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Got any Sam + Buck + reader??

Yesss! That’s “Love and Happiness”

and it’s super domestic and I love it so much. Ok, so you, Sam, and Bucky are chillin out in a safe house some time after CATWS. Steve is always gone being Captain America, so you three just hang out. 

And every Sunday Sam gets up super early, turns on some music, and starts cleaning the house. It’s too early, you don’t want to get up, but you smell Sam’s chocolate chip pancakes so you get up anyway. 

When you make your way to the kitchen/living room, you see Bucky vacuuming and Sam cooking breakfast and it’s all so sweet and normal and you just stand there watching until Sam makes his way over to you, dancing, singing (Love and Happiness because Sam and Bucky both love 70′s soul). And Bucky does the same and then they’re both dancing with you, singing, laughing, and out of no where Sam kisses you. Sam kisses you! And from behind Sam you can see Bucky smiling, eyes shining. And it’s perfect, the three of you. Nothing has ever felt better.

I know 22 September is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthday—but let us not forget that it is also the date in which Samwise Gamgee, last of the Ring-bearers, leaves Middle-earth for ever to reunite with Frodo.

‘Baby’ foreshadowing

‘Baby’ is not only a fantastic episode in its own right but imo fantastically foreshadows so much for season 11 and I’m sure will continue up til the end. Some of the points here I feel had been a little sidelined before 11x04 and they were just fantastically brought back up to the surface of the narrative in this episode and now are central to the whole season 12 arc…


Wants ‘more’. Not one but 2 instances of pushing this agenda home. Wanting to give Piper his number and the ‘wanting something more’ conversation.

Wanting out and wanting more is a recurring theme, rearing its head in season 8 and now season 12 with a vengeance. Particularly key now is seeing his interactions with Mary and the BMoL considering that they are offering him exactly this, a world without monsters. Sam isn’t stupid but this is what he’s wanted all along so lets see how this pans out.

Has self trust issues. Ok I’m going on the record here that I love Sam ok. Its just… he thinks God is talking to him and that he’s the one doing the right thing by going to the cage. AGAIN. This is what caused Lucifer to rise the first time. I just hope this is the last time and he gets closure with Lucifer at some point, preferably by working alongside his family instead of going off alone that should be the subversion here. And again, Lucifer is such a big part of season 12…

Sam is praying and Dean isn’t. Dean has no faith. Sam does. Yet Sam’s interactions end up being with Lucifer (of course not his fault!) and Dean’s the one in the end who God relies on, who God’s sister is hankering for and whose loved by an Angel. Pff. I love SPN. 


Will always want to hunt. Dean on the other hand openly scoffs at Sam’s idea of setting down. He still sees no other option, again a season 8 reference. He’s also talked about enjoying the kill (only if it’s really evil) in the past and now in season 12 tells Mary ‘I think we make the world a better place, I know we do’. He doesn’t want out.

Then theres the subtextual and visual representation of Dean having to repeatedly kill the MOTW, which JUST. WONT. DIE. It feels ‘never ending’….

This is a great parallel to their real life as hunters and his perception that it won’t ever end. Again relevant in season 12, especially after 12x15 where we saw that it is Dean who is the ‘grunt’, doing all the leg work as Sam is left spotless after the back to back hunting.


During this episode Sam takes the ‘hands off’ approach and does the questioning etc. Dean takes the ‘hands on’ approach and does the fighting with ‘powered down’ Cas as back up….

@elizabethrobertajones pointed out in this post that they are both good at both hunting and lore, pointing out that 8x14 is a clear ‘subversion’ of their perceptions of each other, namely that Sam is the brains and Dean is the grunt.

In 11x04 this is again referenced with Dean re: Aesop ‘I read’ knowing snippets of lore as well as Sam and his ‘geek’ knowledge about date changes of the metal composition of coins. And I think we are going to see even more of this in season 12, with already having Sam as the killer of the Alpha, Ramiel and the Hellhound and Dean giving Cas perfect advice for finding Sam in 12x01, using his knowledge again v Toni in 12x02 ‘turns out this ape has read a book or two’ etc.

