i love sandy so much

Random but

Did anyone else on the sims 3 use the custom world ‘Cape Garner’ by johnnywr? It was MY MOST FAVOURITE WORLD EVER. It was based off the islands off of Vancouver and it was just the most beautiful world I’ve ever seen!!

*sigh* sometimes I really miss the sims 3 😔 I miss all the cool custom worlds !! I remember spending days and days filling the world with sims and writing back stories for them all!!


anyway, yeah, so. they hold hands a couple times


I am so blessed to have made so many wonderful friends through this site ❤️ I love you all so much.


At last, here’s my entry! I just wanted an excuse to kiss Tokiya

Notice me @skillshotlabs-senpai!

If you like my art, why not commission me? Sanddollars aren’t made of money you know!

this isn’t really anything special, i just wanted to make a colour palettey type thing so if i want to draw these guys more then i have a better ref for dem colours

can u tell i love the costumes from the SB musical? ‘cause i do, i love em so much.