i love remy so much he is me

sorry but ratatouille’s ending is such a perfect ending. i gotta be honest: even with movies i adore, the ending doesn’t tend to be my favorite part, even when they are good. i’m usually all for the middle, the journey, the action. 

but this fucking ending is an exception. just put it on and i’ll tear up over that brilliant representation of how just one little thing (such as a simple bite of simple food) can bring back the most nostalgic childhood memories full force, in an instant. that great speech by ego, where he finally understands what gusteau really meant when he said that anyone can cook. that cozy little restaurant they end up opening. that beautiful, soothing song in french. ego, no longer a respected critic but clearly much happier, walking into the restaurant knowing the truth and asking remy, ‘surprise me!’, just. it’s so good. i love it.

Basically a slightly modified RANT i made about @MARVEL as LEGNA on a fanfic(had literally nothing to do with the fic. Biggest tangent on a comment ever. but i did it, and i got to get it out of my chest, its been EATING at me for a while.)

My dumbass is starting to realize that 616 will only ever satisfy people with their stories on an Action level. Because, the thing is, these characters have being around a long time, and will be around for even longer. Because it is believed that the audience doesn’t wanna see their characters grow old, comics freeze them in time. This creates perpetually young characters with a bunch of action and shit going down, constantly, through a long period of time. Like, 40 years to the reader, equals, say, 10 years in the X-Men, for example. Add the fact, that the idea of writing a happy couple doesn’t appeal to writers, for the reason that the sole idea of keeping that up, for who knows how long, might bore the audience(completely debatable). The only couples that are allowed to be happy, these days, are the ones that might, in the real world, be given a harder time by our awful society simply for existing (Take Biracial Couples: jessica jones/luke cage, or Same Sex Couples: rictor/shatterstar). I reallyREALLYreally hate the ABSOLUTE FALSE idea that writing an established couple is the ruination of two great characters. (This implies that the most exciting thing that can happen to a couple is a dramatic rupture, almost as ridiculous as the idea that the very best thing that might happen to someone is being in a relationship). You can still write life partners, in an interesting, entertaining way, that stick together through thick and thin, regardless of how hard it gets(Mystique/Destiny, until Irene died). The way comic writers keep tearing people apart, for what almost appears to be a lazy try at the glorified “Gritty Realism”. ’S got me yawning at this point  ya’ll, tbh. We all have a pretty clear idea, how the X-Men would have been wrapped had it been meant to be a short story, or at least a story with a specific date of caducity. I am not ranting for the sake of Romy(ROGUExGAMBIT), because as much as I love the couple, that is neither here nor there. What annoys me is the fact that Rogue’s characterisation is a fucking tragedy (I’m using her, as an example, never mind the fact that most heroes act like goddamn teenagers in these books). No one who’s gone through the stuff she’s gone through, acts the way she does in the comics (the way she’s been written by certain authors). She’s literally the Token Angry Person. Know what I’d REALLY appreciate at this point? ACTUAL Gritty Realism. Not glamourised SuperBullshit. Give me Heroes in therapy. Give me Heroes with PTSD. Give me Heroes that switch sides(whether it’s for the better or as a mistake). Give me heroes that struggle with killing, and collateral. Give me Heroes that cash out in the pursuit of their own happiness. Give me Heroes with anti-climatic deaths. Heroes who struggle with addiction. Realistically positive things, even. Heroes who part relationships amicably. Give me Piotr Raputin AND Kitty effin’ Pryde, actually, compromising about their Personal Ideologies(They are both heroes who believe in the Greater Good. The only people who do not manage to compromise on these types of things, are those who care more about being right, than they do about their own happiness). Because, while I do believe, that a Superhero’s life would be HARD AS ALL HELL. Even more so as a couple, I also believe that surviving the amount of shit that they already HAVE together would create a very specific type of bond that isn’t addressed in 616!canon. Using Gambit and Rogue as an example: With that  whole SHITSHOW with Vargas under their belt among everything else… There is no way that a break up down the line would NOT have been cataclysmic, emotionally. To an extent that a civilian would never understand. That shared life experience is under NO circumstances on the same level as “Oh, we had even rented our wedding venue, and now we are perfect strangers” (which is totes what one would guess with the tepid, half-assed, pussyfooting BS we read about them now a days). This is: We have literally, in a relationship or otherwise, brought each other back from the dead and now we don’t talk anymore. I’m not touching the whole Antartica fiasco with a 10-foot-pole (they addressed it like, once.  Rogue absorbed Remy’s despair and desire to die, and I’m just here like… weak. WEAK. Like…….. Should’t we talk more about this??? Did she try to come back when his psyche faded??? Ugh. UGH.) Comics Rogue is super indecisive, right? She’s like I’ll follow u till the ends of the earth to save you from yourself, and 3 minutes later, She’s like: I need some space. I need some time. I need to be alone. Like ??????????????????  In their line of work where they could be dead tomorrow that makes no sense. The kind of perspective that sort of lifestyle grants you doesn’t fit the high school level coping mechanisms. Like, yeah. perhaps if you live under normal circumstances, with a 9-to-5 job thats like a thing. BUT THEY DO NOT??????????????? THEY LIVE UNDER THE MOST BATSHIT REALITY? Like if those were her legit emotional resources she would’ve offed herself years ago????? BUT LETS SAY IT IS A THING. Let’s say that she does have that impulse to push everyone who loves her away. Realistically, she’d done it like at first????? and then I don’t know, GROW UP? ???????????????????

