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the outsiders as spencer shay quotes
  • steve: "look, i made a spoon hat."
  • soda: "i may be an idiot, but i'm not stupid."
  • ponyboy: "first they insult my art, and then they call me dead!"
  • darry: "hey little sister and her two friends that never seem to hang out at their own homes."
  • johnny: "at least the fall made the water come out of my ear...and some blood."
  • dally: "my magic meatball told me to."
  • two-bit: "don't worry, toasty. soon you'll be back and butter than ever...thank god no one heard that."
  • johnny: im a little thirsty
  • dally: here i'll buy you five cokes you might get thirsty later too
  • dally: do you need anything else literally anything i will get it for you
  • ponyboy: could i have one too

darry and pony having a night at home while soda is out with friends and they are sitting in the living room and darry sees how bored and kinda sad pony looks so he just starts telling him all these stories of them as kids and stupid things he while in high school and making pony laugh and smile with pony eventually falling asleep with his head in darry’s lap and darry just sitting there and rubbing his back for awhile before carrying him off to bed


You can fight me if you think Steve Randle isn’t a good and important character who deserves better than he is usually treated in this fandom.

Here’s a list of proof to remind you off the top of my head:

- Steve nearly collapsed in a sob when he saw Dallas get shot and die. One of his close friends. (Soda had to help calm him down).
- He was pissed at Two bit when he thought Two was only upset about losing his blade.
- He had red eyes during that part which tells that he must of been crying a lot since his buddies died.
- When Ponyboy was actually going use a broken pop bottle to fight off socs around the end of the book, Two bit said him and STEVE was going back him up if he had needed it.
- And back in very start Steve was pissed at Pony and asked why he was walking alone. Sure to Ponyboy that was annoying move because it got Darry go off at him and stuff but it’s also telling that he was worried about Pony walking around with socs about.
- Steve would of totally walked with Pony and I bet it’s not only because he was Soda’s kid brother but he is apart the gang and basically a little brother to him. Sure annoying one but it’s stated the gang kinda grew up together so I doubt he care too much if it meant Pony didn’t get beat up. He gets annoyed by him but he doesn’t want see him hurt either
- I 100% think age difference and them having to share Soda is the reason they didn’t get along otherwise they could of been closer than they originally were.
- But I mean, he was 17 and Pony 14. I can say any 17 y/o would totally get annoyed by their friends little brother always hanging with them but who wouldn’t? Like that’s a normal thing and Pony thinks Darry hates him so I don’t think steve really hates him either just bother by him sometimes but it’s kinda understandable
- In the movie when Pony is back the first thing Steve does is bear hug the hell out of him (it’s like 2am and pretty sure that was steve, im just going count it anyways. movie is still good Steve)
- Steve in the movie also makes note on how he thinks Dally is going be upset they didn’t say anything on his police record in the papers after the fire because he knows his friends
- Steve cares about his friends a lot but doesn’t show it off much because that’s just something you didn’t do back than in his kind of place. You kept emotions in to uphold a tough rep
- Steve’s specialty is cars. He’s great with them, he knows them upside-down and backwards and the best at stealing hubcaps but that’s not his only defining character trait
- He can drive anything on wheels
- Soda wouldn’t put up with an asshole for friend (not forgetting they were the closest in the gang. i bet more than pony and Johnny were) so Steve was a great friend because of course he is
- They have been friends since grade school
- He would totally try be nicer to Pony just for Soda’s sake without Soda even having to ask him (pretty sure that’s cannon?? it better be or it is now at least)
- Steve is a good person, a good friend, and a good man in a fight
- He slept at Pony’s house on the couch when him and his old man had a fight and don’t even try tell me he didn’t feel like shit every time it happened
- Even with the few bucks his dad gave him to make up for it he would still feel bad about it
- He likes chocolate cake
- He likes make a wisecrack every now and again
- The book states he’s cocky
- And SMART (he probably does good in school)
- He was tall and lean with thick greasy hair he kept combed in complicated swirls also said in the book
- He only worked part time at the DX but it was the same times as Soda as they always went together
- And not even Pony could tell if their gas station was so popular just because how good Steve is with cars or just cause Soda’s handsomeness. I say it’s a strong mix of both
- just man Steve Randle need I say more?

