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Jamie and His Children

A Look at How the Show Adaptation Has Portrayed These Relationships

There’s been a lot of discussion since A. Malcolm aired over the scene of Jamie looking through the photographs of Brianna and Jamie’s emotional reaction to them –– or lack of reaction, as many see it. In these discussions a lot of comparisons have been made about Jamie’s levels of emotional attachment to his other children. Reading through the reactions has really got me wondering and thinking about how the show has portrayed these relationships, especially because I didn’t have that reaction to the scene at all (and let me be clear, everyone’s reactions are completely legitimate and valid; I love reading through the discussion to see the show through others’ eyes and catch elements that I miss). I found Jamie’s reaction completely believable and in character, albeit different from the book. My disappointment with the scene was with the photographs themselves; they weren’t… very… convincing? Aside from the one baby Bree and the one of young Bree they struck me as overwhelmingly either over staged or badly photoshopped and completely unnatural, even for photos of a teen appeasing her parents with an awkward pose (maybe that’s part of why I get Jamie’s lack of a breakdown… they didn’t move me emotionally at all… hmmm…). 

Anyway, here’s a little exploration of how the show has portrayed Jamie’s relationships with each of his children so far. 


Jamie never gets to see Faith or hold her in his arms but the show has done a fantastic job of demonstrating the tangible, emotional attachment Jamie has to her. He is there for Claire’s pregnancy and goes through the steps of preparing for welcoming their child. He interacts with Faith as she grows and develops within Claire, talking to her and feeling her move. He writes to Jenny and Ian and asks for the Apostles Spoons. He and Claire fight over discuss baby names. If anything, the fact that Jamie never got to see her properly, never got to hold her, only makes his constant calls back to her and her loss that much more believable for me. He’s seen her grave but not her body so there’s a disconnect between the living, kicking baby he felt in Claire’s belly and her sudden absence. Even though he’s conscious of the fact that she died, it’s almost like there’s a part of him that is still and will always be half in denial. It reminds me of the passages in the book between Jamie and LJG at Ardsmuir where they talk about how important it is to see a loved one’s dead body in order to be able to accept their death, to grieve and move on. It’s something Jamie only sort of got with Faith being able to at least pray at her grave and leave her the St. Andrew spoon.


Jamie’s relationship in the show with Brianna is a very difficult one to parse out. He obviously made huge sacrifices for her in sending Claire back and he definitely loves her but it doesn’t automatically make her feel real to him. Claire wasn’t very far along in her pregnancy when she left and that’s all Jamie’s had to base his hopes and dreams on for twenty years. He literally only just found out a minute before looking at the photos that the child Claire carried was even a girl. It’s clear from his brief conversation with Murtagh in Ardsmuir that it pains him to think about Claire and the baby because it brings back the gaping grief of his loss and he acknowledges the loss to Lord Dunsany as well, telling him he’s lost two children. He has had twenty years to accept that he will never know anything about the child that Claire carried. Then suddenly, not only is the love of his life back, but she is telling him about this child that he has had twenty years to speculate over… and he has to reconcile everything he’s thought/hoped/dreamed with what Claire tells him is fact. She shows him the photographs –– and while I don’t like them that much in terms of execution, I think they do speak to Jamie’s lack-of-visibly-breaking-down. 

In the book, the stack of photos Claire brought is extensive and there are a LOT of pictures of Brianna at very young ages. In the show, there’s one of baby Bree and one of 7-year-old Bree and the rest are of a teenager/grown young woman. Bree’s age in the show’s photos is distancing in many ways. He’s not seeing her life and gradual progress, only the final result. Without the journey, the destination doesn’t have the same meaning or impact (it’s the same thing with so many of the lines in the show that are drawn from the book but which reference earlier episodes/scenes; the lines weren’t included earlier so they don’t carry their full weight here). If he’s spent twenty years picturing Bree as a baby or toddler but there’s only one shot of her that way, it’s even harder to reconcile/transfer whatever emotional attachment he established through his imaginings with the Bree he sees in the photos. 

And beyond the photographs themselves (as a technology) being something completely foreign for him to wrap his head around, he is seeing Brianna in a time and place that he has next to no reference for. She doesn’t resemble the children he’s familiar with in terms of dress or setting, which reinforces the distance and disconnect between the child Jamie’s spent twenty years imagining and the reality in his hands. The inclusion of the bikini pic seems to emphasize this as well (though it isn’t one I personally would have included when there were so many adorable wee Bree shots described in the book). It’s not a way he ever would have imagined his daughter dressing or behaving and there’s nothing but Claire’s word that this is normal for him to build an understanding of the situation pictured or the child at the heart of it. The little context he has for the twentieth century is based on what Claire told him before she left but 1945 is a far cry from 1968 so even that knowledge is outdated. 

The way he closes his eyes and waits for Claire to tell him Bree’s name (for me) nails the emotion and love he feels for the daughter (he thinks) he’ll never know except through Claire’s stories. Where he felt Faith move in Claire’s womb, in many ways I think Brianna isn’t real to him. She’s an image, she’s the stories from Claire, and the expressions on Claire’s face as she tells them but she’s still too removed from him to process completely. He reaches for details and tries to put them into a context he can more easily connect to – that she has red hair like Faith did or that she liked dogs and learned to say ‘no’ so quickly. He draws on the parallels to his other children that he has more tangible connections to and brings himself closer to Brianna through them. Which is why, I think, he tells Claire about William so early in the show. That’s a change I didn’t see coming and it’s one I’m ultimately excited about. While I didn’t think anything of Jamie holding it back from Claire that first day or so, I definitely feel like it’s something he would have told her sooner than he did in the books. Where the show is so pressed for time, I think it’s a choice that makes sense and could have worked better if that whole sequence simply had more time (basically, what this episode needed was to be 90 minutes and not just 75 –– give us an inch and we’ll argue for why we need that mile, right?). 

In terms of Jamie and Brianna, it’s a disconnect that Brianna has too. If she’s at the disadvantage of only finding out the truth after twenty years, she at least has a better foundation for understanding the life and times in which Jamie lived, but she still struggles to connect to Jamie in the same way and for many of the same reasons. He’s not real to her yet even if she is maybe ready to want him to be. He’s someone she’s researching, someone her mother has told her stories about, but he’s not someone she can detach from the mythic figure and feel properly connected to. I feel like the show is leaning heavily into this and drawing those parallels between them (for me at least, in the show this feels like the way they’re most like each other or even the only way they’re like each other). This all has me SO EXCITED for Jamie and Bree finally meeting each other in person next season (which is a meeting in the books that I enjoy but have never been particularly blown away by). I think that –– as with Claire’s return –– being able to touch Brianna and hold her in his arms is what will flip the switch and make it real for Jamie, and for Brianna too. Knowing about someone isn’t the same as actually knowing them. Right now they’re both still learning about each other but meeting and getting to talk will make it real. 


While many of the details and scenes of Jamie’s relationship with William in the show are drawn very faithfully from the book, the rest of the Dunsanys are not –– especially Isobel –– and I think that makes all the difference in terms of Jamie’s relationship with his son. The line is still drawn as far as William being Jamie’s bastard son and one he can’t claim for more than just the boy’s sake, but there’s greater acknowledgement of Jamie’s relationship to William from key characters that reinforces his attachment. Jamie seems more relaxed around William than in the books and less like he’s worried about overstepping something. There’s very little in Voyager that gets into Jamie and William’s relationship but even in the Lord John books like The Scottish Prisoner, it’s clear that Jamie’s station at Helwater was more strict than in the show, that there was less one-on-one interaction between them. There’s also greater hints in the books that it took Jamie a while to develop an emotional connection to William (the moment he realizes he truly loves his son and isn’t just curious or feeling responsible for making sure he’s taken care of doesn’t come till William is a toddler). In the show, it’s obvious from the beginning that Jamie deeply loves his son, regardless of the circumstances of his conception and birth. In the book, we see the lead up to Jamie’s departure but not him leaving itself. The show goes out of its way to use that departure to kill me emotionally demonstrate again that his relationship to William is not recognized in a public or societal respect but that it is recognized –– by LJG and Isobel, both of whom Jamie respects and who respect him in return (that’s arguably more than he can expect from the people in his life regarding Brianna, except Claire and at least until Brianna actually arrives on the scene). As with Faith, we see a relationship where Jamie actively gets to engage with his child directly and feel that he is receiving attention and affection back from that child. It will come with Brianna eventually, but it isn’t there yet (though having Claire pass along Bree’s kiss probably would have helped). 

I guess what this rambling exploration comes down to for me is how important that tangible aspect is for Jamie. He feels a deep love for all his children but loving someone and feeling connected to them are two different things. For the television adaptation of Jamie, that connection requires a more active knowing than what he can establish in a few minutes through photos and stories alone. 

For me this whole scene drives me back to the passage in Dragonfly in Amber when Claire and Jenny are talking after Jamie stayed up with Kitty.

“I’ve thought that perhaps that’s why women are so often sad, once the child’s born,” she said meditatively, as though thinking aloud. “Ye think of them while ye talk, and you have a knowledge of them as they are inside ye, the way you think they are. And then they’re born, and they’re different––not the way ye thought of them inside, at all. And ye love them, o’ course, and get to know them the way they are… but still, there’s the thought of the child ye once talked to in your heart, and that child is gone. So I think it’s the grievin’ for the child unborn that ye feel, even as ye hold the born one in your arms. […] And a daughter is born, and the son that might have been is dead,” she said quietly. “And the bonny lad at your breast has killed the wee lassie ye thought ye carried. And ye weep for what you didn’t know, that’s gone for good, until you know the child you have, and then at last it’s as though they could never have been other than they are, and ye feel naught but joy in them. But ‘til then, ye weep easy.”

“And men…” I said, thinking of Jamie, whispering secrets to the unhearing ears of the child. 

“Aye. They hold their bairns, and they feel all the things that might be, and the things that will never be. But it isna so easy for a man to weep for the things he doesna ken.”

And I guess this is where I come down on the scene and how it was performed. I find it completely believable that Jamie doesn’t immediately breakdown weeping even as I find it completely believable that in the book he does. 

And boy do I wish the props department could take another stab at those photos. 

Catfish: Part 1

Fandom: Marvel (Tinder AU)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You’ve been single for a while and it seems like old-fashion dating isn’t working for you. You go to your last resort: Tinder. You come across this guy, James, who seems really nice, but is skeptical about meeting you in person. You’re really dying to know why.

A/N: Photo of Chris doesn’t belong to me. I found it via google. And the pic will make sense when you read the story. Also, i hate myself for coming up with yet another series instead of finishing my other ones. I’m gonna TRY to keep this under 3 parts. Let’s hope I could do that….

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You drag yourself into your apartment with your purse and heels in hand, “Another bust?”

Your friend and roommate, Pietro Maximoff asked, “Yeah,” You mumbled as you flopped face first into the couch.

Pietro sighed and made his way to the couch. He pinched your butt, “Up.” You groaned as you sat up and rested your head on his shoulder.

You let out a sigh, “I don’t think dating is for me, P. I think I’m going to remain single my whole life and live with a bunch of cats and dogs to keep me company.”

