i love phil he's my fave

your fave is problematic: dan howell

- 2 squishy 4 life
- claims to be articulate but rambles a lot
- uploads videos “regularly”
- falls of his chair twice per month
- loves phil lester more than you
- also loves kanye more than you should
- legs that don’t end
- sleeps with a haru pillow wtf
- contemplates the universe facedown on the floor
- obsessed with his hair
- uses words like “spoilerino” and “hecky dizzle”
- “so my name is [dan]”
- twice as tall as a regular person
- unfairly beautiful
- why is his dimple sad
- he needs to be stopped
- who will stop this boy
- *raises fists*
- *pinches cheek v softly*
- fight me howell

dan and phil on the 'creating a community' panel at playlist live 2017: a summary



could they literally be sitting any closer together i think not

dan asks the crowd how they are

dan and phil are the only ones that have spoken so far why is everyone else rude

phil again shifts closer to dan

julien and phil bonded over hamsters backstage

dan and phil are by far the most charismatic why is everyone else so sad

– the lag is fucking ridiculous i’m so sorry if i miss anything –

– the stream has broken –

– the stream is EVENTUALLY back –

dan says the cat whiskers are really bad for pores

phil is speaking about people making friends because of his and dan’s videos and fandoms are a reason for people being artistic

“i was a sad lonely teenager” - dan

dan calls phil out on being in the buffy fandom when he was younger

dans crossy legs i love it

i can’t get over his shirt it’s beautiful

and phil’s bomber jacket suits him so well i’m gonna cry

dan is so engaged in this panel he’s so intently listening to everyone else

“shoutout to the mums” dan says with a wink, “… and the dads”

“that is a good cube” - dan

dan snorts at the host calling creators ‘talent’

“you have responsibility now” dan says as a fan catches the microphone

“wow cool!” dan says as a fan reveals they’re from new zealand

phil says julien and jenna’s hamster looks like an anime hamster (“we all wish we were as beautiful as that hamster, it’s so perfect” - dan)

wow tom roasts phil for being on youtube for so long

when tom passed phil in subscribers in like 2008 he posted on phil’s channel saying 'suck it phil’ (“that’s why i avoided you for three years… kidding” - phil)

phil speaking about people being inspired by his videos is so cute i love him

dan and phil do sound effects as the cube microphone is thrown

– more lag ugh playlist please sort out your shitty wifi i have people depending on me to summarise

dan and phil lean in close to one another to talk as the microphone is thrown

fan: well for dan we all know what inspired him (dan doesn’t argue but does 'that’ face) but phil is there a moment or something that inspired you??

– i’ve switched to a periscope because the main stream kept freezing i’m sorry i’ve missed phil’s answer :( –

dan is doing a lil foot wiggle

this periscope isn’t lagging half as bad tho thanks to the streamer

dan takes the piss out of the sponsor

dan is speaking about the bristol book signing and an emotional mum and the impact his and phil’s videos had on her kids after a shitty year and it’s really stuck with him when he doubts the quality of his content i’m nearly crying he’s so humble

phil fixes his fringe


dan’s reaction to the bird is priceless

the host says sad mum is back in bird form…..

dan is embarrassed i think lmao

a bird has met my faves before me like the bird doesn’t even want to fucking be there

dan waved to the bird he’s so cute

dan keeps looking into the audience as people laugh

this panel is so nice and wholesome i love it

the host asked dan if he wanted to throw the microphone and he said “haha no”

dan waves to the fan with the microphone

dan says kanye would be a terrible present (“he’d be terrible and i’m a kanye fan”)

dan is sad that the sad mum was the best part of his career and it’s now a meme

phil calls himself a nerd

dan and tom discuss oldschool tumblr

dan’s favourite colour is black - “is that a colour or just the absence of colour?”

the cube mic has gone

phil likes “a greeny blue” or green and blue i can’t tell which he said

phil is still just smiling

dan is laughing at something

phil prefers twitter for communicating over all other social media

it’s gradually ending

“believe in yourselves, stay hydrated” - dan

they thank everyone for coming out

dan waves goodbye

the lights are out

it’s over :(

During Phil’s latest live show on the 16th of March 2017, he spent a few minutes (30.30-35.20) just ranting about his degrees and his university experience. I loved that bit so much that I wrote down the first part of the “quote” and posted it here on Tumblr and the last couple of days, I’ve just been smiling so wide at all the tags people have added when reblogging. I think it’s safe to say we all loved that bit and it brought inspiration and smiles to so many.

