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This isn't really a kink thing, more of a soft thing...but like hair brushing/washing? I feel like that'd be so good...Ryan breaks his wrist somehow and can't get his cast wet, Brendon washes his hair and he's very gentle, massaging his head and Ryan hums and is enjoying it so much he's falling asleep and it's just SOFT

Where are those gifs from early fever era where they’re in an interview and they talk about this exactly where Brendon washed Ryan’s hair in a sink or something and they were really extremely gay about it….this is so soft and good I love fluff so much like as soon as Ryan gets injured Brendon offers to be there to wash Ryan’s hair for him and it soothes both of them, Brendon loving the feeling of Ryan’s soft hair between his fingers and Ryan loves feeling Brendon massaging his scalp like that and Brendon just takes care of Ryan and is really good to him

“Not again, I’m not losing you again.” Ryan Haywood x Reader

Hey so this is my first attempt at writing anything Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Fake Ah Crew. I love reading them so thought I would try it for myself!

(btw Y/C/N means “your/code/name”)

Pairing: FAHC Ryan X Reader

Words: 1590

Warnings: Swearing, Death, Drowning

This was the biggest heist you’d been on in years, so much planning went into the past hour of your life. Every detail had gone perfectly to plan, now it was time to finish the job.

The wind was heavy, pushing the waves to hit the boat towards the shore, directly towards the cops trailing along the beach. The waves crashed violently against the right side of the ship, causing the whole thing to nearly tip over. Luckily the boat landed flat again. Jack was still gripping for dear life on the wheel, turning it frantically to try and avoid the never-ending battle of waves. You, Jeremy and Ryan were all trying to shoot down the helicopters, boats and cars on the shore, but trying to keep a steady hand a good aim while you’re being thrown about in the back of a speed boat is easier said than done.

Constant sirens filled the air. The sounds of missiles and bullets hitting the water around you filled any gap of silence while your boat bounced off the waves into the air.

Your radio suddenly crackled, a British voice coming through, “Y/C/N!” “Y/C/N!”

“Gavino! Where are you guys, are you out free yet?” You yelled back into the radio, quickly going back to shooting a rocket towards a helicopter, watching it explode into pieces and fall into the ocean.

“We’re good, Geoff got shot but he’s fine! Was in the shoulder so not fatal yet!”

“And the gold?”

“Safe in the place, we’re about the leave the area in case we were followed, every piece is there!”

“Great, we’ll see you back at base!”

The radio crackled again as you signed off.

“They’re both still in once piece,” You yelled to the crew, “slightly holey pieces but they’ve got to the safe place"

“Perfect, now it’s our turn to get to safety” Jack yelled. Suddenly another 3 helicopters came from over the hill, three missiles coming from each and heading towards you. Somehow each of them missed, one being blown up mid-air by Jeremy and the others going to either side of the boat. More sirens sounded, you all turned to look in front of you to see larger and heavily armed boats heading towards you. You felt yourself get paler with fear, your mind flashbacking to a past situation like this, one you wish you could have forgotten.

-2 years ago-

The thunder rung loudly, rain hitting every inch of your body, the wind throwing everything it could around. You jumped without thinking, onto a jet ski on the dock. swivelling your bag of cash around you so it was on your chest. Ryan came running towards you,

“Vagabond!” You yelled, grabbing his attention. He sprinted faster and leaped onto the jet ski, wrapping his arms tightly around you yelling “Go! Go!”

You drove as quickly as the motor could take you, Ryan now firing one-handed with his pistol towards the cops that were following you around the Docks. His arm had a firm grip around your waist, you tried to ignore the butterflies his hand on you gave you as it wasn’t a great situation you were in.

Suddenly there was an explosion in front of you, the missile sent from a police helicopter causing you to flip the jet ski and land into the water. Your head stung at the impact of it meeting the water, you opened your eyes as much as you could under the murky water, seeing bullets shooting past you at a great speed.

You felt your hand being pulled, seeing Ryan signalling towards an area of land but pointing to stay under the water. You nodded and swam towards it, the wind pushing the water around you making it hard to head it the right direction at a speed. Bullets were still being fired at you, feeling one slice past your arm and cut the skin made you yell, letting out bubbles instead of words. Your lungs felt the pressure of letting that air out quickly, you needed air desperately but the underwater sounds of propellers of the police boats and helicopters made you stay under.

