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Jealous!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Requested: “About your prompt list, maybe 2 & 32? idk it seems like they’d go well together.”

2. “Understand that you’re mine, and only mine.”
32. “You fucking branded me, I have hickey’s everywhere.”

A/N: Here is the request, hope it’s not shit. I just gotta say I love Bucky Barnes to no end btw. 

Warnings: unedited work, implied smut, cursing, etc.

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“All you need to do it walk over there and talk to her. Easiest thing in the world at this point,” Steve said to Bucky, encouraging him to walk over to you at the bar. Bucky shook his head, his irritation level rising. He loved Steve like a brother, but man did he feel like punching him in the face right now. 

“No,” He grunted simply. He didn’t have to give a reason not to.

Currently, Tony was throwing a small get together between the Team and a few SHEILD Agents. After lots of convincing from almost everyone, they managed to keep the number of people invited to a minimum, much to a reluctant Tony. Steve was also determined tonight to get Bucky to spend some one on one time with Y/N. 

Bucky may have denied it many, many times, but it was not hard to see that he had a special attachment to you. Steve had spotted the many lingering [and suggestive] stares between the both of you when the other wasn’t looking. The way that your cheeks would flush red and a sweet smile would take over your lips while talking to him, it wasn’t hard to see you reciprocated the feelings. 

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Blood Red | Part 2

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: When Y/N offered to help Stiles leer people to their deaths to save her own life, she never expected the outcomes of becoming close to a vampire.

A/N: I really, really love this idea. Vampire!AU.

Halloween Masterlist | Part 1

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“This was not the place I had in mind, Stiles. I was expecting-” You entered the loft where Stiles was staying, seeing the walls painted cream with an off white large cornered couch facing a flat screen television, a glass table sitting between the fireplace and couch. “-black, bats and where do you keep the coffin?”

Stiles only merrily rolled his eyes, but remained silent as you examined each end of his house, slowly following you through the doors and watching your facial expressions change when you spotted something you didn’t expect. When you entered his bedroom on the second floor, you glanced back at him with an odd look falling over your face, “Do vampires sleep?” You questioned.

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Before You Bow Down

MEMBER/GROUP: Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster) // BTS

GENRE: lots. of. fluff. 

WORD COUNT: 4, 784 words 

SUMMARY: Living as an idol is hard. People tend to forget that you’re human and that you have breaking points. They expect and expect and turn their backs on you when you don’t satisfy. But, before you bow down, remember what’s more important: your own expectations. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: dedicated to the talented, beautiful and hardworking leader whom not a lot seem to appreciate. I love you, you beautiful angel. 

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Nodding, you grabbed an iPad and rushed towards the tall man sitting near the window, a mask concealing majority of his face. He wore an expensive looking watch, rings adorning several fingers. You could see the outline of his glasses as he gazed out the window, hints of blonde hair peeking out underneath the beanie he wore. 

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, sir, what can I get you?” 

He doesn’t respond. 


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Undertaker, sebastian and Ciels reactions to helping their s/o babysit their little nephew and once their s/o isnt there for a moment the kid just turns evil and glares at them, calls them names because they dont want the boys to touch or kiss the s/o???

That was so much fun to write (❛▿❛✿)

Playful sounds were echoing in the room filling it up with positive vibes and an aura of overwhelming joy when you were trying to find your little nephew between all the furnitures with your eyes blindfolded with a long scarf. When he offered you to play this childish game, you thought it will be way easier than it now appeared to be and your bruised knee (since when was the table standing there?) already reminded you of it with pulsatory pain. Not that you minded, it has been almost an year since you saw him for the last time and started missed him. The boy never let you get bored with the variety of his ideas, different games to play which necessarily had to involve you and those cute, handmade gifts from him. For such a young boy, he seemed to be very talented already and watching him grow up was surely a great pleasure for a proud auntie you were.

After a few attempts of finding him, you finally managed to catch the boy just when he was about to jump on the sofa but ended up in your arms, wriggling and laughing out loud in a breaks of repeating how this one shouldn’t count and eventually stopped complaining when you tickled him and took off your blindfold.

“All right, all right,” you sat him down on the said sofa and watched him pout at your sudden seriousness. “We will play one more round but first, I am going to bring something cold to drink, fine? I can bet that you are even more thirsty than I am.”

Your nephew, still pouting, nodded slowly, as if he still was not completely convinced. You smiled to him and put the scarf on the nearby armchair, finally turning to your boyfriend who was simply observing your games, not really wanting to participate for the whole time.

“Keep an eye on him for a while,” you stated and before he could offer you some help in the kitchen, you were gone behind the doors, leaving him alone with the young boy.

Undertaker giggled when he felt the strand of his long, white hair being sligtly pulled. He was used to the way they would fall everywhere, sometimes disturbing his actions or even sleep when they got tangled but nevertheless he enjoyed how they were giving him a substitute of privacy and helped to hide the scars, so he never complained. The next pull was, however, a little bit more stronger and if he was not a grim reaper, it would probably hurt him. Turning his head toward the young boy who was now holding a fist of his hair, he didn’t let the smile to drop, still amused after watching you two play.

“You are quite mischievous, aren’t you, little one?” he wondered out loud.

Your nephew’s face was not all brighten up with joy as it was barely few moments before you left, he was now staring at the Undertaker as if he was trying to kill him just with the gaze.

“And not really talkative to the strangers, huh?” The grim reaper swayed forward and then backward on the edge of simple, wooden chair, giggling once again when recalled something funny you said this afternoon.

“You’re weird,” the boy commented straightforwardly.

Undertaker busrted with short laugh.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve heard that already but tell me, who isn’t weird at all?”

The boy frowned and let go of the strand of his hair, letting it fall down on the floor, then crossed his arms, still glaring. After thinking for a while, the grim reaper leaned slightly to the younger one, baring his teeth in an amused smile when a simple thought crossed his mind.

“Could it be that you are jealous of your precious aunt?” he inquired.

There was a spark of shock visible in your nephew’s eyes but it disappeared as fast as appeared, leaving him frowning even more than before.

“You’re a freak,” he stated with slight disgust.

“You have no idea how righ you are.”

The boy turned around and stamping loudly approached the Undertaker, probably wanting to finally see his eyes, still covered by the white bangs. He didn’t have an opportunity to do so since just when he was inches close to him, the grim reaper stood up and placed his long, black nail on the boy’s forehead, stopping him in the middle of the walk as if he was a clockwork toy.

“No peeking, little one,” he hummed.

It seemed like Undertaker had a perfect answer for literally everything your nephew was doing, moreover, he was having a lot of fun with him and his attempts of hurting his feelings. However, he was not the one to give up easily.

“I bet you’re ugly, that’s why you’re hiding your face.”

“Well, you are not wrong,” the grim reaper giggled.

“Too ugly to date her.”

“And yet, she is there.”

“Because she hadn’t seen your ugly face.”

“Oh!” he laughed. “She saw way more than my ugly face, little one.”

