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Please Don't Do That

Alright, so I’m a cosplayer who goes to local cons, and usually tries to make at least one new costume per year. I get pretty great feedback despite my nagging doubts and my pudge. And, I meet some pretty excellent people because of this.

This year, the two local cons I go to in the spring were on the same weekend. I heard a lot of stuff about the more popular one doing stupid things with planning on purpose so that the campus officials can shut it down.

So, I went to both, just one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I cosplayed Rose Quartz from “Steven Universe”, and had possibly the best time I’ve had with a cosplay to date. At one point on the Sunday con, people were crowding around taking pictures of all the SU cosplayers who were sitting around and chatting at the time, and having a lovely time talking to new people. At least, I had a lovely time.

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