i love pho :d

i ate at that ramen place i’ve been eyeing since january yesterday

it was nice, not amazing but good. thought the broth could have more flavor. but amazing compared to all the other absolute shit ramen places in new jersey. it’d prob just be average in nyc cause of ippudo. in hs there was this one popular ramen place near my town, like friends and acquaintances and even my brother would say it was good. i thought it was shit. like it was edible. that’s it. there is something wrong with the tastebuds of people who actually like that place.

i still don’t rly like ramen in general. like if you asked me to choose between my fav pho bowl and that ramen i’d pick pho. i love noodles but currently ramen is prob near the bottom of my list

i might eat there again tomorrow if i feel like leaving early. i want to like ramen cause it’s so popular, but all the bad places i’ve had have left me with a terrible impression of ramen so it’s hard to change that