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Honestly, I live for ace/aro Reyna. Like, Reyna wasn’t attracted to Jason, she knew she should’ve been but she wasn’t. Despite her lack of sexual or romantic attraction toward him, she knew it’d be the best diplomatic choice to pursue a relationship with him. And besides, she loved him as a friend, she could just learn to love him as more than that, right?

And of course then he goes missing and when he turns up again, she clearly sees his feelings for another girl. And she knows that she should be jealous, and she is. But in a completely different way. She’s jealous that he disappeared and showed up with a group of new friends. That she was the person he used to confide in but now he always turns to Piper.

And Jason obviously interprets this as Reyna being (rightfully) jealous of his feelings for Piper and Reyna doesn’t correct him because why should she? That’s how she’s supposed to feel, right? Why correct him when it would do no one any good?

And by the end of HoO she’s so confused. Because someone should love her and she should love someone. Look at all her friends, all of them in relationships; Jason and Piper, Percy and Annabeth, Nico and Will. Even Leo turns back up with a girlfriend. Why was she the only one incapable of finding someone she legitimately loved in a romantic way?

And over time she realizes that she simply doesn’t want nor does she need a romantic and/or sexual partner. All she really wants is companionship; a friend. And she finds that in the seven and Nico. And she bonds with Rachel because Rachel isn’t allowed to have a romantic relationship and Reyna doesn’t want one, so they kind of just form this friendship built on the mutual lack of desire for romance and that grows into a sister-like bond.

And just, I love Ace/Aro Reyna so much.

In Which Percy and Rachel Travel and Question Their Sexuality (And Perhaps Even Their Gender)

“Are we there yet?”

“Rachel, you literally shoved me in this car and told me to ‘shut up and drive’, so I don’t know when we’ll get ‘there’ or even where ‘there’ is!”


Rachel went silent.

“…So? Where am I actually taking us?”

“I’m trying to create suspense, so shut up for a minute!”

“Oh my gods Rachel!”


triple a (aromantic, asexual, agender) rachel elizabeth dare

“I accept this role, I pledge myself to Apollo, God of Oracles. I open my eyes to the future and embrace the past. I accept the spirit of Delphi, voice of the Gods, speaker of riddles, seer of fate.” 

Pipacheyna headcanons

No one asked for it but you’re getting it anyway: 

  • they bond because they talk about carrying heavy responsibilities and help each other relax and cope with it.
  • because Reyna was praetor on her own for ages when Jason was missing and even with Jason there that’s a lot of work, 
  • Rachel is the oracle and I can’t imagine that comes without feeling responsible for the prophecies you give (even if she has no control over it), and she probably feels really guilty if bad things happen because of them? 
  • then Piper struggles because controlling her charm speak is a huge thing (she definitely doesn’t like the idea of taking away people’s will but reigning it in to use only when she needs to is probably so hard because it’s connected to your emotions. Like how many times has percy accidentally done something with water when he’s mad, and he’s been doing it for years now.) 
  • also it’s probably hard to live with the idea that you could accidentally make someone do something just by speaking. 
  • but yeah they all work through that together (I don’t really know how, just by being supportive and helping each other to take the load off sometimes, and also by reassuring each other that’s they’re doing well and they’re fine).
  • Reyna will come home from a really hard day sorting out stuff around Camp Jupiter, and Rachel and Piper have probably been planning a huge meal for her all day, neither one of them are particularly good at cooking so Rachel probably asks percy for some help. 
  • they probably light a load of candles everywhere, Andy i mean everywhere (even the floor) and Reyna probably asks if it’s safe, and Rachel scoffs at her (she’s definitely the one who came up with the idea because she loves candles, like the smell and the light they give, that just seems like Rachel’s Aesthetic tbh). 
  • really they both find it endearing though because she’s so predictable and they know her so well.
  • after the food, Reyna probably feels really bad that they spent so long on it and will offer to wash up but they just laugh and force her to lie down on the sofa and watch tv while they tidy up. 
  • when they’re done tidying all three of them probably cuddle on the sofa together until they fall asleep.

I love a paint-splattered-rachel-elizabeth-dare and I love an awkwardly-blushing-percy-jackson and I love a slightly-jealous-annabeth-chase and I love a completely-horns-out-grover-underwood and I love a ridiculously-short-lovestruck-juniper and I love all of you and myself and PJO. 

Happy belated Valentine’s :)

“You hit the Lord of the Titans in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush?”

you know what’s great and doesn’t get enough praise and love in this fandom:Percy and Rachel’s friendship let me tell you. 

( shoutout to @emilyvidosa and some of her Percy and Rachel friendship headcanons and or rants/talks about their friendship) 

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Books I Love: Percy Jackson {Rick Riordan}

I knelt next to Annabeth and felt her forehead. She was still burning up.
“You’re cute when you’re worried,” she muttered. “Your eyebrows get all scrunched together.”
“You are
not going to die while I owe you a favor,” I said. “Why did you take that knife?”
“You would’ve done the same for me.”
It was true. I guess we both knew it. Still, I felt like somebody was poking my heart with a cold metal rod.

  • Nico: I love you, Bianca!
  • Bianca: I love you too, buddy!
  • Grover: I love you, Juniper!
  • Juniper: I love you too, Grover!
  • Silena: I love you, Charles!
  • Charles: I love you, Silena!
  • Piper: I love Jason!
  • Reyna: I love Jason too!
  • Jason: *being sarcastic* Thanks, Aphrodite!
  • Leo: I love... Everyone!!!1!!11!
  • Zeus: I love you, Hera!
  • Hers: I love myself!
  • Zeus: ...
  • Hazel: I love Frank!
  • Frank: I love you too, Hazel!
  • Sally: I love Paul!
  • Paul: Awwwwwww
  • Chris: I love Clarisse!
  • Clarisse: Hm... I... I love you too, Chris!
  • Calypso: I love Percy!
  • Rachel: I love Percy too!
  • Percy: ...
  • Annabeth: I'LL KILL YOU TWO!
  • Leo: I'M STILL HERE!!!!11!1!!1!