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Request: Shawn comes back from a celebrity party really wasted and Y/n worries and they get into an argument but the make-up and y/n is all like “You smell like a wet dog” / You’re seriously like a man-child / “You cannot banish me! This is my bed too!”

a/n: hiiii!! this is just a little short one but i hope y’all enjoy it!! i’ll be watching the grammy’s tonight so if you’re tuning in as well we should chat about it! i have a really busy few weeks coming up so i’ll try and get more writings up as soon as i can! but school is my top priority! i hope y’all are having a nice end/start to your week!!💜💜💜

           It was after three in the morning when you heard the door unlock to your apartment.  Shawn wasn’t very careful going about his actions either.  You heard him fling his shoes off as they loudly came in contact with the floor, you heard him stomp down the hall until he paused his movements for a moment.

           There was a part of you that wanted to be mad at him. He promised he wouldn’t some home late, yet here he was trailing in after three in the morning.  But then again, you knew he was out having a good time with his friends.

            He walked into the room, trying to be quiet, which backfired on him when he opened the door too fast and fell face first on the floor. 

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Friends & Pets

Requested: In 20s and Shawn introduces you to his friends / “How could you forget your son’s birthday?!”

 a/n: these are on totally opposite spectrums but I PROMISE they work well together, just trust me ;) Feedback is also greatly appreciated!!

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“Yeah, I’ll be there in a few!”  You spoke to your sister into the Bluetooth connected to your car, “Can’t wait to see the little guy.”

           “Telling me he wasn’t house trained would’ve been helpful,” You heard your sister mumble into the phone, “He peed everywhere, Y/n.”

           You rolled your eyes, “I’m sure that’s not––“


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I was commissioned to illustrate Daniel Ricciardo for Red Bull Racing. Thanks to the lovely London Studio ShootTheMoon.

Process shots below. I approach my portraits the same way I approach all my work using my “rule of eights” grid system in which I create the linework out of eights of a circle segments entirely. In the outlined shots I’ve created red dotted circles to delineate exactly where I use eighth segments. Every element in the illustration follows this rule including a redesigned Red Bull logo re-imagined within the context of my rule of eighths. 

The “Rule of Eights” isn’t a fixed system as such but it allows me to look at something like the red bull logo and reimagine it within the established framework based on the mathematical logic of shapes.  In this case symmetrical logo with circle in centre so i determined it would be logical to build from the center. To retain visual cohesion within the framework the other rule in place is for any intersections to happen exclusively at anchor points that are at variations of 45 degree angles; this can be eights or straight lines. Seen using the red dotted lines in the above screen shots.