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what about a scenario where I'd a has a fem/so that used to be a villain before they got whipped by a hero and was put into UA to help reform them, and Iida's always there to provide moral support and in general mom all over them whenever they accidentally start to fall back on old habits?

Honestly, this seems like one of the most Iida-esque things I have read in awhile. I got so excited to write it. He’s such a lovely little rule-bound baby and needs to be protected at all costs. It somehow ended up a little angsty. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Hope this is okay.

Quick note: because this is a scenario, I skipped over the expository stuff. You can probably fill in the blanks yourself, but let me know if you want a prologue, I guess?

Iida x Ex-Villain!Reader

You awake to the sound of your dorm room being kicked open, creating a loud bang against the wall. “You will not be late to class again!” A voice yells out, heavy footsteps pounding toward you. You lazily roll over to be greeted by the face of your class president, Iida Tenya. He is standing far too close for your comfort.

“Yeah, yeah, I got it,” you moan, kicking the covers toward your ankles. “Can you please, not crowd me?” You shove him away from your bed and swing your legs over the side, feet touching the floor.

“You must hurry, you only have 20 minutes until class starts and it is always best to be 10 minutes early!” He declares, arms flailing haphazardly. He fumbles around your room, pulling your uniform out of the wardrobe, your bag off a chair, and various other goods scattered around the room, offering them to you. You raise an eyebrow.

“You really shouldn’t snoop around a girl’s room so much,” you quip.

“This is an exception!” He declares, arms waving ridiculously again. “Now, seize the day!”

“Alright, alright,” you groan. “You have to get out though so I can change.” You point to the door that remains wide open. “Go.” Iida blushes and scurries out of the room, closing the door behind him gently. He remains just outside will you quickly get ready, occasionally knocking on the door for status updates. A few minutes later, you emerge from the room completely ready.

“Now, we need to run!” He yells to you. “We do not want to be late.”

You groan tiredly. Sprinting to class is one of the last things you wanted to do first thing in the morning. “Carry me?” You requested, large eyes looking up at him hopefully.

“No, a proper student arrives at class of their own volition!”

“But, you’re much faster than me and you don’t want one student making the class look bad by being late, do you..?” You whine, intentionally appealing to his teacher’s pet personality.

He scrunches his eyebrows before nodding vigorously. “Yes, climb on my back, we do not want anyone late to class!”

“Yay!” you pip happily, jumping up onto the president’s back. He grunts slightly but bursts off speedily without saying a word.

Later ~

You sit in class, lazily twirling a strand of your hair while Aizawa-sensei drones on about the upcoming exam. You aren’t worried about the written part of the exam, as you tend to absorb any information easily, and there aren’t any curveballs they could through for the combat section. At least not any you aren’t prepared for. After a few minutes, he announces that the class may go back to the dorms and everyone anxiously chatters about the exam. You overhear conversations of meets up for tutoring, intense studying, and stress. Out of one ear, you hear Kaminari squeal “be careful with your words!” to Todoroki.

“Hey, if you want…” you mumble, wandering over to him. “I could help you study?” Kaminari perks up at the suggestion, a relieved smile on his face. However, before he can say anything, another voice cuts into the conversation.

“What could a shitty villain like you do?” Bakugo hisses, leaning back in his chair. “You don’t know jack-shit about being a hero.” The words cut you and you narrow your eyes bitterly.

“I know enough about heroes to recognize that you would be a terrible one,” you spit back, blood boiling. Your classmates eye you and Bakugo, worry painted across their faces.

“You wanna fight, you bitch?!” Bakugo screams, flinging himself upright, palms sparking.

“Hell yeah, I do,” you respond, your hair floating up around you, hardening into spikes. “I’ll bring you down a few pegs.”

The two of you face each other, geared and ready to fight, but before either of you has a chance to strike, a loud voice bursts in between you.

“Stop it! Stop!” Iida yells, throwing himself between you and Bakugo. He extends an arm toward each of you, attempting to calm the mood. “Proper heroes do not fight each other out of spite!” Bakugo narrows his eyes, uttering a loud “tch.” You, on the other hand, are not so easily moved.

“Who said I ever wanted to be a hero?” You blurt out, fuming. “These fucking rules are so frustrating!” The words are spilling out of your mouth, faster than you can contain them. “All they do is leave you heroes a step behind us!” You freeze. Oh no.

“Did you just align yourself with villains?” Yaoyorozu murmurs, eyes wide.

“I fucking knew this bitch was still a villain!” Bakugo screams. “Let me kill her!”

