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Fighting For Him - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Thomas/Reader
Words: 4,571
AN: @writing-obrien wanted Thomas and I always give her what she wants. Also thanks to her for also providing me with the plot and helping me figure it out. Special shout out to @celestial-writing cause she’s my child and she’s always encouraging me. And to my GC @sincerelystiles @dylan-ohbrien @ninja-stiles @thelittlestkitsune @girlmeetsworldedits @sabrinas-wolves @mf-despair-queen @rememberstilinski and @stilinski-jpeg cause they’re always encouraging and inspiring and I love them all a lot. 

This is just a lot of smut cause I am thirsty as fuckkkkkkkkk.

The moment you laid eyes on Thomas you knew you wanted him. It was an instant attraction. You gravitated towards him before you even realized your feet were moving, the second he stepped in the room. He seemed to feel the same, his whiskey eyes following your every movement. There was only one problem. Brenda.

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Steve has many annoying quirks.  Given the smallest opportunity, Danny will elaborate on them at length to anybody who asks - and even to those who don’t if he’s feeling particularly spirited.

The truth is, though, that Steve is as endearing as hell.  He’s loveable, loving, a jumbled up mess of vulnerable badass sweetheart, and Danny loves him deeply.

He’s also a complete and total goof in bed.  Oh, he’s great in bed - they’re great in bed, thank you very much - but once the show’s over, he turns into a hilarious lump of limbs, pleased as punch to be naked and satisfied.  He loves a good snuggle, and, really, Danny is more than happy to oblige.

“You’re a goof,” he says, smiling when Steve draws him in, closer, tighter, warmer.  Oh yeah.  This is some tip-top snuggling, this is.

I’m a goof?” Steve harrumphs, stretches out a kink in his back before relaxing back into the mattress.  “I’m not the one who told Charlie about my time-outs.”

“Hey!  It’s not like I gave him specifics.  What do you take me for?”


Danny rolls his eyes.  “Still, nothing.  I made it sound like I put you in a cardboard box in the corner for 30 minutes, not that I-”

“-strip me naked in 5 seconds flat?  Have your wicked way with me?  Cunningly use to your advantage the fact that I like a good catnap after sex, and if I’m asleep then I can’t be blowing anything up?”

“Well I don’t see you complaining,” Danny responds, poking a finger into Steve’s side.

Steve captures the finger, lifts it up for a kiss.  “Of course not.  I love my time-outs.”

Hearts don't break around here :)

for @son-of-rome 😘

Sometimes, most times, she isn’t sure she deserves this happiness.

Like right now, sitting in the speckled morning sunlight of their tiny kitchen, legs swinging from the countertop, hot mug of coffee warming her fingers, as she watches the love of her life make pancakes. He’s telling a story and poking fun at himself to make her laugh. She doesn’t miss the pleased smile he tucks away when it works.

Percy gets batter splattered on his cheek and she loops a foot around his leg to pull him closer. He moves into her space effortlessly, fitting there without taking up any extra room. A small smile pressing his lips together and crinkling the skin around his eyes and he looks at her with those eyes of his and it’s one of those times when she can’t believe.

She can’t believe she deserves this, him.

(But then again, she can. She can believe that they are two souls who have been aching and aching with hurt and right now they deserve to be healing together.)

Annabeth puts down her coffee and swipes the batter off his cheek, watching him follow her movements. She dusts a kiss over the freckles on his nose and smiles when he laughs. Her cheeks ache so much with smiling and she only smiles more when he presses them between her palms, scrunching his nose right up to hers.

And this happiness. This bubbling, settling, silly happiness just fills her up and up and up. She loves this boy. From the top of his sleep-mussed hair to his finger-toes. In the corner of their own kitchen, with a cheesy song serenading them from the radio, and her boyfriend kissing smiles to her mouth, Annabeth feels so happy she can feel it spilling over and over.

(When she sees his happiness shining back at her, she knows they deserve this.)

She leans back just enough to see his face and tilts her head.

“What should we do today?” he asks her.

“This,” she says, chasing his lips, “and this and this and this.”

Brandon Larracuente ∾ j.a

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posted 5/3/17

request? yes
   " prompt 17 with Jeff?

prompt #17: “do you love me more than [insert celebrity name]?” “i’d be lying if i said yes.”

pairing(s): jeff x reader

warning(s): really short

a/n: i don’t know what celebrity the anon wanted to use so i’ll just use a random celebrity, whoops

“God, Brandon Larracuente is so hot.” you sigh, scrolling through your Instagram feed - which was coincidentally filled with Brandon Larracuente.

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Let My Baby Stay (M)

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Writer!Baekhyun x Reader (x CEO!Junmyeon)

I was made to love her. 

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Queen in the North {Pt. 2}

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Requested: By myself, because I am Trash™. Also some other absolutely lovely people.

Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

Previously: {Part 1}

Summary: Y/N was sent to live with The Stark family at a young age, and ever since then, she seemed to fit perfectly, maybe even more than she had ever noticed.

Warnings: I just watched the episode so fluff to the max

Word Count: 2,433

A/N: I am so pleased to see how many of you like the first part to this, and I sincerely hope that the second part is even better! Special shoutout to @secretschuylersister for looking over this/encouraging me to actually post it. If you have any requests, please feel free to send them to my ask box!

It was nice of Sansa to say that she was almost done poking and prodding and adjusting your dress, even if you all knew that it was a lie. Sansa had and affinity for dressing you up, claiming that if she tried it with Arya, she would lose a finger. You couldn’t say that the idea was entirely off base.

The dress was lovely. It looked a bit delicate in comparison to the usual style that ladies favored in Winterfell.  It was somehow different and you’re the same as the dresses that you favored on an everyday basis. Although you had lived in Winterfell for most of your life, your mother and father had lived much farther south.

