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I know 22 September is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthday—but let us not forget that it is also the date in which Samwise Gamgee, last of the Ring-bearers, leaves Middle-earth for ever to reunite with Frodo.


One(?) gifset per episode || 23 The Rematch

Pike left back there to finish up the renovation of the temple of Sarenrae that was discovered—the rest of the party moved on back to Emon, the rest of their business complete. Within Emon, they returned to the Greyskull Keep where […] Seeker Assum […] came to [Vox Machina] notifying [them] that within a week’s time the Briarwoods, Lord and Lady Briarwood, are supposed to be arriving here within Emon for a feast, to discuss, apparently, the building of a bridge and a more political joining between Emon and the Tal'Dorei royal family and these up-and-coming Lords and Ladies, who have a very dark history, apparently, with Percy.


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None of us are clamoring for the truth. We don’t know their truth. What matters is the residue we are left with, that is, none of them look like people with integrity. Judging by the anons in my inbox, it seems that people are just plain tired. I’ve also been consoling folks on DM for the most part today. Before we jump on why some people are rattled by the picture and others are not, we should remember that this ship is not for the faint hearted. We know this. We also know that there are different levels of investment in S/C. We can argue to the moon and back about what’s real and what isn’t and how to interpret events but it does not take away from the feeling some have about how shady this whole business has been handled from IFH on out. But regardless of what has transpired, one aspect of this stands out - it’s not a good look on Cait or Sam. Their integrity has been called into question, time and time again. That matters, regardless of the truth.