and the worst WORST PART
Is that lazy writing has gotten her character to read as this petty, insufferable bitch that Gambit puts up with??????
that was not what her character was meant to be



AND TO CULMINATE THE RANT: I have no doubt in my mind that their relationship would have NEVER deteriorated to the point it is today, had writers not fallen into drama for the sake of it. To have her push him away, as if that should be the deciding factor of Remy Lebeau being or not an adventurer. She wants him=Relationship(boring). She doesn’t=He lives it up around the world. At this point. I swear. Even if a writer were like: Yeah, you know what? kiss and make up. In a minute, another would be like: OOC (TAKING INTO ACCOUNT SAID CHARACTER’S CURRENT DEVELOPMENT) SLEEZY AFFAIR ANYONE HMM?. Then, the next one, would make the other get kidnapped by aliens, and since it has no fixated ending it’ll just go on and on and on. Pulling them together and apart, for ~Shock Value~. 




fuck you for always.

TL DR: Real Life does, absolutely, deal with break ups and estrangement, and personal tragedy, and a whole lot of really REALLY shitty BS. But if I, as a 23 year old woman from a third world country, know enough about psychology, and wellness, and mindfulness, to fucking AIM to acknowledge and rid myself of toxic behaviour, to be better and HAPPIER. I have no doubt in my mind NEW YORK HQd Heroes, that are as well traveled as they are. Know as much as they do about the world, have just a bit more of a grip on their Emotional Inteligence than the cast of Jersey Shore. just saying’.

Quite Frankly? Like how much better would comics be, if we didn’t just get the Ultron’s back for the 67th time story, or “X” is back from the dead trope. IMAGINE if they used a mix of mundane/extraordinary elements to create a story. Like, i don’t know. Bobby coming out of the closet, and doing something lame like speed dating, and hanging out with Kyle and Jean Paul, and Star and Ric, while he tries to save the world. Like, give me SOMETHING heartwarming before you dash my hopes and dreams. Comics would be so much better if instead of trying to be a full on escape from reality with their far fetched, and at this point, quite honestly, pointless and repetitive adventures, we saw heroes, simultaneously, struggle with mundane, human problems, that they, in the end, managed to rise above of. TALK ABOUT WIN-WIN. 

Needless to say. I don’t believe that heroes are PRE-REQUISITELY supposed to come with an element of tragedy, or misery, in order to be a legit hero(SIDE-EYEING THE HELL OUT OF YOU DC COMICS

There are positive forces that push people into heroics, I like to believe. I do not subscribe to the idea, that it is a superheroes’ dissatisfaction with other elements in their life, that push them to be devoted heroes.

And while mom and dad are busy doing what they love to do so much, their children are entertaining themselves.

Remy decided to play sims on the computer game and is very confused by the hot tub scene, something tells him that mom wouldn’t like it very much.

Meanwhile, Rhys is as usual all about Lily, Lily, Lily…..

Rhys:  “Do you think you can ask Lily to meet us at the park?”

Riley:  “Why don’t you ask her?”

Rhys:  “Because her dad yelled last time I called her…….”

Riley giving him a look before laughing:  “Oh yeah, Mac told me about that.  He was really mad about a boy calling already.”

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Allison angrily gets up from her chair and shakes her head. 

Allison upset: Oh never mind. You’re too obsessed with him to care about me.

Lala: Allie! That’s not true! I care about you very much. 

Allison sobs: I know you only just met me, but I love you already, Lala. And I really need you right now.