So, you tended to favor lighter dresses, made of silk and lace in a wide array of colors. Jon liked to tease you that you were the brightest thing to ever live in Winterfell. What you didn’t know is how much Robb silently agreed with him. The dress was white, with layers of gray peeking through towards the bottom. It was lovely, although you had no idea how Sansa had managed such a lovely effect in the short amount of time since she had asked you about making a dress.

“I may have been working on it for a little while before I asked if it was okay,” she said, picking it up off of the bed and motioning for you to change into it. “But I knew that you were going to say yes anyways.”

You laughed, she was right. You had a hard time telling people no, especially when they were doing something so nice for you. After all, the Starks were your family. And if they were willing to put the time in to help you, then there was no way that you were going to refuse. It did make your schedule feel a bit cramped at times, in between dagger lessons with Arya and the boys, knitting with Sansa and tea with Lady Stark, who was forever insisting that you call her Catelyn, there were never enough hours in the day, something you often fought about with Robb.

“Well then, put it on!” Sansa laughed, tossing you the dress and pulling out her needle and thread, claiming that there were a few alterations that needed to be made. Sansa worked in silence, adding a few stitches here and there. And somehow, when she was done, the dress looked even more spectacular. She had managed to somehow make it fit you like a glove at the top, yet have the perfect amount of sway and flow in the skirts.

“Thank you, Sansa,” you said, admiring the skirts in her mirror. If you hadn’t been so caught up in how nice it was for Sansa to make you this lovely dress, you might have noticed the smug look on her face as she admired you admiring her dress. And you might have noticed that you were wearing in the Stark family’s colors. “But I really think that I should go see if your mother needs help preparing-”

“I was downstairs with her all morning. While you were fretting over nothing, I was making sure that you didn’t have an excuse to run away.” She laughed, guiding you over to the chair that was set up in front of her mirror. “Now, you have to stay and let me do something with this.” She sighed, motioning to the braid that you wore every day. Sansa took your braid in her hands, making quick work of fanning it out across your shoulders, running a brush gently through the ends or your hair.

“I cannot understand why you never take the time to style your hair unless I force you to. You know that anyone would do anything for you.” Sansa rain her hands through your hair, twisting it one way and then another, attempting to choose a style for that evening.

“I would rather spend my time with other engagements. And I’m sure that every single person in this castle has at least five things that they need to be doing at any given time. And shockingly, none of them include helping me with my hair.” You laughed, raising an eyebrow at her in the mirror.

“And does one of those things include pretending that you aren’t in love with my brother? Or is that simply a given, considering it is something that you do every waking minute of every day?”

You felt yourself tense, your shoulders locking back into place and your teeth grinding against each other. Sansa, on the other hand, continued brushing your hair into place, humming a soft tune to herself. You wished that you had an appropriate comeback, but you were left to sit there, mouth agape, while Sansa fussed with your hair for longer than should have been possible.

You’d hoped that you would have a bit of time to yourself before the feast that evening, but Sansa had insisted that a bit of rouge had never hurt anyone. By the time that she decided you were ready, the both of you were late.

“A queen never arrives at her own party on time.” Sansa laughed as you hurried down the hall. You hated to be late, and it seemed that the only time you were more than a few seconds late to anything was when Sansa insisted on helping you get ready.

“Then it’s really too bad that I am not a queen.” you reminded her, withholding a glare.

She snorted at you in a very un Sansa-like way, simply brushing past you and breezing easily into the banquet. You, on the other hand, were not nearly as confident. You took a moment to steady yourself, a moment to catch your breath, before stepping into the banquet hall.

The noise and liveliness of the hall erupted around you, pulling you in. You glanced around, taking in the musicians and the dancers that took up most of the space in the large banquet hall. And as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you were elated to see Robb standing with Jon and Theon near the edge of the dance floor.

You gathered up your expansive skirts, making your way along the edge of the room to the boys.

“Well don’t you just look dashing in the Stark colors?” Jon teased you, gesturing for you to do a twirl.

You landed a punch on his arm, not hard enough to actually hurt him, but firm enough to tell him to shut his big mouth, paired with an expression that told him you were going to pretend to be cross with him for a while. “If you must know, your lovely sister made me this gown, and as usual I had no say about the colors. But, I’m sure that it is just coincidence.” You attempted to sound sincere, even though you knew what Sansa was most likely thinking when she was picking out the material.

You pretended to listen to the boys ramble on about one thing or another, but your eyes were scanning the room in search of Arya. You knew that she was not particularly fond of feasts, so you always made a point to seek her out and reassure her, even if it was only for a few minutes. After few moments of searching, you spotted her, slumped into a chair, looking like she would much rather be anywhere else but here.

You felt Robb’s hand rest on the small of your back, attempting to draw your attention away from the very important matter at hand. “Y/N, do you want to-”

“Maybe in a minute, Robb,” you said, already making your way over to Arya, not even bothering to look back towards the sound of Jon’s booming laughter.

“Arya!” you laughed, taking her hands in your own and pulling her out of the chair. “Won’t you come and dance with me?”

“You know that I have been skipping my lessons,” she mumbled, refusing to meet your eyes. Somehow, she was in a worse mood than usual.

“I never said that we were going to make our way through the most boring waltz in existence.” You were already halfway to the band, who looked almost as morose as Arya, which wasn’t surprising when you thought about the music that they were being forced to play. “If this is to be the mood for the entire evening, we are all going to die of boredom.”

You let go of Arya’s hands for a few moments to whisper your instructions to the band. They all seemed to perk up immediately, sitting up in their chairs, the light coming back into their eyes. The tune changed from the sullen one that you had grown accustomed to hearing, to one that was jubilant and full of life. Reclaiming Arya’s hands in your own, your spun her around, prancing around in ridiculous circles until a smile finally graced her lips, and then a small laugh bubbled through, and you knew that your work was done.

You gave her one last smile, twirling her in another circle before stumbling off of the dance floor. All of the spinning had made you a bit dizzy, and with all of the skirts that Sansa had swaddled you up in, you weren’t surprised that you had nearly tripped a few times before you had even made it away from the dancers.

