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wherein matt and dan are over-protective, nicky fears for his life, kevin is drunk, renee and allison are amused, andrew is unamused, neil is confused and everyone just really loves Neil.


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hades kylo misses you, the woman he's fallen in love with. he just feels so heartbroken when you leave, you're his main source of happiness and without you he feels very lonely. he always try to persuade you to come back faster, if it were up to him you'd never leave at all (renne)

  • it drives kylo crazy to say goodbye. the last thing that he wants to do is let you go, especially when he only sees you for half of the year.
  • he’s so head over heels in love with you, he’s always thinking about holding you and loving you, so, he always does everything that he can to get you to stay longer
  • “kylo, you know that i can’t,” you always say, but it doesn’t stop him from trying
  • he knows that you can’t stay away from the mortal world for too long, but he feels as if he’s missing half of himself when you’re away
  • the day when you’re called to leave, he refuses to let go of you. he’s so lonely down in the underworld, he doesn’t have anyone to hold him or kiss him like you do. he doesn’t have family down there, he doesn’t have friends, you’re his everything, and without you, he’s weak
  • he’ll never admit it, but the minute that you leave him, he breaks down. he cries and cries, refusing to leave his chambers. the underworld would just have to wait.

Message: okay but if anyone wants to write some hc’s of Clyde comforting a reader with really bad cramps, tag me and I’d really appreciate cause right now everything hurts and I need some love

A/N: I’m so sorry you don’t feel good, love! Here’s some hc’s to help you get through the day :)


Warning: None


  1. Clyde would immediately be able to tell that something was wrong
  2. He’d ask you first really carefully, and because the two of you had a relationship where it was abnormal not to tell each other the truth, or everything for the matter, you would whimper “cramps” really softly.
  3. Clyde would then climb over you (if you were in bed) and put his head on your stomach, holding your side with his one hand. The pressure of him on top of you soothing the cramps
  4. If you were at school you’d text Clyde whenever you needed anything or just needed to talk to him
  5. He’d also sometimes just tell you to stay home with him (blaming it on loneliness but you’d know it was because he didn’t want you to go while not feeling good)
  6. When you got home, Clyde would sit behind you, resting his chin on the top of your head and massaging your shoulders the best he could. He would take off his prosthetic whenever he wanted to get close to you
  7. At the end of the day, Clyde would run a hot bath for you and put bath salts in it as well as bubbles, knowing your favorite candles and lighting them. Right when it was ready he’d then put on some music for you to listen to, but keeping the volume really low because he knew you’d ask for him to stay and talk to you
  8. Having trouble sleeping, Clyde would make you a midnight snack and wake up every few hours to reset your heating pad 
  9. Clyde would make you tea all day and go buy you more tampons, chocolate, and your favorite meal
  10. Clyde, being a huge teddy bear, would tell you how beautiful you are and how much he loves you every couple of minutes because he knows how sometimes you feel bloated and gross, but he wants to remind you (constantly) that nothing’s wrong and he’s still head over heels for you
  11. Clyde would urge you to sleep occasionally, especially if you didn’t get a good night’s rest beforehand, so he’d pick out a book and read it out loud to you, you cuddled up on his chest with your knees tucked in and a blanket cushioning your hips/tangled around your legs

Clyde’s period survival kit: 

  1. Cuddling
  2. Soft kisses on tear stained cheeks (him peppering your face always made you laugh because of his facial hair tickling your cheeks)
  3. Back massages
  4. Tummy Rubs
  5. Heating pads
  6. Water
  7. Tea
  8. Ice cream
  9. Chocolate 
  10. Binge watching your favorite show, no complaints
  11. Sticky notes around the house reminding you of how much he loves you
  12. Tylenol/Advil
  13. Pillows
  14. Pressure (he’d lay on you with his face nuzzled in your neck)
  15. Low lights
  16. Candles
  17. Re watching your favorite movies
  18. Letting you sleep
  19. Playing with your hair (you loved it) 
  20. Head massages (they put you right to sleep)

Short imagine: 

You rolled over onto your stomach, nearly forgetting that you had escaped to the couch in the middle of the night. Your whole body ached with stabbing pain, causing you to push yourself up with a wince, that turned into a curse. Which, of course, woke your boyfriend–Clyde, sleepy eyes and his hair falling in front of his face with thick waves, sat up abruptly. At first looking to your side of the bed and frowning, then, hearing you whimpers, he threw the sheets away from him and trudged over to the couch.

