i love pride!!!!


Thanks again for this amazing weekend with those amazing and beautiful people! I had so much fun with all of you and I’ll never forget the happiness I felt during the whole weekend. I’m already missing all of you and can’t wait for a reunion! 💕

Photos by @demiaceniall, @beatingfortwo, a CSD picture site and myself :)

Where are the slytherins that would stab anyone’s back (even their friends) cause the’d rather save their own necks? “im sorry but if its you or me I choose me” the ones that act nice and friendly all the time to get others to trust them

bc not all slytherins are evil but we cant deny that there’s a fair ammount that can be very bad people. The ones who cant control their ambition or are pathological liars and they -love being that way- and being so good at it, cont.

Just give me slytherins that use their house’s bad reputation to get what they want. Everyone knows what we are capable of, so we might as well take advantage of it “Damn right u should be scared of me”. Fear controls people. Fear gives you power.

The fact that every single person in this industry that’s ever met our boys has fallen over themselves to tell the world how nice and down to earth they are just speaks volumes. You can fool some people for awhile but not everyone for this long. We chose right folks.