i love planned parenthood

How can I support Planned Parenthood?

Someone asked us:

Love you guys!! You’ve made proper health care possible for many of the women I love, including myself. How can I help support you??

That is so amazing to hear and we love that you want to give back and support our work! There’s so many things you can do. Here are just a few of them:

  • Volunteer - Got a few extra hours a week to give back to your community? Reach out to your local Planned Parenthood health center or check our listings for positions in your area.
  • Spread the word - Tell your family and friends that you’ve had a great experience at Planned Parenthood. The more people who know about our services, the more people we can help.
  • Donate - We know not everyone has extra cash, but if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, consider donating it! You can give once or even become a monthly donor. We appreciate it all.
  • Say thank you - If you’ve had a good visit, saying “thank you” goes a long way. The health center staff work so hard, and deserve all of the high fives.
  • Show off - We’ve got swag for purchase in our online store. Walk the runway. Hit the catwalk. Literally wear your Planned Parenthood pride on your sleeve.
  • Keep using our services - A lot of our health centers accept insurance plans. A lot our health centers offer financial aid, payment plans, or sliding scales. Sometimes you can get services for free or low cost. Keep coming back and we’ll keep providing you and the people you love the basic, affordable care that you need and deserve.

-Chelsea @ Planned Parenthood

PS. If you want to support our political work, you can learn more on the ppaction tumblr blog.


This is why I fucking love Elizabeth Warren. I hope that one day she decides to run for president, she doesn’t let anyone get away with anything. planned parenthood​ helps more people than these ignorant old white men will ever realize, including myself, and it was not for the so frequently presumed reasons. 

  • <p> <b>Person:</b> Capitalism is so disgusting how dare companies make money off impoverished and desperate people how can anyone support businesses like that how dare companies prey on the ill the poor the weak there is absolutely no excuse big businesses are complete trash<p/><b>Same person:</b> I love Planned Parenthood they can do no harm they are 100 % always in the right they are the perfect company everything they do is justifiable<p/></p>

oh man sometimes I look up and realize that I just spent an hour on what was basically an essay and go “WHY AM I NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS???” 

@ NARAL/Planned Parenthood please hire me, I run a semi-popular pro choice blog on tumblr dot com and can argue about abortion for days

when it comes to the abortion debate we can all shout “a woman’s choice” until we’re blue in the face but honestly even if abortion remains legal lots of women do not have choice. Rural women may not be able to get to a clinic for prenatal care or an abortion. Poor women may not be able to afford an abortion. Poor women may not be able to afford prenatal care.  Poor women can’t afford the hospital bills to have a baby. Either way they are punished.  We need to provide women ALL WOMEN regardless of color, education, or economic status with the health care and knowledge. EXPAND Planned Parenthood  

you know, I love reading everything supporting planned parenthood.  I love reading articles and personal stories about health screenings, contraception, general education.  I love when I hear stuff like “Planned Parenthood is about more than providing abortions” and “It’s only 3% of what they do”, because it’s important that people understand that.

But every time I hear the attacks on Planned Parenthood, the urge grows to say “Yes, Planned Parenthood does perform abortions” without mentioning anything else PP does.  Because fucking SCOTUS said in several different rulings that it’s legal for them to do so, and we shouldn’t have to justify PP’s existence by listing other services provided.  They perform abortions, as is their legal right.  And it is my legal right to obtain an abortion should I desire or require one.  I shouldn’t have to justify it with some fucking exception or special circumstance.