Ryan was much more skilled at swimming with extra weight and under pressure than you, now he was out of sight under the water and you almost lost hope, your body trying to pull you to the surface to get air but your mind knowing that would lead to your death or in-prisonment. The sounds of the police vehicles got more distant, or maybe it was your hearing was going as you felt the eager to breath in.

Your body gave in, the water rushing into your lungs, the water feeling cold in your body. Your eyes widened but your body went limp.

You hear and almost silent “Y/N!” before your eyes closed.

All of a sudden, your body was pulled from beneath the water, into Ryan’s lap. He pressed violently against your chest, trying to get rid of the water in your lungs.

“She’s not breathing Jack!” He yelled into his radio, giving you mouth to mouth “Nothing’s working!” His tears splattered onto your cheeks as his head was ducked down. Him crouching with your body under a private docking space.

“Y/N they’re gone, wakeup, it’s gonna be okay!” He didn’t know if he was saying it to console you or himself.

Within 10 minutes Michael and Jack found Ryan, him carrying your weakened body towards the car before rushing off back to base.

For a week, your body lay life-less on a hospital bed, barely alive, Ryan by your side the whole time.

When you finally woke, the pain was indescribable. Your lungs still felt like they were swollen and full, your head pounding.

“You’re alive” Ryan cried quietly, grabbing your hand tightly. “I thought I lost you”

You wanted to smile and tell him it’s all okay, but you couldn’t tell yourself that so why lie to him. You just smile all you could and whispered,

“Can’t get rid of me that easily”

“I will never let that happen to you again Y/N, I promise”

-Present Day-

Ryan paused from shooting his machine gun to look at you, he saw the sudden change from angst to fear.

“Y/N don’t think about that!” He came up to you, trying to stay balanced as the boat still swayed and bounced, leaving Lil J the only one firing. “That’s never going to happen again, I promised” he kissed your cheek before shooting his gun behind him and killing one of the pilots.

You all continued to shoot as jack headed towards the pier, Ryan kept one arm around your waist which kept your head straight and focused. You were almost at the beaches, there were no more helicopters following you and only 2 boats were left.

“Michaels just over on the left of the beach” Lil J shouted, pointing towards a purple flare.

Soon you were back on dry land, once you were all off Ryan threw a grenade into the boat and hopped into the car, driving away just as it explodes.

Ryan’s hand was tight on your thigh as Michael swerved to get back to base so jack could help Geoff. His thumb rubbed small circle over the denim covered area, all you wanted now was to be in his arms forgetting about the day.

Sirens sounded once more, just as you thought they had lost you. You were sat in the middle back so weren’t of much help, but Jeremy and Ryan had their guns at the ready and out the window shooting at the cops. One sped up so much he was right next to the car, the weight of 5 people and an armour vehicle not light at all. Their front window lined up perfectly with Ryan’s window, the front of his gun quickly encountering the driver’s eye and causing them to swerve.

A swift left and a quick couple of right turns left the cops lost and Michael driving a quick rout towards base. He stopped a block or so away to hide the car, everyone leaped out and sprinted towards the apartment building. With you trying to rush out of the car your leg got wrapped around a strap on the floor of the car.

Ryan smiled as he looked back slightly, expecting you to be close behind but you weren’t there. He stopped and ran back towards the car, freezing in shock and fear as his eyes landed on the red flashing light on the side of the vehicle and the door wide open as you stepped out,

“Y/N, NO!” He yelled just before the explosion went off.

He ran in your direction, disregarding all his guns to lift off weight and get there faster. In his haste, he ignored the raging fire of the exploded car as his hands reached through the flames to grab your body.

“No..” he sadly whispered.

The rest of the crew came running around the corner to see where the explosion had taken place, seeing Ryan’s body hunched over and your limp head pressed against his shoulder

He thought back to not long ago, seeing the cop car that had driven too close. He saw one try to throw something but Ryan thought they had missed.

“I promised… I’m so sorry” His tears rained down onto your burnt skin, “Not again, I’m not losing you again.” He whimpered to himself, looking up as Jack walked beside him, but he shook his head sadly.


He blinked at her in surprise “she said she’d leave you alone. I know how much this has upset you. I just want you to be happy.”

“I am happy” she smiled at him stroking his cheeks “I have two wonderful dad’s who love me. Out of all the kids in the world they chose me.” She moved closer bringing her lips to his. It felt awkward at first before she switched her mind off and just let it happen. It wasn’t passionate just sweet and tender. “I have you too. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have been able to tell you how I felt about you.”