Robb’s hand found the small of your back, guiding you away from the mass of bodies that had swarmed the dance floor. You would have been surprised, especially because you hadn’t thought that Robb was anywhere near you, but he had a habit of turning up when you needed someone.

“What was it that you wanted earlier?” You asked breathlessly, collapsing into the chair that he had guided you to.

“Do you remember when my mother was so angry at us for sneaking into these feasts that she made us attend all of those dreadful dancing lessons?” Robb asked, smiling at Arya dancing with Rickon among the masses.

“Of course I do,” you laughed, recalling the many afternoons you had spent with your slightly nasty dance master. “Your mother was so sure that we would never turn up to another ball again if we had to take those lessons, but you were at every single lesson.”

“Naturally, you were so excited, and there was no way that I was going to miss it when you tripped over your own two feet.”

“If I recall correctly, you were always responsible for catching me after I messed up a new step.” You lazily punched him in the shoulder, but the laughter died in your throat as Robb caught your fist and linked his hand with yours.

“And I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

It wasn’t the act of holding his hand in yours that caused your breathing to falter. You had been holding pinkies since you had met, so after that, what was a hand? It was the way that his eyes were staring into yours, unwavering. For the first time in a long time, you felt yourself blushing because of Robb Stark.

It wasn’t something that happened often, the two of you had grown up together, after all. Your mother had been best friends with Cat, and when they passed away, it was no question that you were going to stay with Ned and his family.

You had been quiet when you arrived at Winterfell for the first time. It had only been a day or two since your mother and father had moved on, taken from you suddenly by a terrible affliction. You were assured that your friends would all be waiting for you, but that wasn’t good enough. You wanted your parents.

And even though you constantly reminded Robb of that, he was there for you at every turn. Bringing you a flower he found near a spring, hoping to make you smile, or telling you a poorly thought out joke, just waiting for just a glimpse of the dimples he used to know so well. And as much as you wanted to give him a glimpse of your former self, you needed time. Somehow, even at such a young age, both of you understood. And you had remained solemn, until one afternoon, he heard a giggle echoing from her chambers.

Robb threw open the door to find you sifting through a drawer full of dried flowers, picking them up one by one and examining them. He marched into the room, demanding to know why you had been so sad before. You never had been able to give him an answer, simply handing him one of the flowers and telling him that you were sorry. You never had offered him an explanation for those first few weeks.

“Y/N?” Robb’s voice and both of his hands cupping yours somehow managing to effectively draw you back to reality. “Are you okay?” his voice was soft, almost as if he was afraid to scare you away. He should know better than that by now.

“I was thinking about when I first came to live with you, well everyone. And you worried yourself over making me feel welcome, and you were so confused when you found me with that drawer full of flowers.” You sounded dreamy, still thinking about the days when things felt easier.

“You never did tell me why you kept all of those flowers. Especially when they never made you smile in the first place.” He smiled down at your hands, where his thumb was stroking the back of your hand.

“Because I knew that they were going to make me happy eventually,” You met his eyes, hoping that he understood what you were trying to tell him. “And I was right, wasn’t I?” Robb looked like he was going to answer, but you were finished wasting time moping about when there was a party going on. “Let’s dance, Stark.”

And without another word, the two of you were out of your chairs and headed for the dance floor. The musicians had kept their promise, and the music was lively. You were pleased to see that Arya had dragged Sansa into a group of dancers, and it brought a smile to your face to see that everyone was happy, for the time being. It was rare to stumble upon a moment where someone wasn’t squabbling, and when you managed to find one, you most certainly weren’t going to take it for granted.

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My Shot

Pairing: Lin x reader

Words: 645

Prompt: “Lin x reader where the reader she is eliza and during the break she raps immigrants (we get the job done) or My shot and he’s like damn my girl friend is amazing???”


Warnings: allusions to alcohol and sex, cussing

A/N: The title is kind of lame, but I couldn’t think of a better one. And hopefully this satisfies your request? (:

Sundays were always the best days, in your opinion. After your weekly coffee date with Renée, you laced yourself into a corset and took the stage as Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, alongside the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Though you were intimidated at first by his fame and genius, you and Lin soon became close friends. A few months ago, he admitted that he had romantic feelings for you, and you decided to go steady. It was the best decision you had ever made – besides auditioning to be the Eliza understudy, maybe. And getting to be his wife for three hours every Sunday? It was a dream.

“Y/n!” Jasmine squealed as you and Renée walked into the dressing room that the three Schuyler sisters shared. “I missed you!”

“Jazzy, I saw you last night,” you laughed.

“I doubt she remembers, she was drunk off her ass,” Renée joked. You laughed as Jasmine shrugged. It had been an interesting night; one of the ensemble members had a birthday party that contained lots of alcohol, and you got to know the Hamilton cast like never before.

“Well, that explains the headache. But hey, we’ve got a show to do! With Y/n!” Jasmine smiled. She really was too kind.

You beamed back at her and sat down at Pippa’s dressing table, examining your appearance in the mirror: Tousled hair that you hadn’t bothered to brush yet. Small smudges of mascara from the night before. Black eye bags to envy Lin’s; he did keep you up late many nights, and last night was no exception. To be honest, your legs were still a bit weak too. Thanks Lin, you thought, smiling.

“It’s really quiet in here. Jazzy, can you put on some music?” Renée asked, doing her eyeliner perfectly. What a queen. Jasmine nodded and picked up her phone, putting her music on shuffle and turning her attention back to her eyebrows.

You and Renée both started to laugh when “My Shot” came on. “Really, Jazzy?” You joked.  “You’re in the show eight times a week, for christ’s sake. Aren’t you sick of this song already?” Jasmine laughed.

“Hey, it’s a pretty damn good soundtrack. Besides, sometimes I like to pretend I’m different characters, you know?”

“A colony that runs independently, meanwhile Britain keeps shittin’ on us endlessly…” you started to rap along to Alexander’s lyrics, matching the strokes of your blush to the song’s tempo. You were so immersed in the song that you didn’t notice Lin standing in the doorway, arms crossed, grinning at the sight. Jasmine and Renée shared a knowing look as you kept going, determined to finish the song.