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boyfriend; felix

a/n: requested by anonie // gifs doesn’t belong to me, credits to the owners + feLIXJE IK HOU ZO VEEL VAN JE SCHATTEBOLLETJE


  • this guy would actually be shy about it
  • he realized he has a crush on you - felix actually became more distant from you
  • but sometimes he can’t help it and hang out with you
  • “felix? where are you?”
  • “i’m out with ____… i’ll be there in a few.”
  • he’d even skip practice just for you
  • of course the trainees would notice the change in him
  • and they’d ask him, the moment he come backs
  • “so.. you’ve changed a lot lately? is it because of ____?”
  • he’d deny it at first but felix would confess it in the end
  • “okay, okay. i like ____ like a lot… i don’t know how to tell them.”
  • “just be confident.”
  • “we are here for you felix”
  • the following day, the two of you decided to meet up 
  • and the other trainees were so excited !! 
  • since i don’t really know the other trainees in jyp i’m gonna give them random names
  • “alex,, don’t be so excited.”
  • “why can’t i be felix?? you are literally gonna confess to someone”
  • “i don’t think ____ even likes me.”
  • “trust me. they do.”
  • after a few minutes of waiting - you finally arrived and ofc the other trainees hid somewhere
  • you and felix met up at a coffee shop, that wasn’t really busy it was more calm
  • “i wanted to meet up… because i wanted to tell you something.”
  • “oh, what is it?”
  • he became all red bc he was so nervous and just sat there
  • you were worried and put your hand on his head bc you thought he was sick but he wasn't 
  • “are you okay, felix?”
  • “yeah, i just.”
  • “you know i’m here when you need someone.”
  • “i like you.”
  • it was so sudden - that you were loss for words of course you liked him back
  • but it was just so sudden
  • a few minutes later - when you were able to talk you told him that you liked him too
  • and of course he was so happy and the trainees were cheering
  • even the staff of the coffee shop
  • felix was of course so happy he almost fainted

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  • dates with this cutiepie would be so fun
  • you guys would mostly go on a picnic together
  • and i bet your guys favorite park to go would be at the han river’s one
  • “FELIX”
  • “____”
  • “YAY”
  • you guys would put the blanket on the ground and put the food that you guys brought on it
  • “did you make this?”
  • “i made it, i’m such a good chef, right?”
  • “yeah, right”
  • and when you tasted it - it was actually pretty good even though you didn’t know what he put it in
  • “what even is this?”
  • “____, it’s cake with cake and a cherry.”
  • “it’s good.”
  • “of course, made by chef felix.”
  • “okay okay chef felix”
  • you guys would probably be the loudest there and the others would leave bc of you two
  • but it doesn’t really matter bc you and felix are having a way too much time
  • you two would even play stray kids their debut song and dance on it as  if you two were in the group i aM not crying
  • you and felix would also make lots and lots of jokes and do super weird things?? 
  • like it doesn’t look normal but for the two of you it is normal
  • i really think as long as you two are together on a date 
  • and i think you and felix would even run around chasing each other while shooting each other with a water gun
  • it’s always gonna be fun
  • i don’t think a date would ever be boring and especially with felix??
  • the word boring is far far away

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  • his kisses would be like super quick
  • you would feel it but he’d be gone before you know it
  • or he’d act as if he didn’t do anything
  • “felix lee, did you just kissed me?”
  • “i did not, ____.“
  • "you did.”
  • “i didn’t.”
  • he’d deny in the end of course for revenge you’d be holding his head
  • while kissing him for 5 minutes straight
  • “that was a nice revenge though, i liked it a lot”
  • “can you please kiss me one more time??”
  • “no, i’m done.”
  • the moment you wanted to walk away this guy kissed you on your cheek and ran away
  • even though you looked like you were annoyed
  • you were actually screaming inside bc your boyfriend is just too cute
  • “____, see you!”
  • you’d run up behind him and the two of you would kiss each other the whole time
  • the other trainees would lowkey be envious bc it was too cute
  • even they can’t handle it
  • sometimes felix kisses your cheek, without him knowing it
  • he’d probably kiss your cheek a few times a day and since it became a normal thing to do
  • you got used to it !!
  • you two are just so cute
  • i caNNOT

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  • uhm this guy
  • he’s obsessed especially when it comes to hugging you
  • always when he sees you the first thing he’s gonna do is hug you 
  • and like the kisses he’d never have enough of them
  • the reason why he hugs you a lot is bc
  • he just likes it
  • and he likes it when he’s in your embrace
  •  it makes him feel safe
  • and of course, you hug him to make him happy
  • when he’s having sad times
  • “felix, it’s okay. they didn’t see what talent you have in you. i promise you, you’ll get there.“
  • "i hope so.”
  • “i’m here for you.”
  • he was feeling so sad that he didn’t even let go of you
  • the whole day, he’d be like that
  • and of course this cutiepie would do the same when he’s happy
  • felix would be jumping around and he’d hug you all of sudden
  • bc he’s just happy to see you
  • “finally!! i can spend some time with you"
  •  "i know!! i’ve waited for this day to come"
  • okay so pls
  • continue to hug him - i’d be there when you guys get married with a peach camera and taking pics on your wedding

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missing each other:

  •  this would be one thing that would make him super sad
  •  while he’s away from you
  • i don’t think felix would even go and perform
  • he’d be too sad for that
  • but of course, for his dream to come true
  • he’d still do it
  • felix would do anything for his fans for them being happy
  • he wouldn’t even show any emotion about being sad
  • felix would keep a smile on his face
  • and it just hurts you sometimes
  • bc you get pics from fans - worrying about him
  • he looked tired and sad and it broke your heart
  • so you decided to face time with him
  • and cheer him up
  • “felix, i saw the previews. please honey, cheer up.“
  • "i’m sorry you had to see me like this. i just miss you.”
  • “i miss you too"
  • “i’ll try cheering up, yeah?”
  • “let’s cheer up! cheer up baby, cheer up baby”
  • he’d let out a laugh and you’d know from that moment that he’s better
  • than a few days ago
  • “so, we’re gonna see each other in 3 days!”
  • “i can’t wait"
  • “yay!! this is it. 3 days to go.”
  • 3 days later - and you wouldn’t believe how excited he actually is
  • “i’m seeing ____!!”
  •  "yay!! can’t wait until you two see each other again"
  • “see alex, you’re excited too.”
  • “of course i am you two are my favorite couple"
  • ”hehe"
  • the moment you guys saw each other
  • i think you guys would be so so happy·                     
  • and that alex trainee would be crying as he records it

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  • okay i think mornings is a bit the same
  • like going on dates
  •  you and felix would wake up and be super hyper like
  • how??
  • also while you’re still asleep
  •  felix would be showering you with kisses
  • and after he’s done that
  • he’d wrap his arms and legs around you
  •  so tighty you wouldn’t be able to move
  • you’d wake up so confused bc
  • he shows his love in such a special way,, it’s actually pretty adorable
  • “good morning ____!”
  • “good morning”
  • you two would start off very calm
  • and a few minutes later you and felix would be jumping around
  •  like crazy people
  • you two would even put music on and start dancing on it
  • and even singing along when you guys are familiar with it
  • okay so let’s move on
  •  you two would all of sudden play modelling music
  • you and felix would put random clothes on and walk like models around the room
  • every morning - with you and felix would be filled with lots of laughter and love
  • and
  •  i love felix lee

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Boyfriend au! Seo Changbin

Here’s the request anon! It took forever to write and i’m so sorry :( I’ll be doing my best to fulfil all that’s in my inbox atm! But honestly, Changbin is coming for me and me writing this didn’t help the fact he about to bias wreck tf outta my ass but hey, please enjoy ♡♡♡

✓  - complete

✎ - writing in process

✗ - have yet to start



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❥ chan - ✓ | ❥ woojin - | ❥ minho - ✗ | ❥ hyunjin - ✗ | ❥ jisung - ✗ | ❥ felix - ✗ | ❥ seungmin - ✗ | ❥ jeongin - ✗

- bc our boy is in love with the whole dark concept, I really don’t see him being affectionate

- jks, i’m only playin’ with y’all

- he whipped af for you and falls in love with you first

- you know the way Felix looks at Changbin? Yeah well, Changbin looks at you the same way with the same love-struck eyes

- the boys 10/10 would recommend y’all to stay together bc they see the positive change you bring upon Changbin, as well as him being more happy in general ever since you guys got together

- I have a lil’ inkling that he maybe wouldn’t be a fan of PDA bc he has that ‘dark rapper’ image to keep up

- the only PDA he accepts is hand holding, especially when it’s cold bc then he’ll place both of your hands in his pocket, still intertwined

- however, when you guys are alone, prepare for the real koala attack of affection and clinginess

- this boy would always have to be touching you in some way, whether it be holding your hand, rubbing the back of it with his thumb, an arm around your shoulder or just straight up hugging/ cuddling, you name it, he does it

- lets you sit in between his legs when watching movies with his arms around your waist

- y’all could just be cuddling and when you get up bc you need to leave, he’ll quickly pull you back into his arms and full on trap you by wrapping his legs and arms around your whole body

- “boiiiii I gotta leaveeee, why you all up here being an octopus?”

- “binnie, I gotta leave bc it’s getting late, please let go.”

- “no, it’s too dangerous for you, just sleep over.”

- when you turn toward him, he’ll give you his best aegyo in hopes it’ll make you stay

- fortunately, you do, bc hey, who can resist the almighty dark prince Changbin’s aegyo?

- but if you really can’t, he’ll walk you all the way home in order to make sure you stay safe bc he a gentleman too, just like the rest of Stray Kids

- he’d be way too shy to initiate the kisses in the r/s so when you do it, he’d love it, especially if it was one of them spontaneous cheek kisses

- loves it bc he enjoys turning to you after them to see your sparkling eyes and innocent smile that always manages to get his heart beat faster

- however, when he does feel up to it, he’ll kiss you on the cheek, without accidentally choking you like he lowkey did with felix but don’t get too comfortable bc he just a shy, soft boi

- also, bc he’s 2/3 of the super nice arms line after Chan, I see him being the type to rest his chin on your shoulder or head while gently rocking y’all side to side when he has his arms wrapped around you bc he secretly loves being that type of bf

- also the type to pretend he’s mad at you just to get your affection bc he’s way too shy to outright ask for it

- this boiiii and his Snorlax plushie

- srry but he loves it more than he loves you

- you sleep over at the boys’ dorms one day and expect him to cuddle you while sleeping?

- nah fam, if snorlax exists, you ain’t getting none

- you lowkey getting jealous of Gyu and hiding it from him just so he can cuddle you to sleep more often

- he finds it anyway but then feels bad so he cuddles both you and Gyu

- treating Gyu as if the plushie is your baby

- “jagi, I’m not going to be able to take care of our baby tonight, so can you look after him please?”

- bc Changbinnie loves his black clothes, even if he doesn’t like matching couple items, just wear all black and you good :) all your couple clothing will be black

- purposely blasting Matroshyka through the dorms but having his “MAAAAAAATROSHYKA” part on loop just to piss him off

- also, setting it as his alarm and your personal ringtone for him

- 10/10 ends with him chasing you around the dorm and tickling you by nuzzling his nose in your neck

- buying him muscle t-shirts because as I told you, this boi has some pretty nice arms too

- highkey loves when you wear his hoodies

- stopped trying to hide the fact tbh because everyone knows

- when you meet his parents, they absolutely adore you, especially his mother bc she’s just that sweet and easy to get along with

- realises he loves you when he introduces you to his parents and he sees y’all interacting with each other so well

- knows you’re the one when his mum tells him so, as well as his sister

- you cook him Abalone and Octopus just because it reminds him of his home

- a.k.a where your future mother, father and sister in law reside ;)

- tbh, I already know this boy is a dangerous one in the kitchen, so whenever he comes over or you go to the dorms, when you cook, you make sure to keep him at least 100000000 feet away from flames and sharp objects.

- basically the whole kitchen tbfh

- even though he probably doesn’t know how to cook, he’s good at cleaning and helps you clean your room and house

- that’s why your mother loves him more than she loves you tbfh

- when he’s feeling down, he’ll ask you to send him a recording of you just talking bc he just loves you so much that everything about you has the power to brighten up his day

- when you’re sad, he’ll just let you cry in his arms and give you his shoulder to cry on

- 100% calls his mother or sister after this and asks for help on how to help you without revealing too much info

- your dates would definitely be at places with lots of lights where you can take them aesthetic and mysterious pics of him a.k.a Changbin’s style

- he’d also bring you to the studio and let you hear his rap and the lines he wrote for either 3racha’s songs or the whole group

- feels like you’ve got front row seats to an Eminem concert tbfh since he raps so fast

- probably has a specific blanket reserved for you whenever you get cold or tired at the dorms just so he can see you wrap it around your head and whole body with only your face poking out bc he thinks it’s the cutest thing ever

- if you fall asleep anywhere in the dorm that isn’t in his arms or his bed, he’ll carry you back to where you belong: his bed or next to him :)

- honestly just wants to roll you up in one of Minho’s bundles to protect you bc you’re just so precious to him


every time I write a head cannon, I tell myself i’m going to do it in a logical order but it never happens, as you can tell with this one and the other🙃

The Joker x Reader - “Broken”

After you got shot in the head you were in a coma for a while. When you woke up you were quite broken and The Joker doesn’t like broken things. Getting rid of you seems like the perfect solution.

The Joker immediately turned when he heard the gunshot. You felt the sharp pain for a split second before you blacked out. J opened his mouth in disbelief, wanting to say something but for once he was speechless. He just stood there, stunned, watching Frost as he killed the security guard being heroic enough to attempt a small rebellion on his own.

“WHAT…THE FUCK??!!” The Joker’s voice finally echoed in the building while stomping towards you. Some of the hostages on the floor whimpered in fear, knowing that it won’t end well after what just happened.

“I thought you were watching everybody!” he pointed at his henchmen, mad as hell, kneeling so that he can turn you around. J saw the nasty bleeding head wound and he lost it:

“Kill everybody!! NOW!!!!” He lifted you and your arms went limp, hanging down on the sides of your body. “God dammit! Frost, let’s go, you drive!!” Blood started soaking his purple coat and he squeezed you closer to him, trying to wake you up.

“Hey, Princess, open your eyes! Open your eyes!“ No answer came and he took a deep breath, grinding his teeth, not even discerning the screams coming from the slaughter happening behind him.

He got in the back of the van with you and realized he wasn’t even wearing a shirt that night.

