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hey ; u ; pls don't feel bad for your sappy tags i love them. i am also a v emotive & loving person and i am so happy for you that you met jonghyun!! he is a person i really love as well and i can't imagine how happy you must be!! <3333 i hope you don't find me creepy to randomly pop out of nowhere in your ask box ; n ;

aaah no no i really don’t find you creepy at all my precious darling i’m actually

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people tell me this all the time especially @staerry-sky…. 


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he’s really something special, something amazing, something beautifully crafted. He’s such a gift to this world. I am so happy i get to live the same time as him. To be touched by his artistry and his personality and his entire being. I am happy I get to love someone like him.

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Akira blushing over a delinquent even though everyone thinks he is is 👌🏽👀

I’ve sold my soul to blushing Akira, there’s no going back for me.

Mr. Laufeyson's Ward

TITLE: Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit.


Pleasant days followed our return to Heathcote, which was especially due to the many activities that we found ourselves engaged in. We had made it back home just in time for the May Day picnic, a tradition that was long standing in the county and was held on an expanse of land near the village. Children joyously romped around while wrapping the Maypole, as the adults looked on with delight.

My master sat on a fold up chair near the back of the crowd, solitarily surveying the scene through his dark sunglasses. He was dressed all in black, and contrasted with the light spring colors that everyone else was wearing. I, on the other hand, wore my lightest frock, as it was quite a mild day, which was tastefully patterned with navy pinstripes.

For the event, I had volunteered to hand out various foods and treats that many of the women in the village had made for the occasion, and had therefore been on my feet the entire morning. Even though I was by no means an efficient cook, I had even lent a hand to assist Mrs. Cunningham in baking an assortment of pastries.

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You didn’t ask for it but I gave you all my love on a silver platter so maybe it’s my fault for giving it to you without asking if you wanted it. I didn’t ask you if you wanted to be my wishes at 11:11 or if you wanted to be written into poetry and become every love song I listen to at 2 AM when I can’t sleep. I didn’t ask you if you wanted to run through my veins and become an addiction.
—  P.P

Platter time!

From @beasleyceramics - I’m not the fastest potter, but I do love platters! #platterpotter #potter #clay #pottery #ceramics #cone6

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Norman’s Bethyl Playlist

It’s obvious where Daryl’s heart is when Norman is flat out giving you his inspirations for each episode. In a very recent interview, he spoke about how he uses music to prepare for his roles more than he does going over and over his lines. He uses music to set his emotion and mood for each episode. He casually mentions Motorhead as being a main source but for very specific episodes he reveals the song he used for it.

STILL  s4e12
J. Mascis - Very Nervous and Love 

Tell me why you broke
Tell me ‘cause I’m nervous and love
I’ve been thinking less
I’ve been thinking out loud… to prayers
Tell me where we are
Tell me ‘cause we never get far

CODA s5e8
U2 - Drowning Man 

Take my hand
You know I’ll be there
If you can
I’ll cross the sky for your love
For I have promised
Oh, to be with you tonight
And for the time that will come

THEM s5e10
Mazzy Star/J.Mascis - Fade into You

I want to hold the hand inside you
I want to take a breath that’s true
I look to you and I see nothing
I look to you to see the truth
You live your life
You go in shadows
You’ll come apart and you’ll go blind
Some kind of night into your darkness
Colors your eyes with what’s not there.

Fade into you
Strange you never knew

Fade into you
I think it’s strange you never knew

And people still want to believe Daryl wasn’t in love with Beth…
Norman seems to have made it pretty obvious where Daryl’s feelings are with it comes to Beth. We have to keep an eye on Norman and what he posts for music. He’s been sharing with us his inspirations and letting us into Daryl’s heart.

The Lady & The Shark


Put on your tin-foil hats and buckle up for a ride to Crazy Town, folks. I admit this one is out there.


In late July of 1974, a 13-year-old girl walking her dog in the dunes outside of Provincetown, MA, followed her beagle into a stand of stunted pines, and nearly stepped on the badly decomposed body of a young woman. For a time, the inconclusive investigation into her death gripped all of New England.

An attempt had been made to remove her head, probably with the blade of a shovel, but the decapitation had been unsuccessful. The killer had better luck taking off her hands, which were never found. Several teeth had also been removed, all part of an effort, one presumes, to make her impossible to identify. Her jeans and a blue bandana had been folded and placed beneath her head.

The press dubbed her the Lady of the Dunes and at the time of this writing, over 40 years later, no one has ever claimed her. She remains without a name or a history. Her killer has never been identified.

Much has been written about the Lady of the Dunes and I won’t bother to recap four decades of investigative work here. Deborah Halber dug about as deep into her story as anyone has ever gone in her book The Skeleton Crew: How Amateur Sleuths are Solving America’s Coldest Cases. I recommend it to anyone interested in the granular details of the Lady and also for readers of true crime in general.

For now, though, accept that to this day there are only a limited number of established facts. We know about the blue bandana and the Wrangler jeans. We know she was between the ages of 25 and 49 years old… although 30 seems a particularly good bet. She had expensive dental work. Her hair was auburn or red. She was fit, 145 pounds, and when she was discovered her hair was in a ponytail, captured by a holder with gold sparkles in it. There have been several attempts to reconstruct what she looked like. Here’s one of the most recent efforts:

That’s it. That’s what we know for sure. Everything else is conjecture. And in all the time since her death not one person has stepped forward to say, “I saw her. I met her a few weeks before she was found. I can tell you her name.”

But what if we’ve all seen her? What if she’s been in front of us for decades and we just never noticed?

Who’s in the mood for a ghost story?

Yeah. Okay.

So let’s talk about JAWS.


JAWS was filmed in Martha’s Vineyard in the summer of 1974. It was a famously challenging production; originally scheduled for 50 days of shooting, it took over 120 days to complete, and was continuously teetering on the edge of disaster. The work was worth it - it is the summer movie by which all other summer movies are judged. (The story of how the film got made is a fascinating narrative in its own right. Carl Gottlieb’s The JAWS Log is probably the single best recounting of those hot, desperate days on the beaches of Edgartown, MA)

It’s also my favorite movie. Nothing else is even close. It’s a story I’ve returned to again and again. I think I was nine the first time I saw it, on laserdisc, a format which predated VHS and DVD (God, I loved those big silver platters!). I’ve seen it at least once, almost every single year, ever since. I’m sure I’ve viewed the picture 25+ times. I can recite the lines in much the way a tent revival preacher can recite long passages of the Bible.

And yet I had never seen it on the big screen until this summer. In June, JAWS was unleashed on theaters once more to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Naturally, predictably, maybe inevitably, I was there. For the first time I saw the picture the way it was meant to be seen. On the big screen, baby, that shark’s mouth is just about wide enough to ride a bicycle into it.

I was watching in my usual tranced out state of dreamy pleasure… and then, suddenly, found myself half-lunging out of my seat, prickling with gooseflesh.

Now understand, I had only just finished reading The Skeleton Crew a few weeks before. The Lady of the Dunes is in many ways the centerpiece of the book, and unlike the other crimes Mrs. Halber explores, it remains infuriatingly unsolved. After finishing the book, I had spent a few minutes online, acquainting myself with the latest details… and studying the recreation of the Lady’s face.

And now, suddenly, impossibly, there she was… life-size and looking over her shoulder at me. There for a moment in a busy crowd scene, and then gone.

I settled back into my seat and after my pulse returned to normal, I was able to enjoy the film. By the time I got home I had mostly talked myself into believing I had fantasized the whole thing. Just to be sure, I queued up the scene in question my DVD and rewatched it, to see if my eye would find her once more. But no. At least on the 15″ screen of my MacBook Pro, at 11 at night, I was unable to spot her a second time.

But the thought wouldn’t leave me that my unconscious mind had, in fact, latched into something. In the weeks that followed I talked to several friends about what I had seen (or thought I saw). Finally, I broached the subject with an FBI agent I know socially. I expected a good bit of teasing. Instead, he raised an eyebrow and said, “You know, it might be worth going forward with your theory. There might be something in it. Odder ideas have cracked colder cases.”

With this modest encouragement, I watched the film yet again, going over the sequence in question on a big screen TV, frame-by-frame, with @VoodooDarling as an extra set of eyes.

@VoodooDarling saw her before I did.

Here’s that recreation of the Lady of the Dunes again.

And here’s a crowd scene that appears 54 minutes and 2 seconds into JAWS.

Is that her? On the left?

Isn’t it?

Let’s take a closer look.

Blue bandana. About 30. Fit, 145 pounds. I don’t believe those are Wrangler jeans, but a lady presumably owns more than one pair of jeans.

Is the Lady of the Dunes in JAWS?




I admit its pretty goddamn wild speculation. And yet…

And yet.

Let’s go a little further down this very dim, very narrow alley of fantastic conjecture.

It is impossible to say with complete precision when they filmed the “July 4th - Crowd Arrives” sequence, which is where this shot appears. But we know it was almost certainly shot in June, because they filmed all the “on island” scenes they could early. The water was too cold for swimming, and the malfunctioning shark wasn’t ready for the “at sea” material until late July.

We also know the Lady of the Dunes was alive in June and that the filming of JAWS was a big deal locally. Lots of folks turned up to try and get a peek at the stars, or the shark, or to see if they could sneak into a shot.

The geography works too. Martha’s Vineyard is a short hop from Provincetown. It would be no surprise at all if a girl summering on the Cape decided to take a few days to explore the Vineyard… especially with the added bait of celebrity to draw her in.