“I am not throwin’ away my, not throwin’ away my shot!” You finished, hitting the highest note with the ensemble, mascara brush in the air. Lin clapped and you turned around, suddenly noticing his presence.

“Damn, Y/n, I didn’t know you made such a good Alexander Hamilton.” He grinned, your heart melting.

“Better watch out babe, I’m coming for your job.” You stood up, crossing over in your white dress to embrace your boyfriend. He kissed you sweetly, smiling into your mouth.

“Does that mean I get to be Eliza, then?”

You laughed. “Of course, I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to be married to you, even if it is onstage.”
Lin smirked. “Would you marry me offstage?”

You pretended to contemplate it. “Maybe one day, yeah. But you better serenade me, Lin-Manuel Miranda.” You poked a finger into his chest, and he laughed, burying his face in your hair.

“God, just get married already!” Jazzy exclaimed from across the room. “Bless the world with your absurdly talented children.” You and Lin laughed, smiling at each other, his warm brown eyes staring into yours.

You leaned in for another kiss. “I love you, my Eliza.”

“I love you too, my Alexander.”


“You could slowly start to resume normal physical activity.”

“Hey.  Hey, Danny.  You awake?”

Head nestled into his pillow, Danny is much too snoozy and satisfied to answer.  He’s just drifting off when familiar hands land on his back, fingers poking in a quest for attention.  With a grunt, he gives in and blinks his eyes open.  “What, babe?  What, what?”

Steve looks delicious, all rumpled, his hair a mess and a goofy smile on his face.  “I’m really grateful that you asked.”

Chapstick Challenge || Conor Maynard Imagine

“Hello everyone, and welcome back to another video,” I say beaming towards the camera, arms extended to the sides of me almost hitting the person sat next to me, “And as you guys can probably tell I’m joined with my Boyfriend, Conor Maynard!”

I wrap my arms around his neck and pull his face towards mine so I can kiss his cheek. “Hi, guys.” He greets, one arm wrapped protectively around my waist.

“And today were doing the couples Chapstick Challenge!” I remove my arms from around his neck and I pick up the multiple chapsticks from in front of us.

“We each have two different and weird chapsticks each, so neither of us knows what the other has got,” Conor explains.

“Conor agreed to this video just so he could kiss me,” I say laughing.

Conor gasps and pushes me away from him softly, making me burst out into a fit of giggles, “How dare you say such terrible things about me?”

“But its the truth,” I giggle poking his cheek with my pointer finger.

“Can we get to the game now?” Conor laughs.

“Ill go first,” I say excitedly, picking up the gingerbread flavored chapstick. I run it along with my lips. I hide the chapstick in my hands and turn my face back to his and smack my lips together.

“So I get to kiss you now?” Conor asks cheekily, I nod my head and close my eyes waiting for his lips to place themselves on mine. I open my eyes after a few seconds and notice that he’s just looking at me.

“What?” I ask shyly.

“You’re so beautiful,” He whispers, leaning his face into to kiss me softly.

“That is totally cinnamon,”  He says confidently. I lean in for another kiss. “What was that for I already guessed.” His eye brows drawn together.

“I just wanted to kiss you again,” I say a blush appearing on my cheeks.

“So who wanted to kiss who now?” He teases, “Now was it cinnamon?”

“Nope, It was gingerbread!” I say grinning at the camera.

Conor groans, “It all makes sense now.”

Conor turns his head to the side and places his chosen lip balm on his lips before quickly pressing his lips to mine. As he pulls away, I place my hand on the back of his head keeping him close to me to I can kiss him for a little longer.

“That’s some kind of berry,” I say pulling away from him, “Is it Blackberry?”

“You must have cheated,” Conor huffs, “How did you get that?”

“Was it really I ask?” And I laugh when he nods.

We do the final two chapstick flavors each of us getting them wrong.

“Okay, well that’s all for this week guys! Ill see you next week, Conor’s links will be in the description, go follow him! Subscribe for more of my face, and probably more of his face and ill see you next week!”

“Now where were we?” Conor says placing his hand on my jaw leaning in towards my face before looking back to the camera and covering the lens, before turning the camera off.

“They’re going to go crazy over that video you know?” I ask laughing at my boyfriend as he pulls me into his chest and laying us down of the bed that we are sat on the edge of.

“I love that video already,” He chuckles, kissing the top of my head. I bury my face in his chest.

“I love you,” I say softly.

“I love you more,” He says back poking one of his fingers into my side, making me squirm.

“Not possible,” I say raising my face so our eyes can meet.

“Oh trust me babe its totally possible,” He presses his lips to mine softly.

Ashton Irwin - Are you ready now? Pt 1.

Word count: 2,585


I think you’re gonna wanna read this one :D 

“You’ve never done it before?” I said in blissful shock.

“You say it like you’re surprised, Y/N.” He took another sip of his tea.

I sat above him on the stairs in complete silence. My best friend has never had sex in his whole life. How come I’m only just hearing about this? He looks like the type of guy who would have any girl melt at his fingertip.

“I dunno, I guess I wasn’t ready for something serious like that.” His long fingers combed through his curls.

I couldn’t help but look away when he did this. It made my heart skip a beat. I shouldn’t be looking at my best friend that way. Ashton looked up to me for a response. My fingers played with the red lip stain on the white tea cup, poking at it and occasionally smearing it.

“Your first was with that arse, Calum, wasn’t it?” I could see fire in his eyes.

I didn’t want to talk about him.

“I can’t believe you actually loved that prick.” He rolled his eyes.

“I had my reasons, Ashton.”

He made a sound of disgust, “What was he good in bed?”

I’d had enough. I stood from my seated position leaving my tea and Ashton behind on the stairs and marched to my bedroom, slamming the door behind me. How dare he. He wouldn’t know how it feels to be in love, obviously. He’s never been with anyone like I have. I felt tears streaming down my face and wished Ashton had never came over today. I found comfort in my bed sheets.