Just when the boy was about to say somethig more, you opened the door and came back with few cold drinks. Seeing those two facing each other, your nephew clearly annoyed, frowning, cheeks reddened with emotions and Undertaker holding his stomach when he was trying to hold back the laughter made you immediatelly think that you missed something very important which you didn’t necessarily wanted to know about.

Sebastian would have sighed if it was not about his perfect butler appearance. Instead, he just looked at the boy who was still sitting on the sofa which now looking way much bigger with such a small human on it, and after a while stood up up from his current, comfortable position on a chair in the corner of the room. Approaching the child, he put the most gentle and kind smile he managed to on his face, hoping that you will be back soon and he won’t have to deal with him for longer than needed. He had enough of human cubs for the next hundred years, after all.

Your nephew, however, seemed to be well-educated and rather polite boy so spending few minutes with him probably was not going to be as bad, as Sebastian thought. Sitting in front of the boy on an armchair where you previously put your scarf on, the butler realized how wrong he was after hearing the first sentence said directly to him:

“You’re a spawn of satan.”

Sebastian freezed and so did the smile on his face. For a single moment, he could swear that he felt his heart beat slightly faster in a sudden realization that this young man was actually able to recognize him, to see through his disguise which he still didn’t take off even in front of you, to bare his secrets, to…

The demon coughed once, twice and looked at the boy again, this time straight in his eyes, focusing on guessing his true intentions. It was impossible that he could know it, no, it must have been some kind of joke and all he had to do was to talk about it with him before he could eventually reveal this secret to you.

“What makes you say such a strong words?” Sebastian asked, not affected by the nephew’s gloomy and averse stare.

The boy didn’t reply at first, he let the demon to wait patiently in silence and wonder what may the true answer be. Just when the butler thought that he won’t hear another word, the reply appeared and hanged in the air between them, heavy and uncomfortable.

“I don’t like the stuff you’re doing to her.”

For once, Sebastian thought that maybe he would want a glass of water also, he was clearly not ready for a conversation like this one. Adjusting his tie, he decided to not get fooled, now almost sure that the boy didn’t truly recognize him but saw or heard way worse things… Before he said anything more, he had to analyze the situation; your nephew couldn’t be that smart and he was probably assuming wrong.

“The stuff?” Simple, stupid question, way lower than his actual level but he was talking to the child, human child, wasn’t he?



Well, maybe he was that smart.

“Young man, it is not-“ Sebastian couldn’t end the sentence because the boy interrupted him right in the middle.

“I don’t want to see you close to her ever again, you trash, or else…”

The demon didn’t recall you having any kind of pocket watch but you seemingly didn’t need one to be in a right places on a right time which was now proved again by your presence in the room, the salver with drinks in your hands. You didn’t notice the way your nephew looked at Sebastian, no wonders, in the exact second when you opened the door, his expression changed completely, the image of innocent boy painted on his face once again. The boy happily jumped off the sofa and run to you to get his glass of juice, leaving the butler sitting still in the same place, completely confused.

“I see you were talking?” you asked him, handing your nephew a drink. “He is not that scary, isn’t he?”

The butler stood up to immediatelly help you with the salver.

“Oh no, you were completely right, my love,” he stated with a kind smile. “He is purely an angel.”

“You’re too short for her.”

Ciel almost spit out the tea he was currently drinking, hearing those words from the young boy who was so nice in your presence – until now, that is. He slowly put the teacup on the table and looked at your nephew who was now staring at him deadly.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard. You’re not much taller than me.”

The earl felt something similiar to the big bump growing in his throat, making him unable to speak nor think properly. He never had to deal with such situations before, not to mention with somebody – willing or not – close to him. In any other moment he would just walk away or demand getting rid off those who dare to insult him in so humiliating way, today was different and the hardest was that he had to be nice to the child sitting on the sofa. It is your nephew, he repeated himself in the mind, he can complain to you later.

What occupied Ciel’s thoughts the most was the reason why would he say something like that? Obviously, he didn’t want to insult him in front of his dear aunt but nevertheless he hadn’t given him any reason to act this way. He was a little bit proud, of course, but it couldn’t be the exact reason for this behaviour.

Not to mention that for the whole time he was spending with your relative, he was wearing those short heels which made him appear taller than he truly was. Is it possible that he was that short…?

Ciel cleared his throat.

“The height is irrelevant in an adult relationship, you will understand when you grow up,” he stated seriously, not wholly convinced about the truth of his own words.

“But you’re not an adult.”

If there would be somebody who could read in minds, he would certainly hear Ciel snap in this moment.

“Of course I am,” Ciel objected. “I am the head of the Funtom Corporation, the head oh the Phantomhive household, it makes me be an adult no matter how old I am.”

“But it doesn’t make you taller.” Vicious smile creeped upon the young boy’s lips who couldn’t not notice the change in Ciel’s attitude and tone of his voice.

“I-It is highly inappropriate to say such things to an earl,” he stuttered and immediatelly cursed himself internally for that.

What kind of child was it? Where did you take him from? And why the hell weren’t you coming back for so long? He had more than enough and didn’t want to participate in this conversation anymore.

“You’re my aunt’s boyfriend, I can speak what I want.”

Your nephew started slowly waving his legs hanging from the sofa and this only proved that he was having a great time. Ciel opened his mouth and quickly closed it, not wanting to offend the child but wishing he could shut his mouth with one, strong command which made him seem like a carp picked out of the water. However, for the next minutes the boy was quiet which let Ciel believe that he is done with insulting him and his problem was solved by itself. He quickly changed his mind when he heard him muttering something more under the breath.

“And you wear heels like a girl.”


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What would the chocobros do if their crush called them in the middle of the night saying that they were missing them and just wanted to hear their voice? (needing fluff in my life :3)

So cute! I can definitely relate nonnie, we all need a bit of fluffiness! I hope this suits your fluffy needs ☺


- This boy as we all know, is one hell of a heavy sleeper.
- His s/o would have to ring more than once. Or twice. Maybe even three times.
- Finally Noctis rouses from his sleep in the middle of the night, his hair an absolute mess and his eyes still pretty much shut.
- His hands would be groping all over his bed and nightstand trying to find his phone. Where did he put it?
- And who the heck would call him at this ungodly hour?
- At last his hands close around his phone and he answers it, groggy as fuck.
- “Uh…what?”
- His eyes suddenly snap open as he hears who it is on the other side of the phone!
- He would sit up in bed properly, suddenly really eager to hear what they have to say.
- “Hey.”
- For some reason he would whisper back to his s/o like they were whispering to him, despite the fact that no one would actually be able to hear him.
- It makes it feel more secret and intimate.
- “Are you okay?” worry wart.
- “Yeah I just… I’m missing you right now.”
- His grip would tighten on the phone and his heart would pick up in speed at the hushed voice on the other end of the phone.
- How can they sound so cute through a god damn phone?
- “You are?” Heart rate is actually getting faster.
- This boy is wide awake now!
- “Yeah, I wanted to hear your voice.”
- Que his stomach turning somersaults. He is usually terrible at phone calls, but his lover’s voice was just so sweet, quietly telling him how much they missed him that he just had to say something.
- C’mon Noctis.
- “Is… is this working for you?” Gulp.
- “Absolutely, your voice is so calming Noct.”
- His heart is hammering now. Just say something romantic damn it!
- Blurts it out in a huge hurry.
- “I love you!”
- Instantly hangs up. He can’t believe he just blurted that out!
- PANIC. What the fuck that’s not what I meant by romantic! What if it’s too soon?
- Yep, he was still terrible at phone calls.
- His phone buzzes with a text; ‘I love you too.’
- Instant relief, followed by a rush. They had said it back. He can’t help but smile at his phone.
- Falls asleep with it in his hand, clutched to his chest.