“Baby… What’s the matter?” Reaching down with his arm around you, Clyde planted a heavy kiss, lazy and still traced with sleep, onto your mouth. 

“It’s just some damn cramps.” You muttered, lowering your chin with a flushed face. Clyde hummed in response and kissed the top of your head, pulling you up onto your feet so that you could wrap your legs around his waist, and rest your head on his shoulder while he carried you to bed without another word. 

“I’ll get ya some tea, k, baby?” Clyde lowered you to the sheets, but you had your arms around his neck and didn’t let go. A smirk grew on his lips as he rolled over you, pulling your body gently onto his. “Or not.” He then added. You closed your eyes, filling your lungs with the scent of his shampoo. 

The warmth of him soothed you until a few hours later when you woke up again due to the increasing pain. “Clyde…” You whined, squeezing your eyes and pushing yourself off of his chest, nearly sitting up before you realized that he still had his arm wrapped around you. “Clyde baby.” You leaned down to kiss him so he’d wake up, but he breathed out and opened his eyes before you could do so. 

“Okay okay… I’m going…” He let you fall off of him before trudging over to the kitchen. Listening intently to the slight clashes of silverware and the tea pot, Clyde’s footsteps went to the bathroom. “Here baby, roll over.” Clyde gently moved his hand to your shoulder, aiding you to move to your stomach, where a warm blanket had been folded underneath you–your heating pad. A sigh of relief escaped you and you nodded. 

“Thank you…” You mumbled sleepily. Clyde continued to get the day ready, turning on the tv and flicking through Netflix to your list as well as seeping the tea the second the sharp crack of the whistle blew. Only coming back over to you with two advils in his hand, and a tray of food, alongside the steaming cup of tea resting on his forearm. Balancing just before the stump, Clyde made sure to be careful. Clearing his throat so that you’d look over your shoulder and let him hand you the pills before taking the tray and sliding it onto the night table. 

After making sure the room had been cleaned and set up so that if you decided to get out of bed anytime soon you wouldn’t risk tripping Clyde crawled back into bed, but not to sleep. 

He put on your favorite movie and reached over, laying his hand on your back and beginning to rub gently, up and down then tracing circles. He was quite, the buzz of the tv drowning out the sound of your muffled breaths before you’d sit up and take a sip of your tea, then lay back down to press the heating pad onto your stomach. The whole day being just that, intermingled with a hot shower and gentle kisses, often initiated by Clyde whenever he’d brush his nose on your cheek and mutter a soft “I love you.” 

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okay so the girl Clyde likes and has always liked is close with his brother, he's jealous because they always seem to have fun with each other meanwhile he can't seem to string a sentence together when he sees her. Of course, you have a bit of a crush on Clyde, which Jimmy teases about you mercilessly. Do with this au what you will, I just love some good mutual pining -renne

ohh my gosh i love this AND I LOVE U RENNE! @kylo-renne

(plus my amazing friend @hastyscribe isn’t feeling too well so I’m tagging her in this fluff… GET WELL SOON I <3 U)

Clyde has been in love with you since you both were in the same middle school classroom. The minute that you had stepped inside, he developed a huge crush. However, he felt as if you would never feel the same, especially because he shared that class with Jimmy. 

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Me: “Someone who’s never been to PARF, explain this pic.”

Friend: “Dramatic lesbian warrior faces her foes while being serenaded by the squad.”

(Picture is a screenshot from YouTube video “Irish Revels PARF 8-27-17” posted by wavking.)

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I know you're the one who requested but I need more Hephaestus!Clyde - just imagine Reader seeing him without his mask for the first time, she's in awe. She thinks he's beautiful, but Clyde think that she's disgusted and tries to hide his face. When she reassures him that he is perfect the way he is he almost cries, he was already in love. -renne, ily Emmy and I need more Clyde

oh my goodness, i love this @kylo-renne!! so, @jonedwardbernthal and i were talking about this and she gave me the amazing idea of him using an enchantment to have a false appearance in order to earn her affection, instead of a mask.

  • so he knows that you’re aphrodite, goddess of beauty, and he thinks that his given form will upset you. he was rejected by everyone for his entire life based on appearances alone, so why would you be any different?
  • he goes through all of this trouble just to mask his appearance for a few hours, in hopes of impressing you. he’d never seen someone as beautiful as you in his entire life, so he doesn’t think that he could keep you happy as himself

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