I’ve compiled a list of all the tags on the quote post so far. It’s quite long so you can read them all below the cut. It took ages but it was so calming to read through all the love and appreciation written in the tags. If you don’t feel comfortable being part of this list, message me and I’ll remove you immediately! I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable.

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i know this is late but i think my favorite dnp video of all time is their 13th sims episode called "extreme makeover dils home edition" bc i love dan and phil, i love the sims and i love building houses in the sims and they're so domestic in this and i'm just ASKSJWJWIEJ and i also looove their keep talking and nobody explodes videos bc they're just the cutest thing

YES THAT SIMS VIDEO IS MY FAVE TOO!!!! And isn’t that the one where phil says “if I had a house, I would just make every window glass” and dan just looks at him, and then phil realizes what he said lol like dan doesn’t even have to SAY anything ugh

And I was waiting for someone to say those videos!!!!! I rewatch them literally all the time because they sound like a married couple throughout the entire thing just fighting over what Phil’s descriptions even mean or where the heck the page is in the booklet lol those are such good videos

Fun Awards 2016 Nominations

Fun Awards

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Fave Phan Blogger 

  1. @cafephan
  2. @demonphannie
  3. @jilliancares
  4. @phanfictioncatalogue
  5. @phangirlingforphan
  6. @phanlight
  7. @phanmoonlight

Fave Phanfic Trope of 2016 

  1. 2009x2015
  2. 2012 Phan
  3. Enemies to Lovers
  4. Fake/Pretend Relationship
  5. Pastel/Punk
  6. Reality
  7. Space Boy/Plant Boy

Fave 2016 danisnotonfire Video 

  2. Dan Reacts To His Childhood Videos
  3. I Nearly Blinded Myself
  4. Our awkward fancy meal
  5. The Top Dan Memes of 2015

Fave 2016 AmazingPhil Video

  1. Another Sleepless Night With Phil
  2. A Very Sleepless Night With Phil
  4. Creepy doll watches me sleep
  5. I Killed My Houseplant
  6. Reacting to my Baby Videos!
  7. Taking Quizzes About Myself

Fave 2016 Gaming Channel Video 

  1. Are We Best Friends or FIENDS
  2. BEASTY BANGGANG - Dan and Phil play: GANG BEASTS
  3. Dan and Phil play OUTLAST 2! (TERRIFYING)
  4. Dan and Phil play Pokemon GO!
  5. Dan and Phil play THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! #2
  6. Dan and Phil play UNDERTALE!
  7. Dil’s Wedding
  8. Will Dan and Phil become millionaires?!

Fave 2016 Dan and Phil Collab Video

  1. A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in Australia
  2. Anime cosplay
  3. DanAndPhilCRAFTS - Glitter Faces
  4. Halloween Baking - MONSTER POPS!
  5. OUR PAST LIFE ANIMALS! - The $5 Internet Experiment
  6. PINOF 8
  8. Will Dan and Phil survive Australia

Fave Phan Moment of 2016 

  1. “I’ve spent the majority of 2016 with another person”
  4. tatinof
  5. Teach me dad, danisnotonfire, youtube (Halloween baking-monster pops)
  6. that moment in the tatinof doc when dan plays with sleeping phils hair (in the tour bus bed together) and dan says im filming and phil leans in before the clip ends
  7. vidcon hello internet argument
  8. When they stayed holed in their house together for 2 weeks aka pajama week