- Prompto picks up almost straight away, he was actually just on his phone at that time playing some King’s Knight.
- He sees the caller ID and is instantly happy.
- “Hey!” Even in the middle of the night this boy is so happy to talk to his s/o he’s all energetic.
- “Hey Prom, are you okay to chat?”
- “Of course, I always am for you.”
- He listens as his s/o tells him how they woke up from a nightmare, and they wanted to call because they were really missing having him around. When they spent the night together he would always pull them in a tight hug if they had nightmares.
- Prompto would feel bad, wishing so hard that he could be there with his lover right then and there. He’d want nothing more to make them feel better.
- He would tell his s/o what he would be doing if he could, picturing it in his own head.
- “If I was there, I would wrap you in my arms and hold you so tight. I’d run my fingers through your hair in that way that you like, trace patterns on your back with my fingertips, kiss your forehead…”
- He would do his best to calm his s/o, and would go over everything he usually does for them before they go to sleep.
- He wouldn’t put the phone down until he knew that they were going to go back to sleep, and would stay talking to his lover for hours.
- Half way through their chat his s/o would stop talking and ask “Prom, what are you doing?”
- “Huh? What do you mean?”
- “I heard a noise…”
- “It’s nothing!” And he would launch straight back into describing what he would do with as much detail as he could.
- His s/o would forget about the noise after a while, and return to the conversation until-
- There’s a knock on their front door.
- “Uh… Prom, is that-”
- “Hurry up and open the door, it’s freezing out here!”
- They’d open the door and there he would be, smiling his cute smile, looking slightly red in the face from his speed walking.
-“So that noise…”
- “Yep, it was me walking, though I really tried to be quiet! Surprise! …. Now let me in it’s cold.”
- He would then proceed to do exactly as he had described only ten minutes earlier, starting with the biggest hug where he would bury his face into the crook of their neck.


- Gladio would roll over at the sound of his phone ringing, probably not fully asleep himself yet.
- Like Prompto he would be able to see who is calling and answer in his deep but happy voice to his lover.
- “Hey, what are you still doing up?” Already he would have the biggest cheeky smile on his face, one arm behind his head while the other pressed his phone to his ear.
- “I woke up a bit early.”
- “I’ll say.”
- “And I wanted to call because… because I’ve been missing you a lot lately.”
- There’d be a quiet intake of breath as he listened to their words, knowing that he felt the same.
- He would also feel quite bad, knowing how demanding of his time his job was as shield to the prince. The quiet sound of his s/o’s words would make him feel worse.
- “I’m sorry baby, I’m missing you too.”
- He would use his pet names for them a lot, as he usually does when he feels guilty.
- “But you can have me for as long as you’d like right now.”
- He’d settle himself out on the bed comfortably, closing his eyes and relaxing, listening to everything his partner wanted to say.
- His deep voice would be so comforting to his s/o, after not hearing it in person for a while it would sound so delicious pouring into their ear.
- The call would be such a huge comfort to him as well, after the weeks of rushing around fighting and protecting Noct, he relished this time with his s/o and how the night seemed to make it more relaxed, as if time was at a stand still.
- Hearing them talk would just fill his heart, and he resolved to find sometime very soon to set aside a day where he could just devote himself to his s/o.
- He told them this, as if speaking it aloud made it all the more binding. He’d love hearing how happy his s/o would sound at the prospect.
- Gladio would go on to describe what they would do for their date, and how he would hold their hand all the time unless they had to let go of each other, and how he’d do as many things as they possibly could to make up for all the time spent apart from each other. Who said the big guy can’t be cutesy!
- They would both spend the next few hours talking about their date and what to do on it, feeling like there wasn’t any space between them at all at that particular moment.
- Neither would realise how long they had spent talking, or that the sun was actually beginning to rise.
- But neither would care, they both just needed to spend that time together. Gladio would face the day feeling a lot happier than usual!


- Ignis is only a light sleeper, so he would wake up instantly at hearing his phone vibrate on his bedside table.
- Without his glasses (and after just waking up) he wouldn’t be able to see the caller ID with him being far sighted.*
- Sighing, he’d answer it assuming it was Noctis needing something.
- He would be very pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of his lover on the other end, and his heart would give an excited flutter.
- Of course he would worry straight away that something was wrong.
- “Are you alright my love?”
- “I’m fine, I just can’t really sleep.”
- Like Noct, he’d sit up and put his glasses on so his s/o could have his full attention.
- “I’ll stay up with you then.” And he’d do just that.
- His voice would be so soft and smooth and silky down the receiver.
- His s/o would tell him this, and he’d pause with a pleasant shock.
- “Thank you, I’ll talk with you for as long as you want me to.”
- He may sound suave down the phone, but his s/o can’t see the tinge of red showing in his cheeks at their compliment, or the way he runs his fingers through his hair in a cute embarrassment. And they definitely can’t see the sweet little grin he’s hiding in the receiver.  
- Just listening to his lover talk makes him wish they were there with him.
- “I miss you.”
- His heart stutters at their words, loving that they were both feeling the same way.
- “I miss you too, kitten.” And this time he can’t hide his voice that’s thick with emotion.
- Damn it we’re in a proper relationship, we shouldn’t be apart for so long like this. Iggy with his traditional, devoted views would love to spend more time staying over together.
- He instantly makes a resolve to go over the following morning, with some ebony coffee of course.
- “For now though, we should sleep.”
- He would offer to read some of the book he currently had on his nightstand to his s/o to help, and with his soothing voice they would drop off in no time.
- He would read until he heard their soft, sleeping breaths from the other side, and then finally put the phone down smiling fondly.
- He’d be really looking forward to the morning and seeing his lover.

[*This is coming from in the game when he says without his glasses he wouldn’t be able to see Noct’s face, but earlier they said that he doesn’t really need them that much, only to clarify his vision properly. So I reached the conclusion that he must be far sighted, and that when things are close that’s when they blur. I suppose that’s my own headcanon though! :’)]

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Trick-or-treat (^∇^)

“Gawain is dead,” Arthur says solemnly, like the death of a Kingsman is something normal. He raises his glass, and Yuri can only gape inside, horrified, as Yuuri simply raises his glass and drains it as well. “It’s a good thing that his candidate passed. The girl can become the new Lancelot, and you,” Arthur’s eyes flicker to Yuri in barely-disguised disdain, “Well, I don’t see why you can’t take up the mantle of Gawain.” 

“He can’t be dead,” Yuri whispers — but he remembers watching the feed of his mentor, remembers a gun being aimed at him from three feet away by an ecoterrorist madman. “He can’t.” 