“Frost, give me your jacket!” he impatiently demanded and wrapped it around your head as soon as he got it. Jonny started driving and the Joker kept on wiping the blood off your face with his bare hands, not realizing he got all over his cheeks and hair too. “Baby doll, can you hear me? Don’t make Daddy mad; open your eyes, hm?”  he kept on trying to reason with you, nervously biting his lips.

“Where to, Boss?” Frost shouted, driving so fast he was afraid he will get unwanted attention, the last thing that was needed that night.

“Our doctor, Frosty, where else???!! “ The Joker snapped back at him, irritated about the question. “I don’t care who else we need to get, I want her fixed!… I don’t like…b-broken things…” he muttered the last words to himself, stammering with anxiety, still trying to clean you up.

*** You were in surgery for 10 hours. It was a clean wound, the bullet wasn’t inside: it pierced the left side of your head, above your ear, slightly under the skin surface which was very lucky but still created quite a lot of damage and brain hemorrhage. The best doctors that Gotham’s underworld uses were brought in to help you. J didn’t care about the money they asked or the supplies needed. What was he going to do with all his possessions if his Queen was dead?  It wouldn’t matter, it would be no fun.

The Joker was told there was no way to know when you will wake up or if there will be any nerve damage following your recovery. They didn’t have the courage to tell him you might never wake up. Afterwards, you were taken to the penthouse and one of the spare bedrooms was transformed into your own medical ward. The doctors took turns in coming and checking up on you, changing your bandages, updating your IV medications and the blood tests were coming back pretty good, except for the fact that you wouldn’t wake up.

Since J couldn’t sleep without you, he moved the bed in the master bedroom to your room, this way he could at least doze off for a few hours. All those beeping noises from those machines you were hooked at annoyed him to death but he learned to ignore them after a few days.

The Joker talked to you all the time, sometimes falling asleep waiting for an answer that never came. Most of the times he was answering for you.

* “Hey, Y/N, do you remember when you told me you were pregnant and I panicked, almost pushed you off the balcony? Lucky you told me you were joking before I did it, huh? “ and he started laughing maniacally, ending it with a deep growl, pleased at the memory. “Good times, Doll…”

* “Oh my God, I’m so bored!” He would roll his blue eyes in your face.” Would you wake up, Pumpkin? Let’s have some fun, I’ll take you for a ride. Wanna blow up something? Hmmm? Deal?” J cupped your face, caressing it with his thumbs until he got fed up with that too. “Jeez, Doll, why are you doing this to me?” he would finally rest his head on your tummy, pouting, not liking the fact that you were still like that after 3 weeks.

* “Princess, do you remember when I got angry and I shot you in the leg and you stabbed me? You were soooo pissed,” he snickered, kissing your hand. “We almost killed each other that day.” His crazy laughter filled the room again. “Ahhhh, good times, Doll…” he sighed, delighted at that treasured remembrance.

* J thought you need more tattoos, it was about time he gave you another one. He tattooed “Wake Up” all around your right hand wrist, like a bracelet, and a lot of “I love J” and “Sleepy Head” going up your arm just like bracelet charms . “You like it, Pumpkin?” he brought it closer to your face and when you didn’t react he just replied, proud of himself: “I think I did really good.”

* He pushed the girl he brought from the club inside and she was so scared she was shaking like a leaf.

“ Y/N, if you don’t wake up in 5 seconds, I’m getting a new girlfriend!” J shove her right on your bed. “ 5,4,3,2… 2 and a half…1…one and a half…Doll, come on!!!… Zero!”  Nothing. “Get the hell out of here!” he pushed the girl and she run out of the room so fast she almost fell when she opened the door. “Shit, that didn’t work,” he passed his fingers through his green hair, sulking. Another week went by.

* The Joker brought in a target matt and hanged it on the wall in front of you. He liked to place his gun in your hand, holding it with his, aim and shoot at the target. “Perfect, Y/N, this way you don’t lose practice. You’re such a good girl,” he would kiss your knuckles, smiling and then frowning when he realized you didn’t even know he was there.

* First time you opened your eyes was after 4 more weeks. It was late at night and J was on his laptop,still awake, looking at all the naughty pics you always sent him. He noticed the movement and jumped out of bed, not really believing you’re awake.

“Jesus, Princess, it was about time! I’m sooo horny,” he whispered in your ear and grinned when he noticed your chest going up and down in a silent, faint laughter.

“…My… poor… baby…” you barely uttered, struggling to reach his pale face and he purred, relieved, firmly holding your shaky fingers on his cheek since you couldn’t do it on your own. “…What…happened?…”


At first, you had a really hard time using your left side of the body. You had bad days and good days. On your bad days you used one of J’s canes to walk around. He used to hide it and watch you struggle, scoffing:

“You don’t need a cane, Doll. Just walk, you’re fine!”

You held on to the wall, fighting really hard to keep your balance.

“I do need it, give it back!”

“Nope,” he simply stated, observing you from the couch until you got to your old room where he still kept the target matt so you can practice shooting again. It almost brought you to tears when you kept on missing; such an embarrassment for a skilled assassin. But it was so hard to control your left hand that kept on trembling. The Joker always sneaked to watch you since you kept the door opened and it made him uneasy to see you were so distressed. And it made him even tenser when he noticed he still liked his broken Doll.

First time you were able to have sex again after your recovery was… challenging. (And to be honest, many more times afterwards.)

He started complaining after 5 minutes :

“Christ, Y/N, your hand is twitching around my neck, it’s freaking me out! Stop it!” and he kissed you again, annoyed.

“Well, baby, I can’t control it, you know that! Especially when I get…excited,” you panted, adjusting your head on the pillow.

“Why are you excited?” J snickered. “Hey, keep your legs around my waist, you know I like it,” he moaned in your ear, kissing his way down your neck.

“I can’t, my left leg keeps on sliding down, I can’t even feel it anymore. I’m sorry, baby,” you arched your back, giggling, amused on how worked up he was about it.

“Can you get on your knees, Doll?”

“I doubt it,” you fakely sobbed, wanting him to shut up and make love to you.

“Can you get on top of me?”

A snarl coming from you gave him the answer.

“Can we do it against the wall?”

You slapped his side, aggravated.

“Jeez, woman, what can you do?!” You covered his mouth, impatient.

“I’m just gonna lay here, ok? That’s all I can offer for now. I’m…helpless so you can totally take advantage of me,” you winked, uncovering his lips so you can kiss him.

“Hmm, I never took advantage of a …ummm…incapacitated person before,” The Joker smirked, suddenly liking the idea.

“Good, because I thought you like challenges,” you laughed, content he is finally satisfied.

“Ohhh, Daddy never backs out from a challenge, Pumpkin,” he gave you that devilish look and pulled your hair while pinning your hands above your head. “This way you don’t freak me out with your twitchy hand.”

“Jerk…” you moaned, lifting your head so you can kiss his Jester tattoo.

“You wait until you see what Daddy has in store for you and then we’ll talk about it…yes?” he closed his eyes, enjoying feeling you again. It made him so ecstatic.


After 3 more months you are better, but not fully recovered.

He tosses his gun on the floor and urges you to get it.

“Come on, Princess, be sexy for me. Bend over and grab that gun! I’ll pay you!” and he pushes the pile of hundred dollars from his desk on the floor.
“Are you serious?” you lift your gaze from your phone, not knowing if he meant it or not. You’ve been fighting a lot recently and his behavior towards you changed.

“Yes, do it,” he hums, putting the map aside and rolling away on his chair so he can see you better.

“ ‘Kaaayyyy,” you do as asked, and half way through your left leg gives out and you land on your knees.

“Wow, that’s pathetic!” he hisses, and you feel your face burning. “Seriously, I don’t even know why I keep you around: you’re crippled, you can’t kill for me, you’re not great in bed anymore and I’m sick of waiting for you to recover. As you are fully aware, I don’t like broken things, hence it’s time for you to go,” J barks at you and you just watch him, stunned.

“W-what are you talking about?! I’m so much better and I am getting better. I AM NOT crippled!” you almost yell, struggling to get on your feet, not understanding what’s going on.

“You’re useless, that’s what you are!” The Joker raises his voice, having a hard time controlling his temper. “I want you out of here!”

“Are you serious?!” you ask, furrowing your eyebrows, thinking about his cold behavior lately. That’s why, he’s just sick of you.   “After…all these years?”

He sarcastically grunts, crossing his arms on his chest:

“Is that supposed to mean anything to me?! OUT! Don’t make me repeat myself; you can stay tonight so you can sort out the things you want to take.”

“I…I don’t need anything, I have my own stuff,” you reply, backing out slowly, trying to swallow the lump in your throat and maintain your equilibrium.

“God, you’re soooo pitiful, still can’t control your body. How am I even supposed to be with someone like you?! The King of Gotham needs perfection, not trash.”

You gasp, feeling your heart beating faster and faster.

“I am the Queen of Gotham, with or without you, not trash!”  

“Used to be Queen, Doll, now look at you: just another lost cause. Don’t test my patience, get out of here.” He points out towards the elevator.  “ Awwww, are those tears? You never cry. I told you you’re pathetic and broken, this proves what I just said.”

You shake your head, turning around and limping towards the elevator, tripping on the carpet because your bad leg is misbehaving. You hear him laugh:
“Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! So useless!”

You swallow your tears all the way down when your cell rings. You see it’s your informant and you answer right away:

“When Mister J is going to his “Savage” club tonight, it will be an ambush: Sully’s men; they’ll try to kill him. Pass the word.”

“Thank you, Axel,” you mumble, turning off your phone and placing back in your pocket.

I am not telling him anything, the jerk deserves anything coming his way! You decide as you reach the basement’s garage and the elevator’s door open. Let them kill him.


First thing you do when you get to your apartment is wash away the neon green highlights from your bright red hair. It makes you feel better until the little thoughts pop in your mind: “Are you going to let them kill him?”, “Yes, I don’t care.” “But…it’s J.” “I really don’t care; his men can protect him if they can.” “But…it’s J.”

“Ughhhh,” you cover your face with the small pillow, attempting to erase any feelings you might have from your conscience. “But…it’s J…Come on, it’s J…” the idea keeps on repeating and echoing in your mind until you get up from the loveseat, exasperated.

“Shit, fine, I’m going, just shut the hell up!” you admonish yourself, looking in the mirror. “The asshole doesn’t deserve me…” you conclude, getting the duffle bag with your rifle out of the closet.


You go and place yourself on the top of the tallest building, about half a mile away from “Savage”. You watch everything through the scope, but so far nothing out of place. Your left hand is shaky again and you put so much effort into controlling it you’re starting to sweat. “Not now, please” you reason with your weak side of the body, cracking your neck. Another two hours pass by and you finally see The Joker’s Lamborghini approaching followed by 3 SUV’s.

You wipe your forehead and concentrate more, looking around carefully as he parks and gets out of the car. Suddenly, you see the four men in black suits, wearing running shoes and you know it’s them: Sully’s men trademark attire. They approach from different angles and you wait until they are fairly close to the Joker and his henchmen. They noticed the assassins too and surrounded J, protecting him. He takes out his gun, waiting, and he watches as suddenly one by one they fall to the ground, their brains splattered on the concrete.

He lifts his eyes, searching the buildings around as his goons get him to his car so he can safely leave. Three more assassins start running towards his Lamborghini and you shot again, the last one collapsing right in front of the Joker’s car. He looks up, but he sure doesn’t have the right building you’re on top of. He knows it’s you and bites on his cheek, growling, taking off with his men before the cops show up.

You wipe your forehead, exhausted, resting your head on the trigger:

“I’m not pathetic and broken.”     Did you want to prove that to him or yourself? Probably both.


J drove straight back to the penthouse, laying low for the rest of the night. He gets in bed, trying to sleep and can’t because you’re not there. He looks at your empty side of the bed and moves over, burring his face in your pillow-it smells like you. Another hour and he’s still awake, tossing and turning.

“I don’t like broken things,” he whispers, opening his eyes just to see your items scattered all over the bedroom since you didn’t take anything with you. It really makes uncomfortable realizing he feels the exact opposite of not liking you. Or so he believes.

“I really don’t like broken things,” he gets mad, exasperated, forcing himself not to think of anything.


The sound of your cane hitting the wood floor startles you and you wake up, leaning over so you can reach and turn on the lamp. You see The Joker kicking it again, and again.

“Stupid piece of crap!” he shouts, his green hair all over his face.

“What are you doing here?!” you rub your eyes, not glad to see him at all. “Get out!”

He just comes over and yanks at your hand:

“Let’s go, Doll, you’re coming back, I can’t sleep without you.”

“Screw you!” you pull back, upset he broke into your apartment and has the nerve to act like nothing happened.

“Yes, you can do that too, you naughty girl, I know you can’t wait,” he tries to yank you away again.

The evil glare you give him makes him stop and he regains his posture, sighing:

“You’re coming back; you know I can’t sleep without you.”