Fave 2016 Dan Tweet

  1. apparently it’s #NationalBestFriendDay :D fuck you @ amazingphil
  2. finally @AmazingPhil exposed
  3. helo it halween so dan letme out basement just fore one week pls sned help v scare
  4. how did honey get in my belly button
  5. i’m totally addicted to the star wars clone wars tv series and i’m in love with anakin skywalker force choke me dad i mean darth i mean what
  6. sometimes i dream about being one of the reindeer galloping through the sky with leather straps tying me to my friends mm yes carrots please (most recent nom)

Fave 2016 Phil Tweet  

  1. :( I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative
  2. Dan found his new video so exciting he fell asleep while editing it! Get hyped guys
  3. “I am now at least 98% cake. THANKS D-SLICE”.
  4. I kinda want to connect the dots of all the freckles on my body and see if it makes the shape of an animal or a map to the underworld
  5. ‘Me and my brother just got mistakenly called 'sir and madam’ on the train and now we’re trying to figure out who was madam’
  6. What am I even sitting next to right now
Brown Eyes

Written for thefaultinourrphan for being my 100th follower. Also they’re meeting at a party, just for imjustamessedupfangirl

Warnings: Alcohol
Word Count: 623

Phil was already drunk. He really should have been getting home; he didn’t know the host well enough to stay the night, but one of friends was pulling him in the direction of more people and someone else was shoving another drink into his hand and one more wouldn’t hurt, right?

And a couple of shots after that wouldn’t hurt either.

Phil was definitely drunk when he caught sight of the dark haired boy on the other side of the room, being cornered by a girl who seemed almost as drunk as Phil was. Phil didn’t really know why he did it, but one glance at the uncomfortable look on the boy’s face was enough to send him pushing through the crowd, making his way towards the pair.

The girl had backed the guy up against the wall by the time Phil reached them and was leaning forwards, trying to kiss him, while the guy looked from side to side, searching for an escape route.

Enter Phil, he thought, walking up to them and placing a hand on the boy’s arm. “Dude, I’ve been looking for you!” Phil had never used the word ‘dude’ before in his life, but since he didn’t know the guy’s name he figured it was as close as he could get to seeming like they knew each other.

The boy looked up with dark brown eyes that made Phil’s breath catch in his throat.

“Come on, let’s go.” The boy was still staring at him in confusion. Phil tried to look at him in a way that conveyed 'come with me if you want to live’ but he thought that he was probably just making him more confused. Phil had never been the best at speaking with his eyes, and in his current state he couldn’t even speak without slurring.

The boy seemed to get the message, or maybe he just really wanted to get away from the girl, because he was nodding, excusing himself with an apologetic look on his face. They pushed through the crowd together. Phil glanced back to see the girl pouting after them, but a second later she had turned away. In search of her next victim, perhaps.

Phil turned back to the boy and found him grinning. “Thanks, man.” he said. His voice was a little higher pitched than Phil had been expecting.

“You looked like you needed a little help,” Phil joked and the boy laughed. 
“You’re not wrong there.”
“You didn’t want to kiss her?”
“Not really my type.”
“Yeah, kind of lacking in the penis area.” Phil raised his eyebrows and the boy blushed. “Sorry, that was-”
“Nah, it’s fine.” Phil said easily. “I’m Phil, by the way.”
“Dan,” he replied. Phil smiled. Dan looked down at his feet.

“She’s not my type either.” Phil piped up, the alcohol that was still coursing through his bloodstream giving him uncharacteristic confidence.
“Yep.” Phil smirked. “For the same reason as you, actually.”
“Oh really?”
Phil grinned. “Plus I’m not that into blonde hair. I much prefer brown.”
“That’s funny, I like black.” Dan teased.

They were in the kitchen now, the rhythmic beat of the music muffled by the walls.

