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Michael Carrick | Michael Carrick’s Testimonial | 04.06.2017


“The romance between Carol and Therese is also explored visually through the use of color, as their initial meeting and subsequent encounters associate their union with the appropriately festive colors of red and green.

Initially, it is Therese who wears the more grounded and tranquil green, befitting her serene and docile persona, while Carol – at first playing the role of the beguiling temptress – is often clad in the more passionate color red.

As their relationship grows however, we see these colors interchanged and shared between them as they grow to know one another more intimately and develop a profound connection.” Carol: The Love Story in a Look


shh don’t tell anyone she’s reading on the job when she should be learning the dewey decimal system 


Rooney Mara Upon seeing Cate in full costume and makeup and hair as Carol Aird… “O H M Y G O D!” xo

I Get Overwhelmed
Dark Rooms
I Get Overwhelmed

All the women
That you wanna fuck
On the internet
Wouldn’t give you a second look
Did you fool yourself?
That’s privilege
That’s power without power
That’s a business
But we know “you” is “I”
And I get overwhelmed
Can’t sleep at night
Can’t convince myself
To turn it off
To let go
Gotta make sense
Of the fucking world


♡  “The gang’ll stay in touch for a bit, but, well —  it’s just life isn’t it? But me and you, right? We are Chloe and Rae. We’re not the gang and if I go to Bristol, then you can just come and visit! It doesn’t matter where we are, or what we’re doing, I promise we are always gonna be Chloe and Rae.