“Yuri,” Yuuri’s voice is sharp and brooks no disagreement. “Death is an inevitability of our profession-”

“You loved him!” Yuri shrieks without meaning to, “You- I saw the engagement rings! And you’re just sitting here drinking to his death like- like-” 

Yuuri- no, Tristan of the Kingsman — narrows his eyes and lashes out, arm becoming a blur that Yuri immediately ducks. 

But there’s no impact. There is a gurgling sound, and he looks up from the ground to see Tristan’s hand bleeding, his whiskey glass shattered against Arthur’s neck. Yuri watches in mounting confusion as Tristan, his expression never changing, grabs the head of Kingsman by the back of his head, and smashes it against the table hard. Tristan then pulls out a pen from his pocket, one that Yuri remembers Victor telling him about. It holds a poison. “What-!?”

“Tell me, Arthur,” Tristan says coldly, not even bothering to look at Yuri, “Why you thought you could tell me that my fiance had been killed by Richard Valentine while you have one of Valentine’s implants in your neck?”

Arthur makes a sound of strangled outrage, and as the pen clicks to poison, the realization that Arthur betrayed the organization, lead to Victor’s death, clicks in Yuri’s head. 

Yuuri gores the implant out of Arthur’s head without any finesse, and doesn’t care about his bloodstained appearance as he turns to Yuri. “Well, are you going to stay on the floor, Yuri, or are you going to help me avenge Victor?” His voice cracks just the slightest, and behind the glasses, Yuri can see a trace of well-hidden grief. 

“Of course I’m with you,” Yuri says. It’s all he can say. 

Blue with Jealousy - Yondu x Reader

Yondu x reader where they’ve been together a long time and trust eachother completely but after all this time yondu still gets super angry/ jealous when anyone tries to flirt with the reader - Anon

(A little off the request, hope it’s okay) 

Cute/ fluffy

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Babysitting - Alfie Solomons

How about… the reader works for Alf and either you have children of your own or are the carer for your little siblings. You need someone’s help to look after them one night. Ends up being Alfie which you’re apprehensive about but you’re desperate sooo… when you return home, he’s organised a mini ‘bakery’ in your house. Instead of rum they’re “distilling” apple juice from household utensils, and he’s got himself a tight little ship running. Loves - @yourenotmytype

Babysitting - Alfie Solomons

Alfie babysitting your kids had come about in a rather unusual way. Most things that transpired between you and Alfie did honestly. You had begun working for him just over three years ago after your husband, who had been a devoted member of Alfie’s distillery and subsequent gang, died in a knife fight. Alfie, who had felt guilty over the death, offered you a position at the bakery and compensation for your husband’s troubles. You gladly took him up on the offer, being that you were newly pregnant with your youngest and you had another child at home to feed. 

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Our Choices - Chapter 1 - The First Christmas (Remus Lupin)

This is my first Harry Potter fic I’ve put on here, so I’d really appreciate any feedback y’all have, and don’t be afraid to like and reblog! Gif is not mine. You can also read this on FFN here :)

Word Count: 1,700

Warnings:  Heavy themes, minor language, drinking, angst (It’s not a light story but it’s not unnecessarily graphic either)

Summary: This story starts in December 1981, a few months after James and Lily have been killed.  The Order of the Phoenix is all but disbanded after Voldemort’s apparent downfall, and the Ministry is in the process of rounding up any remaining Death Eaters as the Wizarding community tries to rebuild and readjust to normal.  But as for Remus, well…Remus is almost completely alone after losing his best friends–three dead, and one rotting in Azkaban because he betrayed them.

******If you want to really get a feel for the ambience of this chapter, play this in another tab (from the time I set the link to start at!) while you read******

The Leaky Cauldron
Christmas Eve, 1981

Serpent Wine burned the back of Remus Lupin’s throat as he downed another glass in one gulp.  He was past the point of registering the sting it caused in the stomach when ingested too quickly; all he cared about was reaching the bottom of the glass so he’d be one step closer to wiping another night from his memory.  He’d thought about it before—Obliviating himself, pretending nothing had happened since Halloween—but he couldn’t muster the strength, so alcohol would have to do.  

He waved his wand lazily in the direction of the bar to summon another bottle, but when he looked up he saw no wine floating towards him.  He sighed; that would make it the fifth night in a row Tom the Bartender had cut him off before midnight, and on Christmas Eve no less.  If he wasn’t careful, one of these nights he’d surely be caught for performing magic under the influence.

Remus sighed heavily and burped, grimacing at the leftover taste in his mouth.  If he thought a full moon was nearly unbearable, it was nothing compared to this.  The first holidays without James and Lily, without Peter, without Sirius…even without—Remus couldn’t even think the name, despite how only days ago he had begged Dumbledore to let him go visit, just for an hour or two, please, because it’s Christmas.  

It was as if a whole part of him was missing without the people who made his life as close to normal as it could get for a lycanthrope, and almost as horrible as the pain was the apathy towards everything and everyone else that he knew was getting worse.  He’d never understood how people could wind up in pubs in the middle of the day, running up their tabs, but he knew now.  He’d become one of that crowd.  Sitting there, drunk at his usual table and spending Christmas alone, Remus doubted he’d ever get out of this slump.  He wasn’t even sure he wanted to, because that would mean facing the reality of what had happened to his best friends.

“May I sit down?” a voice asked.  In his semi-stupor, Remus shrugged and gestured sloppily to the other side of the table, his eyes too bleary to see if there was even a chair there.  “I thought I might find you here, Remus.”

Remus looked up to see none other than Albus Dumbledore sitting before him, dressed in Yuletide robes, a glass of eggnog in front of him.  Remus’s first instinct was to get up and leave, but his feet seemed to have detached themselves from his body and were no longer obeying his brain’s (albeit impaired) commands.

“I quite like this drink.  Muggles love it this time of year,” Dumbledore said cheerfully after a moment of pause. Remus glared across the table in disgust.  How was he so jovial?  “I understand why you’re angry with me, and I don’t deny that you have a right to be.  But you do understand why I couldn’t let you go,” Dumbledore said cautiously.  It wasn’t a question.

Remus’s face contorted in pain and he averted his eyes, feeling them start to brim with frustrated tears.  “I just want to make sure he’s alright,” he finally choked out.  

“I can assure you that Harry Potter is safe,” Dumbledore said calmly.  

“You assured me James and Lily were safe, too!” Remus said angrily, a surge of courage coming to him.  “How can I believe anything you say anymore?”

“What happened at Godric’s Hollow was a tragedy none of us could have foreseen.  But Harry is with his aunt and uncle now, his only family—”

“So I don’t count as family, then?” Remus scowled and clenched his cup in his hand so hard he thought he might break it.  “Lily’s sister all but disowned her, you know that!  She used to cry about it to me, did you know that too?  Of all the places to send their son—Muggles, no less—he’ll completely lost when it comes time for him to go to Hogwarts.”

“As he should be.” Dumbledore maintained his level tone despite Remus’s increasingly agitated one.  “The front page of the paper is no place for a child to grow up.”