“I like brown eyes, too.“
“She had brown eyes,” Dan countered.
“Bet they weren’t as pretty as yours though,” Phil said quietly, stepping closer.
“They certainly weren’t as nice as yours.” Dan said breathily and then Phil was leaning down and they were kissing, Phil’s hands in that brown hair, Dan’s hands on Phil’s hips. Hot lips against hot lips. Dan pulled back. “Oh yes,” he said. “This is much better.”

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Dan waking phil up... two times 1 that moment when Dan sit on the edge of Phils bed and he shakes him and says "phil, phil, phil, vloging vloging and Phil is like "I hate you" which sounds so cute and definetly means "I love you" 2 the tatinof movie, where they sit/lay togheter and dan plays with Phils hair and phils doesnt even notice at first that Dan is filming.

those two are definitely some of my faves as well but the first one makes my heart Melt bc phil’s voice when he says ‘i hate you’ is the softest most loving fucking thing i have ever heard in my entire goddamn life

(what’s ur favourite phan moment)

being tagged makes me feel really special ngl omg tysm lo @paradisedan for tagging the gc  ❤

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better

a - age: 18

b - birthplace: Phil

c - current time: 22:57

d - drink you last had: a sweet herbal tea that my mother insisted for me to drink

e - easiest person to talk to: 

f - favourite song: I’ve been playing the Ligeti: Etudes on the piano these days but if that’s not the answer you want then it’s Dead To Me - Melanie Martinez bc I have loads of fave songs

g - grossest memory: this happened when i was still in primary school so me and dad went to the mall but he went ahead for the escalator first leaving me behind so when he got down, he looked back noticing that i havent went to the escalator bc i was afraid of heights so i ended up being assisted by a man around dad’s age heck

h - horror yes or horror no: horror yes

i - in love?: i don’t know. but with phil? yes

j - jealous of people?: well, I guess I can be sometimes

k - killed someone?: no but in my thoughts? maybe?

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: love at first sight
 definitely bc that’s what happened to me when i watched amazingphil in 2008 im proud of it 

m - middle name: Denise is actually my middle name and my first name is quite embarrassing so….nope lol but if you’re referring to my middle name like my mom’s surname then, sorry i don’t want to display it publicly ❤

n - number of siblings: we’re 4 and i’m the second so i have these two younger brats as siblings

o - one wish: I’m torn between wishing phan and yj would finally settle their forever home with each other and ANIMAL RIGHTS

p - person you called last: Dave, a gay classmate I asked him to put me up for attendance in case that I would be late

q - question you’re always asked:   in tumblr: you stan phil since 2008?; irl: why do you always look tired?

r - reason to smile: God tbh, phan, yunjae, yaoi, mutuals here, lovely people here also, my fam, my pets, and cryztyl and dave

s - song you sang last: suburbia - troye sivan (a cover, actually)

u - underwear color: blue with yellow on it

v - vacation: you mean where i went? uhm…singapore.

x - x-rays: I do this along with 2D Echo a lot bc i have asthma and ventricular septal defect

y - your favourite food: i really like sweets or it can be spicy, depends on my mood. 

z- zodiac sign: Taurus!

i tag @cuddleshowell @demondannie @suchphanmuchtrash @dreamilypinkcrown @ethereal-but-ephemeral @cuddlesphan @internetfathers @validdan @tuloy @notaphan @babaphook @lcssamazingphil @asteroidphil @hellcrafts @lesterslovebite @phillphowell @philoquence @spectraphan @shibes-howell @cappuccinohowell @sleeplessphilip @philester @yourml @friendzonedlester

I want to tag a lot but omg that may take a while but ofc u don’t have to do this if u don’t want. I just want to know more about y’all and bantering mutuals someday. All the love!  ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

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the why i can't go back to the gym video was SO good. it's always so fucking funny when he has to play multiple characters in his skits while telling the stories. if i wasn't so broke i'd send him a younow premium to tell him to make more storytime type of videos because his comic timing is priceless and i feel like he doesn't hear that enough and he's for sure funnier than, say, tana m*ngeau lol

why i can’t go back to the gym is one of my faves!!!! i love story time phil! we need more :(

deppfan16  asked:

Poor clint. That was rough. And phils a bit of a bastard. Loved seeing bucky protecting clint. And tony making sure bucky was ok was so sweet. This is my fave tony ever :)

Phil is a little bit of a bastard, but I do feel like it’s less about that and more about his decision being the right one? He seems very practical, and it makes more sense to break their bond vs to put each other through pain all the time because they can’t be together for heats/ruts/ emotional comfort/ the physical comfort that Omegas need from Alphas.

