i love sabo and his pipe

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after that ace and tiny!sabo ficlet, could you maybe do a sabo and tiny!ace one. preferably before sbo regains his memories, so hes bewildered by this tiny child clinging to him. ( i loved the tiny!sabo fic, btw. that line about ace not being hurt that Thatch liked sabo better was killer<3)

The thing about confidence, Sabo thinks bitterly, is that the only time it’s not arrogance is when you can back it up.

Well, this is what he gets for going into things blindly. The mark isn’t the dumb minion they thought he was, and Koala’s still outside.

“You may as well surrender,” Sabo says, lungs heaving but pipe steady. “We’ve got you cornered.”

The guy just looks at him. “You lie,” he says. “And it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t.”

That’s–well, worrying. “You’re right on both counts,” Sabo concedes, “but it doesn’t matter, because I’ll be more than enough.”

“I’d like to see you try,” he says, so Sabo grins and spins in close. He swings a high round, but it’s baiting, and sure enough the guy gets up a hand to redirect so he pivots off his toes, twists from the hips and slams the pipe straight down instead.

The guy’s smile turns sour and his face flashes into something else altogether. “Iron,” he hisses, and Sabo hesitates a second and falls back a step. That’s not the usual reaction he gets when his pipe touches skin.

“It’s steel, actually,” he says. Well, lies, really; he doesn’t know what the pipe is made of, only that he coated it in powdered seastone.

The look the guy gives him is cat-eyed and creepy, and Sabo adds that to iron and backpedals hard. “You’re not from the Committee at all, are you?”

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I saw that you enjoy yandere characters yea? May i request a yandere sabo and yandere ace scenario and the s/o really loves it, like they think its so charming how protective and loving they are?

Ah yes yanderes are my guilty, guilty pleasure. I find the concept kinda… ah… attractive, as far as fantasy goes. But irl, I would get so scared bruh. And I can’t believe there would be anyone would love me enough to kill anyway. So yeah. Fantasy only.

Might be triggering so under the cut. Little bit of gore.


He was sweeter than honey when it concerns you, but he was just as dangerous when he snapped.

But that didn’t deter you from loving him. His possessiveness was something you craved; to be completely loved to the point of wanting to posess you completely was a very tempting prospect. Sabo never let you worry about anything. Whatever you wanted, he would provide. Whatever you disliked, he would remove. Whatever you liked, as long as he judged that it wouldn’t affect your love for him, he would endlessly gave it to you.

You had proved that you would never turn away from him, so he allowed you more freedom compared to the early times you had started seeing each other. He even allowed you to breathe outside air, but only if he could stand beside you and held you hand. It reminded you to a selfishness of a child, and you thought it was adorable.

The blonde prevented you from too much contact with your friends. They warned you that it wasn’t right; he was too controlling, too possessive. You didn’t care. It felt like you couldn’t care about any other opinion if it wasn’t from your boyfriend. It was unhealthy and wrong, you knew that on the back of your mind. But your rationality had flown off somewhere in the middle of dating your prince charming.

“Why is it drenched in blood?” you asked your lover one day, pointing towards his favorite weapon that resembled a metal pipe.

Sabo smiled and patted your head, “Oh, just some guys who gossipped about us.”

You blinked, “Do I know them?”

“Maybe. Does it matter?” his eyes narrowed, and you recognized the expression. You squished the small sadness that built inside you, opting to hug your boyfriend instead.

“Of course not. I love you, remember?”

“That’s what I thought. I love you too, [f/name]. So much.

So much it’s driving me crazy


You knew nothing about love. You knew nothing, and that was the reason of your fall, your descend into this madness you failed to see. As far as you knew, you were living a fairytale; one where you and your boyfriend was currently living happily.

When you realized what he had done to kept you happy, you were far gone too deep to turn back.


“Oh, love! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

Blood. Dark red blood was everywhere. On the dirty walls, pooled on the concrete street, few splotches landed on the trash can just several meters away….