“Maybe I should thank her” Ryan smirked at her.

“You will not” she cried glaring at him before attacking him like she had when the were little seeking out his most ticklish places. He squirmed around trying to get away from her fingers.

“Ok ok I won’t I promise I won’t” he gasped for breath.

“You better not” she said “I should at least meet her. I want her to know something.”

“You’re not going alone” his voice rose in concern.

“Of course not” she smiled innocently at him “you’re coming with me.”


You’re giving me the perfect opportunity to angst. I love you so much anon XD Also, without looking at the prompt, I was a bit hesitant to do romantic with Hotch, but I mean, it’s angst, so why the hell not? -Ryan

19. “There’s so much blood.” with Hotch

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Prompt List (Closed) Celebration Masterlist

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Honestly if no one at ED thought there would be no backlash I'd be shocked like I thought someone might've said it to Iain to expect this. In regards to Emily the hate she is getting is wrong but I did think what she said about Ryan being there longer as a excuse to why R is getting more hate than Robert is a joke,if no one at ED told her about Robron's popularity all she had to do was Twitter or google check and she would've seen so much support and love for them from fans and the media

It’s just sloppy. This whole SL is sloppy, I always got the idea that Iain (and others) have the attitude of “they love Robron and they’ll love them whatever happens.” But we won’t. Yeah we will support the characters but there’s only so much shit you can throw at them before it doesn’t become worth it. They keep promising happy endings and another wedding but it’s not worth the trouble to get to that. I’ve been in This fandom since the beginning and I’ve never known it to be so miserable and so hate filled. Not only have they ruined the one good thing they had, they’ve destroyed the fandom that together got them all the awards they’re celebrating. Yes the SL’s have been good and deserving of credit but there is no way in hell they would’ve won without the fandom. No chance. And with what they’ve done with Emily and Rebecca they will not have that same support because it’s not worth it. We won’t spend time doing anything for them if this is what we’re given. I know it’s a soap and drama drama etc but honestly, this? No. It’s ruined.

Yes, we will be more likely to side with Robert, but look at the alternative, a girl who immediately came in and acted like Aaron was nothing, made biphobic after biphobic comments and didn’t understand why Robert would possibly want someone other than her. Then acts like a friend and stabs them in the back again and again. Ruins the entire reason she was there in the first place for her own revenge, plays the victim, again tries to sleep with someone who has said he’s not interested. Tried to ruin their relationship by publicly humiliating her ‘friend’ then in the lowest moment that Robert has had, takes advantage of him. And we’re supposed to just what? Be on her side because she’s new? No. Not happening. She’s a terrible character, she’s awful and this SL is awful. Even if we liked her, how could we support this baby SL when she flips more than a pancake on the entire thing? It’s one of the worst SL’s that’s been done. It’s offensive, it’s weird and it’s acted really poorly by someone we are supposed to want to support? No. Not at all.

In case you can’t tell I’m a little bitter. Sorry about the rant.

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I'm just saying it'd be real nice for some Ace!Jeremy stuff. Like he never talks about it cause it in general doesn't come up, makes his own fair share of sex jokes simply because it's just funny but the moment like Ryan (jeremwood victim here) makes any sexual advances he just nopes the fuck out or just nervously laughs his way out of it. He does eventually say something tho. Makes all the ace puns/jokes when he comes out. Just in general Ace!Jeremy? I'm dying over here for Ace stuff

Ace Jeremy is one of my favorites tbh

Jeremy not knowing how to come out bc no matter what it’s always gonna be a pretty awkward experience regardless of who you are so when Ryan makes a move on him again he just kind of blurts out “hey, uh, I don’t really like sex.” A pause. “In ACE you didn’t know”
(Ryan, of course, is very good about this and super accepting and loving and tbh relieved to know why Jeremy kept rejecting him)

And after that the floodgates open
Jeremy, in true Jeremy fashion, is making tons of puns (he’s had a lot saved up okay)

They’re all really reliant on Jeremy’s skill and Jeremy’s just “don’t worry guys, I’ll be your ACE in the hole” and everybody groans

Ryan asks him what he wants for takeout or smth and Jeremy tells him he doesn’t give a fuck, realizes what he just said and starts giggling
“Get it. I don’t give a fuck… Because I’m ace.”