Lala softly: I love you too, Allison. What’s going on, hermana? This has more to do than Remy. Why are you so upset?

Allison: Oh, Lala. I’m pregnant. And Nico isn’t happy about it. And why should he be? I’m going to lose this baby like all the others. Or I’ll have to end it because of my health…I will never be a mother. 

Lala sympathetic: Oh, Allie. Don’t say that. Oh my goodness. You poor thing. I’m so so sorry, Allie.

Allison cries: I feel like I’m going to lose my mind, Lala! Nico and I would be such good parents. We’re in a stable marriage. He’s faithful. He trusts me. He gives me space. But, we can’t have this ONE thing. It’s so unfair. It drives me crazy with how unfair it is! There’s no point hoping.

Lala holds her sister close. She closes her eyes…stability, fidelity, trust…Nico and Allison had everything that was lacking in her relationship with Remy. It made Lala feel very sad for her sister. And for herself.

Allison: So promise me you’ll stay, Lala. No matter what Remy says or does. I want to give my nephew everything.

“Oh, look how dear.” Leliana gestured across the campfire where Zevran and Remi were sitting. “The long day must have caught up to our Mahariel.”

“You know, he looks much less intimidating when he’s asleep. Not like he’s about to hit me at any moment. I like it.” Alistair added in with a grin. There was a quiet clearing of a throat, and they both looked to see Zevran’s eye cracked open and staring at them.

“If either of you wake him, I will see to it that you never see the morning.”

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@leftsharklester i love kyra!! so much!! any time i see them on my dash is a good time

@philester anush is amazing and so so talented! every original post is pure gold and i can only dream of being half as great!!

@redhowell love the theme! also their url is just making me think of dan all blushy aw

@cleverlester remy is a lovely individual, im pretty sure hes hosted a meetup i was a part of so that was rly cool! hes also v v cute <3

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My review of episode 6x11

I want to compliment the writers for what they did with the Kamekona storyline and Taylor Wily for his excellent performance.
I loved this part of the episode for many reasons, I really liked both the flashbacks and the scenes set in the present.
The speech Kame gave to Remy in one of the flashback scenes surprised me … it was actually filled with economics notions, even if applied to wrong, illegal activities… it makes you understand how Kame was able to rebuild his life once out of prison: it wasn’t only luck, or help from his friends … he always had qualities, he always had a good heart… even if he let life lead him on the wrong path in order to support economically his family.
So glad he had the chance to meet Chin and to find in him someone who believed he could start a new life after hitting the bottom… I loved the scene where Chin gave Kame that book and then said he was going to be his first costumer once Kame had started his shave-ice business. “I’m inclined to believe that if you just put your head to it, there’s nothing you can’t do.”
Plus, we always have seen Kame like a very self-preserving man, so I was particularly impressed and touched when Chin told him that Remy had changed his life, that he had got a proper job and started a family and Kame said “Should have been me” … says a lot about him… as much as the courage to go undercover to get to Levi.
Another thing I really loved was the scene between Grover and Chin, talking about working with Cis and having the responsibilities, as cops, to protect them, to remind they’re not cops… I loved the way Grover was concerned about the risks Kame was taking and I loved Chin mentioning John McGarrett and saying “Kamekona’s more than just a CI to me. He’s ‘ohana.”
I loved the way the scenes of Kame cooking breakfast for his little brother and then giving up Levi to save his brother from prison tied to the present scenes: Levi trying to get Kanoa to kill his own brother and Kame’s love turning the cards on the table in the most emotional scene of the whole episode … Taylor was especially good in this one.

Another plus of this episode was the scene between Kono and Adam… They are so sweet and I love them so much… “I just keep reminding myself what’s waiting for me on the other side. 539 more days.” … I really hope they’ll get to that full happiness they deserve, so I can’t help being worried by Gabriel visiting Adam in prison. Didn’t he do enough already? Didn’t he put them through enough pain? I hope the team will catch him and make him pay for all the things he did.

