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Can u do a blurb of Justin being sick

Okay so i think Justin doesn’t generally get sick that often but when he does he gets REALLY sick. He’d go to bed early one night which you’d find pretty random because he is literally the epitome of a night owl and he’s usually the one pocking fun at you for going to bed at a reasonable time. You’d notice that he’d just be super restless throughout the night and you’d try to ask if he’s feeling okay but he’d refuse to admit something was wrong. Justin hates being sick so when he’d wake up the next morning with a nagging cough, a runny nose and a bit of a fever he’d still insist that he could still go on with his regular day. You’d look at him like he was crazy and send him back to bed no matter how much he would protest. He’s so stubborn it’d take you ten minutes and a threat of locking him in his room until he reluctantly obliged. You’d spend the day taking care of him and babying him because its not that often that he’s home in bed all day and lets you do everything for him. He’d let you cuddle him and play with his hair and he’d look adorable when he’s sleeping with his nose a little red from blowing it too much and his cheeks a little flushed from the fevers and he’d fall asleep with his head on your lap in the middle of a movie and he’d look so peaceful and cute…