“I don’t care!!!!” you cover your body with the blanket like it’s going to help any. He sees your watery eyes and decides to drop it.

“Fine, then I’ll sleep here.” He goes around the bed and gets under the blanket, scooting over so he can be close to you. “Now shut up, I have to sleep, I’m tired as hell!” He places his head on your pillow, waiting for you to get down and join him. You watch him with indignation, sniffling, and kick him:

“Get out of my apartment!”

The Joker ignores your behavior and decides to talk with his eyes closed:

“I don’t like broken things…”
“I’m not a broken thing you presumptuous …” you start your rant, getting ready to kick him again when he interrupts:

“…but you’re my favorite thing. Good, I thought that would shut you up,” he grins, forcefully pulling you in his arms as you struggle to escape. “Ahhhhh, I like it when you’re feisty. Queens are feisty…” he nuzzles in your hair for a few seconds then pecs your lips and holds you tighter. “Don’t think I didn’t notice your green highlights are gone. They’ll be back first thing in the morning, got it?”

“You can’t tell me what to do!” you try to make a comeback but he cuts you short again:

“The hell I can’t! Now shut up, I’m so worn out,” he gets your left leg around his waist and holds it, this way you’re glued to him. “There, I know you can’t hold it yourself.”

When you don’t answer he opens one eye and sees you stare at him with that hurt expression on your face that makes him uneasy.

“Stop it, Pumpkin, I really need to rest,” J kisses your forehead and you whimper, upset:

“You’re such a jerk.”

“Pffft,” he scoffs, “is that supposed to be news to me? Now zip it and I mean it,” he scolds you, annoyed.

“Jerk…” you faintly mumble before closing your eyes.

He just smiles, knowing he will finally be able to doze off.



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Can I request Saeran wanting to impress MC and asking his brother some dancing lessons? Love ya! <3

Countdown to the Cake: 8

Waltzing 101

Saeran x MC



“No! Forget it! I won’t do it!”

“But, Saeran, that’s the only way I can teach you!”

“No fucking way! I won’t let you put that sweaty gross hand of yours on me!”

“How do you know it’s sweaty?” Saeyoung wiggles his eyebrows teasingly, making Saeran groan in annoyance.

How did he get here? Well, he asked for this. He literally went to his brother yesterday and said: “Need your help.”. Saeyoung’s eyes gleamed and his mouth opened in this huge smile.

“I knew this day was coming. What can your big brother do for you?”

“My brother who is not big since we don’t know which one was born first needs to… teach me how… to dance.” He looks away and says the end of the sentence almost in a whisper.

Another huge smile. And that’s how he got here. But why did Saeran want to learn how to dance, in the first place?

Ah yeah…  you. You and Zen dancing at last RFA party, those pics made it to the news, reminding him that as long as he was that weirdo nerve-wrecking thing, he wouldn’t be able to make you smile like Zen did while he held you and guided you like you two were floating or whatever. He needed to learn how to do that, he needed to learn how to dance.

He could never ask Zen, though. He wasn’t that comfortable around him. The only people who didn’t make him feel intimidated were you, Yoosung and… well, it was hard to admit, his brother. Yoosung probably didn’t know how to dance, you were the reason of all of this, so… his brother was his last hope, unfortunately.

But he forgot how… impossible his brother he was. That idiot! Trying to put his hand on Saeran’s hip and… conduct him! Gross, dude!

“Okay, it will be a little tougher. But why don’t I teach how to conduct, then? You can be yourself and I’ll be MC, how about it?” Saeran tilted his chin up, analyzing his twin’s idea. “I do a great impersonation of her, look: ‘Hiiii, guys! I’ve already eaten, what about you?~’”

“That’s… awful! Don’t do weird things like that, dude!”

“Saeran Choi, don’t tell me what to do like this, I already told you I don’t like it!” he puts his hands and sways his hips, flipping his imaginary long hair.

“Okay, this is more like her. Go on.”

“Great! So let’s start from the top! Here, grab my sweaty hand.” Saeran rolls his eyes and grabs Saeyoung’s hand angrily. “And the other one goes in my hip. Don’t try any naughty moves, huh?” why does his brother keeps begging to be punched like this? He looks away as his hand reaches Saeyoung’s hips.

“Good. Now remember you have to watch your feet, but keep eye contact with your partner, okay? So where do you wanna go? Right? Left?”

“Left.” So they go left.

“Good, try not to push her, though. It’s more like… showing the way. Again.” Now they go right. “Good, now for your steps, remember: you move your leg on 1, switch to the other leg on 2, and place both feet side to side on 3.”

“How am I supposed to remember all that while I’m looking at her face?”

“And smile, don’t forget to smile too.”

“Ugh, this is impossible!” he gets away from his brother, muttering.

“Well, you didn’t even try, to be honest… do you think Zen would give up that easy trying to impress his lady?”

“Why did you have to mention the pretty actor now?”

“Come on, bro! I know you! You were jealous of him at the party, weren’t you? Don’t worry about that, that dance was just something Jumin suggested for them to be photographed and RFA to get some good publicity. MC and Zen weren’t…”

“Don’t say it! I don’t want to think about it! I just…” he sighs “why is she with me when she can have that?”

“A guy who dances?”

“Of course not, dumbass! A guy… who makes her smile like that? A guy who would make her feel like a… princess or whatever. I don’t know how to be that guy, I… can’t be that guy.”

“But do you want to?”

“Make her feel special? Of course! I… all I want is be the guy she deserves.” He looks away, your face in his mind… then he realizes how much he’s opening up to… huh, his brother. “But don’t you dare saying anything to her, you heard me?”

“Don’t think I have to. Right, MC?” Saeyoung calls you. Saeran’s eyes widen as he spots you timidly walking to their living room.

“H- How the hell did you get in here?” Saeran asks, sounding much more annoyed than he would like to you.

“I bought an Arabic dictionary.” You say stoically.

“How… how long have you been standing there?”

“Just enough to hear some things that really concern me.”

“Uhh, gotta go! Just remembered I have to… shave my legs. Bye!” Saeyoung scoots out of the living room.

“What… what are your concerns?”

“That you got jealous of Zen even though I asked you more than once if you were okay with me dancing with him, which you said yes. Why did you lie?”

“I… thought I was okay, then I wasn’t anymore.” He crosses his arms and looks away like a little kid. “And… I’m really trying not to be the prick who keeps telling you what you can and cannot do, since you don’t like it.”

“Okay, fair. Then it concerns me you would think so low of yourself, you’re so great to me. You… make me comfortable, you make me feel like a princess, like I’m special. I told you that before, don’t you believe me?” okay, now you’re sounding hurt… which upsets him.

“Of course I do, it’s just… I know I can be hard to handle most of the times, MC. And I want to do justice to you. I really want to, but fuck! I’ll never be like Zen or… or my brother, I…” you grab his hands and make him look at you.

“And do you think I fucking care? I want you to be like you, the guy that I fell for.” He blushes, tightening the grip of his hands on yours. “I love you, Saeran.”

“Shit! I… I love you… I love you too.” He goes for a kiss, that gets deeper as he brings you closer wrapping his arms around your waist. It’s like he could melt when you dig your fingers in his hair.

He was such a bad kisser when you started dating, his teeth would clash to yours and his hands were so stiff. It was you and your infinite patience who showed him how to kiss better. He breaks off the kiss for both of you to recover your breath, but your bodies keep pressed against each other, so do your foreheads. Your eyes locked to his as you’re trying to go into his mind and read all his thoughts.

“What do we do now?” he asks, feeling embarrassed by this closeness.

“Now we waltz.” You say guiding his hand to your back while you hold his shoulder.

“I don’t know how to do this…” he mutters, trying to watch his feet without breaking eye contact, as his brother taught him.

“Me neither.” You wink playfully, making him laugh. And that laugh is everything you could possibly need to feel special.

You can see the other days here!

[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s All Hype!

congrats this story is officially getting out of my control and turning into crack. i hope that’s not a bad thing ^^;

[Day 3: Explosive] [Day 5: Right Hook]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s All Hype!
Pairings: Ladynoir (Ladybug x Chat Noir), Adrienette (Adrien x Marinette)
Summary: Alya accidentally gets the Internet in a frenzy after announcing that Ladybug and Chat Noir are dating, but the two heroes are adamant about correcting the error and making sure the world knows that they’re just friends. So Alya proposes a staged public break up to set everything right.

In hindsight, she really underestimated how utterly freaking difficult that would be.

Day 4: Common Interests

After Ladybug had to literally peel Chat Noir away from the shelter after the kittens were cleaned, fed, and given a place to sleep, Alya was about at capacity in terms of excitement and decided to call it a day. Ladybug and Chat Noir typically started their Sunday night patrols at around that time and Alya needed to get home and brainstorm some other gimmick to break those two up that was hopefully immune to their antics.

She stayed up late to upload all of the videos and pictures from the day. While she idly watched all of the gushing comments filter into her computer and fill up her phone with walls of notifications, Alya couldn’t help but review everything she captured.

It wasn’t that she didn’t respect the fact that Ladybug and Chat Noir apparently weren’t a couple. If they said they weren’t, they weren’t, and the reason Alya was even helping them stage this break up in the first place was because she accepted that fact. She respected them as heroes and as people and she was doing her part to help them out.

On the other hand, this whole “not dating” thing made no sense on about fifty different levels.

By all accounts, it just didn’t add up. Sure, obviously, friends were allowed to be close and were allowed to be platonically intimate without it having to mean anything. But Alya was picking up on this energy between them. It was hard to explain and she couldn’t put her finger on what that energy actually was but it was there dammit and there was something else going on she was sure of it. Maybe there had been something between them before they started dating. Or maybe they’d talked about wanting to date and found partners before they could even explore the possibilities. There was a whole section of Ladynoir fanfiction on the Internet that loved to play on those tropes. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that there was some truth to that.

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  • you work as a staff member at after school club! your job is basically to make sure everyone on set has what they needs! it’s not a particularly exciting job and you’re sort of a glorified intern, but it pays well enough
  • and your dream is to be a producer one day! you got a degree in media studies w/ a concentration on production but you have to smart small so….. here you are at asc
  • when you first started the job you were really nervous, but pretty soon you hit it off with jimin because you were the youngest two people on set and life got easier after that!!!!
  • then jae started as a mc and…….. honestly he really intimidated you
  • not because he was rude but because you found him really really really cute and funny and obviously it was a bad idea to have a crush on a kpop idol, even one as laid back as jae
  • and every time you interact with him, even if it’s just for a second you feel your heart racing like you’re a high schooler again and you’re like….. y/n….. do NOT like park jaehyung. do NOT!!!!!!! he may be tall and adorable and dreamy but you CANNOT like him

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Dating Jin would include

- “please stop feeding me this is my 8th plate since I woke up Jin”

- Jin rubbing your belly cause his food was so good u didn’t even stop eating it and now you gotta suffer

- running around after him in a robe that’s two sizes to big in the mornings and Jin’s little laugh is filling the entire room because what the fuck you’re so cute

- biting your lips sometimes and Jin just kinda smiles and takes your hand and starts kissing you like an angel

- Jin getting mad like 90% of the time when y'all kiss because you always bite his plump ass upper lip and he’s a princess don’t do it

- smothering him in hugs but he doesn’t complain at all, snuggles you closer and squeezes you until you can’t breathe

- sometimes he squeezes you so hard you fart and jimin and jungkook are roasting you for 2 hours and Jin’s just trying to make you feel better like hey…hey…its natural,,,happens to everyone

- being really dramatic in the practice room and all the older ladies put on really soft dancing music and take cute pics while Jin glides you across the room

- the annoying couple that goes to a cooking class together and ends up fighting each other with flour until y'all get kicked out and namjoon has to pick you up

- hyping his ass up whenever he starts rapping like you’re in the background rubbing his shoulders and shaking your ass while Yoongi just looks at you like, really hoe?

- “my boo raps jus like jay-z!!! You tell em!!!!”

- having a hard time differentiating between your guys’ stuff cause Jin will have the same damn pink hello kitty compact

- Christmas birthday celebrations where your lips are frozen but Jin kisses them and your suddenly on fire you face plant into the snow to get better

- his broad ass shoulders being a challenge for you, like you sit there sticking your tongue out and get a running start trying to get on his back

- Jin just sighs and picks you up to save time cause he has dinner to make

- watching interviews with him in it on the big tv screen and Jin comes in like, the real thing is here!!! But u still ignore him lmao

- slyly unbuttoning his jeans underneath restaurant tables until he gives you this look and you feel like a 5 year old like sorry mom

- screaming really loud whenever he tickles you and Jin gets really scared and you gotta calm him down

- rolling around on the floor with Taehyung and jungkook until Jin comes drags you into his room by your shirt collar while they hoot in the background

- but Jin usually just wants to take you in so you can cuddle and nuzzle your face into his neck while he hums next to you

- he’s adamant on setting himself as your lockscreen, wallpaper, desktop, Instagram profile, don’t let him handle your phone

- Jin the type to squeeze your cheeks together and kiss your little lips all lightly and cute

- “y/n, what would you say to matching hoodies?”

