i love phil he's my fave

what I love abt people that watch dan & phil is like. to anyone else we’d appear to hate them. like we say “goddammit dan” or “how disgusting can you believe these two??” or my personal fave: “I hate both of them so much” and other people are just like ????? if you hate them so much why do you reblog these two men??? but d&p watchers will know

No Wrong Way

Summary: This isn’t how he’s supposed to be. Phil is in love with the girl he thinks Dan is. Dan can’t bear to disappoint him with the truth.

Warnings: Transphobia

Word Count: 6012

Author’s Notes: i’ve wanted to do a trans!dan au for a long time, so here it is. and i mean, pastel and punk au is my fave au, so might as well throw it in.

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I love this episode. Especially this scene.

I have been waiting for another Father-Son scene between Phil and Fitz. And this episode, for me at least, provided me with one.

The scene initially started with Phil a little upset when Fitz hid the truth about Aida. Then, it turned out that Fitz has been feeling pretty worried about the whereabouts of Jemma. He became mad, and exploded, sharing his angst and disappointment regarding Phil’s decision to leave the Directorship (because Jemma wouldn’t be in an unknown situation if Phil is the one calling the shots!).

Anyway, my most fave part of this scene is when Phil just leaned on Fitz to calm him, and assure him that it’ll be alright (see the bottom rightmost picture). Fitz not having his biological father anymore, but this is where I know he is the real Son of Coul (and May)! HA!

That for me, is the true meaning of “FATHER’S LOVE”.

i drew my sweet bean lester | dan’s drawing 

Peanut Butter Cravings

[prompt: hi hi hi!! i discovered ur writing a few days ago and loved it!! i have a prompt that maybe you could fill?💞 pregnant!dan wakes phil up at like 3 AM bec he is craving peanut butter so phil goes to the store and gets him the crunchy kind and when he gets back dan has a meltdown bc he wanted to creamy kind so phil goes back to the store and cute fluffy ending!! thank you :)))]

this prompt is v cute aw yes yes (mpreg is always the cutest)

(i may write a lot of fucking smut but when it gets down to it, fluff and angst r my lowkey faves to write)

sorry for the amount of dialogue and sorry that its kind of short ahhh

[Contains: soooooo much fluff, gUYS THE FLUFF IS REAL IN THIS ONE, LIKE IM Sob bI n G BC OF THE FLUFF, so much fluff goddamn]


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studentxteacher phan au headcanons bc my followers hate their selves

as requested by multiple anons, and this is my fave phan au too oops

(student!dan, teacher!phil)

  • i’m always down for the idea that phil is a cold teacher in school but he’s a big softie when it comes to dan
  • dan loves teasing phil during class and phil makes him stay for detention. making out happens somewhere.
  • the idea of dan pining over phil for a year or two until phil confronts him about it when they are alone after class is so good. and dan blushes and profusely denies when it’s so obvious and phil just rolls his eyes and grabs him for a kiss because guess what the kid is so fucking hot
  • if phil was an art teacher, whenever they stay after school to practice the new lesson, they somehow end up naked with their bodies completely covered in paint.
  • if phil was an english teacher, he whispers literature pieces to dan while they do the naughty
  • dan is a jealous bitch whenever another student is obviously pining over phil so he loves showing off their relationship. lowkey, of course.
  • in addition, even though phil has a persona of being strict to everyone, including dan, dan is hardly phased by it because he knows his boyfriend is just a big nerd and he could tease him about it afterwards.
  • one time, a new student appeared and sat next to dan. he kept checking him out and dan realised this, which was knew because he’s used to only phil checking him out. he sees phil in the corner of his eye shooting daggers and he just snickers and flirts with the boy to rile phil up. he comes to school with his neck littered in hickeys the next day.
  • if this was also a university au, i think they would be living together. which means, sometimes in class, dan will know why phil would be acting extra grumpy because he didn’t drink three cups of coffee in the morning that day, or phil knows why dan couldn’t sit properly in class. he loves to snigger every time.
  • phil loves pinching dan’s ass whenever no one is in the hallway.
  • whenever they get too horny to go home, they always fuck with phil’s tie in dan’s mouth because dan is a screamer and they literally don’t want to be caught in this kind of relationship like this.
  • if they don’t live together and dan is still with his family, the boy often lies to his mum about after school study sessions when in reality he’s just making-out and cuddling with phil inside his car.
  • phil is always watching on the first or the second row of the seats whenever dan is part of a competition.
  • dan is on the top of his class but he still loves to pester about phil to tutor him.
  • and phil groans because he just wants attention.
  • said attention, it means that dan just wanted to be rewarded for being a good student via means of sex.

