i love raichu


(last one is shiny)

So I jumped on a bandwagon with out knowing it. After finishing these I went on tumbler and found at least eight other designs for a dawn Lycanroc. I tried to change as much as possible but still stay a bit with the old one (a bigger poofy tail was definitely necessary), but it still feels unoriginal. Despite that it still works as just a special midnight lycanroc and i think I might use her as a character.

Team: I loved Raichu way before the alolan form was ever announced and I feel it definitely gets the short end of the stick and deserves more love so here’s some Raichu appreciation 💛

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heres some more classes of dailys please send more asks so i can do these more often and hope you enjoy featuring pixelwott from @occasional-wott-bros as a wizard cinnamon from @dailycinnamonthealolanraichu as a white mage proto from @virtually-daily-porygon-z as a magician ashleigh from @dailyashleighraichu as a witch and lucas from @pichudaily as an adventurer


Solchu’s are very sociable  pokemon, they are especially fond of showing off their ‘‘strength’‘. they absorb their energy by laying in the sun. for their size they are very powerfull creatures, though, they are not good at containing it or using it. when in battle their fluffy ruff often gets in the way and they trip over it.