“Nah, Jin, I’m okay.”

“….okay well, someone is gonna have to take me to return these.”

- he gets all in his feelings whenever you knock over one of his Mario figurines and you have to sit him down and assure him you’re “never gonna make you move them, Jin.”

- he the type to play too much with scaring you and get punched in the shoulder

- sometimes you find people laughing at Jin because of his dance moves and you’re honestly so confused like ??? Jin dances so good tho?!? (You’re blinded by love)

- him waking you up at ass o click on a Sunday blasting electronic music like “you ready to clean baby?!!!”

- Jin trying to get you to eat healthy but then you’re sneaking nutter butters into the bed and he’s so tired of you

- good luck getting ready in the morning cause Jin is in every mirror, like you go the bathroom he’s fixing his hair, go to the bedroom, he’s applying Chapstick gingerly to his lips like

- can’t tell him he’s handsome more than 2 times a day, his head will explode

- sharing noodles together until one of you guys starts choking cause the other said something funny

- watching horror movies while Jin sticks earphones in and tries to ignore you

- grabbing coffee early in the mornings before Jin has to practice and he just honks for you everyday and your mama is like no, bring his ass in cause she loves Jin too lmao

- cheap with all the other members but will buy you like, a $200 baby pink lingerie set for himself and end up ripping it like 3 days later and you’re like ????

- arguing but over little shit like where to eat. (X)

- winking at him and sending suggestive little snapchats and Jin’s fucking screaming on the inside

- watching chopped together and yelling at the television screen when they set aside an ingredient

- doing his eye makeup sometimes cause he lets you do it super sparkly

- giving him goosebumps when you drizzle your fingertips over his skin and Jin shivers all cute and small

- hopping on him when he’s sitting down on the couch and he’s playing video games but he really just wraps his arms around you and twists his head so he can see better lmao

- calling him pet names and he acts like he don’t like it but he really does, just “not in front of the boys”

- doing it in front of the boys anyways and then jungkook tries to laugh but you’re like “laugh when you have even seen boobs, jungkook.”

- sharing perfumes and colognes, there’s no gender specific scents for y'all

- blowing in his ear when you guys are in line for movie tickets and then the movies forgotten and he’s dragging you back to the car aggressively and you’re into it

- assuring him that he looks 100% cute little squishy baby handsome x 1000 cute in his glasses while his cheeks give off a smooth baby blush

- tickling him whenever he’s being stubborn about something until he’s red and finally giving up on being mad

- resting into his chest while you listen to his soft little voice luring you in and out of sleep

- dramatically looking at kittens online and having to restrain each other from adopting one

- y'all probably give in and get a super cute white Persian kitty and call her snowball and give her a pink collar and you and Jin are just heart eye emoji for it

- “hey y/n, you know you’re my angel right?”

“Of course, you know you’re my prince in shining armor-”

Jimin, somewhere in the house: “hey, you guys know you’re gross right?”

- Jin is such a fucking cute boyfriend with a range of qualities that have you feeling like every day is a new day with him and you can’t express how much you appreciate him and he can’t either but he sure as hell tries and makes you feel like such a princess that you wonder why you’re so lucky to have him, and everyday Jin will make sure you know that you’re the only thing he needs in life while the rest of the boys joke about grandpa finally finding love but at least their half right 💗💗💗

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Hello, i realized after i sent yesterdays request that it might make you uncomfortable, so sorry;;. In order to make up for that, i could send in another request later if you want !! Anyways, here is todays request ! So how would the RFA + Saeran + V react to MC being into photography / aesthetics / vaperwave? Keep up the good work, Ams !! Have a good day / night !! -Stars Anon <3

hey, Stars Anon! nah, the other request was just fine ^^ but this sounds so cute! thank you and you have a good day/night too! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ <333 

side note i went a little self-indulgent in some of these;; i wanna make a bullet journal so ba d and i keep forgetting i wanted to make character aesthetics too


  • look zen has a weak spot for art hoes 
  • he just gets so interested! when mc talks about lighting and spends time getting the perfect shot, it amazes him
  • when mc asks him to pose for them, he feels his knees go weak 
  • but he excitedly starts posing like some kinda model and it makes mc laugh
  • great, now his knees are weaker 
  • you know that photo he sends you that V took? the one he says calms him down?
  • he has another one, but it’s by mc this time 
  • also, since mc is into aesthetics, he always asks their opinion on things like costumes and accessories 
  • together, they update his website and give it a white/grey and red aesthetic  
  • zen is yelling, it looks So Good


  • yoosung finds this out by surprise 
  • because mc saw his school planner on his desk and gasped
  • it wasn’t too bad, but it was messy and they had an Urge
  • when yoosung gets back from class, mc had something to show him
  • they made him a new planner! it was in a little green notebook, had little star stickers and polaroids they took dw they kept the other one just in case
  • yoosung is literally like !!! he’s so amazed
  • “mc, this is so cool! where’d you get all these pictures?” “i took them”
  • yoosung looks up at them, his eyes bright and a grin on his face
  • “you took these?! they’re so good!”
  • totally thinks their pictures are better than v’s but he’s still a little salty


  • they were designing the cafe! and mc had a ton of good ideas
  • jaehee could tell mc was so excited and she was glad they were! she needed the help, this is not jaehee’s strong suit
  • when they get to the decorating stage, jaehee looks around and hums
  • “i’m thinking we need pictures…maybe we can go out and find some art pieces?” 
  • “oh, i have a few pictures at my apartment, maybe we could use those? they’re crowding the place anyways”
  • so they go over to mc’s apartment and jaehee looks around, amazed
  • not only are their pictures amazing and jaehee wants to hang them all up in the cafe, but their apartment is so pretty!
  • “mc how is your apartment so pretty?” “aesthetic” mc pls 
  • in the end, jaehee hangs up like 6 of mc’s pictures and gushes about the, to customers
  • it always makes mc blush


  • so this man can’t work a camera to save his life
  • but one night he saw mc looking out the window, phone in hand
  • he tilts his head and walks over, wrapping his arms around their waist
  • “what are you doing, love?” “oh, just taking some pictures”
  • they show him the pictures and jumin is honestly amazed
  • how did they do that, his always show up blurry;; 
  • mc just laughs and attempts to teach him, but fails 
  • they also share the same aesthetic, like they both like clean lines and symmetry
  • jumin always asks mc’s opinion on his tie 
  • they’re one good looking couple 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • makes the most “for the aesthetic jokes”
  • but he honestly appreciates mc’s aesthetic, they clean up his place a bit 
  • also, he’s the most into vaporwave
  • he made them a playlist and they like to play it when mc is taking pictures
  • sometimes he thinks the subject of their pictures are weird
  • “do you really need a picture of that wall? it’s really nothing special”
  • “saeyoung. the aesthetic.” “ah, you’re right” and he just lets them do their thing
  • honestly, he finds their pictures of the night sky the most comforting 
  • there’s this one where they managed to get the starts to shine so brightly and the moon is in the background
  • he swears he can point out some constellations 

v / jihyun 

  • is so happy! 
  • mc gets so excited when v shows them his photos, it makes him so happy and makes him want to take more
  • can you imagine how many lenses they have??
  • they honestly just gush over each other’s photos and it’s so cute
  • they make a whole exhibition featuring both of their pictures
  • also, the amount of cute pictures they have of each other is getting embarrassing
  • mc, since they’re into the aesthetic, upgrades v’s wardrobe 
  • honestly i’d kill for more outfit changes in the game 
  • and mc dyes their hair too!
  • they match 
  • the couple pictures increase


  • doesn’t understand the point of any of those at first
  • except maybe vaporwave 
  • but then he asks mc why they like pictures
  • mc just smiles and says, “they capture the moment, saeran. so i never forget about them.” 
  • he understands the photography more now 
  • and actually pics up the habit of taking pictures himself!
  • most of them are just of mc 
  • what he doesn’t understand, and never really will, is aesthetic 
  • “they’re pleasing to the eye, saeran.” “….whatever, you take your pictures of that bush and let’s keep going”
  • he love love loves mc’s pictures of the clouds and sky, however 
Puppy Cuddles // Joe Sugg

Word Count- 1137


Then could i request a imagine where jack or joe and his girlfriend the reader go shopping for a puppy?


Can i please request a imagine where the Joe and the reader who is his girlfriend go shopping for a dog and at the end joe falls asleep cuddling the puppy?

A/N- im posting twice today bc this got requested twice and i felt inspired. so here ya go :)


You had grown up on the move. Your father’s job prevented your family from settling down. From the day you were born, you hadn’t stayed in a town for more than 5 years.

You and your little brother had grown accustomed to the fast life. You two had grown accustomed to not having many friends. You two had grown used to having all of your memories squished together because you could never remember where or when he had broken his foot. Or where or when you had accidentally crashed the car.

You and Y/b/n were okay with always moving. You were grateful for the experiences you had. The moments you cherished. The photos you took. The long car rides where you would see who could sing the loudest or who could stay quiet the longest. He always won.

But there was one thing that you absolutely hated about always being on the move.

You never had a pet.

No fish, no rabbits, no hamsters, no birds, and no dogs.

You had always dreamed of buying a dog. Ever since you met Frankie.

Frankie was your, one of many, neighbor’s dog. She was a 3 year old Bolognese. For the 4 months you lived in Arizona, you offered to walk her every morning. Her owner, Kelly, was an older woman who loved to bake cookies.

So every morning, after you were done walking Frankie, you would sit and eat cookies with Kelly and talk about anything and everything. It had become your guys’ tradition.

You cried for 2 weeks when you moved. That was by far the hardest transition ever.


So here you were. Seven years later. Your parents finally settled down in South Africa almost 2 years ago. That’s how you met Caspar. Who then led you to Joe.

Joe was absolutely perfect. He was everything you ever imagined and more. He was your soul mate. And you were his.

You had been together for nearly a year now. And he asked you to move in last week.


“Alright, I think that’s the last of it,” you dropped onto the couch next to your boyfriend.

“Thank god,” he sighed, hugging you. “I’m never asking anyone to move in again.”

“What about your other 5 girlfriends?” you asked sarcastically.

“They aren’t worth it,” he paused, “no one is except you.” He brushed a hair out of your face and tucked it behind you ear.

“Awwww such a romantic.” You laughed, pulling his lips to yours.

Once he pulled away he said, “We’re done yet though.”

“Yes we are?” you said confused, you had unpacked the last box merely minutes ago.

“Nope. We need to get one more thing,” he smiled, pulling you off the couch.

“What are you on about?” you asked as Joe pulled on his shoes.

“Just grab your jacket and let’s go!” he opened the door, waiting for you.

Reluctantly, you grabbed your jacket and followed him.

“I hate surprises.”

“I know,” he kissed your hand.

“Can you just tell me where we’re going?” you asked, looking at the shops you were passing.

“You’ll see in about 2 minutes.” He looked at you, winking.

“I hate you, Joe Sugg.”

“Mm, no you don’t.”

“I do. I really do.”

“No, you really don’t.”

“Just tell me where we’re going!” you pleaded.

He stopped, “you tell me.”

You looked at the shop he stopped in front of, gasping.

The Animal Shelter was written in big, bold letters above the door.

“Joe…” you whispered.

“Let’s go pick our new family member,” he smiled.

“Yes! Let’s go!” you squeezed his hand, following him inside the shelter.

Your heart melted as soon as you saw the animals. You wanted all of them.

“You can pick whatever you want,” he said, leading you towards the counter, “but I assumed you would want to look at the dogs.”

“Can we?” you asked, looking at the employee behind the counter.

“Yep! Just follow me.” She led you to a long corridor full of kennels.

Your eyes began watering.

“Y/n, love, are you okay?” Joe wrapped his arm around your waist.

“Yes, I just want them all.”

He chuckled, “maybe someday.” He kissed your temple, letting go of you.

You slowly began to walk forward, spending a few moments with each dog.

It wasn’t until you got about halfway down the corridor when you saw him. He was a very thin German shepherd. You could tell he had been underfed. When you knelt in front of his kennel, he hesitated, but slowly walked towards you.

“Hey lil guy,” you put your hand against the bars, tears slowly falling from your eyes.

He nudged you hand, then licked it.

“Joe,” you whispered, feeling Joe’s presence as he knelt next to you.

“Is he the one?” your boyfriend asked, putting his hand on your thigh.

“Yes. He’s the one.” You smiled, standing up. “Okay, what do I have to sign. He’s the one. I want him.”

The employee smiled, “Very good choice. He’s been here almost 3 months now.” She opened the gate, letting the dog out.

“Can we pick his name?” you asked.

