i love sap

this sunday-tues he’s away with a bunch of youth pastors as they plan for the upcoming year with the kids. i honestly admire his dedication to helping build up the youth ministry. it’s so hard to keep kids engaged once they are past that age when parents force their kids to go to church. he’s doing the work to help be the support these kids need. he is truly a blessing



Art of May!!! (ok I couldn’t put them all on one post because it was starting to be really too much ^^’)

Painted on PS [2017.05]

It was a really good month, I experimented a lot and had so much fun. Also I want to particularly thank all of you for your supports, your likes, reblogs, comments, tags and messages. I am sooo overwhelmed and I feel so blessed by all of you and yup Thank you guys, you are amazing and I am so lucky!!  Have a really really beautiful day

A langst head canon

I just thought of this, but what if one night, Lance just breaks down and is sobbing to himself and he’s looking at himself in his helmet, saying out loud everything he hates about himself and how worthless he feels and like “you’re not good enough”, without knowing that the helmet com was on, and everybody in their rooms just heard something from their helmets, not knowing what (say it’s like late after a battle and everybody doesn’t have the energy to take off the armour) it is and then they hear. Hunk is crying, Pidge is about to break down, Shiro feels so guilty because why didn’t he notice before or pay more attention, Keith is just in shock, Allura is on the verge of tears, and Coran is already making way to lances room. Lance realises his com is on and freaks the fuck out. Coran goes in there and just holds Lance, then the rest of the team come, Hunk being the first just sobbing out apologies and hugging him. This could end two ways, very happy yes yes wee haw, or sad because Lance is like “oh wow I can’t even suffer right”

I was talking with @lovelylangst and this just popped in my very sad mind so like here take it

There’s so much beauty in Spirk. Just think about it.

Older, retired Spock and Jim, together for so many years and completely entirely comfortable with each other and themselves. Spock taking a nap with his head on Jim’s growing tummy, Jim having a cup of Spock’s favorite yes waiting for him when Spock has been out in the cold and needs to warm up.

Jim taking Spock home with him to show him Iowa. It’s winter, and Spock experiences snow for the first time. Jim watches him stand by the window, looking out, and the unguarded look of wonder makes Jim’s heart race as fast as it did the day he and Spock first kiss.

Spock takes Jim home to Vulcan and Jim doesn’t enjoy the heat. At all. But he does enjoy the sehlats, and Spock watches Jim play with a dozen baby sehlats and he can’t imagine what drove him to try to undergo kohlinar and remove his emotions entirely, because he’d almost lost this joy, this love, and he never wants to be without this.

The bond between them, the way they can feel each other every moment, their minds curled up right together even when they’re far apart. Feeling the love and devotion they have for each other.

The beauty they find in each other, the way Jim and Spock complete each other and fulfil needs they didn’t even know they had before they were met.

Just… Jim and Spock. The greatest love story.

I’m tired of being alone. I want so much to be with someone. I want bookstore dates and late nights at the grocery store. I want surprise flowers, and “hey, this made me think of you” texts. Hugs, kisses, baths, spontaneous trips to your favorite restaurant. I want to stay up all night listening to you giggle because we’re too busy talking to sleep. I want to hold hands under restaurant tables and while walking through the mall. I want someone who will be proud of me and encourage me to be who I am, someone who needs me as much as I need them. I want to spend lazy days cuddling in our pajamas, and days where we do our own things, but together. I want someone to share my favorite books with, and I can’t wait for you to roll your eyes when I start to tell you about my favorite characters for the hundredth time. I want someone to spoil. I want surprise dates, skipping work just to spend time together, and someone to make tie dye t-shirts with. I want to take so many pictures of you that they could cover an entire wall in our bedroom just in case you ever need a reminder of how beautiful you are. I want to hold you when you’re sad and convince you that things will be okay again. I want to tell you how cute it is that your face lights up and your eyes sparkle whenever you get excited about something. I want to spend hours sitting across from you in a coffee shop because even though I don’t like coffee, it will give me an excuse to stare at you. I want everything. I want a joyous, unexpected kind of love. But most of all, I just want you to have the kind of love you deserve.

here’s the thing

lardo is gonna give ford little tests here and there, right? like not ridiculous or anything, she was stressed but i think she and ford will click and both will become more comfortable with ford becoming manager

but the TRUE test that ford passes, that no one even set for her? she plays matchmaker for dex and nursey. legit like, just casually, she sees it without any of the baggage of the previous 1.5yrs, and then they make it work

the graduating seniors will know for sure, then, that ford knows her team

Walter Strickler: AKA A Number on Jim’s Speed Dial

AKA: Strickler’s hatred for human technology is quickly rectified by the amazing advances that the cell phone has brought him.

AKA: Family group chat.

So sue me. I want to see Walter Strickler called when Jim is stuck. When he’s in the world of the trolls with no help or aid. When he’s bleeding, trapped, sick. And he knows calling his mother would be no help.

So sue me. I want to know how that call would go.

So sue me. I want to see Jim collapsing at home, because he was cut by a creature with poisonous barbs and never thought to tell his mother. Because Strickler actually knows how to help him. Because even after he’s doing better, Strickler insists they all stay up together, and they sit on the cold bathroom floor playing monopoly to pass the time, waiting to see if the poison has set or if Jim will be better by the morning (he will be. but god the lectures might kill him again).

So sue me, I want to see Walt calling Jim with technilogical questions because how does this thing work, your friends make it look so easy!

So sue me. I want to see Jim giving Strickler his number because he trusts him, even if he might not say it out loud.

So sue me. I want to see Jim edit Strickler’s phone number and retype “dad” into the vacant box.

So sue me. I want to see Strickler texting one Jim throughout the day. Good luck on the test. I packed your favorite for lunch. Don’t tell your mother, but I replaced the fridge. What does LOL mean?

So sue me. I want Strickler to learn what emoticons are. And I want him to use ones that are completely inappropriate for the situation at hand.

So sue me if I want them to have a family group chat where they actively nag each other with odd nicknames and funny jokes. Where these nerds are broken and dysfunctional, but god, they’re so happy.

So sue me. I want Strickler, the Changeling, to have a happy family. One that he invaded. But one that is all his.

Jim: Hey, just checking in!

Strickler: ?

Jim: The big exhibit was today! Mom and I are coming to the opening tonight.

Strickler: You remembered that, and yet you can’t remember the simple facts I gave you in my class.

Jim: Of course.

Jim: Those were boring.

Strickler: >:(

Barbara: Can’t wait for tonight!

Strickler: Wear that new dress. You look edible in it.

Barbara: Darling!

Jim: Ew. Stop. You guys are gross.

Strickler: And you’re weak willed.

Jim: Teachers looking. Gotta run.

Barbara: Bye sweetie. See you tonight.

Jim: Bye mom.


Jim: bye dad.

Strickler: [has signed off]

(he had to sit in his office and breathe into a paper bag for about ten minutes to regain his sense of self. it didn’t work. he’s still flustered and pleased as hell.)

(he loves his weird family.)