And now… the Steve/Danny part of the episode … can I make a “previously on Hawaii Five-0” premise? Because it would explain my feelings about these scenes…
We’re talking about Steve and Danny here… two people who met each other during the worst time of their life… Steve had just lost Freddie and his father in an awfully short amount of time… Danny was dealing with a failed marriage and a brand new life started in Hawaii just to be able to be close to his daughter, being constantly threatened by his ex-wife with the possibility that Grace could’ve been taken away from him … Steve and Danny, two broken toys who, ever since, started and never stopped to fix each other, giving each other what they needed the most: Danny gave Steve the family he desperately needed and craved for, Steve gave Danny a home, in the largest and most important sense. I like to say that they saved each other and I can’t say how much I love this.
We’ve seen him being there for each other through the good and bad times… we’ve seen them willing to do anything – literally, anything - for each other… we’ve seen Steve willing to die, blown up by a bomb, because he couldn’t stand the thought of leaving Danny alone… he couldn’t stand the thought of living without Danny… we’ve seen Danny willing to go to a Colombian prison alone, even ready to die, to protect Steve … we’ve seen Danny choosing to stay next to Steve even when Rachel, along with Grace and pregnant with Charlie, was waiting for him to go to New Jersey, we’ve seen Danny choosing to fight to keep Grace in Hawaii when Rachel wanted to bring her to Las Vegas, we’ve seen Steve playing a big part in this, fighting next to Danny… In every danger, every dark moment, every moment of pain… Steve and Danny have always been there for each other… when the people in their life let them down, betrayed them, lied to them… they were there for each other, sharing an honest love.. 

I could go on, and on with this … I would! But my point is… please, show, don’t diminish that … in this episode I’ve heard lines like “Their relationship is fraught with some very serious problems” …. “They’re stuck in a relationship they can’t get out of” … And I can’t wrap my head around this, seriously,please, tell me they were just the quick judgments of people who don’t really know them … Because I’ve never, ever seen a show building up a relationship more beautiful than the one these two share… filled with love, trust, respect… please, please don’t ruin that. IMO, if there is a problem between them, is that they are forcing themselves to hold back the feelings they have for each other… that’s the only cause of the tension between them … and I hope one day they’ll get to admit those feelings and acting on them.
After so many episodes with so little quality McDanno moments I was really hoping we could have some sweet, emotional moments between them, it seemed the perfect episode for that… I thought it was going to be even better than the stakeout episode, that gave us wonderful moments like Steve opening up to Danny about the reason why he didn’t play the guitar anymore, Danny giving the guitar to Steve … but in this episode, even if Danny was sweet and lovable and, despite his reluctance, actively tried to open up with the group and with Steve… Steve, on the other hand, was almost unrecognizable to me, and it makes me so sad to say this, because I’ve never loved a character like I love Steve…
The fact that he didn’t show any interest in the therapy and that he didn’t even show much care after causing Danny an injury just to go text a random girl met on the plane confused me a lot… he’s always so careful and attentive. Danny was actually so sweet when he said “We’re about to win this thing. You want to fall now?” … but nothing, Steve had to text Alyssa, right? Yes, Loraine noticed the sweetness of Steve’s touch when he put the ice on Danny’s ankle, but after this Steve didn’t stay with Danny (after all they were supposed to stay together during those days, plus Danny was injured…), he chose to sneak out to go out with Alyssa and her friend, and when he came back he blamed Danny for how things were going … “We both know this trip never had a chance from the start”… “I’m talking about your attitude. [..] You’ve been down on this thing from the start… You ever hear of the power of positive thinking, Danny? Yeah, well, it works the other way, too. It’s the power of negative thinking. Bad things happen to negative people. See example 1A– you.” … Boy, was this unfair. Steve boycotted the whole thing since the start… plus, after the things Danny shared while they were trapped under the building, I don’t think Steve would say such things to Danny … he wasn’t himself, that’s it… he wasn’t himself…
And when Danny tries to talk… Steve falls asleep…
The next day, when Danny makes a beautiful, even if indirect, statement about them and their relationship (“You guys love each other. That’s enough. To me. All right? You know? You are there for her, she is there for you. That-that’s commitment, right?”) and then he talks about the consequences of his divorce… Steve… nothing, he said nothing, he did nothing, like everything was rolling off his back, I don’t know… I’m confused, so confused.
In the last scene between them things were slightly better… Danny continued to open up, and Steve actually said lovely things to him as a father, but he gave nothing of himself, he didn’t open up as well … But I loved when he said that one bright side of the sad events Danny had to go through was that it brought them together… Yes, Fate brought them together… and it couldn’t find a better match. 

Now, loving McDanno like I do, like I’ve always done and like I always will, I hope Steve will follow Danny’s example and will start to open up to him, little by little, and that maybe they will find out together that, like Loraine said, “love opens new possibilities”. I’m holding onto this hope, for the future.