So if he breaks the bond, then it’s a few months of pain and then nothing (because once a bond is broken they will never feel anything for each other again) and if he doesn’t break the bond, he’s running the risk of hurting Clint over and over and then one day one of them being killed anyway.

I understand WHY Phil did it (look at me talking about the fic like I didn’t fucking write it lol) but he still is kind of a bastard for doing it.

I just loved Tony being a super aggressive alpha and being way protective over his family, especially Clint and Bucky.

Peanut Butter Cravings

[prompt: hi hi hi!! i discovered ur writing a few days ago and loved it!! i have a prompt that maybe you could fill?💞 pregnant!dan wakes phil up at like 3 AM bec he is craving peanut butter so phil goes to the store and gets him the crunchy kind and when he gets back dan has a meltdown bc he wanted to creamy kind so phil goes back to the store and cute fluffy ending!! thank you :)))]

this prompt is v cute aw yes yes (mpreg is always the cutest)

(i may write a lot of fucking smut but when it gets down to it, fluff and angst r my lowkey faves to write)

sorry for the amount of dialogue and sorry that its kind of short ahhh

[Contains: soooooo much fluff, gUYS THE FLUFF IS REAL IN THIS ONE, LIKE IM Sob bI n G BC OF THE FLUFF, so much fluff goddamn]


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I fell in love with your blog over the last days. You're such a lovely person ^^ I read your fanfic and Nico is such a nice person and he took Phil to a library. A LIBRARY aka my dream date. It makes me sad that their relationship won't end as good as it started. :(

Yeahhh thats how they get you sadly :’( my first date with this dude was at a library and then afterwards (i didnt put this in SP) we went to a playground and he bought me my fave candy bars and just chatted and it was nice and THATS HOW THEY GET YOU

I heard @amazingphil‘s favourite Steven Universe character is Lion, so I had a go at drawing a scene I imagined! (ref used of course). I love the show, so it was really fun to try drawing in its style. The background is from the Crewniverse’s tumblr here

Edit: ooohhmygosh i posted this only 7 hours ago and it’s got 30 notes? that’s more than anything i’ve ever posted!!! I’m glad people like it ^^

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Honestly I love them wearing anything long sleeved but my fave shirt with dan is that weirdly patterned one (I think he wore it in the one where he talked about how to cool down during the hot summer) and anything blue looks great on phil, especially his star shirt!

OH MY GOD THAT SHIRT IS EVERYTHING i wish dan wore it again it looks so good on him

and yes, blue is definitely phil’s colour

what’s the best item of clothing dan and phil own?


I love this episode. Especially this scene.

I have been waiting for another Father-Son scene between Phil and Fitz. And this episode, for me at least, provided me with one.

The scene initially started with Phil a little upset when Fitz hid the truth about Aida. Then, it turned out that Fitz has been feeling pretty worried about the whereabouts of Jemma. He became mad, and exploded, sharing his angst and disappointment regarding Phil’s decision to leave the Directorship (because Jemma wouldn’t be in an unknown situation if Phil is the one calling the shots!).

Anyway, my most fave part of this scene is when Phil just leaned on Fitz to calm him, and assure him that it’ll be alright (see the bottom rightmost picture). Fitz not having his biological father anymore, but this is where I know he is the real Son of Coul (and May)! HA!

That for me, is the true meaning of “FATHER’S LOVE”.