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Can I have some cinnamon roll Hotaru? Like something really cute and romantic with a shy little Hotaru that was in love with MC since he was pretty young, when he visits Saizo restaurant & in the way he bump into Mc accidentally, she was in a hurry to deliver food, it was an instant crush, everytime he went to Saizo's restaurant he try to find this girl but she was always with Toshiee who is bigger and stronger,Hotaru starts training harder to become a great ninja.He finally find her years later

Hi! I’m sorry, I couldn’t fulfil every part of your request :( but I hope you will enjoy it anyway. Hotaru’s interaction with MC in Kai is based on his (first? idk) Tenka event story.

everyday discovering something brand new

Summary: Hotaru hopes that eventually, they will have met so many times that he won’t be able to keep count. [SFW, 1140 words, warnings for surprise kissing, title from Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You]

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Lmao. What is this. I don’t know what I was writing. What exactly were you looking for?

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Adjective: Feeling Fearful yet Awed and Inspired

She was terrifying when it came to her kitchen. A fact the old boys knew very well.

Disruption in the kitchen meant being fed one’s least favorite food or their favorite food made in such a manner they could never enjoy it again.

Even if it wasn’t at the next meal, she would do it eventually. Willing to wait weeks to punish the offenders.

Seemingly done with them, she sent them to him for extra training.

Well, it would be a kindness to make them too tired to register the taste of their food.

For one of them anyways.

sisters that go through traumatizing shit together stay together


Wow ya’ll, I can’t believe Jack adopted Ashi as a kid and is raising her. So beautifuuuul~