Where had I even gone wrong with Calum? It was like one minute he was there and the next he was telling me goodbye and leaving for the states, taking everything but me with him. Ashton was there for me but he didn’t get it. He hated Calum ever since we started dating. They used to be friends until we got together. Ash said he knew Calum would always break my heart, it was just who he was.


I knew I wanted to give myself to Calum the night he brought me back to his flat from the pub. I’d gotten into a pretty bad brawl with another girl for getting too close to Cal for my comfort. When he told her to back off for the third time I pulled her off the bar stool onto the floor and started hitting her. Calum later said it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever done, sticking up for him like that.

“You look hot in my shorts.” Calum growled, jumping into the bed, his hair still wet after the shower.

I giggled as he grabbed his game controller and began to furiously play a game of FIFA. I brought my bottom lip between my teeth and fiddled with the string on the over sized shorts adorning my smaller waist.

“Hey, Cal?” He hummed over still concentrating on the screen.

I crawled over, pressing pause on the controller. My legs straddled either side of his waist and he grabbed hold of my arse, the game controller falling to the carpet.

“I wanna try something.”

He raised an eyebrow and his eyes grew wide when he knew what I meant, his lips forming an ‘o’.

“Are you sure, baby?” He whispered.

I nodded, “I want you.”

-End of flashback-

A knock on the door brought me out of my deep thoughts of Ashton and Calum. I didn’t turn to see Ash walk in the room. My bed tilted but I refused to meet the gaze I knew was focused upon me. He touched my hand.

“I’m sorry.” I looked at him, his head down now.

“You don’t know what that feels like, Ash.” I felt a lump in my throat just thinking about it.

I needed to feel loved again. I needed that connection. Ashton was my best friend but sometimes it felt like I wanted him to be more. I didn’t know if he felt a mere portion of what I did.

“Are you ready now?” The words fell from my mouth before I could think about what I was asking of him.

He just stared at me his mouth slightly agape. Ashton was an open book, but right now I couldn’t read him. His pupils were dilating. My heart was pounding against my chest as I waited for an answer. I squeezed his hand.


Ashton forced his mouth onto my own, his hand flying up to catch my face. My hands found themselves tangled with his mop of curls. He smelled like rich peppermint and my favorite cologne. It was then it dawned upon me: I was going to be his first.

I broke the kiss and moved my lips to the spot just below his ear, sucking the skin. His hiss was all the conformation I need that he liked it here. I sat up and threw my legs over his own to straddle his lap. Ashtons hands settling on my abdomen and arse. I bit down harder this time intending to mark him. Rolling my hips forward into his we both moaned at the increased friction. His bulge was becoming more and more prominent through his jeans.

“Fuck, Y/N.” Ashton hissed rolling his head back.

I used his disarrayed state against him, licking a bold line up his atoms apple and gently sucking it. Ashton rose up off the mattress begging for more contact.

“You like that, daddy?” I felt Ashton twitch when I called him that.

My crotch rubbed against his clothed erection and I couldn’t help but throw my head back in pleasure. Ashton was getting restless, rocking his hips up to meet mine.

“Please.” He puffed out in my ear.

I slid off of his lap but not before needingly pecking his lips one last time. He ridded himself of his shirt and I stood before him in awe. I’ve seen Ashton shirtless before plenty of times but this was different. He was at my mercy and I was at his. I came to sit on my knees, undoing the buttons on his pants. Ashton raised up for me to pull them down his legs. He kicked them off of his feet and were left in just his briefs. I took my bottom lip between my teeth as I freed his erection from the grey material and tossing them out of the way. His length slapped against his stomach. I could feel his eyes burning down on me.

Holding the length in my hand I pumped it a few times. My thumb rubbed over the pink head and Ashtons hips rose off the bed, hissing. I kitten licked over the tip before taking it in my mouth. Ashtons moans filled the room. I hollowed my cheeks to increase the pleasure and started twisting my hands back and forth over his length. He confused me when he pushed at my shoulders, causing me to release him from my mouth making a popping sound.

His hands came down to the hem of my t shirt and tugged it over my head. He already looked tired, his eyes drooping low and sweat decorating his forehead. I wasn’t nearly done yet. We haven’t even gotten to the main course.

Ashtons eyes grew wide when my head dipped back down. My tongue followed the patterns of his veins before I took him whole again, pumping harder this time. He held back my long hair. I massaged his balls with my free hand and it was enough to send him over the edge. A thick white liquid burst into my mouth.

“S-shit.” Ashton jerked up, hitting the back of my throat.

I finished sucking him clean of the sticky mess. When I looked up he was breathing hard and heavy, little hairs stuck to his forehead and his eyes were sealed shut. I smiled pushing them out of the way so I could see his hazel eyes. My lips came up to his in a lazy kiss.

I brought his hand down to the button of my skinny jeans, a weak smile on his face. He unhooked them, struggling to pull them down to my feet.

“How’d you get these on?” He joked.

I stepped out of them and waited for Ashton. He didn’t come back up. I giggled watching him stare at my red laced knickers nearly drooling over them. I let him guide me back to the bed and sit me down. Was he in control now?

Ashton licked his lips, running his long fingers up my thighs and over my crotch. I couldn’t help but whimper at his touch. He left kisses on the inner side of my thighs sucking the sensitive skin. He was marking me. I threw my head back on the mattress. His hot breath fanned over where I needed him most. I tangled my fingers in his hair.

“Ashton, please.” I begged.

He hooked my panties to the side and collected some of my excitement onto his finger and sucking it off. He hummed in satisfaction. I imagined his lips against me while he hummed like that, adding to the pleasure. I moaned at the thought.

“Cha’ thinking about, baby?”

“Your lips…”

He kissed my folds, licking up them. My breath hitched. I needed him. His bottom teeth grazed up the nub of my clitoris. Fucking hell.

