i love pole

I’m deliberately choosing to watch Hunter x Hunter and Jojo on Toonami every week instead of just streaming the whole thing like a normal human being and I can’t participate in the fandoms, at least without being spoiled, so it sucks.

But the experience is worth it, I think.

Yuri!!! on ICE Episode 10 Ending Scene - Dance off
Yuri Katsuki's dance off (yuri's abs omg)! episode 10 killed me Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to leave a like or comment down below! (sorry I have to format th...

I love how Yuri on Ice wouldn’t have happened if Yuri did’t got drunk that one time. It’s all literally  just happening because of these hilarious 2 minutes and that’s wonderful lol. Best way to end an episode and best reason to start an anime lol.

I also wonder where Yuri got that professional pole dancing moves lol. And no wonder Victor knows about Yuris stamina, he danced so much that evening while being drunk af lol.

Also: Yurio participated in that dance off sober agains a drunk Yuri and was humiliated lol….When I think about it I actually think EVERYONE Yuri danced with was more or less sober so they just rolled with drunk Yuri and that’s wonderful.