i love rishi's face when he's like 'what are you wearing'

Control - Chapter Seven

Turning Tides

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Round glasses idea based off this post by @nojuro

Toshinori sat on the living room couch, thumbing through a novel Ectoplasm suggested. Soft banter from his students drifted from the kitchen and dining area where studying was in full swing. Occasionally, a student came to him for help on their assignments. It brought a smile to Toshinori’s face. The moments were brief, but he was teaching again.

His ears flicked and skewed the glasses perched on his nose.

Damn it , he clicked his tongue, setting his book aside to fix the large, round, wire-frame glasses. During his last exam with Recovery Girl, she checked his eyes for any changes the night vision quirk may have caused.

“You’ll need reading glasses,” she determined, “Honestly, you’ve needed them for a while. I’ll have a pair made for you before you start getting migraines.”

Should have known, given her fashion sense…

Toshinori chuckled, remembering the look on his face when he saw himself wearing them for the first time. He gaped at himself in the mirror, but the kids loved them and insisted they were perfect.

With his glasses righted, he returned to his book and his dexterity exercises.

Tail lifting and curling, Toshinori carefully moved a small pillow from the floor and set in on the pillow pyramid he’d stacked at his side. It was Ojiro’s idea to get a better feel for his tail, and young Yaoyorozu was kind enough to create a number of different shaped pillows for him.

Toshinori was shocked to find the tip of his tail was incredibly flexible and, with practice, almost as useful as a third hand. With a sweep of his tail he knocked the neat pile to the ground and began again.

Halfway through the next pyramid, Toshinori’s cell phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out, grinning at the name on the screen.

“Naomasa! Hello,” he answered, scooping up the remaining pillows on the floor and depositing them on the couch. Standing, he bashfully waved at the few curious students looking his way and excused himself, “How are you?”

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Episode 62, part 2, I lied about the death and dismemberment. Blame Yugi.

So the duel is over, Yami has won, and that means…

Yami’s settling in to watch Pandora get brutally dismembered. He makes absolutely no move to help him in any way. Which is obviously wrong, but on the other hand, I would be pretty inclined not to try to assist the dangerously violent man who tried to kill me be hoist on his own petard either.

Pandora’s justifiably freaking out…

but it turns out to just be #acting

Lol wat.

Okay so, this saw moves REALLY SLOWLY. Bear in mind, Yami won, then they had a full “how could I lose?!” “you treated your cards with disrespect!” argument, then Pandora acted all scared, now he’s casually taking the key out. I kinda feel like, the speed the saws had been moving at, he would have been nicely diced up by this time.

Then Malik gets involved…

Poor leadership skills here. It stifles creativity in your workplace when people are scared to fail in case they get brutally hacked to pieces and left to bleed to death in a basement. #businessskillz

Malik just casually erases the key from Pandora’s perception of the world. 

I find it amusing that he’s shouting full sentences instead of like “WHAT THE FUCK” or something.

This seems like a super useful ability that Malik does not make enough use of. I mean, just off the top of my head, his life would be a lot simpler if Kaiba and Ishizu forgot Obilisk existed?

Then Yami releases himself, while Pandora is freaking the fuck out…

This is his “I’m content to watch this murder without intervening” face.

But this is the point at which the others arrive outside the door, and Yami hears them.


Yami switches with Yugi, and I’m legit not sure if that’s Yami noping out of control (either “it’ll look bad if my friends walk in here and see me calmly watching a man get buzz-sawed to death” or “ugh, social interactions, no!”) or Yugi is noping into control (“cutting it a little fine here, Yami… Yami? … oh god he really doesn’t intend to save that guy!”)


LOOK OUT FOR WHAT? I’m pretty sure he can see the saw! It’s not like he’s carelessly stepping into traffic here, Yuug!

Now, at the point at which Yugi gets involved, the saw is here:

… which means Yugi has less than zero seconds to cross the fairly large arena, get the key, unlock both of the cuffs and get Pandora out of the way. I mean, he does it, but HOW?


(jk Yami gives him proper credit for, like, everything)

Pandora does not give him proper credit for saving his muderous ass. He doesn’t say thank you or even look at Yugi, he rushes over to suspiciously still and silent Catherine, who turns out to be behind a curtain of…

Disney fire? Seriously what kind of fabric is that? It tears like tissue paper but drapes like satin.