“Ashton.” I moaned.

Without warning Ashtons tongue was inside me sucking all of my juices. I reached down for his hand that rested on my thigh, entwining our fingers.

“How the fuck are you so good at this?” I breathed.

He chuckled against me, sending vibrations through my core. Shit. My legs closed round his head before he pushed them back apart. It was too much. Ashton came up for air with a smile on his face showing off his prominent dimples. He was obviously proud of himself. He licked my excitement off his lips. With one swift movement my knickers were on the floor and my lower half was at his mercy.

He brought his lips up to my ear, teasing my entrance with his finger. I arched my back only for him to use his free hand to hold me down.

“How do you like it, baby?”

I thought back to all the mind blowing times Calum and I had done this. It would always be different. Slow and sweet. Loving. Rough. Fast. It didn’t matter to me, however they felt like pushing me over the edge worked.

“Surprise me, daddy.”

His eyes grew darker. The playful side of him wasn’t there anymore. This was going to be fun. He bit down on the skin of my neck hard and he growled. Rough. His finger slipped past my folds and into my heat. I whimpered as he pumped it in and out at a fast pace. I had to bite onto Ashtons shoulder to keep from screaming out. I didn’t want any fucking noise complaints from the old woman next door.

My walls were clinching round his finger. He added two more and pumped even faster. I couldn’t breathe. My nails clawed at his sides begging for a release. His thumb began rubbing circles into my clit. My breaths were coming out in pants in his ear.

“Come for me, Y/N. I’ve got you.”

My toes curled and my back arched up off of the mattress, Ashtons three fingers and his thumb riding out my orgasm. I felt bare when he extracted his fingers from my dripping crotch. He brought them up to his lips licking them clean.

“You have no idea how good you taste.”

Ashton went over to his jeans pulling a silver packet out of the pocket. He ridded the condom of the piece of tin and threw it in the bin. He slid the condom down his length.

“What’s with guys carrying round condoms in their pockets?” I joked.

He smiled, dimples popping into either side of his cheeks. They drove me crazy. Ashton took his length in his hand before I stopped him.

“No. I want to.”

I wanted to make his first time his best. He knew what I was asking, flipping us over so I bestrode his lap. I positioned him at my entrance and slid down it. He was so big inside me. Ashton grabbed hold of my abdomen, his thumbs pressing down hard. I don’t think he was meaning to hurt me. He didn’t notice how strong he really was compared to my smaller figure. When I winced in pain he eased up a bit, apologizing. Once I adjusted to his size I began rocking my hips forward into his. Ashtons moaning and groaning was all the conformation I needed to keep going. He used his hands to help me move more swiftly.

My back arched and it was then I noticed my bra was still on. I grabbed one of Ashtons hands and moved it to the clasp on my bra strap. In an instant he had it unattached and thrown across the room. Hungrily his head came up to my breast and bit down at the tender skin. Ashtons long fingers fell to my crotch rubbing back and forth on the small nub.

“Hmm, shit.”

“Ah, f-fuck Ash, there.” I threw my head back.

I wasn’t going to last long. My grinding became harder against his hips and our moans filled the quiet room. His member twitched inside of me and from experience I knew he wouldn’t last from here. I licked up the base of his neck biting roughly on the smooth skin. His breathing became erratic, chest rising and falling below mine. Within seconds I felt his length release inside the condom. I rode out his orgasm hitting mine only moments later shouting his name out. Screw the neighbors.

We sat in each others arms for what felt like hours. I couldn’t believe we had actually done that. Ashton was my best friend. I’d just had sex with my best friend. I’d just stolen his virginity.

“That was incredible.”

I giggled looking up at him through my eyelashes. He looked exhausted. Love bites were trickled from his ear down his neck and abdomen. I couldn’t imagine I looked any better. Ashton dipped his head and placed a lazy kiss on my mouth.

I sighed upon hearing a knock at the front door. It was probably my flatmate, Jessica. She was always at UNI so she would occasionally forget her keys here and having to get another copy. I slipped away from Ashtons warm hold and quickly dressed myself in pajama shorts and a tank top.

My hair covered majority of the bruises on my body. I made my way down stairs and towards the door, Ashton right on my heels. He didn’t bother putting on a shirt, just his jeans, the hem of his briefs sticking over them. I giggled as he grabbed at my bum, my hand patting his away. I sped walked to the door, opening it. My smile drifted away and my heart immediately sunk. It wasn’t Jessica.


His hair was cut shorter now in a military buzz cut, just leaving a little on the top, enough to style in a quiff. Tattoos decorated his tanned skin. He wasn’t scrawny anymore, muscles showing through his grey t shirt. I could see his jaw clench at the sight in front of him. Why was he here?

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Mile high club.

Hello, Love bugs! 

Dan X Reader 

Warnings- smut and swears.

Just a little something I wrote on the plane.

You had done it together about a million times before. But this one was different. This one was the flight to end all flights in the sense of the amount of sheer time. Dan had surprised you with a birthday present of a lifetime. A flight to (your choice) it was going to be a two-week excursion of sunshine and relaxation. The only problem was just the thought of sitting on a plane for that long cramped, hot and most likely near some random dude made you want to go back home and just cuddle. You and Dan had tried all you could to get seats in the same row together but I wasn’t possible. So you would be across the walkway from Dan. Not even able to hold his hand or bug him. The worst would be the lack of ability he would have to distract you from the hours of travel. 

The two of you were sitting in the terminal eating some unhealthy snack before take off. You couldn’t help but want to cuddle into him. I mean the guy did buy you an experience of a lifetime. “Daniel.”

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Alex Nylander - Cuddles

Originally posted by intermissionpenguins

Request : “  So I think the requests are open? I’m not sure? But could you do something with Alex nylander (if you wrote for him, if not then just willy instead)? And something about his hair? I LOVE ALL YOUR WORK!! “

Thank you love, I’m glad you enjoy my work.

Also, yes, my requests are open, I just have been a bit behind lately. 

