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with the season finale nearing, i thought all the fans should have a place to cry over the episode and to help pass the hiatus!

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ofgeekisms asked:

➛ (im so sorry ahaha omg uwu)

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       She was sitting in class practically watching the clock as 
SLOWLY went by. Just another thing to get on her nerves;
OR SO SHE THOUGHT. Her eyes would fixate on the clock, 
     & then to her painted nails when she wasn’t waiting for the
      time to pass. Victoria had no interests in this class today,
       if that wasn’t anymore obvious with the rolling of her 
       eyes— that repeated once she felt a poke on the
           shoulder causing her to turn around. She 
            threw a look at him that could only mean
DANGER, but disarmed it quickly. 

        “ I’m not gonna pass
ANOTHER note to 
MAX, Warren. Do it yourself, like so many
          other things too.”

Well, Ant-Man was fun.

I had to go out to buy something, so I decided to see Ant-Man this afternoon. (It was also Cheap Movie Tuesday.) 

Overall, I liked it, and I thought it was fun. It ain’t Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but it wasn’t a terrible movie on which to waste $13 and just under two hours.

My random spoilery thoughts (blacklist ant man spoilers if you’d rather not see this post):

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Natasha Romanoff is a secret dork with a crooked goofy little smile that makes reference jokes from War Games. Natasha is really intense, but she isn’t like that all the time. I bet she likes to stay in, order Chinese, and watch Star Trek reruns. I bet she’s the reason Star Wars is on Steve’s list.

anonymous asked:

17, female. 5' 1". im biromantic demisexual. i have light blue eyes, straight white hair (3 inches below the shoulder, & its really puffy). i dabble in witchcraft. i collect gemstones & succulents. i only wear floral patterns, pastels, maroon, or black: usually shorts/skirts and crop tops. i love science, space, & im a MAJOR star wars nerd. my favorite color is purple. im a pc gamer. the best date would be laying/sitting in bed & watching movies, talking about space, or just cudd

I would definitely date you

anonymous asked:

Was AP European History difficult? It's the first AP class/exam I'm ever gonna take.

Yes, but it was so worth it! It was my first AP alongside Chem and it was difficult for sure but I loved every minute of it. Along with loving science I am a full on history nerd so I adored Euro. If you’re interested in the class and willing to put in the work, you will be just fine! The biggest thing with a course as detail heavy as Euro is to work hard from the very beginning; do your readings, study regularly and keep up with the material. Do that, and you will be good to go!

if you want more help, heres my post on it: How to Tackle AP Euro

I was tagged by the lovely goallagher-galchenpuck, thank you!

One insecurity: probably how I’m always putting myself down and thinking I can’t do anything at all, no matter how much I want to.
Two fears: Failure and spiders for sure.
Three turn-ons: a scruffy beard, ambition and someone who’s good with kids
Four life goals: watch a hockey game in every NHL home arena, finish university which means I get my degree in Nursing, get into med school and become a paediatrician at the Hospital for Sick Children and have kids and a loving family.
Five things I like: hockey, sciences(quite the nerd when it comes to anatomy, physiology, and biology 😎), kids, movies and tv shows.
Six weaknesses: I get stressed extremely fast, always thinking I’m going to be a failure and never get to do anything I want to do in life, I care about everybody too much(even those who don’t deserve it at all), I also trust too easily.
Seven things I love: Netflix, beaches, hiking in the forest, drive ins, animals, fairs/amusement parks, and family.

I tag: puppykickersubban, the-jonathan-toews, mycaptaintazer, blackhawksstanleycupchamps2015, dropthosegloves, gallylove and ilovechicago1988

kayla-mariee13 asked:

Ship with Got7 pretty please. I'm 5'3- 5'4 and a 96liner. Short brown hair and brown eyes. I'm pretty easy going and chill with comes to stuff. Always looking on the brighter side. Hate bugs and scary/gory movies!Though I maybe outgoing, I love science, math, and writing**nerd by heart!^.^ really into fashion and learning new things. And can cook well too(: Also I'm a sucker for small romantic gestures.I may be a very caring person, but I have a tendency to hold grudges.

I ship you with Bambam! :)

5 silly facts about me

Thanks disorientedgirl for the tag!

1. My favorite season is fall and then winter. I hate summertime because I hate hot sticky humid weather. Or just heat in general.

2. Even though I’m american and a huge USA fan (I always have to cheer for them first.)  I tend to become huge fans of players from other teams/countries too.  Hehe.  Oops.

3. I’m a huge band geek. I love playing music!  I listen to mostly band music, show tunes, and pretty mainstream pop.  I don’t really care about going to big concerts - I’d rather go to sporting events ;)

4. I’m a science/tech nerd who also loves history.  I’m not the biggest fan of math though.

5. I love proving people’s stereotypes wrong when they think I’m not good at/don’t know something just because I’m a girl.  

I tag: I don’t even know!  Everyone! 

anonymous asked:

Hi can I have a BIGBANG reaction to you being a complete and utter science nerd!!! Thanks and I love this blog!!!

Hello dear anon,

I was thinking about your request some time. I honestly don’t know how to make a reaction to that, since I’m not sure how to define a science nerd… Everythink I thought of was just so cliche. And honestly I don’t want to just put cliches in my reaction.

Maybe you can give me a hint? :)

Thank you!

Xoxo, Admin C

anonymous asked:

Hey, I know this will sound like the STUPIDEST question you will ever be asked on tumblr but: Can you roll your tongue?? Btw, I'm doing a survey just for my curiousity.

Haha this question is really random, but no question is ever stupid ;) And actually, I can’t roll my tongue

In my bio class freshman year we were doing a survey on genetic traits. Tongue Rolling is a dominant/recessive trait. Being able to roll your tongue is dominant, not being able to roll it is recessive. My mom, sister, dad, and grandma can all roll their tongue, so as far as I know I’m the only one who has the recessive trait! I have yet to ask more family members. I’m a geek/nerd, so I love to solve science mysteries.

The teacher asked in front of the whole class “Who can roll their tongue?”, everyone except for me raised their hand. “And who can’t?” she asked, and I was the only person in the room who raised her hand when she asked this. 

She seemed a bit surprised, “Really?! Try rolling your tongue right now!”  In front of the entire class, I sat there with my tongue out trying to roll it for a good five minutes. Eventually she told me to stop since it was obvious my tongue was not going to roll. It was embarrassing, but anything for science!