“And a Muggle neighborhood where he’ll have no idea where he came from is?  The poor boy will never know his parents, Albus, and now you’re keeping his—our—whole world from him too!  The truth will be more of a shock to him when he turns eleven than it would be if he grew up knowing it.”

Dumbledore looked at Remus with such a piercing stare that it sobered the younger man up considerably.  “I have nothing but Harry’s best interests at heart.  When the proper time comes, he’ll learn.  Until then, I am confident he is in good care, away from all this.”

After a deep breath, Remus said more calmly, “I just want to see him, so he knows he’s, he’s got someone.”  

Dumbledore peered over his spectacles at Remus with as close to a disapproving look as he could muster towards the young man who not long ago was one of the best students he’d ever seen.  “You’re not stable, Remus—”

“Well, Harry and I’ll have that in common one day won’t we?!  Living the way he prob’ly is with that lot, that’d fuck anyone up f—” he was starting to slur his words again, not even bothering to watch his language.

“—and what’s more, you have barely got the means to take care of yourself, let alone a child that is not yours.”

“I’m not asking to raise him!” Remus spluttered, “Just to see him, a few times a year!  I’m the only person he might even recognize from before V—before they died.  You’d think you could lift th’protective charms for me of all people, I’m his godfather!”

Dumbledore shook his head.  “No, you are not.”

“W-well…I’m as good as!  Seeing as the real one’s a damn traitor.” Remus spat on the floor and made a move to get up, but Dumbledore raised his hand slightly and Remus sat back down sulkily.  Neither man said anything for a few moments.  The sounds of the Leaky Cauldron that filled their lull in conversation—muffled laughter, the voices of carolers walking down the street outside, glasses clinking against each other in a toast to good tidings—seemed unusually loud and obnoxious to Remus.

“I did bring you this,” Dumbledore said finally, reaching into the depths of his emerald robes.  “A Christmas gift, if you will.”

Remus scoffed.  Dumbledore held out a small square envelope and nodded at Remus to take it.  He did, and downed the very last drops of his wine before opening it.  Inside was a small stack of photographs.  He looked at them with a mixture of elation and terrible sadness.  There was Lily’s hand at the edge of the frame, slowly rocking a tiny moving cradle with an even tinier baby Harry inside.   One-year-old Harry on a toy broomstick, held up by what were unmistakably Peter’s thin hands as the pair zoomed around, James and Lily laughing as they held their fussing baby boy.  Remus held back a sob; these couldn’t have been taken long ago.  How had they had no idea that in such a short time they’d all be betrayed by their own friend?

“They were recovered in Godric’s Hollow in the days afterwards,” Dumbledore said, and Remus nodded, his throat too thick from holding back tears to say anything.  He got to the last photograph, an unusually still shot of Harry in a larger crib next to another baby boy who had much chubbier cheeks.  “I do keep in contact with Lily’s sister when necessary,” Dumbledore explained.  The only thing that looked different about Harry himself was the jagged scar on his forehead.

“I know it’s not easy, Remus,” Dumbledore whispered.  “But I promise you, Harry is exactly where he needs to be.  So, I might add, is Sirius Black.”

Remus flipped through the photos again, furrowing his brow as Dumbledore’s last comment registered in his foggy mind. That seemed an odd thing to say.  Of course Sirius was where he deserved to be, there was no doubt about that.  He’d done something Remus would have sooner died than do: he sold James and Lily to Voldemort, and by extension betrayed and belittled everything the Order had ever worked towards. Not to mention at least a dozen people—and Merlin knows how many more—were dead because of him.  How none of them ever saw it coming was a question that plagued Remus’s mind to no end.

“Thank you, sir,” Remus finally said with difficulty.  “I owe you an—” He looked up to shake Dumbledore’s hand, but as swiftly as he had appeared, the man was already gone.


And so begins my newest Harry Potter fic! Please let me know what you think, any feedback is more than welcome it make my Patronus stronger!  

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“a hoarse whisper - ‘kiss me’” + jessica jones

ask: anon: “hi love!! i was wondering if you could write something jessica jones x reader w the prompt ‘a hoarse whisper - “kiss me” ’?? i love your writing so much :)


warnings: SUPER MILD spoilers for defenders (word count: 609)

   You find her where you always find her, alone, at a dimly-lit bar drinking away her pain.

   “Jess,” you can see her tense up, as she turns to face you, you sitting down on the bar stool beside her. 

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Seeing Green - Finn Shelby

Request: Can you do a Finn Shelby imagine where you two aren’t dating and he gets jealous cause he see someone flirting with you and thinks your flirting back even though you aren’t , and his brothers see he getting jealous and start annoying him and then he gets angry and……. I love your writing so much ❤️

Seeing Green - Finn Shelby

Arthur was the first to notice. He was sitting back in his chair and happened to glance Finn’s way as he reached for his glass of brandy on the table. The moment he noticed he leaned over, smacking John’s arm and nodding in Finn’s direction. John glanced at Finn and then stole a look toward the bar, nearly bursting with laughter right there at the table. Tommy was alerted by John and Arthur’s obvious amusement over something. He caught Arthur’s attention and his oldest brother pointed over to the bar.  

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When She Says Baby

I’m back bitches!! I finally got my computer connected again! Dean struggles with everything going on with the BMoL and Mary being bakc, but with the love of his life by his side he knows he’s not alone to carry the burden anymore.

Dean and Reader, Sam Winchester

When She Says Baby by Jason Aldean

Warnings: Sadness, Anger, Angst, Smut, Fluff, and everything else.

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           I knew he was struggling. With everything going on with Mary and the British Men of Letters, he was sadder and more depressed. I could see he wanted to just let it rip, but he didn’t. He just did what he usually does, bottles it up. They had come home from a difficult hunt and I could see the tension in his shoulders.

           He was sitting at one of the tables in the library, a glass of Jack in his hand. I wrapped my arms around his neck burrowing my face in his shoulder. “Go get a shower baby, and meet me in our room” I kissed his temple and went back to our room, getting things ready. I was going to show him how much he is loved.

           The candles were lit, the music was playing and I had found some massage oil to help him relax. I heard the door open, stepping in looking at the scene in front of him. He shut the door and just stood there taking in the scene. I walked over and pulled him to the bed, asking him to lay on his stomach. He only had a pair of flannel pajama pants, his skin still moist from his shower.

           I sat on his butt, and started massaging his back, working the tension out of his stiff muscles. I could hear him moan as I felt his muscles release the tension, suddenly, he shifted to where he was laying on his back. “How did I get so lucky?” I pressed my chest into his and ran my hands through his hair. “I wonder too how I got so lucky to have a man as amazing as you”

           I started kissing his neck leaving love bites, I wanted him to feel my love for him. Let him know that I was here, always and forever. His hands traveled up my back, pushing my t-shirt up and yanking it off. The only barrier between us were his pajama bottoms, but those were quickly lost. He rolled me on my back, and was now fitted between my legs feeling his arousal rub against my hot center.