Your eyes burn, pupils dilated. “I-I-I,” you sputter, not sure how to get the words out. The entire class stares at you hesitantly. The heavy mood fills the air like a thick cloud of smoke. It’s too much for even you. You sprint out of the room.

As you run, your hair settles back to its natural texture, flowing behind you. Tears stream down your face and tiny sobs burst out of you occasionally. Finally, you end up outside the dorms, underneath your favorite maple tree. Your legs give way and you sink to the ground, shoulder wracked with grief. You don’t want to be a villain anymore and you hadn’t wanted to let your emotions take hold of you like that, but you just couldn’t help yourself. Old habits die hard.

As your sobs fade to meager sniffs, you notice someone shuffling toward you. You quickly wipe your eyes on your sleeve and choke down any remaining sadness. The person kneels down next to you and you look over to see a familiar four-eyed face. “Pres,” you choke out quietly. He places a gentle hand on your back. “I didn’t mean to- I don’t want to- I-” you struggle to find the right words, everything you say sounding like a useless excuse.

“I know,” he murmurs. “You’re not a villain anymore.” He strokes your shoulder softly. “You only said it because it’s become a habit. You didn’t mean anything by it.” His words come out soft and kind, unlike any other time he speaks to you. You nod weakly. “It’s going to take time to fully get you on the right track, but don’t worry,” he pauses to grin broadly at you. “I’m right here with you.”

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I’ve read all the Ask Arcana questions and they’re all about Julian, Lucio, Asra or Muriel. Please please please tell me more about my Darling Countess! I can’t even replay the prologue to find out more about her since I’ll lose the 100 coins I spent to ask her to touch me-uhh… give me “furs”… and I missed out on her preview since I only found out about this wonderful game recently (T_T)

Nadia loves puzzles and intellectual challenges in general

House Of Cards

||Part 1|| Part 2|| Part 3|| Part 4|| Prologue || Part 5 ||

It was in a flash that it all started. In a flash that the Yoongi you knew disappeared completely.

*Warning : Domestic abuse, implied Non-con/rape, and violence. Just general triggers that if you feel uncomfortable with don’t read this. If I decide to turn this into a serie then this is your warning because I’ll be touching on darker themes. 

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You had a picture perfect life. Or at least that’s what you thought. The joy and happiness of loving and being loved.

Yoongi was not the best at showing it but you knew that deep down he was kind that somewhere, under all that hardcover, there was a decent human being. Maybe it was rushed to move on together after only dating for 8 months but you were happy, happier than ever before in your life. And you only had him.

However, as he towered over you, you couldn’t see it in his eyes anymore. There wasn’t a drop of love in his gaze anymore. It hurt, the first hit, it was painful. But nothing ached more than your pride. The second one wasn’t as painful as it was bruising since your mind had already disconnected from whatever was happening.

You tried to get away, stop him, but he only gripped harder and pushed you around easier. He would always win in this. You were, no matter how hard you tried to deny it, weaker than he is.

It had all started in a flash but the rest was a blurry mess. The trigger had been the day he decided to visit you at the coffee shop you used to work at. He sat there with his computer and large headphones  on watching over you move from table to table with a large smile every time you met his glances. Which at one point he mirrored.  

“ Is that your boyfriend ?” Your boss asked as he pointed at Yoongi. Namjoon co-owned the small café with his ‘bestfriend’ Seokjin. While the elder, Seokjin, took care of the kitchen and the pastries while Namjoon was in charge of anything planning wise. You started working here long before you met Yoongi, it paid well and they were all some of the nicest people you came to know. You just nodded shyly smiling back at him.

“ Ask Hyung to make him something sweet ”  He put his hand on your shoulder and laughed at your expression “ It’s not everyday that we get to have your special someone here ”. Namjoon couldn’t deny the sting in his chest as he said those words.

Yoongi had been watching that as well.

“ Is that why you’re so cheerful about going to work ?” He growled at you as soon as you stepped into your shared apartment. You knew something was wrong since he hadn’t spoken a word on the way back. Which only meant he had something on his mind that was bothering him.

“ What do you mean ?” You kicked off your shoes, oblivious to the storm that had been going on inside of him.

“ I saw you flirting with the blond ” Yoongi’s voice grew more violent, louder, as if his point will get through by yelling.

“ Don’t be silly, Yoongi, he’s my boss ” You made your way towards the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“ So you’re telling me you weren’t wagging your tail at him like a slut back there ?” He followed right behind.

