’d date? A: If I were to choose one, perhaps he would be Sehun. If I had a sister, Sehun is the only person I’d like to introduce to. I think I’d be relieved as Sehun would be faithful towards women.
—  Suho for Nonno magazine April issue [x]