“Jeremy, babe, I love you. But never say that again.”

“Sorry, ry, didn’t mean to be such an,,, ACE hole.”

Ryan doesn’t say anything, just sighs and walks out of the room while Jeremy’s left cackling on the couch

Literally why am I unable to see the bad in people? It’s not just Ryan it’s happened with so many people where I ignore obvious warning signs and traits and just romanticise them. But in terms of Ryan it is very bad. My head hurts from crying so much today. He treated me so poorly, he’s even acknowledged that he was the problem now, so how little do I value myself to want that back. I just love him, I’ve never loved anyone so much. I can’t imagine feeling like this for someone else. I’m the kind of idiot people talk about behind their backs when their boyfriends treat them so terribly but they put up with it. For some reason. I’d genuinely love to know why I feel such like intense love and comfort for someone who showed such disregard for my feelings. we had good times obviously, lots of them, but also BIG transgressions and many moments of ‘this isn’t ok’. Why does my brain get rid of those big awful bits? There was so much of the relationship where I was unhappy and anxious? But of course that’s disappeared from my memory, of course. So angry and frustrated at the world

I’m probably going to bomb my exam tomorrow. Cool beans. I can’t even care right now

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ryan putting a vibrator in brendon and not letting him cum for 30 minutes, if he does, then he has to leave it in all night (i've sent u three things tonight what am i doing with my life i said i'd go to sleep 2 hours ago)

Please keep sending me things I love it but omg Brendon is trying so hard to stay still and not think about the vibrator pressed against his prostate and time is passing so slow with his cock straining and throbbing against his stomach, he feels so close to the edge of an orgasm that everything is hazy to him, it’s taking so much effort to not come that he’s sweating really hard and whimpering and Ryan isn’t helping him or making it easier, as he keeps teasing Brendon’s nipples or kissing his neck and rubbings at his inner thighs, so close to his cock but not touching it, and if somehow Brendon makes it then Ryan praises him and rewards him by letting him come and allowing Brendon to choose how they fuck but if Brendon comes without permission Ryan might put him in a cockring or cage and leave the vibrator in and get ready to sleep, making Brendon deal with it for hours until morning

I´m not searching the sky for a reason to live

`cause I found beauty right here and a passion to give

- Open Letter, The Amity Affliction

This piece was so much fun to draw, I´d love to get it tattooed one day. It took me about six hours in total and I used Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and Stabilo fineliners.

@iowainc tagged me to answer his 11 survey questions and then add my own 11 questions for the other people to answer. Thanks Ryan! :)

1 - Favourite animal?

2 - Since people like to ask favourites, i’ll play devil’s advocate - Least Favourite bands?
Although i like all of them here it is my list: The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, Moody Blues, The Cure and Antrax (what a mix).

3 - Slipknot or Limp Bizkit?
I LOVE Slipknot and i don’t like much Limp Bizkit, so my answer it’s obvious. I remember, the first metal band i heard were Slipknot and i was like :D

4 - If you could create a band with any musician - living or dead - who would be in it? Who would do vocals, who would do bass, who would do guitar, drums, etc?
Nice question! Jim Morrison and Chris Cornell would write the lyrics and sing (sorry, they’re my two favourite singers, i can’t say which one i love more). Sometimes they would invite Janis Joplin to sing some songs.
Martin Lopez would be the drummer (he’s a beast!).
Mark Sandman would be on the bass (another beast).
Jimmy Page and Billie Gibbons would be on guitars.
Ray Manzarek and Jon Lord would be the pianists.
Hey, what a band! But it wouldn’t work ahah (this is a mess)

5 - Which musical artists/bands would you like to see collaborate?
I’d love to see Soundgarden and Pearl Jam collaborating again in honor of Chris Cornell. Jerry Cantrell, Mike Inez, Sean Kinney and Dave Grohl could join them.
METALLICA AND MEGADETH would be a perfect couple, btw.

6 - If you could meet any person from history, who would it be?
Jeanne d'Arc!

7 - If you could live somewhere in the world where would it be?
I like my country so i’d choose Coimbra to live. I like Lisbon, but i don’t like the suburb where i live and it’s out of question to live in the center of the city, i’d hate it.

8 - If you had one super power/abillity, what would it be?
I’d be able to fly!