Warnings: none, just a lot of cuddling

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Playful Affection

Sometime after the Inquisitor and Commander had shared a warm bath and donned themselves in fresh sleepwear, Arian was overcome with a sense of mischief.

“We should sneak into the kitchen and snatch the remaining cupcakes from dinner,” she urged Cullen, who just eyed her curiously from his spot on their bed.

“And have the cook chase us with her ladle again?” he retorted, shaking his head. “I’m still feeling the bruise from when she finally chucked it at me.”

Arian laughed and fell against him, resting her head on his chest. “Come now. You didn’t have the slightest rush from such a feat?” she asked, waggling her brows.

Knowing he couldn’t deny such a sound argument, Cullen regarded her with a smirk.

“Yes, I daresay it was quite revolutionary,” he goaded her, which resulted in the elf poking him in his side with her finger and causing him to yelp.

He knew he was in trouble the moment Arian’s lips slowly contorted into a devilish grin.

“Why, Commander,” she feigned a gasp, “Don’t tell me you’re… ticklish?”

Cullen didn’t have a chance to respond, for but a second later his lover had pounced on him, digging her fingers into his ribs and making him cackle and wheeze.

“N-no! Arian! P-please!” he begged, each word interrupted by a fit of laughter. “I yield! I yield!”

Arian, however, ignored his pleas - now pecking little kisses to his eyelids and nose. His cheeks were very much starting to become sore from the large smile that pulled at them.

It was when she shifted only the slightest amount that Cullen managed to get the upper hand, scooping the woman into his arms and placing her on her back.

“Uh oh,” she squeaked as she blinked up at him, and he chuckled darkly.

“My turn,” he growled, then began digging his fingers into her stomach. A howl of laughter left the elf’s lips in an instant, and before long she was attempting to weasel away, only for Cullen to snatch her up in his arms.

“Cu-huh-llen!” she screeched as he found her ribs, “I c-can’t b-breathe!”

The man couldn’t help chuckling himself, his lips seeking out her beautiful, rosy smile and quieting her just as his fingers ceased their ambush.

They pulled away from one another after a moment, Arian regarding him with the most affectionate of glances, before she reached out and poked at the tip of his nose with her finger.

“A fine match, my good ser,” she teased, giggling when Cullen caught her hand in his and bent forward to softly kiss her again.

“T'was indeed, my lady.”

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No One But You

Request:  Do you think you could write one about Newt being all protective over the reader? Also they have been dating awhile or are engaged please? I absolutely love your account btw❤️❤️☺️☺️

~Protective Newt is the best Newt :P This sounds absolutely adorable! I hope you enjoy!~

“Ready to go, love?” Newt poked his head into your room and asked. You finished adjusting your outfit and looked over at him with a smile.

“Of course.” you replied and walked over to him. He opened the door and grinned, bringing you into his arms.

“Goodness, I cannot believe I am going to call you my wife someday.” he said softly. You glanced down at the engagement ring on your finger and beamed.

“Me either. I can’t believe you proposed.” you teased. Newt shook his head and kissed your cheek lightly.

“Come on, not a very fun engagement party without the engaged, yes?” he walked down the hall and you followed after him, ready to celebrate with your friends.

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“Leap of Faith”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: After hiking up a beautiful cliff overlooking the ocean, you confront Steve about why he hasn’t acted on his feelings for you.

“Castle on the Hill” (Ed Sheeran)
“Stronger” (Clean Bandit)
“On Our Way” (The Royal Concept)

A belated one for JinWoo, the master of taking leaps of faith.

A/N: This one has been in my queue for about a month, and I rewrote it yesterday after a horrible session of therapy. Forgive me for the bumps and mistakes, I’m still not used to writing for/about Steve. - j xx

“Whoa… This is beautiful..”

“Yeah, it is…” Steve breathes out, silenced by his awe of the view.

The isolated cliff you stand on sits tall, almost angrily, breathing in the salty air of the ocean below with small gasps. There’s a rocky edge that looms over the majestic sea, which spawns fantastic waves. Boasting a gradation of shades ranging from a peaceful sea green to a deep blue, the ocean dances the line between raging waters and a lulling calm.

The hike up to the high point had been a rather challenging one, but anyone who endures the hike is rewarded with with a stunning vista of the surrounding area. While the rest of the Avengers have chosen to frolic and relax on the beach, you and Steve toughed the upward hike and are treating your eyes to a view worthy of the gods.

Steve glances at the you with a small smile. “You okay, (Y/N)?”

“Peachy, Captain. Just peachy,” you sarcastically wheeze. You use the sleeve of your shirt -why on Earth did you wear a long sleeve on a hike?- to dab your forehead before shooting the blonde an infuriated look. “How are you not sweating? Does the serum also make you look like a model even after a six mile hike?”

Steve glances down at his body before shrugging. “The wind blew it off?” he weakly offers. The super soldier bursts into laughter as you dramatically roll your eyes at his answer. “Sorry, (Y/N). I probably should have warned you about this hike’s difficulty.”

“Mmhm, no wonder everyone else opted to skip the hike.” You take in a deep breath and allow yourself to bask in the warm sun and salty air. “But man, they’re really missing out,” you happily sigh.

“Yeah, they are…”

This time you glance at Steve, letting your eyes wander over his physique, which is fantastically showcased in his tight blue workout shirt. Your eyes return from its journey only to make eye contact with his brilliantly blue eyes. Knowing that he caught you ogling at him, Steve arches an eyebrow. You, shameless about your lustful admiration for his body, deviously bite your lower lip and wink.

“One day that look will get you in deep trouble,” Steve grumbles. He’s suddenly aware of how hot his face is and looks away, hoping the ocean air will cool him down.

“Too late, Captain. I’m already in too deep.”

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In a way I can't return - kakasaku

For the The way you say “I love you” prompt meme.

These are all going to be ridiculous by the way. Because these children are all ridiculous.

“Kakashi,” Sakura demands, “how drunk were you?”

