i love robbie shut up

sorry but robbie thompson writes literal fan fiction like

he overuses cute character tropes like cas’ cluelessness and dean’s love of junk food, reminds us at every turn that dEAN IS SMART!!!! I’M NOT TAGGING SMART!DEAN BECAUSE HE IS SMART!!!!!! just wants sam to get a happy ending, slow burn deancas, case fic but like i’m sick of just the boring ghosts and werewolves i’m gonna write a fuckin ghoulpire just try and stop me, au where sam and dean get along and aren’t grossly codependent and their relationship is what it should be, i watched every episode before i wrote this and i’m gonna make references to season 2 idec, canon compliant but like cas lives at the bunker with sam and dean and they all hunt together, i’m not gonna gratuitously murder and sexualize women lol wtf, gender neutral terms purposely used

here’s hoping for his next episode he’s like “season 11 coda except charlie’s alive”