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Day 7: Villain You Love To Hate: So I chose two villains for today, one I actually love, and one I actually hate. Guess which one Remy is? LOL But I do love to hate him, because this guy... he has put me through so much shit since I started reading SR, and I have been back and forth about how I feel about him. But you know why? Because even though Remy is so unlikable, he is REAL and SO well written that you want to try to sympathize and understand him. Great job ♥ #15dayspreadthelovechallenge

Oh wow, this was so wonderful to receive! I really need to do better with the SpreadtheLoveChallenge because it feels great to hear from fellow Simblrs and be a part of this wonderful community and I need to let others know how valuable they are to me as well. As for Remy…sigh. He is definitely a villain and a bad boy lol.  I’ve actually had to reach out to my friends on here ( @simlishanddreams, I’m looking at you, amiga! lol) for the motivation to continue with the scenes Remy is in because he is a very draining character to write with all the issues he has. I’m so happy that he feels real to my readers and that there is a love/hate for him because honestly that’s who Remy Holmes is at his core, a character that battles with loving and hating himself. 

Thank you so very much for this message, you know that I deeply admire your writing and appreciate your comments and feedback! Hugs!


Some of my favorite pictures from 2014 :)

2014 was a crazy year for me! Lots of wedding planning and traveling, adopted Muenster, got my dream job, and bought a house! Lots of big life changes and almost all of them for the better. I really have no complaints at all.

As it goes with rats, there were a lot of changes- for better and worse. In February, I lost one of my favorite rats of all time: Remi. She was such a solid rat- great personality, never in trouble, always even tempered and cuddly. I still miss her everyday. Then right after, I got Scout who I could tell was going to be an amazing rat but sadly she died a few days after I brought her home. Her death hit me really hard since I had just lost Remi. I had a rough time and didn’t really want to look at any new rats for a little while. But eventually I decided to bring home Nemesis- a red eyed siamese which was a surprise even to me! He is such a little butthead :P But of course I love him. Lionel didn’t make it all the way through 2014 but he was such a trooper and he lived much longer than I ever would have suspected. He taught me a lot and I’m so glad I got to experience his spirit and love for life. 2014 also brought me 2 awesome girls- Ru and Juneau. They are so full of energy and I love having lots of girls again. I historically always had girl rats and their crazy antics and personalities are truly the best (sorry boys). My little Oliver baby turned 2 years old in October! He is still doing so well with no signs of aging yet. 

I started my hammock business which was so much fun and honestly a little too successful! When I got my job I just didn’t have the time to do it well but I loved it and I got much much better at sewing which will come in handy. I also got to go to the rat show which was a ton of fun- hoping they do another one this year!

Gah seriously didn’t realize how much I did this year until I sat down to write this. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of it too. I hope 2015 is just as good (although I do hope for less rat deaths). Tumblr has been such a huge part of my life and I’m happy I get to share my life and pets with you. I’ve made some great friends and I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate all the love and support you give to me. Happy New Year everyone!

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Speak to me of Quicksilver. Tell me about your love. Did it start with AOU, or is there love from X-Men films/comics as well? Why do you have so much love? SPEAK TO ME OF YOUR MARVEL CRUSH!

Okay, well.  I WAS a fan of him in the X-men comics. He wasn’t my favorite mutant, though, that title belongs to Remy LaBeau.  Gambit.  First fictional character crush ever.

No, I think my love for Quicksilver was definitely borne of AoU.  And it was borne quite against my will, let me tell you.  But damn Aaron Taylor Johnson.  Damn him.  (Not really, he’s beautiful.  He is the sun.)

It all started when I had the end spoiled for me.  Someone spoiled his death and I was like well.  “Oh well.  I have literally no opinion on this character anyway, because he’s not the mutant from the comics.”  So, I went to the movie, somewhat pleased that Clint wasn’t going to die.  I told myself during the Marvel Comics Logo, “Remember.  Quicksilver’s dying.  Don’t. Get. Attached.”  

Like, literally, past me was so NAIVE.  

From the second that little shit came on screen, it was like, “Oh Goddammit.”  

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No.  I didn’t see it coming.  I DIDN’T.   

I didn’t expect to fall in love with such a little ASSHOLE.  Like, he is.  I will admit it.  He’s an asshole.   

But BUT…let me draw your attention to another one of my faves from the MCU who is ALSO an asshole.  

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Okay.  So.  I have a type.  We’ve established this.  It doesn’t explain my love for Bruce Banner, but…all the same, TYPE.  