           Before I knew it, he was slowly pushed in, connecting us together. We spent all night that way. Just being together, connected and in every way closer than ever. Since everything had happened with Amara and Chuck, Dean had been pushing me away. We hadn’t been this close in what felt like forever.

           We fell asleep, holding each other like we both had something to lose. I had woken up and saw I was in bed alone, did I dream it or did it really happen? I was pulled out of my thoughts when the door opened. Dean had a tray full of food and two coffee cups in his hands. He set the tray in front of me and then sat next to me.

           “Good morning honey” I smiled and kissed him sweetly “Good morning baby” The food tasted amazing and it was more special that he was with me eating as well and spending time with me. We decided to have a lazy day due to the multiple cases we had dealt with. It was amazing and what we both needed.

           Both of us needed to reconnect and today was the day to do that. The entire day was lazy kisses and moaned ‘I love you’ to each other. It was about nine when Sam said he found out where Lucifer was hiding. I knew he didn’t want to go, but we needed to get him back into the cage. He kissed me with all the emotion he could muster and then they were gone. It was three days before I heard what had happened and I was not happy about it. Cas was beside himself when he told me what had happened.

           During those lonely days, it was either research or being sick. I knew the possibility but how was I supposed to do this by myself. I prayed to Cas and he had confirmed my suspicions, he also informed me that I was four weeks along. That night I cried myself to sleep thinking I was going to be alone in this. It had been another week of anxiety, I knew it wasn’t good for the baby but I couldn’t control it.  

           Cas had finally explained what had happened and explained that him and their mother Mary were looking for them. I scoffed at that, of all the years that Dean and I had been together, I’ve known of his desire to have her back. But, when she left them to have space, Dean was crushed.

           It had been about six weeks now, and I could barely eat anything without it coming back up. I knew it was stress, I missed my boys. I put my pajamas on, which consisted of Dean’s concert tee’s and his sweatpants. I snuggled into the couch and fell asleep watching an old western.

           I felt myself being picked up and carried, I cracked my eyes open to see Dean carrying me to our room. “Dean?” I wrapped my arms around his neck sobbing and going to a panic attack. “Hey, it’s ok, shhhh” He held on to me tightly getting emotional himself. I heard our room shut, and then being set on the bed. “Dean where were you?” He sat down next to me and sighed a long sigh.

           He explained everything in detail, trying not to stress me out even more. “Dean I have to tell you something” He had a panicked look on his face, and I quickly got him out of that thinking. “I’m pregnant” He watched me for what felt like an eternity, he finally reached out and caressed my barely there bump.

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           “Baby I’m so sorry things have been really stressful and I’ve completely shut you out” “I understand Dean, it hasn’t been easy but I understand” I could see he was exhausted so I grabbed his hand dragging him to the bathroom, he needed a bath to just relax and feel better. I locked the bathroom door and started the water to nearly scalding.

           I put in my lavender oil and Epsom salt to ease the soreness in his muscles. I got in first, opening my legs so that he could get in and put his back to my front. “This isn’t going to hurt the baby, is it?” “No, it’s not! Just lay back and let me take care of you” I grabbed his body wash, massaging his muscles and getting the kinks out.

           As the water started getting cold, Dean had almost fallen asleep. So, I had run my fingers through hair gently waking him up. We got out and quickly dried off and got into bed snuggling my back to his front with a hand on the small bump already forming. As I woke up the next morning Dean was still asleep a hand still on my stomach from last night.

           I could feel my stomach churning again and bolted for the bathroom barely making it to toilet before my stomach purged everything again. I sat against the tub trying to catch my breath when Dean came in and sat down next me just holding as my stomach started to settle. “I hate morning sickness” He pulled me on his lap and kissed my fore head knowing he was powerless to stop it. “It’ll be over soon babe, I promise”

           Another couple of months passed and the nausea got bad to the point of going to the ER just to see what was wrong. The doctor explained that it was a rare condition but I would be ok in the end. I had to stay a couple nights with an IV to get some fluids in my system, Dean stayed next to me the entire time, keeping me from going stir crazy. Sam would call and keep us in the loop about the situation of Kelly and her carrying the spawn of Satan.

           Once I was released, I was given strict instructions on staying down and stress free. With everything going on, the library was the main place we had to be in. So, while I got released from the hospital Sam had bought an overstuffed couch and a few things so that I could be out there with the guys. We pulled into the bunker garage and I was beyond exhausted, so Dean carried me in and got me settled on the couch. I quickly fell asleep, hoping to get some sleep.

           I woke up sometime later, seeing Dean sleeping next to me. His arms surrounded me in love and protection. I touched his face waking him up gently, “Baby, I’m hungry” “Anything for you love” This would be a difficult pregnancy but with Dean and Sam by my side I knew we could do anything. Life couldn’t get any better…

A Thousand Years

Summary : Joe is a vampire and you managed to attract him by your blood. 

A/N :  Hello! So sorry it took long, I was on massive writers block and was busy watching Riverdale. But here it is! Hope you liked it! I’m planning on making a part 2 if you guys liked it. If you did enjoy it and want a part 2, don’t hesitate to message me ‘cause that means that you actually like this :) T’il next time!

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Is all he can think of what your blood smells like. The sweet, delicious scent of your blood drives him crazy and god, he wishes he could just pierce his teeth into the junction of your neck and shoulder. But he has to restrain himself. Think of a tactic that would make you approach him. That red stain on your lips just instantly reminds him of your blood, those shiny red lips. That crimson liquid that runs through your veins, he needs that.

He can’t just dip into your neck and drink, what a sight it would be. He can’t expose himself, what he is. The music was blaring through the speakers as drunk bodies danced to the beat. Jack has once again, persuaded him to go out and maybe find someone to drink as well. He hates himself for being so easily persuaded. Knowing that his mates would be more successful in getting a meal than him.

Standing up from the bar stool you were sat on, with alcohol running through your system. You see a red velvet curtain and stumbling, you thought that maybe Josh was there. Looking for your friend who promised not to leave you. Since your friend Josh was the one with the uber card and the money, and he just convinced you to go with him when all you were planning was to stay at home, cuddled up in your fluffy duvet with a movie on and a cup of hot chocolate.

It’s when you see a tall male, with blonde hair. “What do you think you’re doing here? This is strictly for VIP.” Caspar snarls, and you back away with a stumble from his snarl. Looking down in shame, your fingers fumbling with each other as you avoided his gaze.

“I-I’m sorry … I was just looking for my friend Josh.” You explained, picking on the black nail polish painted on your nails to make yourself looking occupied.

“Well what makes you think he’d be here?” Caspar raises an eyebrow at you, a scowl covering his face. Biting your lip, murmurming a quiet sorry. He was scary, and you didn’t want to mess with him one bit. He kinda reminds you of Josh, your tall ginger friend since he was tall like him. “You’ve got some nerve –” Caspar spits.

“Lay off her Caspar.” He says, cutting off his friend, tilting his head in curiousity. You see him, he’s shorter than the blonde one - Caspar - you think is his name. He was sat down on the black couch, with his forefinger and thumb pinching his bottom lips that you noticed were pink. Clad with a grey shirt beneath a black leather jacket, paired with black ripped skinny jeans. “What’s your name?” He questions, raising an eyebrow.