i have so many more but i think i will explode so by e

anonymous asked:

Hey youre my fav phan writers and i was wondering if i could request a fic set after the impossible quiz video where Dan still keeps telling Phil not to touch him cos he is mad about the video a bit still but Phil gets fustrated and ends up kissing Dan. Both are in shock - you can choose how to finish it! Love your work! ☺️

Okay this is the kind of prompt I like, v specific and sounds like it’d be fun to write! Firstly tysm for requesting it, it’ll be up in two Tuesdays probs, and secondly IDK WHY IM YOUR FAVE BUT THANK YOU!!!! I’m glad you like my writing and feel free to request any other prompts at any time! You made my day friend😊😄💕

i fell in love with you @ 3am

Summary: A collection of moments at 3am wherein Dan’s heart beats faster than usual, his pupils dilate– umm yup, he’s in love with Phil.

Words: 4k+ (I have shitty self-control, okay?)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, and the ever-present “kinda smut”

Warnings: None. However, please do message me if I need to tag something here!

A/N: This is probably my most hectic fic. I write a lot in this point of view but they’re usually spoken words and I never “publish” them. Thank you so much to @miraclelester for putting up with me sending  her parts of this while it was being written, @connorbanta and @analester dealing with my questionable snapchats. A part of this is also inspired by @phantheraglama so umm yes hi

Enough rambling. I’m proud of this fic, I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoy it, too!

The back of my head rested against our couch. All of the possible sources of light in the lounge were turned off except for the television, all vibrant colours and rapid movement of animation.

And there were you, to my left; absorbed in a world more interesting (But undeniably, more dangerous. Would we even survive?) than the one we lived in. Though, to be honest, I’d find every world enticing as long as you were by my side.

Your pale skin and near translucent eyes served as a canvas for the colourful animations flashing before our eyes; the blue of a swimming pool’s water highlighting your cheekbones one moment and the greens of a forest adventure chiselling your natural contours the next.

You were an artwork . I’ve lost attention for everything else but you.

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I thought very hard about posting this here as I already got hate on Twitter but I can explain properly here, so:
I went to see The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire a third time today, third time VIP as well. From the first two times I have 7(!!) pictures with Dan AND Phil. Phil being my fave, I really wanted a picture with just him. I felt bad for asking but after I hugged BOTH and they signed a picture of mine, Dan asked if I would like him to take a photo of the three of us. I smiled at him and asked if there was the possibility of me taking just a photo with Phil. He immediately said “Yeah, sure” to which I replied, “I love you too, just…” He said it was absolutely NO problem at all and even OFFERED to take a picture of me and Phil.
I did not force him to do that or to agree in the first place and I sure as hell did not walk over there and said something like “Go away Dan, don’t want you in my photo!” I asked nicely and would have totally understood if he or Phil said no. But honestly, I think Dan was actually really happy for Phil, he smiled the whole time.
So please, don’t send me rude comments like some people on twitter did…

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: kickthepj is an awesome channel that gets little to no recognition and hasn’t hit a million subscribers yet and I love dan and phil but yet all you ever see is posts about getting two of the most successful youtubers to yet another million subscribers but no one even thinks of the ones who are equally creative (and for arguments sake, attractive) and whole heartedly equally as hard working and the only thing that comes to mind is why the hell haven’t we yet why cant we take a break from punching dan and phil through the clouds and support smaller youtubers like pj and get them to their milestones too???


eternallyphan is karen

she is literally my fave person ever and i don’t want people to give her shit because karen is so awesome she is just one person and her blog is awesome and although her blog would probably make my grandma cry i love it so yeah here we have a list of some reasons why karen is awesome

1. We nearly share a birthday mine is the day after hers

2. She cares so much about people

3. She loves phil and thinks he is daddy af

4. She’s a lot like Dan, she may or may not be him

5. She has an epic taste in music

6. She’s really pretty i hope she realises that

7. from what i can gather she’s been through some tough stuff but she is still here thank goodness

8. She’s hilarious and is so so funny but sometimes people don’t get her jokes which is stupid

9. She wants her blog to be a safe place

10. she is literally so chill

11. she was the first person to rickroll me ever

nobody needs to know who i am because that would ruin the fun.

ok bye