“ Yoongi!” You flinched when he gripped your wrist turning you around and pushing you against the kitchen counter. The blow making your waist feel like it momentarily shattered.

“ Why ? Does it hurt ?”

“ Don’t call me that ” You hated that it came out as a whimper. You shouldn’t sound weak.

“ A slut ?” Yoongi smirked “ But that’s just what you looked like. God knows what you do behind my back”. You knew that Yoongi’s ex had cheated on him multiple times, which was why you excused his obsessive jealousy most of the time. But he had never laid his hand on you before.

However, when you pushed him off you, unable to take the counter digging into your back like a knife, he pushed back harder. It became like that, you would push away a step and he would shove back double.

Yoongi took back that step and his hand landed full force on your cheek, sending you immediately to the ground. You were taken aback, scared, but more than everything in pain. Not only physically.

“ It’s not like I’m sleeping with the guy!” and maybe that was the last straw in his patience. Maybe it was your fault, you thought. If you hadn’t cut off that last string, all of this wouldn’t have happened.

“ Maybe you need a reminder ” He pulled you up to your feet again, cupping your chin with one hand and pulling your face again “ Of who you belong to ”. Your tears fell onto his hand as he clashed your mouths together on yours so hard your teeth felt out of place.

It was in a flash that it all started. In a flash that the Yoongi you knew disappeared completely.

When you refused to kiss back, he pressed harder. Hit harder until you finally gave away.

You woke up the next day on the cold ground of the kitchen floor, every single bone in your body screaming in pain, protesting against your every movement. Standing up didn’t feel like the right thing to try, a bolt of pain jolted through your spine sending back to the ground. The only comfort you had was your tears so you cried. For what felt like hours.

In the end, you couldn’t just stay there and got up to shower on shaky legs. You tried to block it, block every image from appearing in front of your eyes as you washed off the dried up blood and cum from between your legs and back. As you tried not to worsen the bruises on your wrists and sides by touching them. You let the water stream down uninterrupted.

You didn’t want to confront it. You didn’t want to blame him. So, you blamed yourself.

“ Y/N !” Slut Jin called again snapping his fingers in front of you. You were startled back with a soft whimper as you body protested at the sudden movement. Your heart clenching painfully.

“ I’m sorry, did I scare you ?”

“ No-no, not at all. I was just … ” You nervously pulled down your sleeves afraid he would see. Not Seokjin. “ thinking ”

“ I asked you if you were alright ” He looked at you with concern and clear worry “ You look a bit pale”

“ I’m just a bit tired ” You feigned a smile feeling the inside of your mouth burn where you bit too hard to keep your mind off … Yoongi “ I’ll get back to work ”

“ Yeah, sure. You could go home if you want ” Seokjin looked around the space, there weren’t many clients there “ I’ll tell Jimin to come out instead ”

“ No !” You spoke more violently than you had intended “ I-I can work ”. Jin’s eyebrows furrowed but you didn’t want to go home yet. “ I’m really okay ” you repeated, to yourself mostly.

You walked away hoping and praying to a god you never really believed in that your legs wouldn’t give out and hold you up until you were clear more his sight.

Jin was suspicious of your behavior, since you would usually be a bright laughing mess, only coming second after Hoseok. Not this gloomy and actual mess. He ended up voicing his concern to Namjoon who came later that day. Having forgotten where he put his car keys and spent three hours looking for them, when they were in his pockets all along. Namjoon suggested they wait and see, not to rush into any conclusions, maybe it was just not your day. Seokjin, after long persuasion, agreed as well.

You went home unnoticed and collapsed on the bed, letting your every muscle relax from all the strain you had to make them go through. Laying on your back, you stared at the ceiling. The lights from the outside flickering into different shadows that kept you company until you fell asleep.

Only to be awakened when you felt a body crawl next to you and Yoongi hugged you.

“ I’m sorry I lost control yesterday ” He spoke so quietly you almost didn’t hear him “ I have no excuse. I shouldn’t have overreacted like that ”. Yoongi hugged you tightly.

“ Yoongi ” You pushed him away slightly to relieve the pressure “ It hurts”

“ I know, baby. I’m sorry. You know I love you ” He kissed your forehead “ I’m nothing without you ”. And just like that the repetitive cycle of hating then loving him all over again started.

Let me know what you guys think of it. Should I continue it ?

Words: 7169

Genre: smut

Pairing: taehyungx(f)reader

Prompt: You tried to convince yourself that it was okay to try running away from him–he was in so much pain and it was causing him to do such awful things. But, you came to realize, there was no running away from this thing. You were in too deep to run.

