i love priya

lmao if ur dating Armin there’s a scene between Alex and Candy where they’re talking about how their relationship is doing since the party and during the conversation Alex tells her he doesn’t want to know what’s going on between them in private ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) and Candy just tells him “well it’s not my fault that ur brother is hot”

Alex begs her to stop

I love Priya with all my heart, but I’m tired of everyone saying how pure and precious she is because I think it’s important to remember that she’s far from perfect. She’s merciless, she doesn’t care at all about hurting the people that she dislikes and she likes to cause havoc while acting as if she’s above the law. You can, and you should, enjoy a character without erasing their flaws when it’s part of their personality.


Name: Faline (originally Falina) Lavrinovič
Birthday: 4th October 
Sign: Libra
Siblings: 28 years old brother Erik
Height: 175cm 
Gender: Female
Origin: Half Polish, half Lithuanian
Sexual preference: Bisexual
Boyfriend: Castiel
Skin: PALE AF, she gets sunburnt and then shes white again 
Eyes: green and blue (heterochromia)
Hair: she has dark brown hair but she dyes it pink
Piercing: she has stretched ears, nose piercing and both of nipps pierced
Tattoos: she has 2 full sleeves 
Pets: Husky Malamute named Dracula
Favourite bands/singers: MARILYN MANSON IS HER FAV, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Arcitc Monkeys, Joy Division, Slayer, Nine Inch Nails, Led Zeppelin
Favourite TV shows: Dexter, The office 
Favourite clothes: All of her leather jackets (about 10 lol), her Led Zeppelin shirt, Lord Vader mask (lol)
Likes: driving on her Harley Davidson especially with her dad, italian and mexican food, arguing with everyone, she literally can never sit quiet and always speaks her mind, but when it comes to close friends she’s very careful with that because she (will never admit it) loves them, boys with long hair, art, expressing art trough tattoos, black clothes, alcohol, heavy music, she’s also interested in crime, Marvel, DC and Star Wars movies
Hates:  when someone wakes her up early, school, ignorant people, people who are mean just to be mean for no reason at all, smoking, country music, Amber and her friends, vegetables, spiders and bugs in general
Best friends: Castiel, Rosa, Priya, Kim, Armin and @lunaria-sucrette
Not friends but not enemies: Nathaniel (they only can talk about crimes or else its terrible), Kentin (she just doesn’t know how to talk to him, she tried to be friends with him but they’re just not getting along, but they have a lot of respect for each other) but she wouldn’t say that she doesn’t like them
Fun facts: she can’t sing for shit, her cooking is terriblee unless it’s spaghetti (she’s very proud of her spaghetti), her brother is a tattoo artist (Faline is getting there) is getting jealous easily, she likes to work out, she’s bad at giving compliments, she never blushes, she always looks angry even though she’s just chillin, SHE LOVES LONG STILETTO NAILS!!! (always nude, red, grey or black)

Pride Month!

I did this little edit, to celebrate this month! 

I think most people don’t understand how important a character like Alexy is in a game like My Candy Love. Representation matters, it teaches people to respect the different and to have limits on how they should act.

And I really wanted to thank Chino for doing a such dear character like Alexy. He is wonderful, pretty and so cute. I loved him since the start, since when I saw my sister playing mcl for the first time. For all the times he made me laugh and stood by my side as I played, for future laughs and future plots. I’m so thankful for his existence. This fandom love who you are, Alexy, and we will always love you <3 we always be proud of who you’re, hon Alexy <3 


so, i came here because i’m forming a lab of girl geniuses. 

what’s it called? 

genius in action research labs. g.i.r.l. for short.

“The megasenji thrives most robustly when granted regular opportunities to graze upon ragweed. Indeed, if they are not offered such opportunities by their master, they will seize it themselves – bounding across the path with no warning, tripping anyone who may stand in their way, at the sight and smell of the plant they crave." 

 - The Care and Keeping of Megasenjis (1902)