Kakashi runs a hand through his hair. “Really drunk.”

“Obviously.” She stabs him in the chest with two fingers.


Sakura rolls her eyes but stops trying to poke at it. “Infant. I know for a fact that you’ve had worse injuries than me poking a brand new tattoo. Hells, I’ve inflicted worse injuries on you.”

“Sakura-chan,” Kakashi moans, “you’re so cruel to this old man.”

She rolls her eyes again.

“Here I am, making a romantic gesture, and you mock my pain.”

“This is supposed to be romantic?” Sakura asks, gesturing at his chest.

And, yeah, to be fair, it’s very pretty. Almost too pretty for the sharp planes of him: all achingly lovely lines and a blush of pink bleeding across the petals.

And, yeah, okay. He got a cluster of sakura blossoms tattooed over his heart. It’s romantic.

He still deserves to be mocked.

“Isn’t it?” Kakashi asks.

She thought that the flowers were a pretty pink, but the blush blooming on his cheeks and down his neck, down lower still, is even prettier.

Sakura wants to put her mouth on it.

“Depends,” she says, “on whether you think it’s still a good idea.”

Kakashi shrugs, deliberately artless, but he can’t look her in the eye. “You’re”–he coughs–”you’re inscribed on my soul regardless.”



Sakura pulls him down and kisses him breathless, takes his terrible, lovely, vulnerable words into her mouth and holds them there, safe, where they can’t be snatched away by a stray breeze.


Kakashi tugs her in closer with his hands on her hips.

She wants to fall into him and never leave.

“I love you,” he gasps when they finally wrench away to breathe.

She’ll never let him take it back.

(He’ll never want to.)


“Yeah,” she whispers to him later, wrapped up together in their bed. “It’s romantic.”

She bares her teeth in a wild grin.

“I love you,” she tells him.

His smile is soft and sweet and shy. And it is hers.

He’s hers, forever.

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39& 51 in two seperate pieces please

39: “I forgot I was a single parent.”

“Shawn you can’t just lash out at Tracy like that! She came over to you telling you she missed you and that she needed you and you just yelled at her!” Shawn only continued drinking the beer in his hand

“I didn’t think she’d ruin what we had, we used to be perfect Y/N, until she came along.” he spat

“How could you say that?! I don’t know who you are, but I need Shawn back, I need the wise man I agreed to marry, I need my husband, I need the man who looked at Tracy like she was his whole world when she was born! And I wish you said this when you actually do have a reason for saying that, because you don’t! I’m raising her on my own while you’re touring the world Shawn! Where’s your part in parenting?” His mouth opened only to close again, he had nothing to say, which made you scoff

“Oh right, I’m sorry, I forgot I was a single parent.” you snapped he was about to reply when you heard the door creak open

“Mommy?” you turned to see Tracy at the door hugging her blanket to her chest, you walked over to her and crouched

“Yes sweet heart?” 

“Are you and daddy gonna leave me?” she asked sniffling letting tears stream down her face which made your heart break

“No sweetie, I would never leave you.” you cooed

“I’ll leave if it will make you and daddy happy again, you two can be alone and love each other while I go live away.” she offered and tears were streaming down your face as you faced Shawn and poked your finger into his chest



“No, you want her out of your life? Fine, but I’m leaving too.”

“You can’t be serious!” he said and you only picked up Tracy and walked to her room locking the door behind you

“Y/N open the door!” he jiggled the door knob, you put Tracy on her bed as you packed her suitcase

“Mommy, are we gonna be okay without daddy?” she asked

“Honey, we never needed daddy, we don’t need anyone.” you tickled her sides causing her to laugh

“Its me and you against the world, babygirl.” you kissed her nose picking her suitcase up and opened the door, Shawn was no where in sight, you took that as an opportunity to rush to your room and pack your things.

When you finally finished you and Tracy took your bags downstairs and saw Shawn’s head in his hands, you put the bag near the door making him look at you, eyes widening.

“Y/N, no.” He jumped to his feet, you took the suitcases out leaving Tracy to say goodbye to her father as you put her things in the trunk, when you finished you peeked from the outside to see what they were doing and your heart melted

“Daddy are you gonna forget about me?” she asked

“I could never forget about you darling.” he kissed her forehead, you entered the house and Tracy walked over to you and you walked her to your car placing her in

“Y/N, please don’t.” he begged

“Wait here Tracy, okay?” she nodded as you got out of the car to talk to him

“Did you know why Tracy wanted to talk to you when you yelled at her?” you asked and he shook his head ashamed 

“She was being bullied in school, because her father is the famous pop star Shawn Mendes.” guilt flashed through his eyes

“I didn’t know-”

“You would have, if you just listened.”

“I’m sorry Y/N, I’ll be there for Tracy, I’ll make this work just please don’t leave me.”

“You left us many times, why should we stay?” with those words said you got in your car and drove away.

Yikes I always make sad endings :((((( And I’m sorry about not doing 51 nonnie I just don’t have enough time I’ll try and do it soon tho!!

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"I was asexual before, but I'm super asexual now," Hugo sighed

(I see all you miracusims fans in my inbox and I LOVE YOU)

“I was asexual before, but I’m super asexual now,” Hugo sighed, taking another deeper pull from his wine glass.

His sister turned from where she’d been practically eye fucking her wife from across the restaurant table, mouth twisting into a smirk as her hand instinctively shot out to ruffle his hair, and it was with a similar ease perfected by a lifetime of being a younger sibling Hugo dodged her tricky fingers.

“Aw c’mon,” Emma crooned, poking at his frowning, mustache-lined lips as Lotte giggled into her food, “The first step to baby-making is setting the mooood~”

“Not with my sperm you don’t,” Hugo groused, grabbing his napkin to both ward off his sister’s fingers and hide the tiny smile resting at the corner of his mouth. 

‘Overly affectionate or not,’ he mused, pretending to gag as Lotte leaned over to whisper something that made Emma turn bright red, ‘They’re gunna be great moms…’