i love russell even more now

Alright, so we’re gonna play a new song. Kinda going to the cartoon narrative of this whole thing. 2D felt maybe he was under-represented on Humanz a bit. It wasn’t a problem, but maybe he was a bit too generous, ya know? So he thought he’d do a song all by himself and make a video, just with him. Not tell anyone else, not tell Murdoc, a secret……………….. It might be a bit rough around the edges ‘cuz he only wrote it on Monday and made the video on Wednesday and now it’s Thursday so…
—  Damon Albarn before performing Sleeping Powder live. [x]
Russel Hobbs

I keep imagining Russel alone in his bedroom, painting sad pictures while slow music plays.
I’m really upset about what happened- or rather, what didn’t happen.

He’s been ignored by fans and the actual Gorillaz team for so long, and now they’ve forgotten his birthday, including the official Instagram account for Noodle, despite her and Gorillaz making a big deal out of 2D’s birthday just the other day.

Now a lot of 2DxNoodle shippers are probably going to use that as “evidence” that Noodle is in love with 2D, for fuck’s sake.

But it’s Murdoc’s birthday in like 2 days, so we’ll see what happens.
If they remember his birthday, great, but that just reveals even more that they don’t give a shit about Russ, who deserves so much better.

I like imagining Noodle being too busy making Russel happy on his special day to make a post about it.

OH MY GOD, or, she and the others know how paranoid Russel can be about cyborgs and computers and shit, so they make him feel at ease by leaving social media out of it and going out somewhere nice for the day and leaving their phones at home!
I like that idea.

Russel deserves to be happy and loved, and it’s brilliant how a lot of fans have shown their happiness and excitement for his birthday, despite the official Gorillaz team forgetting him and ignoring him, as usual.

I hope you had a birthday as lovely as yourself, Russel. ❤️
We adore you. 😊

A zombie apocalypse AU (oneshot)

The streets of Soho were empty. Cars were crashed into brick walls, blood was spilled on the pavement. Russel Hobbs held a young girl’s hand in his. His other hand had a tight grip on a hatchet he’d stolen from a nearby restaurant. The little girl clutched a wrench.

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riverkhamsin  asked:

I checked your archive, and didn't see anything tagged, have you done a breed analysis of Jack Russell Terriers? It's not a breed I've specifically chosen to adopt so far, but my sister has a JRT mix, I now have a JRT mix, and I'm looking at a second one who's 9 and in the shelter. So far ours are AMAZING dogs behavior and personality- wise, so what are the health concerns? Question tax- I came because I work with dogs and other animals and love to get more info, stayed for the fantasy biology.

I am fond of the irrepressible Jack Russel Terrier. They are certainly a handful and a half, but one of my favorites, even if they do have the unfortunate tendency to all get the same name, mostly being called Jack, Jackie or (for extra originality) Russel.

These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life.

(Image source By Steve-65 on Wikipedia)

These little dogs are full of energy and fairly stubborn which is why they seem to ignore the facts that they’re getting old and seem to average fairly long lives. Because of their relatively long lives they do commonly get the diseases we associate with old age, notably in my experience Cushing’s syndrome and Diabetes. They also very commonly live long enough to get mammary tumors if not desexed.

Active as they are, I commonly see them for Medial Patella Lxation to some degree. It’s a common sight to see this breed running around and having a great time, but running with one hind leg up in the air. Sometimes owners mistake this as ‘doing it for attention’ because the dog ‘doesn’t seem painful’ because the kneecap can pop back into place.

Avascular necrosis of the femoral head will often pop up from time to time, though it’s a relatively rare problem overall. These dogs have a subtle lameness initially, which may be overlooked because these dogs often don’t appear to be painful to their owners.

Angular Limb Deformity, usually mild but it can be severe, is relatively common in these dogs resulting in a bowed appearance of the front legs. Not many of these dogs get surgery and many of them end up with wrist and elbow arthritis.

Lens luxation occurs when the lens of the eye falls out of place, either forward or backwards. Despite having it drilled into me that it would be common in this breed during university days, I haven’t yet seen it in clinical practice. I don’t know why this is/ Maybe I’m just lucky, because the local ophthalmologists do see these cases on a regular basis, but I suppose they would.