So, yeah.  Pietro was originally Hydra.  Yeah.  He was an epic douche to Clint Barton.  And yeah, he was a player.  Big time.  And probably a klepto.  

Definitely a klepto.

BUT, okay.  Listen.  He’s also a cinnamon roll. 

This poor little sweet baby:  

  • Lost his parents at 10 years old
  • Held his twin sister for two days while they waited for death in a pile of rubble with their parents’ dead bodies.  
  • Volunteered for Hydra experimentation to help his country.   
  • Used his powers to HELP PEOPLE even before he joined the Avengers
  • Switched sides to fight alongside the man he THOUGHT killed his parents. Because he realized he and Wanda had made a mistake.
  • Was EXCITED to work for SHIELD because he could HELP more people. (HELP ALL THE PEOPLE, PIETRO!) 

All before he EVER saved Clint Barton and the little boy. 

Okay. Just…


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Oops.  My hand slipped.  ;)  How did ;) that ;) get in here?  

I have so much love for him because he had so much to give and didn’t get a chance.  He had a helping heart and made poor life choices. A jerkface with a heart of gold. He never got the chance to redeem himself fully. He. Deserved. BETTER. 

Anyway.  I hope I didn’t ramble for too long.  But.  Seriously.  If there’s anything I love talking about.  It’s my fave.  I will talk and headcanon with you all day.  Starting with how he’s gonna walk it off.  

okay its almost 2am and my mind is buzzing with wolfstar prompts so here you go!!!

‘I won’t fall asleep,’ Remus told himself, wishing away the feeling -the desperate pull of fatigue over his eyelids, ‘I can’t sleep.’

He knew what would happen if he did. The nightmares; his bloodcurdling screams as the memories of his spine cracking, of warm blood and the eerie ache of pains that had once passed , returned to shadow his broken mind.

The night was silent besides the nuisance that was James’ snoring and Sirius’ constant tossing and turning. The dormitory was black, the only hints of light came from the one thing that plagued his existance and caused him to be a constant danger to the only people he genuinely cared about.

His mindless thinking was interrupted, when he heard distressed whimpers and short gasps coming from the bed beside him.

‘Sirius.’ He thought, puzzled ; before he shifted his lanky form to face Sirus’ bed.

The effortlessly handsome boy was sweating incessantly, the quick rise and fall of his chest startling Remus before the shorter male shot up; his thin lips open in a hauntingly silent scream. The shaggy haired male panted quietly, his head bowed as Remus watched cautiously as not to scare him. Time seemed to have stopped before Sirius brought his knees to his chest and weakened sobs rattled through his chest.

“S-sirius…Sirius?” Remus whispered slowly, quiet enough to not bother the others in the room but loud enough so that the currently distraught Sirius could hear him.

The sobs continued, becoming alarmingly more troubled as the minutes passed. Remus let out a shaky sigh and shuffled onto Sirius’ bed, reaching out to touch the smaller male carefully.

“Sirius, it’s me Remus. P-please, I’m here for you. What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He breathed.

To his uttermost suprise, Remus was caught off guard as Sirius’ body hit is, curled up onto his lap and nuzzled into his neck. 

“P-please don’t l-leave me…Remy…I-i love you.” Sirius croaked, his lithe form shaking with sobs and he clutched at Remus’ pajama top with a vice-like grip.

“Sirius, what are you talking about? I would never leave you…no, I couldn’t. I love you so much Pads. You mean everything to me.” Remus pressed, his eyes burning with unshed tears; holding Sirius closer to him.

“I’ve b-been having w-weird dreams lately…ones w-where you leave me because I’m n-not good enough f-for you, Moony.” Sirius hiccuped.

A low chuckle left Remus’ plump lips and he lifted Sirius’ chin with two fingers to connect their eyes. “Never…And I mean never say that about yourself ever again, Sirius. Do you hear me? You’re the best thing thats ever happened to me and I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Remus leant forward and connected their lips into a loving kiss, their mouths fitting together like two pieces of a puzzle.

They pulled away silently, Sirius pressing innocent kisses to Remus’ tanned shoulders as the taller male smiled into Sirius’ curly locks. 

“I love you, Remy.” Sirius mouthed against he skin, his words murmured.

Remus grinned, kissing Sirius’ forehead, then his nose and then his red lips in response.

“Let’s go to sleep, Pads.” Remus yawned, tugging Sirius down with him as he stretched out on Sirius small single bed. He pressed more loving kisses to Sirius’ lips before laying back with Sirius tucked into his side and letting sleep take over for once.