A/N: this is based on the hyyh series plot, character & aesthetic (ie. i need u, prologue, run, also some of the hyyh concert vcr inspo too) version of taehyung. So basically, it will be loosely set within that universe and the tae here will be the tae there. It’s also pure filth and some angst. Intensity be comin thru like 📣📣📣📣 in this.
                     (ps. this is dedicated to my love @kstopping​)

Relevant tags/warnings: graphic smut. mentions of general law breaking and other mischief. body worship. orgasm denial. dom vibes. questionably unstable/unhealthy relationships. rough sex. read at ur own free will.
                      p.s. friends don’t let friends have unprotected sex.

It was that time of year when you found yourself sleeping under two thick blankets with your socks on, because the heat in your apartment was just about the worst at doing it’s job. Your head was the only thing out of the blanket and your nose was quite cold as you gazed at the shining letters of the clock by your bedside.

The space heater in the corner of your room was humming quietly, and you could hear the soft pang of late night autumn rain tagging the creaky windows. So far on this night, sleep was eluding you.

You considered what your life had become recently in your spare time (since you obviously weren’t about to find peace in a dream). You thought about the classes you were taking at your community college–how you really should sleep because you had an early class the next morning. You thought about how you should attempt to call your mother more often, she was probably worried about your condition. Truthfully she had every right to worry, you hadn’t been in the best of shape recently.

Like the tide when thinking about nearly anything in life, you suddenly thought about him. The reason you weren’t doing so well–Taehyung. Your closest friend, the boy you had known since you were both just kids, teasing each other but mostly, teasing others together. Yet, that constant in your life, that boy you had known for so long, was no longer around.

He hadn’t been for many months. Before that he showed up a few times, looking tired and beat down. He would inevitably disappear again, head hung low, eyes cushioned with dark bags, and a list of excuses to give you when you asked why and where. His low, smooth voice would flutter against your skin with that exhausted tone and he would walk out of your door again for an unknown period of time.

It had been—had it really been five months since the last time you had even heard from him?

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Why do you like The Secret History so much? Let's be honest. It has no literary merit. I would say it's a good thriller but because the last 2/3 was so tediously slow, I can't say that either. Is it because it's so aesthetically pleasing? I notice that those who love this book seem to love long descriptive books in general. I actually think she wrote The Goldfinch better, but The Secret History is worth it for the vivid descriptions.

Oh, dear anon, I don’t just like the book, I am totally in love with it. I couldn’t disagree more with you in regards to its literary merit. I agree that the second part is not as intense as the first, as it is the aftermath, and we know why what we already know from the prologue actually happened. Tbh, when I was reading it, I didn’t even think of which genre it belongs in, I just read it. And I loved it, it messed me up in a million ways (and still does) and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Ofc I love that it is aesthetically pleasing, but it so much more than that - for me, it is the picturesque itself. Tartt’s prose rings like poetry to me, the syntax and the words, they sink in my skin, I can feel them in my veins… The characters just kill me - poor Francis, machiavellian Henry, Richard desperately trying to fit in… To me they are so real, they torment me even when I’m not reading the book. What was in Henry’s diary? What did he whisper in Camilla’s ear? What was Francis thinking before trying to kill himself?? And Julian, I need to know all those discussions with the Greek class.

Moreover, this book led me to the aesthetic part of the tumblr community and to some amazing people in my life. It influenced the way I think, how I look at the Acropolis every time I go downtown, how much more i love Greek and Latin (which I loved already tbh). 

I didn’t like The Goldfinch or The Little Friend that much. Yes, they are well written, and with good stories, but I think a great part of it has to do with sentiment. TSH messed me up pretty badly, made me dream of pagans and forests and archaic academia. I couldn’t read anything else for months after it, my head was spinning. I don’t know, but for me that is the greatest form of literary merit, tearing a person apart.

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Hey, is it true that you're working on a Grievous book/fanfic?? If yes, when will it be done? PS. I'd love to read some GOOD fanfics about the general, if you have some recommendations! I can't seem to find any.

It’s true that a bit short of a year ago, I mentioned wanting to try my hand at a novel centred around his backstory. I finished a short prologue and a little bit of the first chapter, but never got any further, and decided to set the project aside. That being said, I can’t say when it will be done, or even if it will ever be done. I apologize if this is a disappointment. 

As for fanfic recs, the short oneshot Song Of My Soul, My Voice Is Dead is one that I’ve recently discovered and liked. 

Stuff I like to read

Hey, you.