Behavior is probably the biggest problem I see with these dogs, and the primary reason so many of them end up in shelters. They’re smart and tenacious. If an owner is not prepared for that you can get dogs that are anxious, destructive, escapees, barkers or even aggressive. This isn’t inherently the fault of the dog. but does result in there being an abundance of this breed available for adoption.

Overall I’m very fond of these dogs, though it’s worth noting they often hide their clinical signs. I have one patient who looked perfectly normal, bright and energetic, from a distance. She was white as a sheet and desperately needed a blood transfusion due to immune mediated haemolytic anaemia. They just seem too stubborn to look ‘sick’ most of the time.


All my life, baby, the only thing I ever want to do is run away. What kind of mama is that? I wish I could feel other things, baby. Like excitement that you’re with me now or faith that I’ll be a good mama, even if my life ain’t such a good place and the world as I see it ain’t so pretty like they’d have you believe in this book. Anyway, I’m writing this letter to you. It sounds more like a letter to me, don’t it? Love, Mama.

Waitress (2007)  - dir.  Adrienne Shelly

Gorillaz React

So a while back, posted this fanfic on FF.net. Now I got this blog I decided I might as well share this stupid little thing I wrote. :)

“So uh, correct me if I’m wrong. You’ve gathered all of us here, not to discuss promotions, not to discuss the website, but to film us watching… A sodding Youtube video?”

Murdoc had a perplexed look on his face mixed with slight annoyance. He wasn’t quite caught up on all these new trends on Facetube or Snaptagram, or whatever those bloody websites were called. And frankly, he had no desire to be.

Noodle and 2D were more turned into social media, but Noodle was always busy focusing on their music, being the passionate worker she is, and 2D was… Well, he was 2D. Could the job really be left in capable hands with him? This was precisely why Gorillaz hired a manager for their media. Someone who was young and knew what they were doing. The same manager that they’d recently hired for their Youtube channel had called the four of them into the living room of their new HQ: the Spirit House, all sat in a row on the couch, with Youtube up on the TV and the cameras ready.

“Yeah, I don’ get this. Wot’s all this about? We answering live fan questions or sumthin?” 2D asked, exchanging a few confused looks with the other band members.

“Well no. It’s not live and it isn’t exactly a Q&A. I know it sounds strange, but keep in mind that this could be considered a type of promotion in of itself.” The young manager explained. “Have the four of you by chance heard of the Youtube channel TheFineBros?”

The band exchanged a few confused glances. None of them could say they have.

“Nope.” Russel said flatly.

“Can’t say I have, no.” Noodle said.

“I ‘ave no idea what your talkin’ about.” 2D said bluntly.

“Do you really think I care to know about these silly little "channels”, or whatever they are? What the hell does this have to do with us?“ Murdoc said irritably.

The manager was losing them. It was better to just get straight to the point. "Uh, well okay. So this channel hosts a series of videos where they have different people of different age groups react and discuss various videos shown to them with topics to do with popular culture, current events, music and movies of the like. Recently, they did a video with some people reacting to a few of your music videos, and discussing them.”

The band now started to gain interest, except for Murdoc of course. Bored as hell and lighting up yet another cig.

“It’s a video with young people who may have grown up with your music. It’s called "College Kids React to Gorillaz”.“

Murdoc suddenly looked up. "Wait, wait, wait, wait. College kids?” His tune had miraculously changed to something far more enthusiastic. “By "college” kids, this video wouldn’t by chance happen to include any college-age gir-“

Before Murdoc could even finish his sentence, 2D started laughing and Noodle was giggling. Russel just groaned, burying his bald head in his palm.

"Oh for god’s sake, Murdoc. Can you not go ten minutes without thinking with your wrinkly old nether regions?” Russel sighed in annoyance. Always the more mature and paternal one of the group.

Murdoc leaned over with a sleazy smile. “Oh, sure Russ. I remember that of all things, you don’t seem to possess a pulse. Heheheh.”

“Hey, I have a pulse just like anybody else. I just don’t go off mindlessly chasing tail like an animal. I don’t have delusions of someone half my damn age having any interest in me. Unlike you, ya damn unwashed geriatric.” Murdoc sneered at the last remark.

“Yeah Mudz, ya dirty ol’ geezer.” 2D snickered.