Anyway her head comes off but he doesn’t notice. #awkward

Yugi does. O_O

And then Malik interrupts this sweet reunion between a man and a poorly-built mannequin in a wig to have a little chat with Yugi…

He tells him it was indeed him who controlled Bandit Keith and he had him break the Puzzle to see if Yugi was really the one who could solve it…

teehee, Yami’s a man

teehee, Yugi has a man inside him

Yugi has had exactly the amount of bullshit he is prepare to put up with today.

You tell him, Yugi!


Also for real, Malik says “It doesn’t concern you, but allow me to nonetheless regale you with my entire backstory and motivation. Which has nothing to do with you, lowly vessel.” Theory: Malik is super bored and wants more people to talk to.

Anyway, here is his backstory, set against its original backdrop of a history of war in the Middle East through the ages. Obviously.

Cool, makes sense.

… Is this them? Or?Just a random army?

Pictured: Romans?
Not pictured: shadows, mothers, daughters, etc

“Especially Napolean.”
“If you avoided all contact with the outside world, how do you know about Napolean?”

“These are our Avoiding All Contact With The Outside World tanks.”

From regular marauders? Like?! Someone please come and explain this to me? I’m looking at you, @ramblingspot

How often did this really come up, though? Unless all those armies really were regularly attacking the Tomb Keepers, in which case, how the fuck did they last this long?!

It’s nice that Atem gets an out like this so he’s not just stuck in the puzzle forever as it would have been SO EASY to allow to happen. I like the headcanon that Atem intended to just seal himself, since he was in a bit of a rush, and that Seto, as Pharaoh, figured out the second chance and set up the Tomb Keepers to entrust this mission to them. 

Good thing Malik waited until the last possible moment before going rogue. It would have been pretty embarrassing if the Tomb Keepers gave up sometime in like the 1970s.

Oh boy, then do I have some good news for you!

Then Malik says the hint of who the Pharaoh is was left in the Book of the Dead…

And plunges enthusiastically headfirst into a massive logical fallacy.

That is not what that says or means, kid. If it said “You will recognise the Pharaoh because he has utterly ridiculous three-coloured enormously spiky hair” you wouldn’t become Pharaoh by indulging in a punk-rock dye job and a vat of hairspray.

Seems a bit harsh. He wants revenge for his family having had to live in the darkness for all this time. I wonder if someone should explain to him that the Pharaoh also had to live in the darkness all this time, except alone and without any memories or hope, and he shouldn’t be so mean.

Yugi has now caught up with the plot and that means it’s time for Feels.

Really think Yami should have been the one to tell him this, and not some vengeance-obsessed teenager using a washed-up murderous magician as a puppet. #whatisthisshow

Yugi realises what Yami has already been tempted by…

But he comes around much faster, because he’s seen that Yami’s already started on his journey to find his memories and that must mean it’s what Yami wants.


GOD why does puzzleshipping have so many FEELINGS ugh

It is at this point that Malik’s love of drama once again overtakes what passes for common sense with him and he can’t resist jolting Yugi out of his bittersweet reverie to WARN HIM OF HIS EVIL PLANS

CREEPILY! Seriously, he gives way too much information, including straight-up telling Yugi about Osiris (Slifer).

Just as Malik leaves Pandora to fall into Yugi’s tiny arms…

The cavalry arrives! Good thing they weren’t relying on these guys to save Yugi from the saw.

Between the saws, the creepy decor, the unconscious madman and the headless mannequin, there is quite a bit of explaining necessary here…

While they cover that, Malik gives confusing orders to Rishid and tells him that he (Malik) will go to Battle City himself, wielding Ra.

You’d think a guy who was so cut up about having to spend his whole life in the dark in ominous Ancient Egyptian style rooms would not, on escaping, spend his whole time  in the dark in ominous Ancient Egyptian style rooms, but Rishid is so surprised by the idea of Malik leaving their lair and going to get involved himself that that is apparently exactly what he did.

Rishid is worried about Malik. As you would be.

The word is … fun

I am not joking. I don’t need to joke! Rishid saying “Oh no, I always get nervous when Malik uses the word FUN, it means he’s thinking terrible thoughts” is straight out of a crack fanfic, let’s face it.

While Rishis frets, Malik goes across the room to his enormous inverted pyramid table, picks up Ra, and just randomly takes his clothes off because whatever. Apparently he doesn’t wear anything under his big robe.

Clothes off, he starts … talking to his sister in his head. ‘~’

Jokes aside, it’s nice that he wants to justify himself to Ishizu. He wants her to understand and he wants to help her, he just has a very twisted idea of what constitutes “helping”.

Also a very selective memory: