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I watched Moana on Nov 22nd in my theater and How Far I’ll Go has been stuck in my head since then.

I haven’t been moved this much by a Disney movie to the point of crying in so long. I think I cried like realistically, five times. But it felt to be more like at least 20.

Moana is beautiful. And reminds me so much of my homeland in the Philippines.

My mother doesn’t like animated movies much, as English is her second language. So they can be hard to follow. But when she saw the island culture, I know she was moved too and comforted to see something so beautiful yet familiar on a large screen.

Please go watch Moana. You won’t be disappointed.

How To Say “I Love You” In 22 Different Philippine Languages

Regions primarily spoken: Pangasinan, Benguet, Zambales, Tarlac, Nueva Vizcaya, and Aurora

Regions primarily spoken: Isabela and Cagayan

Regions primarily spoken: Koronadal, Sarangani, and Davao

Regions primarily spoken: Manila, Central and Southern Luzon, Marinduque, and parts of Mindoro

Regions primarily spoken: Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, Abra, Isabela, and Nueva Ecija

Regions primarily spoken: Bicol, parts of Catanduanes, Burias Islands, and Masbate

Regions primarily spoken: Maguindanao, Zamboanga, Davao, Cotabato, and Sultan Kudarat

Regions primarily spoken: Cavite, Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi

Regions primarily spoken: Western Visayas, parts of Masbate, and Northern Mindanao.

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okay filipino rap is so cool like it flows so…

dude… dude start posting your favs. i want to hear the music.

youre wish is my command

((This one is about what it means to be gay in the philppines (though imo, its really being a trans male, but filipino society has no idea about what being trans is) but anyway, its the journey of a boy who’s being bullied by because he’s gay but it didn’t bring him down))

((same artist as above. its about a person saying he’s just a simple man, but their love for their loved one is bigger than the world))

And my all time favorite

((one time for a family reunion, i rapped the second verse on karaoke with all my cousins and its the best. also check out the guitar riff. also its live, think of that. Sadly tho, Francis M, the greatest Filipino rap in my opinion, has already passed away because of leukemia a couple of years ago. His son (second rapper), Frank Magalona, rapped in his place. but yeah, this rap is basically about just about rappers and having fun))

Bonus: a rap in English with Francis M when he was still alive and the same band from above 

Tell me how you liked it