Russel quickly turned to face 2D. “Oh Shut up, ’D. You’re just as bad and you know it. Don’t try to pretend you’re any better. I’m the one who does the laundry 'round here and unfortunately I’ve come across your stash, and I’ve seen those stains on your sheets!” Murdoc and Noodle sputtered with laughter while 2D began to blush. Murdoc even shed a tear, he was laughing so hard. Quite embarrassed, the manager tried to interrupt the raunchy banter, but Russel kept going, now with a grin.

“Even now you still take multiple girls back to your bed, many half your age. And judging by your masturbatory material, you into some nasty shit, man. You’re no better than Murdoc, you’re just more covert about it.”

2D was still red in the face, but managed to laugh along. “Ay, I’m not the one to blame there, mate. It’s the birds over the years that introduced me to all that kinky shit. The girls love it, I just went along with it and heh, it ain’t that nasty. Ya really don’t know what your missing.” He said with a cocked eyebrow and a cheeky grin. 2D may have been a sweetheart, but he wasn’t a chaste guy by a long shot.

Russel scoffed. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say, you skinny pervert.”

The manager stood there awkwardly. They raised an eyebrow at Noodle. “How have you dealt with this for so long?”

Noodle smiled and shrugged. “Aw, there’s little that shocks me. I’m not precious, I can handle it.” She then smirked devilishly, and winked. “Besides, I happen to get mine quite aplenty these days.”

Murdoc and 2D whooped and cheered for her, like they were a bunch of lads down at the pub, proud of their mate getting laid for the first time. Russel however, turned away and pretended desperately not to hear what she said. She may be 27, but Noodle was always going to be his baby girl after all.

This had gone off the rails enough. Although it wasn’t unusual for this lot. Tangents were an everyday norm for Gorillaz.

“Ahem. Back on track- Today, the four of you are going to react to their video of them reacting to you.”

“Oh? so it’s a reaction of a reaction? Interesting.” Russel said.

“Aw yeah, this is what they call a paradox, right?” 2D asked without thinking.

“Heh, not quite, 2D.” Noodle said with a smile.

“Ughhh. No, dullard. A paradox is a contradiction.” Murdoc groaned, without much patience for the singer’s ignorance.

“Really? Oh yeah…” 2D said, spacing out a bit.

Murdoc looked to the young manager. “Okay, alright, I’m with ya, kid. Let’s just this done, yeah?”

“Okay guys.” The thumbs up was given and the video started.

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Mornings with the guys of PIL

So I don’t normally do the smaller games of voltage, but since I played this game and I see a lot of people with icons from the guys of PIL, i thought that I’d contribute a little.

I hope you tanoshimiu! (=^-ω-^=)

Eduardo: Mornings with him are like a dream come true. You always wake up the happiest knowing your beloved one is next to you. You kiss him on the cheek, and he instantly opens his left eye. “Is that all?” he says, grabbing you by your waist and pulling you in for a cuddle. You can’t help but giggle at his selfishness! (I mean, I’d spoil him any day…) usually Nathan is making breakfast, but he loves your food so much more. So you’ll make him pancakes every now and then to make him happy, even though he’s his happiest when he’s with you!

Russell: He’s a heavy sleeper… so it’s almost like a war to wake him up. You shake him, but he doesn’t budge. So You’ll cuddle with him until he decides to wake. * rooster ques * (which is really weird cause you’re on a ship out in the middle of nowhere) he cuddles you and lifts you up out of bed, just cause he wants too. When it’s time for breakfast, he’ll only eat your food, not Nathan’s anymore. Since you baked that cake, he’ll only have anything from you. 

Nathan: He’s such a light sleeper… it’s almost as if he wakes up to you taking a breath. He loves you enough to know everything about you, and by the look of your face he can tell what dream you are having. (Almost creepy) once you wake up, he’s right behind you ready to get up with you. When breakfast chases you both, Nathan always makes you the best. He won’t settle for nothing less than that. Sometimes, he’ll have some dessert for breakfast… his favorite is you.(o snap)

Morgan: You’re always waking up to him cuddling you, not letting you go. He’s got one arm around your waist, while the other around your breasts. You both are always naked when you wake up, and seem to remember what happened the night before..*blushes* you snuggle up against him as he sleeps, and than he kisses your hair. “Morning baby.” he always announces his love for you. When breakfast comes, you help Nathan make the huge buffet for Morgan, just cause you know how much he loves to eat.

