i love r5family

Am I the only one who’s completely obsessed with R5? I’ve loved them since around 2011 and I feel like people only know them as the band Ross Lynch is in, and they usually only know of him because he’s from ‘Austin and Ally’ or 'Teen Beach Movie’. BUT R5 IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. The members are amazing and their music is SO good! Please give them a listen!

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so on new year’s eve, i met r5 and it might be my favorite picture and experience ever. i’m not gonna go into the whole story but as i was hugging riker, we had to shift over but i wasn’t too steady on my feet so i said “i’m faling over” and riker said, and i quote, “ it’s okay, just hold onto me”. and he looks so happy in this like i might be the happiest girl in the world okay someone pass me an inhaler