“Seeing as he’s still a puppy, yes.” She smiled, putting a leash on the dog, your dog.

After about a half an hour of paperwork, and many tears, mostly yours, okay all of them were your, you and Joe left with your new family member.


“Not that I don’t like it, but why you choose that name?” he asked, petting the dog that was currently sat on his lap. Joe was spread out on the couch, head in your lap.

You laughed, “The first dog I ever fell in love with was named that.” One hand was running through his hair, the other was lightly petting your new puppy.

“Hmm, well it was a good choice.”

“Thank you.”

“Frankie Sugg. It has a nice ring, don’tcha think?” he looked up at you.

“No seriously, thank you. It means a lot to me that you did this for me.” You smiled at your boyfriend.

“I wanted to share your first memory of having a dog with you.” His eyes sparkled.

“I love you Joseph Sugg.”

“I love you too, Y/n Y/l/n.”

You spent the rest of the night talking about how to tell the fans.

“Maybe we could do a Q&A? Or a something like that,” you said, scrolling through the ideas on your phone. “What do you think babe?”

When you didn’t get a response, you looked down at your boyfriend.

He was asleep. His arms were holding Frankie close to his chest, Frankie’s head was nuzzled into Joe’s neck. They both lightly snored as you snapped a pic.

You knew exactly how you were going to tell the fans you had added a new addition to the family.


• ok so he is maybe the cutest boy ever
• like the first time you saw him you were probably completely smitten
• like he is just so pure and adorable
• and he was super shy but once he asked you out
• and you’d been on a few dates
• he got really comfortable really quickly
• cuddliest boy in the world

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Yoon Jisung Hogwarts Au

I know I did Daniel as a Hufflepuff as well, but I can’t see Jisung as anything other???

• Hogwarts had always seemed a mystical place that you’d never get to visit,

• You’d been home schooled for a good 5 years,

• But there’s only so much someone can learn about potions in their kitchen,

• And you’d turned your sofa into a dog house by accident and your family had decided maybe Hogwarts was the place to go,

• Finally,

• I mean yeah home school could be cool but hOgWarTs!!!

• At this point you’re not even embarrassed to turn up and get sorted with the 1st years,

• You show some of the Muggle Born’s a Patronus on the boat trip to the castle and they loose their s h i t,

• Anyways,

• You get sorted into Hufflepuff, and boy are you glad because you feel they’d be the most welcoming to a complete newbie,

• And no offence to the 1st years but you kinda want some friends your own age,

• The first lesson the next day you are definitely lost,

• Why is this castle so big and why does it’s staircases move?

• Health and safety?

• And you swear you watched a room disappear, how is that practical?

• But nothing will get you down because you’re finally here,

• You spot a boy around your age walking past, and he just so happens to be Hufflepuff as well,

 • It’s not like you waited in a corner for 10 minutes to pic out a friendly looking target,

• Pfffft.  . . 

• “Heya, I’m new and totally lost, would you mind showing me where transfiguration is?”

• The boys soft brown hair and shiny eyes relax you enough to smile brightly,

• “That’s where I’m headed, you can walk with me,”

• You where not expecting this boy to have a smile to totally melt your heart,

• You’re taken back,

• How rude of him,

• His smile seems to trigger a reaction in you where you can’t help but smile back,

• “ I’m Y/N,”

• “ Jisung,”

• And just like a mama bird, he totally takes your vulnerable little self under wing,

• Jisung is actually a huge dork and a walking meme,

• (No matter how hard you try to explain, hardly anyone in Hogwarts understand what a meme is and it’s a s t r u g g l e),

• And he helps introduce you to your first ever proper friends :’)

• You learnt how to ride a broom and you knew of Quidditch before, but have you really lived if you haven’t gone to a proper Quidditch match?

• Hufflepuff wins although a Slytherin girl falls off her broom and almost nearly dies but gets saved and you hope every match is filled with this much excitement,

• A whole new world opens up to you and it’s all thanks to Jisung,

• And he just never stops showing you around?

• Everyone is 100% sure you know your way around everywhere but Jisung will be like,

• “No this way is a short cut,”

• You start to wonder how Jisung Knows even secret passages or knacks for getting things in the castle,

• Then you realised it’s Jisung he probably either asked nicely or made people so at ease with him that they’d just tell him,

• You’re normally sat in the Hufflepuff common room doing some work and he just appears,

• Takes your hand in his extremely soft ones and gently lead you away,

• And boi if you don’t LIVE for those moments, 

• He’ll take you a little into the forbidden Forrest or to a secret corner of the lake,

• He’ll find the highest window in the castle so you can watch the starts from it,

• Constantly wrapping his robe around your shoulders because you always forget yours,

• Haha, ‘forget’, nice one,

• But really why is his robe so much softer and warmer than yours?

• He always looks you in the eyes to speak to you so you feel as if you have his whole attention,

• Okay it’s been 3 months and you’re head over heels,

• Just when you think there can’t possibly be another secret place,

• The room of requirement,

• Jisung looks a little nervous when the door appears and he leads you inside,

• You figured it must be quite personal to him,

• oOps there goes your heart again,

• The room is small and quaint and colourful bean bags sit in one corner and bookshelves in the other and a hammock and the place looks so cozy you’re not sure you’re ever going to leave,

• You guys are sat on the bean bags and chatting but Jisung is half out of it and you start to worry,

• Is this the bit where he says that he was just being nice and showing you around,

• But then you remember his dorky smile and your open-heart conversations by the lake and when he went out of his way for you all of those times just to see you smile,

• You remember all those witty comments that always made you giggle, maybe just because Jisung said them,

• No one is purely that kind to people they don’t like, not even Jisung,

• “Hey Y/N, I kind of sort of like you?”

• While Jisung starts sounding confidant he drifts off at the end in an adorable raise of the eyebrow and uncertain tone,

•You can’t help but laugh a little at it,

• But you quickly stop so he doesn’t think you’re being mean,

• “We that’s awful lucky, because it just so happens I Like you too,”

• Neither of you can stop your little grins,

• Jisung lips are soft, just like his actions and both of you make slow lazy movements, almost as if trying not to frighten each other,

• Although a car could crash through a wall and you wouldn’t be startled,

• (Which is almost as dangerous as those stairs),

• From them on in it’s all gently taking each other hands when next to each other,

• His carefully slipping an arm around your waist in corridors,

• You tentatively slinging you arms around his neck as he places his hands on your hips when you’re alone,

• The highest your PDA goes is carefully wrapping yourself around each other,

• You’re both so sly though hardly anyone notices,

• Should of been a Slytherin,

• He loves it when you play with his hair so you’re forever running the soft strands through your hands,

• He almost seems to purr like a cat it’s kind of adorable,

• It’s awful though because if one of you starts to cry the other does as well and you become a group mess,

• But better be s group mess than a mess alone, right?

• You two have definitely been found in some corner somewhere crying about stupid things,

• “You got full marks on your defense against the dark arts test, oh my god," 

• Everyone just sort of leaves you to be emotional,

• Jisung always brings you little flowers he finds or snacks from the kitchens or manages to smuggle little gifts from Hogsmeade  to you,

• How does he do it though you’re always with him at Hogsmeade???

• How do you not see???

• You decide it’s better not to ask,

• Jisung is pure blood so he doesn’t know much from the Muggle world, so you get him little gifts and it makes his day,

• A rubix cube wasn’t a good choice though, he was addicted to it for an entire week,

• The two of you are combined a ball of sunshine and wit and it’s really damn cute,

• Overall Jisung is special to you on a whole different level- not only did he show you a new sort of love, he showed you a new sort of family,

Thanks if you’ve read till the end, I hope it’s satisfied all you Jisung Stans, heh.

Loved Me Back To Life pt 6/final

Thank you so much for all of the love with this series! I’m extremely excited about ‘Gods and Monsters’ and ‘Moose and Me’ with a few one shots coming as well! Have an amazing weekend and be safe! 


Jensen Ackles and Wife Reader, Jared and Gen Padelecki, Thomas, Shep and Odette, OFC Jaclyn Rose, 

Warnings: You guys know this already! Fluff and sweetness, DaddyJensen, seriously teeth rotting sweetness

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Originally posted by circleofchocolate

              Over the next year Jensen and I watched Jaclyn grow in leaps and bounds. We couldn’t believe she was going to be one tomorrow and both of us were sad to see her growing so fast. It felt like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. Gen and I had planned the birthday party, the boys were still up in Vancouver finishing season 14. She was my little angel but she was a daddy’s girl through and through. There were a lot of times over the year that I had to skype or facetime so she would calm down enough to go to sleep, somedays I would play videos of him singing and that would make her happy just as much.

              We came up with a cute idea, making this a future hunter in training party. Odette would be dressed like Sam and Jaclyn would be dressed like Dean. The cake would have a picture of Jay and Jaclyn when they had fallen asleep on the couch during Christmas break. Her smash cake would be a simple white cake, the food and the drinks were supernatural themed as well. By this point both girls had fallen asleep so we put them down and took the boys out back to do a little swimming before dinner.

              Gen and I just hung out for the day, so, I decided to tell her a secret I had been sitting on for a while. “I’m pregnant” “Oh my God! Really??” I smiled and nodded. “How far along are you?” “I’m about five weeks” “How are you going to tell Jay?” “I have no clue but it needs to be unique” As it got close to dinner time, we got cleaned up and decided to go out for dinner when I heard the door open to see Jensen and Jared with huge smiles on their faces.

              I launched myself in his arms holding him close to me, overjoyed to have the love of my life back in my arms. “How are you here? I thought you had a few more days of filming” “We worked hard and got done quicker than we thought.” “I’m so happy” He just held me close for a few moments then remembering that we were heading out for dinner. “We were going to get dinner, wanna join us?” “I am starving sweetheart” While he went upstairs to freshen up I got Jaclyn changed into a onesie that said, ‘my daddy is Dean Winchester’ and a cute pair of jeans.

              “You wanna go see Daddy?” She started bouncing and giggling, so I brought her downstairs and as soon as she saw Jay she started saying ‘dada’ repeatedly. “There’s my little peanut” He hugged her to him as she grasped his face in her chubby little hands giggling at the funny faces he was making. I decided to say something seeing if Jay was paying attention. “I hope the next one likes me” “Wait What did you just say?” “I hope the next one likes me” “Are you saying???” “I’m pregnant Jay” Gen took Jaclyn so we could have a couple minutes alone. “How long have you known?” “Close to a week, I started not feeling good so I went to the doctor and he told me that I was almost five weeks along”

              I could see the tears in his eyes, I walked over and wrapped my arms around his neck holding him close. “I am a very lucky man” “That you are Mr. Ackles” He kissed me softly and smiled. “Enough with the chick flick moments, I’m hungry” “Ok mama bear, let’s get you fed” We rejoined Jared and Gen who had huge smiles on their faces. After hugging and congratulations we decided on barbecue for dinner tonight and they were happy to oblige the pregnant woman of the group.

              After an amazing night, we said goodnight to the Padalecki’s and went home tired but also happy. I started picking up a few things when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and a pair of lips running up and down my neck. “Jay” I whined, he really knew how to disrupt my train of thought. “I’ll do this, I started a hot bath upstairs for you and put Jaclyn to bed” “I love you so much” “I love you more” I kissed him quickly and went upstairs to my bathtub full of almost scalding water.

              I quickly undressed and sunk into the water hissing at the water warmth but I could feel my muscles relaxing instantly. I was happy and relaxed enjoying the smell of lavender and vanilla, feeling so relaxed I never wanted to move again. I knew I had to get out but I just groaned at not wanting to move, Jay came in to check on me just smiling at me knowing how relaxed I was I invited him to join me. He quickly undressed and got in behind me. “I can’t believe we’re having another baby, I’m so happy y/n. I don’t think you know how much.” I turned slightly and cupped his cheek with tears building in my eyes I kissed him. We just smiled and pushed our foreheads together.

              Once the water cooled we got out and dried off, quickly getting our pajama’s on and crawled into bed falling fast asleep holding each other closely. As I started to wake up I could feel the morning sickness hitting me hard. I made it just in time but felt a hand rubbing my back, telling me that he was there for support. “I hate this part” I groaned as I set my forehead against the cool porcelain. “I know baby I made your favorite” He helped me off the floor and led me to bed where there was a tray of pancakes and bacon. I started tearing up loving him more for remembering what I ate with Jaclyn.

              We sat and ate while Jay watched the morning news. After breakfast, I snuggled up with him before we had to go and get some errands done today. It was going to be a gorgeous day and I was always happy to spend the day with Jay and Jaclyn. While Jensen got his shower, I went into Jaclyn’s room to check on her and saw her beautiful green eyes looking at me. “Hi pumpkin” I picked her up and kissed her all over her face making laugh and squeal.