Alan: You both wake up at the same time, he always pulls you ontop of him. You always do “it” in the mornings and nights as if he’s trying to take out your life force. SO after you both did the homie pokie, you both head downstairs for breakfast. He always wants you making his breakfasts, as if theres nobody else in the world. *sings* YOU MAKE ME FEEEL LIKE I’M THE ONLY GIIRLLL IN THE WORLLLDD! oh, oops, i forgot I’m still narrating this…*drops mic*


I hope you tanoshimu this. I tried adding some comedy, more than usual. And what a conicendence it’s time for me to head to my next class. So I hope you tanoshimu, because I love to hear your feedback. 

love yah’s! - panda vanish -


Martin Freeman in Richard III: A Review

I don’t even know where to begin…..

Well, I do. It began with complete and utter calm. For all my pre-show freaking out, shortly before the lights went out I achieved perfect nirvana - I’m not even exaggerating. This continued through the play and the intermission only for me to start shaking when the play ended.

Very briefly, I have to say that this was by far the best piece of theatre I’ve seen so far this year, and I say that as someone who loved the National Theatre’s King Lear with Simon Russell Beale, who’s considered a goddamned theatre legend. I’ve been saying this for a long time now, but Martin Freeman is one of the utmost best actors of this generation and I am simultaneously honoured and humbled to have been able to witness him on stage. He is captivating, terrifying, hilarious, utterly magnificent and so fucking nuanced that I’m running out of adjectives to describe just how fucking brilliant this man is. All of this is even more astounding considering that this is only his fourth stage production. As much as I love him in movies and on the telly, I would not be a least bit sorry to see him stick solely to stage acting henceforth.

The story is set in the 1970s, around the time when Harold Wilson was Prime Minister, yet with original Shakespearean dialogue, providing a oftentimes jarring juxtaposition between the new and old. The staging and set design are brilliant. Here’s a probably definitely illegal photo of the stage, which is now (16/07/14) edited to be unrecognisable because I was asked to remove it due to copyright infringement.

As you can You can’t really see anymore, but I had an amazing seat in third row, although, alas, outside the very narrow splash zone. I have to admit, when I first heard about the play being set in the ’70s, I was wary, but it works wonderfully. 

The production is done in such a way that the audience is simultaneously presented with something hilarious yet horrifying. The scene, for example, in which [spoiler alert, unless you’ve read the book] Richard is murdering Lady Anne, is understandably dark and uncomfortable, made even more so by the elevator muzak playing in the background. There is a large amount of blood and several quite gruesome murder scenes, yet Martin manages to instil humour and wit in even the unlikeliest bits of dialogue.

While some of Martin’s mannerisms and tics are reminiscent of John Watson, he owns the role of Richard completely and makes his own. For the most part, I was so engrossed in the story that I wasn’t even thinking of him as Martin fucking Freeman on the stage, but simply as an actor performing brilliantly. It is staggering to watch him discuss infanticide and still have the audience laughing and then revert to the repugnant monster that Richard truly is.  

Ultimately, this was a fantastic production with an amazing cast and perfect staging and, yes, one of the best actors alive today in the starring role. It absolutely deserved the standing ovation it received and I can only hope that the professional reviews are as enthralled by it as I am. I can’t fucking wait to go see it again. 

Few sidenotes: the first row gets a lot of the action, as it is literally on stage level. The actors are rights in your face, along with the blood, and even sitting in third row, I totally made eye contact with Martin, albeit briefly. If you’re sitting the in on-stage seating, the actors face towards you just as much as towards the front of the stage in a very natural, unstilted way. And if you’re lucky enough to sit in the first row of the on-stage seating, right by the centre aisle, you will get to ogle Richard’s dead and bloodied body for several minutes until the play ends. Also, that beard is damn fine. Just sayin’. Unf.

I’m sure there’s so much more that I’m missing, but for all my calm composure at the beginning of the play, I was literally shaking as I was leaving the theatre. I’ll probably be posting various snippets as I remember them over the next few days. 

“I have always admired Doctor Who when I watched it, but wasn’t sure I could write for it. Truth is, once Steven suggested the premise and especially the main female character, I couldn’t switch off. It got to me, kept me awake, fascinated and frightened me. Exploring her relationship with the Doctor was exciting. She gives him pause for thought and challenges him at every turn.