All over your boyfriend.

You knew the corpse’s face. He was a male who had flirted with you the previous day. You turned him down politey, and he had apologized before withdrawing. Ace knew of course; you promised him you would tell him everything that happened when he couldn’t be by your side. You knew he was furious despite how the stranger male hadn’t done anything to you once he knew you were taken. But did he have to go till this extent?


“Why? Because I love you,” your lover said as if it was the most obvious thing on earth.

He killed someone because he loved you. He loved you enough to snuff out other people’s life. The usually laidback and kind boyfriend of yours would shed other’s blood for you.

You always knew he could be a little too attached and obsessed in the relationship. But you figured it was because he feared abandonement. You gave him acceptance and maybe he just dreaded the thought of you leaving him. Of you not needing him anymore. Of you falling out of love with him. And now you knew that he would go as far as murder, if it meant he could keep you only to him.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared of the blood? I’m sorry, please don’t make that face– I’ll get cleaned up and we can cuddle together, okay?”

“Ah. O-Okay………”



“I love you,” the warm grin twisted, and you could see something manic, something dangerous behind the smile you loved so much.

You felt your heart skipped a beat. Was it fear? Was it adoration?

….. I love you too.

You chose the latter.

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I cannot unseen what toei has done to sabo. Like omg I can't stop laughing from the nyoom of his head and the fire fart. This was too much chaos omg xD

Indeed my friend, indeed lol

I’m sorry but I found it really hard to take this episode seriously while looking at this

Like…okay, I wonder who in Toei thought this was a good idea? lol
I love Sabo but come on this is too lame xDU

But on a more serious note, the pacing and animation were terrible, the marines were acting like idiots by trying to take him down with normal bullets for far too long. The filler with Bastille was so terrible! I agree it was a good choice to actually let him show how destructive his shark blade was but

I don’t know if Toei ever pays attention to the original material but that fire is supposed to be Sabo’s body xD and you’re telling me that Bastille’s attack isn’t imbued with haki? he’s a vice admiral, he must be a haki user and he’s fighting agains a logia, HE SHOULD BE USING HAKI, the worst part of it is that he even said to his subordinates “PHYSICAL ATTACKS WON’T WORK ON HIM” then why would he make the same mistake? really Toei.

What I’m most disappointed about this is that Sabo himself said he isn’t used to his new powers yet, so when I read the manga chapter at least what I understood was that he mostly used fire with his pipe instead of his body while trying to dodge the attacks -the only scene where he actually turned his whole body into fire being the meteor clash- but Toei only made him a fire freak idiot who farted fire while jumping xDDD I love to make fun of Sabo but come on Toei, he has a unique fighting style, the flame fruit is just a plus for him, why not try to showcase more of the stuff he made in the colosseum? I’d have preffered a dragon claw or a dragon breath over the fire fist :I I’d really like Toei to pay more attention to details like those instead of trying to make Sabo Ace #2.

And speaking of details, why did they leave this panel out

That panel is so important .____. it shows us how seriously he’s taking this fight, it’s not only about anger or bloodlust or being badass, he’s there to protect his baby bro at all costs and is willing to kill for it!

I have to take my time to praise Toru’s voice acting job tho, my God it was sublime!!! his scream in the flashback was just perfect.

So yeah I was disappointed with this episode, Toei ruining one of my fave chapters yet again :I and I didn’t really like the opening either //sigh

I can’t believe that Oda trolled us the entire chapter and never showed us his face.  Actually, I can because Oda is famous for trolling us.  We had better get Sabo face next chapter or I will not be able to sleep well at night.  And he still uses a pipe as his signature weapon.  That is awesome and I’m getting the feels again.  I need a moment to breathe.  I love how he mentions Ace.  Feels stop it Oda.  This whole panel was a boatload of feels just crushing me!  Please wreck Burgess for me.  You are the one that deserves the honor of doing so.