Of course this is far from being even vaguely conclusive. The girl in my isolated frame of JAWS wears a blue bandana, but what of it? In the next sequence, on the busy beach, there are half a dozen women wearing blue bandanas. It must’ve been the style. Furthermore, it sure would be nice if her hair was in a ponytail, looped with a holder that has gold thread in it. But her hair is loose. It would be great if those were Wrangler jeans, but my Google Fu suggests they aren’t.

Here’s all we really have: an extra who bears a startling resemblance to a girl who turned up dead, some coincidences of time and geography, and a writer of horror stories who has a “feeling.”

Not exactly case closed, huh?


I create fiction for a living and I am always my own first audience. Telling stories to myself (especially ghost stories) has been my great pleasure - and compulsion - since childhood.

I am under no illusions about the situation here. I was watching JAWS, under the influence of The Skeleton Crew, and my subconscious invented an exciting little story about the Lady of the Dunes on the spot. It was so good, I persuaded myself it might be true.

It IS a helluva what-if, isn’t it? What if the young murder victim no one has ever been able to identify has been seen by hundreds of millions of people in a beloved summer classic and they didn’t even know they were looking at her? What if the ghost of the Lady of the Dunes haunts JAWS?

I know: to believe an extra glimpsed in JAWS is the verysame woman killed outside of Provincetown is a leap into the extreme hypothetical. That said, before her death, this woman had a life, and some of that life was spent on the Cape during the summer of JAWS. The odds are long that the Lady of the Dunes appears in the picture… but maybe not unimaginably long.

I turn this possibility over to the greatest puzzle solving instrument humans have ever created: the Internet. Give JAWS another watch. Look for the Lady.

Did you spend the summer of 1974 on the Cape or on the Vineyard? Were you in JAWS? Who else was there, the day they captured you on camera? Who did you talk to between shots? What do you remember?

This woman does not have a name:

Does this one?

You can’t do this to me (Calum Hood imagine)

I was just getting back on the tour bus, when Luke and Michael talking caught my attention. “I just don’t understand why Calum keeps her around.” I hear Mikey say, now it’s too late to stop listening and just barge in, so I stand still, trying to not even breathe. “I’m pretty sure he likes to keep her around just to fuck, you know? I mean, he says, he loves her and what not. But I won’t believe that for one minute.” Luke says with utter certainty. “Since when does Calum love bitches, plus she doesn’t even look that good. She makes Calum look bad.” Mickey remarks, bursting in to laughter. The cheerful laughter that I usually love, seems so evil, so hurtful.

As I feel tears stuck in my throat I decide it’s best if I just leave. I grab a piece of paper, which happens to be the check from the pizza place. Using the side of the bus as a writing table, I scribble a sentence on the back of the check. When I’m done I place the pizza on the front armature of the buss with the check on it and leave.

Deciding that checking in to a cheap motel would be my best option for now.

Calum’s POV:

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“eBae” - A Love Letter From Thief X fanfiction featuring Kenshi Inagaki

Bachelor Auction AU featuring cameos by chiapeto, littlehevn, otomesass, and shortymcpunkbutt

Rated PG for language, references to alcohol, and general shenanigans

With a clink of their drinks and a cry of “Bottoms up!”, Amy, Chia, Kay, and Xiao toasted the beginning of their long-awaited girls’ night out, the culmination of weeks of frantic text messaging and juggling of schedules. Between full-time careers and other obligations, finding the time to hang out together had become harder and harder lately for the increasingly busy ladies, each of whom was looking forward to a night of letting down her hair (or hiking up her skirt as the case may be). However, once Kay had found out through the nonprofit animal shelter she worked for that Tres Spades Casino was holding a charity Bachelor Auction, all four girls immediately cleared their calendars to check out the infamous hot spot and even hotter guys that would be up for grabs at the gala fundraising event.

Slowly sipping her margarita, Amy looked around the elegant ballroom in which the girls were seated. Thanks to Kay’s connections in the charity circles, they had been able to snag one of the coveted VIP tables situated right up against the runway, guaranteeing that they wouldn’t miss one muscle ripple of the men who would soon be parading on stage. While the table had been a little pricey, the girls definitely got what they paid for. From the expensive china on which their many plates of appetizers had been served to the tuxedoed waiters who served them, Tres Spades was more than living up to its lavish reputation.

“I had heard this place was pretty posh, but I had no idea it was this fancy,” Amy remarked, pointing at the chandelier above their heads. “That thing is so huge I almost expect the Phantom of the Opera to jump out of it!”

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@thehealthiertash needs to make this for me in the mornings 😂☺️ but seriously! I love little fruit platters like this! Just cut them up and leave them in your fridge for the day! That way, when ever you feel like something sweet, you just reach in and grab some fruit 💛☀️ www.kaylaitsines.com/guides

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