i love sandeul

There’s literally NO downside to stanning B1A4.
It doesn’t exist.
B1A4 is solely good things.

  1. Music is A+
  2. They produce and write most of it (these days pretty much all of it) themselves
  3. They have one of THE most skilled vocals in the entire industry and generally very unique vocal tones
  4. They have zero dance skills and it’s hilarious and adorable
  5. Hilarious and adorable is actually like the general mood
  6. soft af
  7. Have extremely strong visuals
  8. Actively sabotage Sandeuls diet and like three of the five members are either broad or chubby and everyone supports this concept
  9. Some of them have really quite dark skin and they have never shown any colorist behaviour towards them
  10. They and the fandom spend money on charity
  11. Even during hiatus they can be seen on tons of shows as guests or MCs
  12. They have skilled actors among them and can be seen in dramas or in musicals and that’s hella cool
  13. They’re from a small and not super well known company and yet they achieved SO MUCH
  14. Support their smol sister group Oh my Girl and it’s cute
  15. Unique and VERY beautiful concepts
  16. These very awful 2012 concepts which are also amazing
  17. Around for like 7 years and still have all their members together and win on music shows and have a good time
  18. idk just stan B1A4 they are really kind and like pure happiness what can I say just DO It

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BABA B1A4 2 EP.44

Prologue 2

these are my favorite moments

I really wanted to make another gif set to practice <3

This is from three days ago but please give it love!



“The source of my strength is my fellow members and the group called B1A4. Thank you for allowing me to always trust you and lean on you. I love where we are, so moving forward, let’s stay healthy and stay together.”

💚 Happy 6th Anniversary to B1A4 💚


3/5 days til sandeul’s birthday~

“To Sandeul who is in charge of Deul in Badeul. You’re always listening to my whining and not being sulky even if i don’t take your aegyo, I like you very much. We know what we mean by looking through each others eyes without talking, lets continue this way. We still haven’t fought but if we have to, let’s fight once in a while and that way we’ll stay together for a long time. I love you, Lee Sandeul” 

Honest opinion about the boygroups I stan

EXO aka SM goldmine. “One lawsuit a day keeps the Chinese away”. 9 people, 3 have lines. 24 y/o beagle line. One worships Satan every full moon.

BTS aka the new kings. Started from the bottom now we here. Did you catch that metaphor? Owe their lives to Demian.

iKON aka Hanbin and other 6 kids. ‘Have you seen Hanbin?’ ‘Hanbin, we need three more songs for tomorrow’ 'Where the fuck is Hanbin?’

GOT7 aka Dab7. Do we need Korean members in a kpop band? We can’t have another Jaebum as leader change his name. Can someone please tape Bambam’s mouth?

Winner aka Losers. Were supposed to be the next big bang ended up stuck in the yg basement.

Day6 aka day5 aka day8. So independent jyp forgot about them.

Astro aka gfriend. Did you know they invented being cute and also being perfect?

Seventeen aka the only reason pledis is still open. Are you sure they’re all legal? Nope, they ain’t. Stop those hip thrusts!

VIXX aka Neo precious family. How can a leader be so bullied? Jellyfish doing things right. But, please, pay Ravi some English lessons

Shinee aka nobody has left! Saving kpop since 2008. Release bop after bop. Have the best fandom.

Infinite aka THE BOYBAND. Think of boyband think of them. Vocals, vocals and vocals. The sound of kpop.

Up10tion aka Andy’s children. They’re all Korean even though their names ain’t. Slaying the dark concepts even though they’re 12 years old.

Monsta X aka Visual X. Serving visuals since 2015. Weirdest rapper line. Leader is actually a teddy bear in a hunk’s body.

Big Bang aka Lengends only. Can we even call them a boyband? Could release 3 minutes of seals screaming and win Song of the year.

B.A.P aka court kings. TS has cold sweats whenever they enter the building. Leader deserves the world and more.

Block B aka Zico & the boys. Only have comebacks when Zico feels like it. That hiphop group with too many vocals, do they really need four?

2PM aka that old group from jyp. The beast idols. Have had more scandals that we can count. Sound better on mute.

NCT aka every SM trainee ever
*SM headquarters some time in 2013* “What do we do with all these trainees we can’t debute?” “Omg call Lee Soo Man because I just had the best idea.”

SF9 aka they can pronounce the F but refuse to. I truly appreciate them, still I think the Band should have won.

Pentagon aka Cube’s new blood. 10 members, never heard the voice of 5; Great dancers though.

BtoB aka Cube we are still here. Will leave as soon as their contracts end. Did you know I didn’t know Minhyuk was a rapper?

B1A4 aka Jinyoung I love you. Jinyoung I love you. Sandeul is cute though.

N.flying aka that group fnc debuted last year and completely forgot about them. Please, eat well in Japan.

FTisland aka that idol band you forget are idols. OST of a life. Should we call them k-rock?

CNblue aka the other idol band. Band members turned actors. Have more dramas than comebacks, nobody complains.