9 - Have you seen any concerts? If so, who? If not, who would you want to see?
I can’t say that i saw them, but i heard them. Some years ago Arctic Monkeys and Black Keys came to my hometown and i heard them. Like the stage was in front of me, on the other side of the street ahah so i just sat confortably on the grass while listening to them (if it was today i would blow up that stage - jk).

10 - If you could see any band that is no longer together, who would it be?
Soundgarden (and maybe i could see them live!).

11 - What sort of things (places, songs, objects, etc) do you think people associate you with?
I don’t think, i had the proof on the other day. Here is the list:
- Cats
- “Feira da Ladra” (in english is something like Thief Market), which is a market in the center of Lisbon where you can find everything at good prices. Anytime someones speaks about it and i’m around, they just look at me (wtf)
- Soundgarden and Metallica (i still don’t know why, and i’m not joking)
- French language, i’m some kind of free translater, much better than Google translater.


1 - Do you make any sport?
2 - Favourite lyrics
3 - Do you speak any foreign language?
4 - Do you have any tattoos/piercings?
5 - Top 8 favourite bands
6 - Is there any musician you would like to be? If so, who?
7 - Who’s your favourite band from the grunge big 4?
8 - Do you consider yourself as a music snob?
9 - What’s your favourite movie?
10 - Where would you like to live?
11 - Free question with free answer :D (sorry it’s the second time i’m doing this and i lost my inspiration…)

I’ll tag @maikmakridi @sweetness-doesnt-touch-my-face @sweethomethestars @angiecornell92 @kynodontass @as-high-as-the-highest-heavens  @come-as-ya-are and @cosmos-deceptis  and anyone else who wants to do this :)

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Yo if you don't mind me asking, to what extent did Ryan pick the ending? Like did you actually go in depth to plot or was it just like "good or bad ending?" Also I was expecting wayyyyy more angst but loved it still, all over great story 10/10 I hope to see more stories from you in the future

Thank you so much! :D

I was still a fair way out from finishing when I asked Ryan to pick, so I asked for a tone, rather than a solid ending.
Basically he didn’t want you to have a happy ending, but he didn’t want the “everyone dies” version either. 

There will definitely be more stories… already working on finishing off some of the ones I started long ago and plenty more in the pipeline.

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Which are your fantasies with each one actor of your top 5?

Oh god, that’s hard. Mostly because what I would do to one, I’d do to them all! XD But I guess…i’d have to pick based off of what I’d do to each of them /first/ So lets go with that lol

I could worship all of Tyler Posey from his toes to the top of his head for hours, but i’m honestly obsessed with his sweaty pits. I want him to work out for hours every day for a week or two, no deodorant, get his pits nice and ripe, before just sitting back, arms behind his head and letting me get down on them. I wouldn’t even wanna lick them, because then the smell would go away. I’d spend as long as he’d let me sniffing those hairy pits.

Ryan Kelley…listen, I love dick, like a lot, but when it comes to these men, there’s always so much more I fantasize about then there dicks. And then there’s Ryan. We’ve seen his dick, we know its huge, and I’d love to spend an afternoon between this thighs, sucking load after load from that fat cock. I’d run my hands over his abs, and those thick thighs, and let him fuck my face. Make me gag and spit. He’d pull his cock out and smile, slap it against my face while I work his big nuts for a while, before going back down on him. Ugh. Yes. 

Please accept this picture of a sexy Sprayberry, because I can’t find a picture of his feet anywhere, and that’s what I want from him- I wanna worship his smelly feet. I feel like he’s such a bro, like Posey. Down to earth, sweet, funny, but I bet in the same regard he fucking reeks. Doesn’t wash his ass, doesn’t wear deodorant, and wears shoes without socks. I’d want to have him over after a long day on set, untie his boots and massage his nice sweaty feet, while he moans and jerks off. I’d sniff and lick between all his toes, before sucking on his big toes like they’re cocks. When he’s ready to cum, I’d have him cum on his feet so I could lick it off.

My actual husband, Hoechlin. If you’ve read any of my other asks you know what this is about. His ass. His ass is glorious. The best ass I’ve ever seen, the only ass I fantasize about on the daily…god, his fucking ass is incredibly. I’d do whatever he wanted me to do. Sniff it, lick it, finger it- I’m a bottom, but I’d be so hard I’d fuck him if he wanted me too.
I want him to skip showering and sit his smelly hairy ass on my face. Grind the stink into my fucking pores so I smell like his ass for hours afterwards. I wanna feel him jerking his big uncut cock while I eat out his ass like its my last meal. I rarely go into this territory, for he and Posey only really, but I’d let this beast of a man fart on my face. Fucking humiliate me till I cum in my underwear without touching myself. Completely consumed by this mans rank ass and gas. 

