i love prophet muhammad

I can never get enough of the Prophet’s (pbuh) beauty; he was so sensitive to people’s pain. He was their comfort when they were hurting. Can you imagine a grown busy man stopping to sit down and comfort a child hurting due to the death of his pet bird for as long as he needs? He did. Even when he was in pain himself, he would still comfort others.

When people ask me what I love most about him, I always say his beauty. It is fair to describe him as the most beautiful human being, a trait which takes a lot of strength and courage. There’s so much to learn from his personality alone. 

Love of this world is the source of all transgression.

~al-Ajluni, Kashfu’l-Khafa 1099; Suyuti, al-Duraru’l-Muntathira 97; Isfahani, Khilyatu’l-Awliya vi, 388; alMunawi, Fayzu’l-Qadir iii, 368 no: 3662.

How Do You Establish A Relationship With The Holy Prophet (asws)?


Question: How to establish a relationship with the Holy Prophet (asws)?

The Believer who starts to wake up a little bit, understands how far he or she is from his Lord although the Lord is close to him, how far he is from the Prophet although the Prophet is close, and how far he is from the Awliya Allah, although the Awliya Allah are close. And Allah swt is saying, “Approach Me, come close to Me, by the best of means.” You want to come close to the Holy Prophet (asws), I’m going to ask you this question: Why? What is the reason you want to come close?

‘You know, it’s good.’

Why it’s good?

‘You know Prophet says: Come close to me. Allah says: Be close to My Prophet.’

Yes, Allah saying is something else, but why you want to do it? To get blessings? What you are going to do with the blessings?  You want to come close to the Prophet? You want to establish a relationship? You want to love the Prophet (asws)?

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