              I took her downstairs and put her in her high chair, cutting up some pancake and a piece of bacon. I saw her daddy in her as she happily munched on her bacon and saw the same look of love that Jensen got when eating bacon. “You are so much like your daddy” She just smiled and giggled slapping her hands together. The party wasn’t until four so I washed up got dressed and headed out for a few things making sure we were back to set everything up. Jensen tweeted a pic of his girls wishing Jaclyn Rose a happy birthday. The response from the fans was so sweet, tweeting out little pictures and videos for her.

              We got back to the house around 3:30 and Gen was already there setting some things up, Jared and Jensen got the rest set up so that Gen and I could dress up the girls like Sam and Dean. We got them dressed and ready to go really hoping this would be a success. As we carried the girls downstairs the guests were starting to arrive and saw everyone I had considered family. We walked out to show off our handy work and saw Jared and Jensen bent over laughing at their girls looking like Sam and Dean. Both girls had flannel then a shirt that either said ‘Dean Winchester is my Daddy’ and ‘Sam Winchester is my Daddy’ with jeans and converse.

              The entire day was filled with laughter, stories and plenty of pictures to show off to the fans. By the time everyone had gone home the girls were asleep in their daddy’s arms and there was no way that they would be waking up any time soon. We bid each other good night, Jay put her to bed while I got a shower. When I came out with a towel wrapped around me I saw my husband sitting against the headboard a pair of pajama pants on and nothing else. It was like a scene from those trashy romance novels I used to read.

              “Damn Jay, you know how to get a girl all hot and bothered” I said as I blushed fifty shades of crimson. He beckoned me over to him so I took off my towel and walked over there without a stitch of clothing. “Damn baby, pregnancy suits you.” I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to him straddling his lap. I kissed him slowly but passionately feeling him harden underneath me. He flipped me quickly kissing down my neck onto my shoulder, for the whole night we gave each other everything we could.

              I stretched as I started to wake up and noticed Jay’s side of the bed empty, I walked down the stairs to see Jaclyn watching her daddy be a dork. I had a check-up later today to make sure everything was going the way it was supposed to. I slipped on one of Jays tees and a pair of underwear going back downstairs to have breakfast with the two people I loved most in this world. I snuck up behind Jay, then tickling his sides making him jump. Jaclyn just laughed and I just smiled as he turned to look at me with a playful glare.

              After breakfast, we got showered and dressed, heading to the doctor excited to see my second little peanut. We were so blessed that Jaclyn was a good baby, she never fussed or threw a tantrum, she was calm and happy. They called us back and I started to get excited to see our new little one on the way. They put the cold gel over my small bump and started moving it around. We heard the heartbeat and I just let the tears fill my eyes, the tech looked over and asked, “Would like to know what you’re having?” “Yes please” I said quietly. “You are having a boy! Congratulations!” She printed the pictures and cleaned off the goop and walked us out. We made the next appointment and headed home to share the amazing news.

Some Time Later

              I was eight months at this point and ready for our little boy to enter the world, and be in my arms. We had come up with Robert James and he even like that, anytime we said it he moved around saying hi. Season 15 was almost done filming and it was the end of the series, everything had been planned and put together for the fans, the cast, and the crew so that it ended with a shocking surprise. Jay was flying out tonight to come back home, permanently. I spent most of the day vegging on the couch with Jacky watching ‘Frozen’ and singing along.

              She was so amazing and adorable any time the baby would kick, she would just look and tilt her head. “Your brother is just saying hi” she put her hands where he had kicked “Hi brother”. Gen brought the boys over so they kids could be together, playing tag in the back yard as the sun set over the lake. “Oh, hey Jared just text me that they got an earlier flight” I let out the breath I was holding. “That’s good because I think my water just broke” I called Donna and Alan, telling them that I was in labor and they said they would meet us at the hospital.

              We got the kids ready to go, grabbing everything we needed. I grabbed my phone and hit the call button for Jay. It went to voicemail and I left a message that he needed to get here like now. The contractions weren’t that close together yet so he did have some time but things do change. I was settled in a room when both men burst through the door, I just laughed. Gen and Jared left to help with the kids. Once it was time to push it wasn’t long until I heard the most beautiful sound. Our little boy was here, they cleaned him up and brought him back to me. I just ran my finger over his cheeks and noticed his y/e/c and his y/h/c completely smitten.

              Everyone came to visit and Jaclyn was amazing with him, she just watched him with curiosity. Jensen got into bed with me Jaclyn asleep in his arms and Bobby asleep in mine. Jay just watched me and kissed the side of my head. “Thank you so much! I love you with everything I have” I let out a sigh “Thank you Jay, you’ve given me so much love. I will never know how I got so lucky” I kissed him once more “You loved me back me to life”

amor-vitae  asked:

omg!!! outsider POV (idk, phichit, the Katsukis, Chris???) of the early days of Taker when they were still just having sex <3 thank u dommi!

Oh my God yes this thank you for this beautiful, golden treasure.

It’s not quite that the season’s in full-swing yet, but Chris knows mid-July is bearing down on him like a plane making an emergency water landing. Still, he enjoys what quiet he can between meetings with his choreographer, Josef, and his costume designer. He’s thinking something sexy, like a teasing shower display for a lover for the short—they just haven’t pinned the song yet.

Chris checks his Instagram feed, seeing that Yuuri’s Thai bestie has posted a series of videos to his story—it’s him landing his newly-ratified quad. Chris is probably the only figure skater in the world who doesn’t know this musical, but he thinks maybe he should check it out someday as he watches Chulanont’s beaming smile and West End-caliber grace.

Speaking of Yuuri, though—Vitya’s been in Hasetsu for about two months, give or take. Though, he’s been quiet for a week. Chris sends a text with an attached pic of Bianca’s dainty body curled up in the nook of his arm. 

Allo, Vitya! Comment vas-tu?

It’s only then that Chris pulls up the timezone for…what was it called? Kyushu, that’s right, he thinks and he sees that it’s going on ten pm there. Hm, well hopefully he’ll get a reply tomorrow.

He gets comfortable on his best chair with a cup of rosehip tea and Bianca by his arm, turning to his Netflix account. He’s been working his way through an American drama about a family of morticians when his phone chirps.

Chris adjusts his glasses and checks the screen. Defying all odds, it’s Vitya. 

Hello! Sorry—things have been a bit hectic.

Chris smiles and shrugs. The season hasn’t technically started, how hectic can it be? Is Yuuri demanding all of your time, off-rink and on?

It takes a while for him to respond.

…You might say that.

Chris stares at his phone. He thinks of half a year ago in another part of the world, champagne flowing, inhibitions dropping like flies. He thinks of the first solid smile he’d seen on Victor’s face in longer than he can recall, a furious paso doble, stripping and taking turns holding each other while wrapped around a pole as “Partition” filled the room…

He thinks most of all of a shell-shocked Victor’s eyes lighting up and glowing, a faint flush on his face as a drunken Yuuri begged him to be his coach, and the way Victor led him out of the ballroom, Yuuri’s pants in one hand while his other fished in them for a room key, Yuuri half clinging like they were one person.

Good on you, Chris thinks. Ah, such young lovers. I should have guessed truly.

There’s another long break, and Chris gets up for more tea. The phone chirps twice while he boils the water. The rosehip blend is lovely, a birthday gift from his mother. He should thank her again.

Chris gets cozy with an afghan from his Grandmere and Bianca, sipping the tea. Then he looks at the texts.

Yuuri and I aren’t romantic.

…I think.

Chris raises an eyebrow as a third text comes in.

We’re not just professional, but we’re not dating. I’m pretty sure we’re not dating.

Before he can reply, he sees the animation that tells him Vitya is typing. It goes on for a while, sometimes disappearing altogether. He’s starting a text before scrapping it entirely, Chris realizes.

Then finally: No, we’re not dating. We’re just—I mean, it’s not really anyone’s concern but ours, but we’re not an item. We’re just what we are. 

Which is? Chris prompts.

It takes so long for a reply, Chris thinks Vitya’s fallen asleep. It’s fine if he has—he’s an early riser by trade. He finishes the tea, washing the cup and drying it with a ginger touch. Inherited bone china, priceless and impossible to replace.

Bianca sits by her dish, offering a plaintive meow. Chris smiles. “Ah, bebe,” he says. He kneels and she rubs against him before sitting by the dish. Her fluffy white tail swishes once. “Not dinner, not yet. But—some anchovies—”

He grabs them and gives her two. She eats them happily, licking her whiskers clean when she’s done. He notes he’s low and needs more, so he adds them to his shopping list.

Chris heads back to the television to turn it off, having missed the bulk of the show. An old rerun of Tintin is on the telly, and his beautiful girl’s namesake sings an aria on the screen. His collection of the comics is quite impressive, and he managed to win a Herge original a while back.

The phone beeps. Chris reads.

How do you tell someone you want more than they’re able to give?

Chris’s face becomes a bit dark, like the very beginnings of a summer storm. I don’t follow what you mean.

Vitya replies thus: How do I tell Yuuri that he means more to me than just a body at night? And how do I make him see I ache to be that more to him?

Chris removes his glasses, cleans them, then puts them back on because surely he didn’t read that right. Alas, no, he did, it’s absolutely what he saw the first time—Yuuri is having casual fun and Vitya’s in deep, mataphorically and presumably literally. 


He wipes his mouth with his hand. I think you should just ask him what his expectations are for you both, and you should be up front about yours in return. If you don’t see eye-to-eye, perhaps it would be best to cut and run.

Again it takes a while, and Chris opens the book on his end table. It’s a non-fiction account of Josephine Baker’s life. She’s stunning and fascinating—a huge inspiration for his skating.

He’s so perfect and I knew with the first—well, I knew right away that I’m his. That isn’t going to change if he—

It’s another fit and start.

I feel how I feel. It won’t change. But is it so wrong to want him to feel the same for me?

Chris grimaces. Not that he has a lot of serious relationship experience—just one when they were both too young and naive to make it solid for the long haul—but he knows better than this. Vitya should in theory too, though he mostly keeps to himself when he’s at loose ends. 

Sit him down, ask him. If given the green light, keep it going and see what happens. If a yellow or a red, you should stop whatever it is until he’s figured himself out. 

He thinks, then sends another.

Try not to expect anything. And Vitya—if you think you’re capsizing, bail before you drown. Please.

Vitya doesn’t reply this time, either because of Yuuri or because he’s asleep. It hardly matters. Chris worries he’s overstepped a line or come across like ordering instead of offering advice. 

Chris puts his phone facedown on the side table. Bianca curls in his lap as he ignores the telly for the light’s slow fade out his picture windows. Yuuri wouldn’t hurt Vitya on purpose…but on purpose isn’t not at all. 

He recalls again the night in Sochi, the stars in Yuuri’s eyes and heavenly-light of his smile as he dipped Vitya, pulling him tight hip-to-hip and spinning like they were the only two in the hall.

Chris breathes and talks himself out of the worries. They’ll be fine. They’ll even end up happy.

At least, he thinks they will.

fairydustandsarcasm  asked:

HII. Hope you're having a nice day. Can I get the ship questions with Drake please? Thank.

Sure friend! Sorry this took a while. Was in a different place with HORRIBLE INTERNET I couldn’t load half the pics and shit on my feed 😁 Also while I ship Drake x MC, I’m going with Liam x MC first so there were a few things that were harder to figure out as I didn’t do some of Drake’s scenes/friendzoned him in them lol. Hope you like this???

Using default name Riley here!

Who said “I love you” first

Riley. I imagine there came a moment when they both knew they loved each other, but the whole Liam thing was still an issue in their lives and Drake couldn’t bring himself to say it much as he wanted to. So Riley does. There’s a moment where they have yet another heart to heart, where Drake says he can’t believe she would fall for someone like him, and Riley says it, because Drake needs to know that without a doubt that she does.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

I wanna say Drake! But he doesn’t let Riley know that. There’s this one time when Riley wanted to borrow his phone to call Maxwell and he just kept refusing to show her.

“No you can’t call Maxwell with my phone!”

“Why not? Mine’s dead, just hand it over!”

“Cause… I don’t want him to get my number.”

“Seriously? I thought you were friends already.”

“Do you know me, woman?”

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Riley does! Little cute messages or things that make Drake blush. It always makes him smile this small, one-sided smile that’s also a smirk, and it brightens up his day. He then usually proceeds with going to hug and cuddle Riley.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Rileyyyy. Even though Drake says it’s cheesy and acts like he thinks it’s lame. She kinda loves the reaction it gets out of him. The girl is silly and loves teasing burnt marshmallows. Drake totally loves it though. Fckn pretender lol.