“The last time creative agoraphobia turned into freedom of mind and space was when Russell T Davies persuaded me to enter the glorious Hub of Torchwood. I loved its dark wonder, but STILL thought the TARDIS beyond my reach… the best choice I made was to leap once more into the unknown and discover my own take on Doctor Who! The show bends to your passion, to what interests you as a writer and I am very proud to be part of it! You could even say I’m now a bit of a fan.”

– Catherine Tregenna on writing The Woman Who Lived

Musings on Madam Secretary 2.02

Breezy, refreshed, humorous Elizabeth is taking a breather this episode, replaced by all business, badass Elizabeth. Now I LOVE badass Elizabeth, but the woman needs a glass or 4 of wine. I blame Craig Sterling. Of course I blame war, cancer and the fact that it’s 100 degrees in mid-October on Craig Sterling.

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but Conrad’s balls shrink more every episode. At this point, they’re the size of sesame seeds.

That brings me to the newly established “Good Old Boys” club between Conrad and Sterling. Even Russell publicly sided with Elizabeth this episode. (Someone call Guinness and mark this rarity down.) What is Sterling holding over Conrad? An affair? Harrison’s heroin addiction? Pictures of him kicking puppies? Or, again, is Conrad just really that stupid? I mean, sometimes the most accurate choice is the most obvious. Also, I’ve decided the best use of Alison’s talking stick is to shove it down Sterling’s throat.

Unpopular opinion: I’m enjoying this new side of Henry at the National War College. You can literally watch him mentally wrestle between his ethics and his obligations. Leveraging Dmitri’s dying sister to strong-arm him into becoming a spy goes against everything Henry espoused in Season 1. This episode actually has strong undertones of “The Operative,” just in role reversal. Last season, Elizabeth worried her job was making her morally compromised. This season, Henry’s the one walking that fine line. I bet that “incomplete” sounds like child’s play right about now, huh professor?

Jay, “I think you’re the guy for the job” is basically Elizabeth McCord speak for “Suck it up, buttercup.” Speaking of which, Jay’s failed attempt to broker any agreement with Defense is rich foreshadowing about future problems between State and Defense… i.e.: Elizabeth and Henry. I’m here for it.

“There’s plenty of room in the world for mediocre men. There is no room for mediocre women.” Preach, Ms. Albright. Frame that, embroider it on a pillow, slap it on a billboard.

Sweet Henry/Elizabeth moments that require rewinding a few (dozen) times:
-Henry touching Elizabeth’s knee when he passes her in the kitchen.
-The scenes under the umbrella (don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s been waiting since July to see those BTS pictures play out).
-“So we’re not horrible parents?” “Not today.”

I’m still craving a scene of Elizabeth and Henry getting ready for bed, debriefing each other on their days, limited as they can. Some of their best talks happen while he’s grading papers on the bed and she’s putting her pajamas on.

Helloooo, Henry-wearing-jeans-McCord. Obligatory shallow Tim Daly comment. I’m allowed one per episode.

“Maybe Russian Air Force One went missing. Too soon?” “You’re a loser. Hey it works!” Jason stays my favorite McCord kid.

Most realistic moment: Elizabeth greeting Gorev wearing a dishwater-splattered T-shirt and her “comfies.” Listen, if you stop by my house unannounced after I’ve worked all day, you’re getting yoga pants, raccoon eyes because I haven’t bothered removing my mascara and a ponytail. If you’re lucky, I’m still wearing a bra. That’s a strong “if,” though.

Random things of note:

-The State Department obviously has Time Warner wifi, like I do.

-The phrase “Balls to the wall” was used in the Situation Room. Nice to see the White House has coworkers like mine.

-You don’t just sign up for and take the LSAT on a random Tuesday, but it’s the McCords, so I’m buying what they’re selling.

-I’m starting a petition to have more scenes with Téa and dogs. I also picture her cursing when she sees a dog in the script. “Cookie. Cookie. Treat. Treat.”

-I keep looking for the magnifying glass on Blake’s desk.

-Once again, my Elizabeth coat envy is something fierce.

On to next week! Why do I have to wait 6 more days?