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So I commissioned the beautiful and talented @archiaart to draw my Man in the Moon OC, Manny, and @underwildwood ‘s Jack together, and I was not disappointed. Look at how amazing and lovely this is. Absolutely beautiful. I’m excited to commission her again.

“Do you want them, Jack? Your memories?”

The Pitch’s Lair scene is my favourite part of the movie. All of it is fantastic beyond words, but the way the liquid shadow occupies the space in this scene in particular and the way the labyrinth reflects Jack’s fears…I just love it. (Hence why I NO JOKE sat down and drew this nonstop for 21 hours… :l I need to stop doing that. I just now finished and it’s 9am. *what is sleep* xD)

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first two are two badge designs i made and an excuse for a new icon both on discord and tumblr!! i rly like how they turned out and i used them as comm examples


last two are two unfinished sketches 0: one was something i doodled while listening to Seventeen from Heathers and the other is just an excuse to draw modern Big Four using ig tbh

Guardian of Fun to keep you cool during those hot summer days!

Iunno why but this was so much fun to work on.  And aslkdj;flakjsdf I love how his hands and feet came out.

Clock for full view!


”It’s looking away that’s going to be the problem…”

*Insert plane crash sound effect as Jack barrels into Pitch because what is personal space*

This isn’t part of the AU but I thought it would be cute if Jack still struggled to get noticed whether he was a frost spirit or a tooth fairy. And while Pitch makes his rounds one night he just happens to run into this spastic, frazzled technicolor mess.

“There’s such a sad love
Deep in your eyes, a kind of pale jewel
Open and closed within your eyes
I’ll place the sky within your eyes”

Labyrinth  AU

For @goddess-of-fluff, Ballroom dance scene with the HiJack boys sounded nice!


Jack: Yeah! He goes to our high school (he’s a year older) 
Jack: And yeah, he helps me with my homework sometimes

TItled: Pitchy Black Background Story

So here is some more background information on Pitchy Black.
(sorry for the small print)
I had a lot of fun with this and I can’t wait to do more art in the future involving this character, especially interacting with Pitch and the other cousins.
(I can imagine some shenanigans with Proto and some other fun scenarios.)

Pitchy Black is my OC~<3
Pitch Black belongs to William Joyce and Dreamworks~<3
PLEASE do not repost/claim credit or steal this image. If reblogging, do not remove my username and sight source. Thank you so very much!~<3

Here is a bit more additional information on Pitchy if you’re interested:

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