“Y/N …” You reply. In hopes that he wouldn’t be mean as how Caspar was to you when you accidentally stumbled in the VIP area.


He didn’t have to do anything to make you approach him, it was you who decided to come to him. Finally, he can get a taste of your blood. Ignoring his best mate who was giving him a disbelief look. Shutting his eyes momentarily in order to restrain himself from having a frenzy, he speaks “Come.” Offering you his hand, a small smirk covering his lips.

“Joe? What the fuck? Are you being seri –” Caspar starts, giving his friend a ‘What the fuck’ look.

Joe, didn’t care one bit at how his friend was saying. Caspar knew that Joe didn’t being liked to be bombarded with questions. So Joe repeats himself, crystal blue eyes staring back at you. “Come.” So you oblige, walking towards the male with your heels clanking against the floor.

You don’t know what’s so compelling about him, what makes you feel the need to go to him. So you think - why not? It’s probably because of the alcohol you had consumed. When you settle your palm against his, you shiver, at the cold contact of his hand and you wonder if there’s a heater around 'cause you were honestly getting chilly and you wonder that’s the reason why his hand is so cold.

Sitting down on the space beside him - Joe, you think his name is - drapes an arm on the back rest of the couch, gazing intently at you with a smirk. Tilting his body so he could face you. “You came here with a friend, yes?”

Nodding your head, you reply “Yeah, his name’s Josh. He left me at the bar to dance with a girl.” You think back to when Josh was paying you a cocktail while both of you were sat on the stool, a girl approached him inviting him for a dance on the dance floor. A little while later, you didn’t see him anymore so that’s why you appeared inside the VIP area.

“He’s the ginger one yeah? He’s in good hands, he left with Kylie.” Joe replied with a shrug of his shoulders, causing your jaw to drop at his words.

“That prick!” You gasped, annoyed and pissed at your friend who promised to stay with you. “He promised that he wouldn’t leave me here! Oh my god. How am I going to get home?!” You start to panic and that alarmed Joe because your heart was pumping faster and that meant your blood was rushing.

Grasping your wrist when you were about to stand up, he says “I’ll take you home, Sit.” And you obey, sitting back down on the spot beside him. This time you got to look at him properly. A lad with a defined jaw with a mole on his left, dirty blonde hair, and his eyes. God, his eyes. They were a beautiful ocean blue and you swear you saw specks of red together with the blue.

“You’re pretty.” You smiled lazily, and this time, you insanely drunk.

Joe grins, “Thank you, doll.” Amused by how you were acting. He found it quite funny how you act when you’re drunk.


Joe can’t take it anymore. He has to taste you, he needs to.

“May I bite you?” He asks, raising an eyebrow. He was afraid you’d say no, him being a complete stranger and all. He wishes you would say yes. Pursing your lips in thought, he bites his in hopes that he would get a yes.

“Bite me? That sounds kinky. But sure, where do you - Oh!” Before you could even complete your sentence, in a blink of an eye, you were sat on his lap. His thighs were strong - you noticed - he must be working out.

You feel his breath, against the back of your neck which makes the goosebumps rise of your skin. Joe swipes your hair on the other side of your neck, internally grinning and bouncing with joy when he will finally get a taste of that sweet, delicious blood of yours.

He starts by pressing a few small kisses on your neck, prepping you for the incoming impact. You exhale shakily at the feel of his lips against your skin, and it felt good.

He bites.

You were expecting a gentle bite, but what you received was completely different from it. You whimper. It was probably your first ever hardcore hickey you were gonna get and you didn’t expect it to be that painful at least.

Joe’s fangs pierced into your skin and once his tongue met with your blood, he groaned in delight. Sucking your delicious blood, that was finally filling his need. He was sure that your blood was extraordinary, your blood was the sweetest from all the different once he’s tasted.

It’s when your eyes start to drop that Joe had to force himself to stop. You pass out.

He sighs, watching you sleep in his bed. Your blood satisfied his blood lust, but he knows that with his mark planted on your neck, you were his and only his. His scent would be on you that no vampire would ever approach you. But he can’t throw you out once you awaken, he’s sure he picked up the scent of something bad, something that is not good. So he decides, if he keeps biting, then he’ll be able to keep that thing away from you.

With him being the eldest, nobody wanted to get on his bad side. He was scary when he’s angry and nobody wanted to trigger it. It’s when he hears a swoosh inside his sitting room, revealing a red - eyed Maddie. To the boys, Maddie was their like mother figure, you know - keeping them out of harm and was the one taking care of them.

“What’re you doing here?” Joe questions the blonde with a raised eyebrow, seeing Maddie shrug her shoulders before stepping around his sitting room.

“I can smell her.” Maddie states.

It took Joe as while to get used to Maddie 'cause it’s been a while since Caspar’s started dating again. But either way, he was glad to have Maddie around 'cause she brings them wise advice.

“I know you can.” Joe says in reply, shrugging off his denim jacket and hung the piece of clothing on a clothes hook. Taking a seat on his huge grey sofa, he sighs. “You understand why she’s here right?”

Maddie nods, taking a seat beside Joe. “Your scent’s on her.”

When you wake up, you were sure it wasn’t your room. Sitting up from the bed you lay, your eyes roamed the room. The ceiling was high and the whole room was in black with a hint of gold. It was a beautiful room - you thought. You try and think back to the events last night. Joe - you remember, the guy who you let bite into your neck before you pass out from the hickey. It still stings, the mark.

You stand up from the bed, the floor being all cold which makes you shiver as you are bare foot. When you walk into the sitting room, you gasp seeing Joe and a blonde girl. Biting your lip, you watch as Joe walks towards you slowly.

“Sleep well, love?” Joe asks you, a smirk plastered on his face as he takes a glass of water on a table and hands it to you. Eyes trained on his mark that he’s planted onto your neck. You take the glass greatfully and drink the whole glass out.

“I don’t really know, to be honest. My head’s throbbing.” You wince as you feel pounding on your head as if someone’s hitting you with a mallet. “Was I interrupting something?”

Maddie chuckles, thinking you assumed that she and Joe were together. So the blonde walks over to you and your eyes widen slightly at the sight of her blood red eyes. Probably just contacts - you think. “I’m Maddie, Caspar’s girlfriend.”

You let out an “Oh” and nod understandably. Looking around warily to avoid the awkward tension. Obviously you remember Caspar, from last night. He was albeit rude to you but first impressions aren’t always accurate based on what you think the person really is.

“Made some waffles, hope you like 'em.” Joe offers you a plate of a stack of golden crisp waffles, maple syrup slowly dripping onto the sides. The sigh makes your stomach churn in hunger. Nodding eagerly, you take the plate gratefully and sit down on a bar stool, starting to eat.

“Waffles are good. Just prefer pancakes more.” You shrugged, digging the fork into a piece you’ve sliced. “But thank you anyway.”

“Well, I’ve gotta get going. Caspar and Jack need me. It was nice meeting you, Y/N.” Maddie smiles and struts out of the living room, the door being shut afterwards.