feel free to add more because he totally deserves more love (even though I said lot since i just really like his character and he needs more headcanon stuff on him)

Curtis Family headcanon because I can't help myself,

Mrs. Curtis has a box filled with embarrassing and adorable pictures of her boys. Everything from Johnny and Pony cuddling on the couch during a nap, Curly kissing Pony’s knee better, Darry and Paul playing in the yard all muddy, Soda hold Pony for the first time, Mr. Curtis and Darry fishing, Darry teaching Pony to walk, even Soda and Darry wrestling in the living room. But if you get down to the very bottom, buried under tons of pictures, is a small picture of a young Steve with a gap toothed smile bigger than Texas on his face as he played with Ponyboy on the floor, and a look of brotherly love in his eyes as Pony smiled back at him. A sneaky Soda with an equally as big smile on his face stood in the back ground.

Ponyboy Headcanon’s

I saved Ponyboy’s for last…First of all, because I love him- second of all, but I relate to him entirely but also not at all, ya know?? ANYWAYS-

-His clothes are always stained, whether is paint, grass stains, mystery lunch meat stains…They are all there, driving Darry nuts. 
-He and Johnny made a pact together that they would tell each other when they finally got with a girl
-Someone always had to keep an eye on this boy whenever they went out when he was little because he’d constantly wonder off
-He rode the bus to school up until his parents died and then he started getting rides with Steve and Two-bit
-His favourite colour is purple but the gang started teasing him about it so he doesn’t tell people that anymore
-Every since he watched Dally being shot, loud sudden noises scare the hell out of him
-He collects bottle tops and they gang always end up sitting or stepping on one
-Darry still has to do his laundry for him, otherwise it literally just will not get done
-He flexes and posed in the mirror before going out the door for school

Can’t we just agree how funny this scene is? Like Dally is in the back jumping off the hood and all I can think about is:

Dally:I’m Batman, motherfuckers

Soda:The hell is wrong with ya?

Tim:One day, can you not do weed?!


*gets the daylight punched out of him*

Those flippity floppity arms! 

Pony:There goes my life!

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anything about cute n nerdy ponyboy, so soft and sweet, thank you!

  • im so sorry but can we all agree that he starts going by michael…… okay? okay moving on
  • wears one of his dad’s old baseball caps any time he does something outside ( & he looks soon cute in it )
  • starts teaching himself piano the minute darry mentions getting rid of their old piano so they can keep it
  • sleeps under at least four blankets, even in the summer
  • as he gets older, he gets super tall 
  • always carries bandaids in his backpack in case anyone ever needs one
  • he has a ton of cute lil sweaters & some have those patches on the elbows
  • has s o f t and w a r m hands (,:
  • volunteers in the art museum in the children’s section & has the best time helping kids paint & draw 
Two-BitxReader drabble: “Will you chill?”

A/N: I absolutely love Two-Bit, so I felt like writing this little reader drabble. It’s just casual, cute fluff! The reader wants to relax with a book, while Two-Bit is just being his usual hyper self, so they try to shut him up. ♡ I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!!!

Part 2 (SMUT) can be found here!


As usual, Two-Bit was off the walls.

The two of you were in the Curtis’ living room together, hanging out on two separate couches. All you wanted to do was get lost in your book, but even picking up words was hard to do with him running around the room, blabbing about something or other. That was the best—and sometimes worse, depending on the day—quality Two-Bit had: he could talk about anything to anyone. His perpetual positivity and good-naturedness instantly brightened up the room. Anytime you were with him, his happiness was contagious.

Except for the moments when all you wanted was some peace and quiet. Like now.

“Two-Bit,” you began, starting to lose your patience at his monologue about who did what at the drive-in last night and what he thought about it. “Will you chill?”

He turned to you, his signature grin hitched upon his face. “I’m chill as a cucumber, baby.” You could by the way his eyes sparkled at the end that he thought that was a good line.

You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t help but smile at his off-beat sense of humor. You lowered your eyes back to your book.

