i love roadtrip works

tagged by adoringbrochu thank you!!

name: rafaela

nickname: rafa, rafinha

birthday: january 7th

zodiac: capricorn

height: around 1.50m i think

favorite color: yellow

current time: 08:06 pm

average sleep time: 5/6 hours

lucky number: 13

last thing i googled: pokemon soul silver cheats lmao

first word that comes to your mind: tag

happy place: idk

number of blankets i sleep under: one in the summer, three or two in the winter

favorite fictional characters: delphine cormier, santana lopez pierce, brittany lopez pierce, quinn fabray, kenzi malikov, rose tyler, mary zane, cosima niehaus

favorite actors/actresses: tatiana maslany, evelyne brochu, naya rivera

favorite book: everything leads to you by nina lacour

favorite band: twenty one pilots

last movie i saw in theaters: inside out

dream trip: a roadtrip anywhere tbh

dream job: tbh i would love to work in a library or book store