So although they’re both capable of being both lore and fighting focused and of potentially getting out or staying in the hunting life, their choice / preference is well established before and cemented in this episode. As is Cas’s position as (potentially less angelic) back up and placed specifically in Dean’s camp. 

I just love that season 12 is continuing on the work that was so painstakingly laid out in all it’s glory in this episode. Thank you Robbie.

“Let’s go home”


Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

This is one of those period films I’ve seen lately but haven’t had time to write about. Before starting with my usual way of writing and adding gifs without control, let me tell you a couple things:

  • I totally LOVE the 2005 Pride & Prejudice film, it’s one of my very favourite films in every way (the cast, the music, the costume design, the art…).

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  • I also love bad films. Like really bad films. The kind of films that you see the poster and you already know that they will be bad (think about something like “I, Frankenstein” or “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” or “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”) and they are fun because these are not pretentious films, they just deliver what you expect and if you go see them with a good mood, then you might even be surprised. Or not. That’s the charm of bad films.

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Now, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is not such a bad film. I don’t know why, but it perfectly works together. It was rather amazing. Let me tell you about it.

First, you MUST suspend disbelief. The film starts and tells you that before the story starts, there was a zombie uprising/epidemy and that now people have learnt to live with this. And in that world is where our story happens.

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Before anything, we meet Mr Darcy (insert sight here), who is the hot-but-weird Sam Riley. I have to say that I had never thought anything about his voice until I saw this movie, but it’s quite… nasal, I guess? I don’t know, weird voice.

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He also wears all black. And has a katana. Because of course.

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I have to say that in my heart, Keira Knightley will always be THE Elizabeth Bennet.

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And also I’m not that fond of Lily James, even though I love her in Downton Abbey. I don’t know why, but she doesn’t seem to me like the right Lizzie. But whatever.

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Bella Heathcote is perfect as Jane Bennet. Actually I think she’s perfect in all period films ever XD

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Mr Bingley (Douglas Booth) is SO gorgeous, just like taken from a Burberry ad and taken back to the Regency era (I don’t know if that makes any sense).

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And talking about Mr Bingley, I liked the way that the relationship between Darcy and Bingley is portrayed: they trust their lives to each other. That kind of friendship seems tough and great.

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And Collins. OH MY FUCKIN GOD, COLLINS! Matt Smith is HILARIOUS. Totally loved him as the odd, silly and awkward Collins. Perfect humour with perfect timing.

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I love that Wickham (Jack Huston)  is a little more important to the story and really makes you think if he’s actually wrong or not (I didn’t find a gif :( )

Now, let’s check the important part: the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth.

Well it follows (obviously) the usual Pride & Prejudice line, but we have these fun/awesome moments of them together:

When they meet at the ball (because zombies or not zombies, there must be a ball)

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When he “saves” her from a zombie-lady

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When he declares his love…

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and she starts a fight (I couldn’t help laughing here).

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And of course, the battlefield

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In other highlights we have: the ball fight

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The Bennet sisters training

Darcy and Caroline reciting “the accomplished lady” list

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Mr Bingley on a horse (or next to the horse since there’s no gif)

and finally the bridge explosion

Charles Dance not being a creepy dude as in GoT

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Now, the costume design: there are some very good things like most of the menswear

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but there’s also the WHOLE underwear for the ladies. Tights. Bloomers. Really? REALLY?!

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even though most of the dresses and coats look rather  good.

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Final thoughts: Are you looking for a faithful version of the Austen novel? Then don’t see this movie. Are you just wanna have fun and you love Matt Smith and/or zombies? Go see it now.

Also, I have to say that it’s pretty amazing the way that the original story and conflicts work in any setting and era: from a modern romcom to this zombie version. Jane Austen’s writing is just so… universal? Perfect? I don’t know but I have to say that even with all the fun/weird/crazy stuff going on in this film, the way that the core of the novel is untouched is just wonderful. I guess it’s just what happens with great literature.