And as far as Dylan goes, I’ve honestly never truly had a ‘fantasy’ of him. He’s incredibly sexy, but personally he’s just not for me. I’m more of a look at him from afar and admire the work of art, but I don’t think I’d ever fuck him. 

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Heather's the Musical

Favorite Character: I’m a giant cliche and pick Veronica. Or Heather Duke.

Least Favorite Character: Ms. Fleming. It’s not so much the character, I just hate everything she stands for. So…yeah I guess the character too.

Favorite OBC Cast Member: grumbleitneverwenttobroadwaygrumble  No contest, Ryan McCartan’s J.D. probably can’t be replicated. Although I would love to hear Jeremy Jordan’s take on it.

Favorite Current Cast Member (If Applicable): *SOB*

Favorite Song: “Meant To Be Yours.” Now THAT is a terrifying show tune.

Least Favorite Song: “Shine A Light.” Sorry, Ms. Fleming.

Favorite Act (If Applicable): I think Act 2 has the better songs, altogether? That’s usually how I judge acts, anyway.

Favorite Ship: Heather McNamara x Veronica. I’ve shipped this since the movie.

Least Favorite Ship: Pretty much everything else.

If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: BRING IT TO BROADWAY. At the very least, this show deserved better in the set and orchestra department. The set is SO SPARSE, it makes me so sad!

Ratings: 7/10 kinda the one I’m geeking out over the most right now.

Need Some Happiness Up In Here

Okay so, everything’s very negative and toxic at the moment…I think we should take a few moments and remind us why we’re here. Why we’re in this fandom?

Robert and Aaron. And their beautiful, fucked up, unstable, passionate love they have for each other.

I’m hoping people get behind this…I’d love to use this space to share incredible works that this amazing fandom creates every day. Share some of your favourite robron things here…

• Scenes
• Eras
• Moments
• Storylines
• Gifs
• Bloggers
• Fanfic
• Fanart

Send me it all!! Share away! This is supposed to be a happy place where we can admire our boys and support Danny and Ryan! So come on over, have a chat, send me as much as you can. See you soon x

May 25, 2017

After tonight’s episodes, I finally had that moment.

The moment where I went “Damn, this is why I love them so much.”
And not just that. I realized episodes like these, actors like Danny and Ryan (and John Middleton and Charlotte Bellamy), and the amazing writers like Maxine, are why we are fans here and why all last year, Emmerdale was voted best soap. Because episodes like these make them the best.

Okay, maybe the plot is messy right now and sometimes its hard to see the light, but in a sense the ED team are right when they say “if everyone was happy all the time it’d be boring.” Of course we all love the mushy love filled kisses and the sensitive Aaron/Robert moments but you can’t tell me the angst and hurt filled scenes tonight didn’t make you weak in the knees.

I love our boys and after tonight, I have just a bit more hope.

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Falcons, Saints, Bucs (I know the Panthers are your fave so here's the rest of the division for fun. :D )

1. Bucs no huge rivalry with them compared to the other two, but also because Gerald McCoy is one of my favorite players in the league

2. Saints - I don’t completely hate them, I love AD and I’m ok with Brees (also his kids are adorable)

3. Falcons. I hate them. Everything about them. They ruined our perfect season in 2015, I despise matt ryan. I’m furious that Julio had 300 something yards. Gives me bad memories about Atlanta. I will never respect them!!!!!! 28-3😩😩😩👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😛😛😛😛🎉🎉🎉

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Yas, mama! Let's talk Kingdom! It's been too long. Firsty, I know you've jotted down notes, so I'd love to hear your thoughts about this episode? Also, you've seen the what to expect this season which means we have to make predictions! I do this with you every season!! We have to keep the tradtition going since it's the last season ever. Jay is a daddy! Like, I called a Kulina baby! Crazy! Nate and Will. Ah! So much has changed and I'm all over the place!!!

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confession: I've never been super into patd and idk anything abt the members but like since I started following u I've kind of osmosis'd my way into really caring about Ryan Ross. he seems very gentle and round. and I'm worried about him

I love him so much and also this message and u ❤