Joe leans against the marble counter top by his elbows, chin being held up by the palm of his hand as he tilts his head slightly. “Does it hurt?” He asks, referring to the purple bruise that laid on your neck.

Touching the bruise with your fingertips, you wince as you felt a slight sting of pain. “Yup, definitely hurts.” Joe concludes with a nod of his head. You swear you can tell he works out, judging by his bulging bicep and broad shoulders, even if he was short for height.

“You want me to take you home? Since you passed out last night I had to bring you to my house 'cause I didn’t know where you live.” Joe explains and you nodded.

Joe knows for surely that he has to bite you again, he has to. He won’t be able to forget how unique your blood tastes, it was addictive.

First Sunday Lunch

I’ve got a request from @hawtsee​ for a follow-up of my Gadge-drabble “Meeting the Parents”. Because I was on vacation and answered her privately that I’m working on it, I can’t answer a second time. :(

Thanks for the ask, hawtsee! I loved writing it, and really hope you like it. :)

@xerxia31​, thanks for the edits, lovely!

Enjoy, guys!

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The first member of the Hawthorne family Madge encounters is the youngest one, Posy. Dark long hair, silver eyes and a slight scowl on her face, Madge could swear Katniss’ younger version stands in front of her. Even though she’s only ten, young Miss Hawthorne knows how to intimidate someone.

“That’s her?” she asks her brother, one brow raised, eyeing Magde from head to toe.

“That’s her,” Gale confirms, smirking at his sister’s attitude. “What did we talk about?”

Posy huffs once, but then straightens up and stretches out her arm.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Posy.”

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Idjit 1 and Idjit 2

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Requested by: @otaku-fangirlse  Hey do you do images where it’s the Winchester Bros x Teen Sister Reader? Yay! Can you do one where the bros are stalking the sister cause she’s acting suspicious and they find out she’s on a date and they’re protective? Thanks

Hello peoples. I apologize for my inactivity lately. I have been having back issues and have just been busy with life, but it’s spring break this week and i intend to do some writing that I haven’t completed, so, expect a few more things as well.


Y/D/N: Your Date’s Name
B/F/N: Best Friend Name

Dean and Sam x Teen Sister Reader

You had told your brother’s that you were just going to hang out with your best friends, which wasn’t a total lie. But you were also going on a date, and you knew how your brothers would react, so that’s why you were doing this. You had your best friend pick you up, and then she dropped you off at the movie theater where you would be meeting Y/D/N. You left your bag in B/F/N’s car, so that you could go to her house afterwards. You bought your ticket and were sitting at a table when he showed up. You grinned and made your way over to him. He had just exited the line for tickets when he turned and saw you.
“Hey,” he said, smiling while sweeping you into a hug.
“Hi,” You reply, slightly muffled against his chest and hug him back.
“You ready for the movie?” He asked once he let go of you.
“Absolutely,” You reply. You both walk over and buy a bag of popcorn and some drinks before going and heading into the right theater.

2 hours later

“Oh my god that was so good. I love that they casted Emma Watson as Belle, she fit it perfectly.” You say, having loved the movie, Beauty and the Beast. You both loved anything Disney so it was the perfect date.
“Yeah, she did fit it perfectly,” He agreed. You were both heading out of the theater when he turned to you and gave a small, but sweet kiss on your lips. You grinned, and that was when you heard an all too familiar voice call out your name.
“Y/N?” You hear your brother Dean say. You looked down slightly and sighed before turning to see both of your brother’s standing there, astonished that you would hide this from them.
“Why are you guys here? How did you even- no. You followed us? Really?” You questioned, sighing, before glancing at Y/D/N.
“I’m sorry. These two idjits are my brothers. Sam and Dean. Idjit 1 and Idjit 2, this is Y/D/N.” You introduce them to each other and Sam pulls you to the side for a moment, since he wouldn’t raise his voice at all like Dean probably would, or so he assumed.
“Was this just a date? Was he a gentleman? And please tell me you weren’t going to say his place after this?” Sam asked quickly and quietly.
“Yes, but I’m hoping for more, yes, and really? No, and what I told you two was actually the truth. I’m still going to B/F/N’s house after this. She should be here any minute now.” You reply, and turn back to Y/D/N and see the frightened expression donning his face. You go back over and Dean stops talking.
You turn to him and say, “Stop scaring him. Stop pulling the protective brother act and just leave him be will ya?” He looked slightly ashamed after you said that.
“Well, I’m gonna go,” He said, before rushing off to his truck and getting in, leaving you alone with your brothers.
“Thanks for that really. You ruined the only chance I had with my crush, so thanks,” You say, and go to B/F/N’s car which had just pulled up. You got in the car and told her to just drive. After all of that, you told her everything and you both decided to watch movies all night.

Time Skip To Next Day

When you got back to the bunker, you brushed past your brothers, not wanting to see them after yesterday. You put all your clothes away and had just gotten out of the shower when you heard a knock on your door.
“Y/N/N? Sweetheart, I’m so sorry.” You hear, muffled through the door, Dean’s voice. You ignore him for the moment, and you hear the creaking floorboards, signaling his departure. You sigh and flop down on your bed. You roll over onto your stomach as you check your phone for any notifications and see a message from Y/D/N.
It says, Hey. Sorry about yesterday. Your brother seemed pretty cool and then he said something that scared me, and that was if I ever broke your heart, that he would break my face. And that only happened because I kind of admitted that I loved you. It had slipped out without my realizing it and I had to leave and get some air. So, would you like to go on another date? And maybe also be my girlfriend?
Internally, you were shrieking. Externally, a huge smile adorned your face and you replied to him saying, Absolutely! To both of them. How about tomorrow at 7? We could go out for coffee, sound good?

Sounds wonderful, see you then!  He replied instantly. You sighed, knowing that you had to forgive your brothers. Going down the stairs, you saw Sam on the couch on his laptop, researching probably. Dean was in the kitchen at the table, sitting there while taking a drink from his glass, staring off into space.

“Hey Dean, Sam, I’m sorry about my reaction. And you, Idjit 1, you could’ve told me he said he loved me. Thank you both for being the protective idjits you are. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be going on a date with my boyfriend tomorrow.” You apologize, and their reaction to the news was priceless. Dean turned around and stared with a blank expression, while Sam was wearing an expression that was close to a fish, seeing as he was opening and closing his mouth with no words coming out. You laughed lightly before going back to your room to message B/F/N about the date.

That’s when you heard Dean laughing and Sam shouting, “Wait, she was serious?!?!”


First Impressions and Second Chances (part 7)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 1,095

Misha x Reader


Notes: just enjoy :)

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After the panel, you wandered around the convention center for a while. You went by a few fan booths and bought a few trinkets, losing yourself in the excitement. You’d dreamt of attending a convention ever since you started watching the show, and it was everything you thought it’d be.

Around 5 you sent a text to Misha saying you were heading home for the day. You still had to finish the article you were working on, and after today you deserved a good night’s rest. You didn’t bother to wait for an answer, knowing he probably wouldn’t see it for a while. After making sure you had all your things, you made your way out of the convention area, heading towards your apartment.

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