I’m a big (hartbig) fanfic reader. And I’m always searching for new stuff to read. Isilagdur’s favorites and Dontlovemelikexo’s Titles to Know helped me a lot to find cool writers. So I’m posting this list (which contain my favorites and other cool stuff) to help other voracious readers who are always looking for good stories:

Yotoob - I can’t choose one of her fics as my favorite because I love all her stories SO MUCH. Check her ficlist if you don’t know her fics yet (what I doubt). Seriously. Do it now.

Inhumanshield - I always share her fics (and sketches and tales and stuff in general) with the tag “D. is the best” because it is so fucking true. I think the first D.’s fic I read was the Game Theory’s prologue and I fell in love instantly. You can stop reading this post now and go read all her fics (but come back later, this post has so much more good stuff to read).

Onemilliongoldstars - Ray is the queen of AU’s. I never liked AU fics before finding her fics, and now they are probably my favorites. Oh, and she is multi fandom, so you will find “crossover fics” in her fic page. Delightful.

Didyoustealmytoaster - High quality stuff. She writes a lot, and I love it. And I’m, maybe, in love with her new multi-chapter, Rule 47 (LIKE REALLY IN LOVE). 

Carrotskoalasandbooze - Nicole is one of the first Trinity’s writers I read, and I fall in love with her words. she has great stories, and while some will destroy your heart, others will warm it up.

Ficfacfoe - This adorable human being doesn’t write fanfiction, she writes poetry. SERIOUSLY. I can’t even explain why I love so much her writing, because I haven’t words enough. Plus: she has the best and most beautiful definition of what it’s like to fall in love.

Wordharvest - ALL of her stories are really really good and I wanna live in her Tattoo AU and be friends with Punk Hannah and Vintage Grace. Can I?

Dontlovemelikexo - I love the words from Jenna’s brain. So much that I read her Swarto fic, which is really unusual for me. I’m (really) looking forward for her multi-chapter fic.

Dailyhartbig - She made me sob like a child with The Fallen Ones. And her other stories are as good as TFO (but happier. MAYBE).

Isilagdur - High quality poetry. Crashes is a must read.

Iloveyouinchinese - She writes really good Grace’s POV. And other person’s POV. And everything.

Puns-n-butts - High quality literature, magic with words. You find it in her ficlist.

Hartorotica - a lot of one-shots and a lot of series (I love them all). A lot of good stuff.

Letusneverspeakofthis - Ruth has a unique way to break hearts. But she has a lot of adorable SFF stories too (Oh, and no. I didn’t read the fic that must not be named).

Bottledoxygen - a lot of very good one-shots. 

Madlyandcompletely - come on guys, everyone reads NSFW stuff (no? Hm, okay). And Val’s stories are good ones.

Tastesofprose - She has great stories, and the series Brooklyn really good.

Letswreakhavoc - Cool stuff. I really like To Hell and Back - it’s different and interesting.

Moviewocher - a really cool fic blog, with adorable one-shots and some really good series.

Writeinmadness - a lot of stories, a lot of broken hearts. Warning: I’m not responsible for your feelings.

Hellohelbig - Good stuff. SFW and NSFW. And mostly SFF.

Idighartbig - multiple stories. Your feelings are (mostly) not safe.

Hartbig-in-onesies - some of her fics will break your heart. Be warned. 

Fic-big - She has a lovely serie of one-shots called “Open When”. And other cool stories.

Vague Implications and Seesaw Oscillations, by Haveyouseenmyplot - An adorable and exciting and painful College AU. I don’t need to say more.

North and True North, by Cdn-bigfoot - Hannah and Grace (and Mamrie, OF COURSE) as badasses who fight against the zombie apocalypse. No need for further words.

My Muse, by Kagewritten - A really good and different story. I like it very much.

I let go, by starsandharts - 11 chapters which will destroy your heart. One chapter which will reconstruct it (maybe). If you like NSFF stories, you need to check all her stuff.

Time is nothing, by Patientwithyourheart - a really interesting fic write in reverse chrolonogical order.

New Challenges, by Suchhumanity - I love fics with a Hartbig baby, but sometimes my brain fight with the idea (for obvious reasons). This is one of the stories that makes me my brain and my heart remain in harmony.

Moving in, by Someonetorootfor - Hartbig as roommates. Adorable and mostly SFF.

Spilled Ink, by Themaryharto - I love letters and I love fics. And I love this one-shot.

I probably forgot some things I like. And I have a longer list of fics with whom I bumped around. If you want more things to read, ask me :)