And I LOVE what they did with the female characters: there’s not a single one who is not badass and strong. From each Bennet sister to Lady Catherine de Bourgh (ok, maybe Mrs Bennet is kind of boring, but that’s her point in the story).

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Main Info:

Name: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Year: 2015

Director: Burr Steers

Main Cast: Lily James, Sam Riley, Bella Heathcote, Suki Waterhouse, Douglas Booth, Charles Dance, Jack Huston, Matt Smith, Lena Headey.

Costume Design: Julian Day


(– and that will never change.)

Dean’s walking Mom to the car when Sam hears footsteps crunching in the gravel road behind him.

 "Hey, Sam?“ Max walks up behind him, voice flirty and a little hopeful. “You all good?”

Sam laughs a little under his breath. “Uh, as okay as we can be. How are you?” 

Max seems pleased with his answer, if his welcoming smirk and increased inching into Sam’s personal space is anything to go by. “Same here. Alicia’s still a little shaken up from being possessed and all,” he gestures back at Alicia, who’s being hugged by Lorraine, “but we’ll survive. We always do.” 

“Glad to hear it,” Sam says, small smile on his lips, offering a little wave before turning around again.

“Wait!” Max blurts out, a blush high on his cheekbones. “Are you–um–do you want to…”

Sam turns back to him, brow furrowed. “Yes?”

Max lets out a sheepish laugh. “For all my seduction techniques, I’m still…” He pats his pockets before finding a pen. “You got a scrap of paper on you somewhere?”

Sam digs through his own pockets before offering a crumpled receipt. Max scribbles something on it quickly before handing it back to him. 

“My number,” he says quickly, “if you want to be a gentleman caller sometime.” When Sam doesn’t say anything for a moment, he sighs a little and turns away.


“Yeah?” Max says, turning around.

Sam’s blushing too, and he’s looking at his feet like they’re something interesting. “I’ll call you.”

Max’s face lights up in a smile. “Good.”


Happy Birthday, Sammy!

ok. I apologize. I started all this just to celebrate Sam’s B Day but then….genderbend…yeah.I literally spent half of April doing this bUT IT DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SAM’S FREAKING BIRTHDAY AND I’M SITTING HERE LIKE WTF IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN???! HOW WAS THIS A GOOD IDEA??? 


Sam’s _____

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i love it when people put sam in the drama or theatre club in high school AUs because he’s so canonically shit at acting like remember 


“You lied to me” & “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.” (Sam x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

I tried to make this super angsty but it got so messy and long and I didn’t like how it was turning out so I just totally changed it haha hope you don’t mind it’s super fluffy (literally) can you tell I love dogs xx

In which Sam has a surprise for you and is completely clueless.

Word Count: 1,324


When you heard a famous archaeologist was going to be in town for a lecture, you absolutely had to go. You were convinced Sam was going to come along too, but as usual he was busy. He’d been working late nights with Sully constantly lately, and you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t starting to get on your nerves. You trusted him, but the past couple weeks you two had barely had any time to spend together. He would come home after dinner, wash up and go to bed. Something was off, but you’d convinced him to at least pick you up after the lecture.

You glance down at your watch. He’s ten minutes late.

Another five minutes later when your old Suburu Forester rolls into the parking lot, Sam scans the area as he gets out of the car. You think he’s looking for you, but he walks to the trunk and opens it, leaning inside. You can see him talking to someone as you walk toward him. He hasn’t noticed you yet.

“Okay, okay, I know the car is scary, sweetie, but if you die, I’m gonna kill you, got it?” you hear him say as you walk up to the car, stress lacing his voice. You stop with your hand on the handle of the passenger seat door. Sweetie?

“Um, everything okay, babe?” you say, and he looks up quickly, slamming the trunk shut.

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