It was silent for a few moments, before you heard him turn on the TV and settle down onto the couch. Predictably, he changed the channel to Mickey Mouse. Yet again, you tried to tune him out and focus on the pages of your book. A few moments later, he started laughing uproariously at the cartoon on the screen.

You were starting to get really annoyed now. “Keith.”

He looked across the room at you from the other couch, wiggling his eyebrows and smirking. “What?” Although he clearly KNEW what.

“Can you turn it down a little? Yourself included?”

Two-Bit stuck out his bottom lip in an exaggerated pout and turned the volume down on the TV.

“Thank you,” you said graciously before, once again, looking back down at your book. After a few silent minutes, you gradually became consumed by your novel again. Hopefully you would be able to finally get through this chapter—or even this page—

All of a sudden, a loud, unrestrained burst of laughter erupted from the other couch among a slew of cartoon sound effects.

You had had enough. You were over to him in two long, angry strides, standing over Two-Bit and trying to snatch the remote from his hands.

“Awwww, come on, Y/N! This is the best part!” He retorted, but his eyes were sparkling again, he was clearly enjoying himself as he dangled the remote out of your reach, grinning widely at you all the while.

You continually tried to snatch the remote from him, but he kept wiggling the remote out of your reach, easily changing it from one arm to the other as you struggled to grab it from him. “Keith, will you just…” you started, before realizing that it was futile; he just WOULDN’T make it easy and give the remote back to you. 

In that moment, you acted on impulse and annoyance and climbed into Two-Bit’s lap, straddling him. In that moment, he completely froze, eyes wide with shock, and you were able to easily snatch the remote from him and turn the TV off. Now you were the one grinning. “I win,” you said, thoroughly enjoying the fact that you had finally shut him up, which was never an easy feat. Two-Bit continued to gaze at you, surprisingly silent, as you got off of him and started back toward your book.

You weren’t expecting him to wrap both arms around your waist and pull you back onto his lap with your back to him. You couldn’t help but let out a little squeal of surprise as you hit his lap and his arms tightened around your waist.

“I think I win,” he said into your neck—from the smugness in his voice, you could tell that his signature grin was back as his breath on your neck sent a little shiver up your spine.

me on a date: so what do you think about the shepards?

them: who?

me, stuffing breadsticks in my purse: i have to leave, something came up

Golden Sunsets

A/N: oh,,, hi,,,

I had a burst of inspiration when I saw @noshittwobit‘s post about Johnny and Pony and just– wanted to write this,,, but if you don’t like me writing abt ur posts pls feel free to tell me and I will take it down !!!

Ponyboy sat on the roof of his house, staring off into the sky like he does almost every night. Though, tonight it felt a bit different. It had been at least a month or two since Johnny and Dally’s deaths, and Ponyboy was still coping with the loss of two of his great friends.

He sighs, pulling at the sleeves of his hoodie and shifting a bit, his heart starting to race, yet he wasn’t exactly nervous. The sun began to set and Pony smiled a bit, noticing that the sky showed a bit more of a gold color than it usually did. He sat in thought for a moment, is overactive imagination thinking it was Johnny saying “hi” to him from beyond the clouds, and Pony chuckled at that thought, even tearing up.

“Hey, Johnnycake.” The young boy mumbled, as if he were talking to his best friend again, “I miss you a lot. I hope you’re doin’ okay up there.”

And up into the heavens, Johnny stood with all the young angels, and he smiled, whispering softly,

“I miss you, too, buddy.”

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headcanons for if Ponyboy went out for football like his brothers wanted him to

  • darry finally convinces him to go out for football
  • football becomes a common interest between them & it’s something they bond over
  • ponyboy makes the team pretty easily since he’s already fast from track & got a lot of good advice from darry 
  • the coach makes him the wide receiver
  • he looks reeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy good in his uniform js js js 
  • & he builds up a lottt of upper body strength from practive so a r m s 
  • the team is a pretty even mix of socs and greasers but there are rarely any fights. they all kind of respect each other 
  • so pony’s able to make some pretty close soc friends
  • the gang always comes to games & darry & soda are so so so proud bc their little brother is smart as hell, a star runner, & playing football (,: