i love r5

Am I the only one who’s completely obsessed with R5? I’ve loved them since around 2011 and I feel like people only know them as the band Ross Lynch is in, and they usually only know of him because he’s from ‘Austin and Ally’ or 'Teen Beach Movie’. BUT R5 IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. The members are amazing and their music is SO good! Please give them a listen!

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#LouderTogether - Version 1: Directed by Brittany Snow.

It was kind of like a wait, what? But, when you think about it, you know, you want your sister to be with someone you think very highly of and somebody that we’re really really close with… but Ellington is such our best friend and he’s so much a part of the family that I wouldn’t want it any other way.
—  Riker talking about Rydel and Ellington’s relationship (X)

Mexican Candy Challenge with ROCKY | Rydel Lynch

Rocky drabble - post-op

This piece is dedicated to the amazing, caring, and strong af girl @rock-y-myworld. I hope this helps with your recovery. ❤

The door to your bedroom opened, and you looked up from the book in your hands. You smiled as your eyes landed on Rocky. That smile only widened when you noticed what he was holding. Tea and chocolate.

“You’re a life saver,” you gushed as he approached your bed. 

Rocky grinned, handing you the mug and placing the chocolate bar into your lap. “Anything to help my baby feel better.”

You blew on the tea and smiled to him. “Thank you.”

He nodded. “Anything else I can get you? An ice pack? Heating pad? Another blanket? A fan?”

“Just you.” You pet the spot next to you on the bed.

Rocky smirked and settled down beside you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “How’re you feeling, babe?”

“Enh.” You shrugged, sipping your tea carefully. “Sore, tired, and a bit uncomfortable. But I’m okay.”

“Are you sure there’s nothing else I can get for you?”

You laid your head on his shoulder. “I’m sure.”

Rocky kissed the top of your head, letting his lips linger. “I hope this surgery works. It’s not fair that you’re in pain so often.”

You shrugged a shoulder. “Life isn’t fair. But, at least I have you to help me deal with it.”

“I’ll always be here with you, babe. Especially in times like this.” He tightened his arm around you, forcing you to lean against him more.

You moved the book and chocolate onto your bedside table before slowly and carefully shifting. Rocky tensed, ready help if need be. But, when you snuggled into his side he relaxed.

“How’s the tea?” he asked.

“Good. Still a bit hot, but it’s very tasty.” You blew on it slowly. “I don’t know how you do it, but you always seem to steep it for just the perfect amount of time.”

Rocky grinned. “I’m just really awesome.”

You smirked. “Yeah, yeah you are.”


Hillary. I Wanna Get Wit Chu. (Mrs. HRC)

“Yo girl, we know you had a rough year. But thats okay cause we here to treat you right. 

Hi Bill.”


Girl I know you lost the election

But tonight I’m here to give you some affection
Wisconsin Georgia Florida and Texas
Wanna lead this country in the wrong direction

I don’t care about those emails they inspecting
Girl I’m sitting here with an erection
Incorrect with all their election projections
But tonight, girl you’re my only selection

Mrs. HRC
Mrs. HRC
I wanna get with you
I wanna get with you

While we try to deal with all the aftermath
Im gonna pop a bottle in a bubble bath
With you
I wanna get with you

Girl you a true winner
Let me take you to dinner
Bill no disrespect
But damn i gotta get with her

Your pant suit is flawless
Not in the oval office
When you in this apartment
You the leader of this caucus

Beyonce, Jay Z, Katy Perry, Demi
Aint no need to trip
We know you hotter than Lewinsky

I can be the horse
And you can be my Putin
I can be your man
If you be my nasty woman

Mrs. HRC
Mrs. HRC
I wanna get with you
I wanna get with you

While we try to deal with all the aftermath
Im gonna pop a bottle in a bubble bath
With you
I wanna get with you