Who initiated the first kiss

Lol ok part of why it took so long to write this was me trying to remember and find the canon scene of this to confirm but I couldn’t so nvm here’s my hc 

Riley. There’s that moment in the Beaumont study where they’ve already told each other they were falling for one another. Drake is trying really hard not to let himself melt into her arms because Liam is his best friend and Riley was still in the running to be his wife. But they get so close to each other and even though Drake can’t bring himself to kiss her first, he can’t seem to distance himself either. And well, Riley always being the bold one, takes the leap. :D

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Both. When Riley does it, Drake is either burnt marshmallow or pure marshmallow. Like he’ll either be all grumpy and grimace, acting all bothered that she’s disturbing his sleep, but she keeps going cause the way he frowns is so cute. Or he gets really happy as he realizes what’s happening and wraps his arms around her while she continues to kiss him awake.

When Drake does it, it’s cause he wants to steal a few moments where he can just stare at her shamelessly and kiss her all he wants since that’s what he’s wanted for a long time and now he gets to do it. His hand outlines her face – around the curve of her lips, brushing the hair away from her forehead, placing a kiss there, he notes how soft her skin is, and he eventually just buries his face in her neck, kissing her there till she’s awake.

Who starts tickle fights

Riley. She just discovered a very bad tickle spot of Drake’s and now it’s her target whenever she’s feeling cheeky and wants to tease Drake. Or get him to do something. 

“Please? Dance with me?”

“I don’t dance, Riley.”

“Dance with me or you get the tickle guns.”

“… fine.”

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Both. After all the effort to get together these two would not miss out on the chance to be with each other and see each other in that way. They both like the feeling of getting to see each other naked, holding each other, and laughing as they help each other bathe, because it’s such a simple intimate thing that they never let themselves have before.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Drake. Like, I just imagine Riley staying in Cordonia and taking up some sort of job that still relates to the nobility. Maybe she stays on with the Beaumonts?? Idk. But Drake likes to show up especially at “stuffy rich people” events with a paper bag.

“Hey, thought you might like some real food. Got you some sloppy joes and cronuts.”

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Drake. They both agree to go out on a real date after everything with the coronation and the scandal. Drake feels nervous and excited as they’ve never really seen each other in this situation before. It feels a good kind of strange to go out with her without him trying to stop it or worry about Liam’s feelings. He’s also somehow put a lot of pressure on himself to impress Riley. Because now it’s all about them being together. No one else is in the way. He has to do it right, he thinks. She deserves it.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Drake. Riley freaks out sometimes and tries to kill them, but he stops her and takes the little guys out into the gardens.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Riley. Let’s face it, Drake can drink her under the table. They’ll be having a whiskey night together or with friends, and eventually Riley drapes her shoulders around Drake and slurs out that she loves him. Usually to the entire room if they aren’t alone. 

“You still suck at drinking, Riley, but I love you, too.”

Send me a ship <3

Twelfth Doctor Rewatch: Mummy on the Orient Express

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Where the Doctor and Clara are saying they’re not friends anymore and yet act super cute, the Doctor does a lot of flailing movements, and Clara turns into a blanket burrito.

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When you least expect it - Part 6: Family Matters

Characters (AU: first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Mills), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore, Jo Harvelle Singer, Castiel Harvelle Singer, Hannah Singer,  Ellen Harvelle Singer, Mary Winchester, Claire Singer, Ben Braeden, Lisa Braeden (mentioned)

Pairings: Reader/Dean

Warnings: angst, fluff overload, lots of implied smut, hmm not sure what else just read it guys.

Wordcount: 4000ish (again a little long but shorter than last time ;))

A/N: This is my newest series. It is a Mechanic!Dean AU and it is mostly written from the readers POV but it will have a few from Dean’s as well. It is an emotional rollercoaster so consider yourselves warned. It will have smut, fluff and angst. It will get pretty dark at some point too.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

This chapter: Dean and Y/N’s relationship is moving forward, but Dean comes with a big package. His family. 

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Tagging: If you want to be tagged let me know and I will do my best to remember! @blacktithe7 @ashleymalfoy @harley7509 @dear-claudia @ohmydean @faith-in-dean @beautifulfound @whovianwholikesgirls @ilostmyshoe-79 @deanreaderreblog  @k20wn @lilyoflothlorien @phoenixia67 @torn-and-frayed and @hermitsofthewhoniverse


You felt the morning light hit your face as you slowly started to come too. You stretched your limps slightly before turning around to face him. You smiled as you watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful and perfect. You studied every line of his face. The curve of his lips and the way his eyelashes curled slightly. The freckles that were splashed over his nose and eyelids. You smiled as you noticed a few lighter ones on his forehead and then on his shoulder and arm he was resting above the covers. It was all you could do not to reach out and touch him. To try and count them. Finally you gave in and your fingers gently started to trace the ones on his arm up to his shoulder.

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Pack Mom - Part 12

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Request 1//  Where there’s a bit of a time skip and Liam’s mom comes to the loft with old photo albums for the reader and says stuff like she was cleaning and instead of throwing them out she thought she’d give them to her and Liam sees his bio mom and hides behind the reader a little upset because he gets flashbacks of how mean they were to him so later that night the reader has Liam in her lap and Derek sat next to her and they look through the photo album of his baby pics together

Request 2// where the pack are shocked that the couple adopted Liam and voice their opinions but Derek gets super protective over him and tells him they can’t speak about his son like that because he was family before and is family now and the reader comforts Liam and tells the pack off for being so rude and makes them apologise mom style haha

Request 3// Derek proposes to Y/n!!! Derek tells Liam to say to her, “Mom You’re gonna be a Hale now!” Then Derek asks THE QUESTION

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8  Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12  Part 13 Part 14

Adopting Liam was the best thing we ever did. He was official a Hale now, and he was proud to be a Hale. And I was proud to call him my son, and I know Derek did too. Talia also loved her big brother so much. I once caught them both having a nap together on the sofa and it was the cutest thing ever. I had the perfect family. We just had to tell the pack now. How would they take Liam being a Hale? Guess we would just have to wait and find out.

It was around 7:30 in the morning when I heard Talia waking up. So I put on my slippers and headed to her room. When I opened up her door she was sat up with a big smile on her face.

“Good morning beautiful,” I said sweetly grabbing her and pulling her into a big hug. I changed her then I took her back to my bed where Derek was now awake. 

“Go to daddy,” I said handing her to Derek, as I went to the kitchen to get her morning bottle of milk. All three of us lay in bed just relaxing and enjoying the quite. That’s until Talia finished her milk. Then she started looking around. 

“What you looking for princess,” Derek asked as he sat her on his stomach.

“Li Li, ” She said as she carried on looking around for her big brother. It was the sweetest thing ever.

“Do you want to go and wake your big brother up?” I asked with a smile growing on my face. She nodded, so I picked her up as she couldn’t walk or crawl yet and carried her to Liam’s room as Derek went to get dressed. Just before I opened the door I looked down at my daughter and put my finger to my lips “Shh” We crept into Liam’s room and I placed Talia onto his bed. She rested her head on his shoulder and gave him a big hug.He wrapped his arms around her and placed a kiss on her head.

“LI LI!” She shouted down Liam’s ear.

“Someone is excited to see her big brother this morning” I laughed sitting on the side of Liam’s bed as he was sitting up. When I looked at him he had a nervous look on his face.

“What’s the face for?” I asked

“What do you think the pack will say about you and Derek adopting me?” He asked

“I don’t know, they will be shocked, but who cares. You are our family and that’s all that matters” I said placing a kiss on his head.

Few Hours Later//

It was around 12 when the pack arrived at the loft. It was time to tell them the news. Everyone sat on the sofa and didn’t say a word. What reaction would we get. Good or Bad?

“Is everything okay?” Scott asked nervously.

“We have something to tell you all,” I said looking at Liam.

“Dunbar what have you done” Stiles shouted looking directly at him now. That was perfect. 

“He isn’t a Dunbar no more” I informed them, Everyone went quite. 

“I don’t understand?“ Of course,Stiles didn’t understand, I always had to explain what I meant. Like the time I told him, we would be adding another member to the pack.

“Stiles, Liam is a Hale now,” I said with a big grin forming on my face.


“Derek and I adopted him,” I told them. Everything went silent to let everything sink in. Then everyone burst, shouting over each other what their opinion was.

“Why would you want to adopt that little runt for?" 

"Why would you adopt Liam?”

“That’s so weird?" 

"EVERYONE SHUT IT!” Derek shouted looking really angry. How dare they say this stuff about Liam. It was our family and we can do what we want with it. But that shut everyone up. When I looked for Liam he wasn’t in the room no more.

“How dare you, speak about Liam like that! Yes, we adopted him, yes it maybe a shocker. But he is Mine and Y/N’s son and you don’t have the right to be so rude about it! He was family before and he is family now. So do you have anything else to say!“ Derek shouted causing Talia to wake up and start crying.

Derek Stormed off to go and get Talia while I went to see Liam. When I walked into his room, he was sat of his bed crying. I sat next to him and pulled him into my lap and gave him the biggest hug ever. I wiped away his tears with my thumb. He buried his head into my chest. The pack really upset him.

"Sweetie, don’t listen to them. You are our family and adopting you was our choice. Not would never change our minds about it. You are our son” I told him placing a kiss on his head as I rocked him in my arms. I headed him sniffle.

“W..Why don’t they l..Like it?” He asked

“They are just shocked, baby. It was unexpected” I comforted him. We sat there for a few minutes in silent.

“Come on let’s go back to the pack” I grabbed Liam’s hand and pulled him into the living room. Derek was back with Talia in his arms.

“Right guys, what do you have to say to Liam, after upsetting him?” I asked now with my arms folded.

“Were sorry” They all whispered.

“What was that?” I asked

“Were sorry Liam,”, The pack said louder. Which made you feel a lot better, and when you looked over at Liam he had a smile on his face.

“Yeah I’m sorry bud, it was just a really big shock to me that they adopted you”, Stiles said generally sorry.

“That’s okay,” Liam told him.

Now that everyone was fine with us adopting Liam we just relaxed talking about pack things and new threats that are in Beacon Hills, and played with Talia. Making sure she wouldn’t get bored.

It was around 7 pm when the pack went home, Derek took Talia to get ready for bed.Liam and I were sat on the sofa watching a movie till Derek came back after getting Talia to sleep. The pack hadn’t even been gone 5 minutes until there was a knock at the door. Liam lifted his head off my lap and sat up.

“What have they forgot this time?” I laughed. But when I slid open the door it wasn’t the pack. It was Liam’s mom. Liam hid behind me and grabbed my hand really upset, Remembering all the stuff what happened. Not wanting to go near her. I could feel him shaking. I never really knew how bad things her for him when he lived there, but I am glad that Derek and I got him out of there.

“What are you doing here?” I asked angrily as I was protecting Liam.

“I was cleaning out our loft and came across these old photo albums, and instead of throwing them out, I thought I would come and drop them off here, I don’t want them” She said handing a bag to me and heading off back home, not even caring how she made Liam feel, how could she do that. Derek came back into the living room.

“Who was that?” He asked.

“Liam’s mom, she came to drop these photo albums off” I informed him, pulling Liam back onto the sofa and onto my lap. Derek came to sit us and I pulled out the photo album.

“Should we look at it together?” I asked. Liam smiled and nodded while he rested his head on my shoulder. When I opened the album the first photo was baby Liam in his high chair with ice cream all over him he must have been around 1 maybe 2. We all burst at laughing. 

“You and Talia have something in common. Your both messy eaters” Derek laughed ruffling Liam’s hair. There we photos of Liam sleeping in his pushchair and ones of him in the swimming pool and the cutest on was when he must have been around the age of 5, and he was in a lacrosse Jersey, with a little lacrosse Stick in his hand and a helmet on. It was the cutest thing ever. I gave Liam a big hug. 

“We will look at some more tomorrow yeah,” I told him and he nodded.

“Right I better go for a shower,” I told them picking Liam up off my knee and placing him on the sofa next to Derek.

Liam’s P.O.V

I finished watching the film with Derek but I could sense that he was nervous and worried about something.

“Dad?” I asked

“Yeah, Liam” Derek turned to me. I had no idea what he had to be nervous or worried about. I have never seen him like this.

“Are you okay, I can sense that you are nervous?” He then let out a sign then pulled a little box out of his jumper pocket.

“I want to ask Y/N to marry me, but I don’t know how” He informed me looking down at the box.

“Do the usual, get down on one knee?” I told him with a smile forming on my face.

“I have an Idea!” Derek told me with him looking at me. “And it involves you”

When Y/N got out the shower she came back into the living room and sat on the sofa. I pulled her up and made her stand in the middle of the room then I hugged her. Derek came in and stood behind me.

“What are you two up to?” She asked looking between the both of us.

“Mom you’re going to be a Hale to!” I said excitedly hugging her even more. Now she became Stiles.

“What do you mean?” But Derek answered that question. He pulled out the box and got down on one knee and opened the box to reveal a White gold engagement ring.

“Y/N Y/L/N Will you marry me?”

Part 13? Please Tell Me What You All Think Of The Series. Would Love To Hear!