i love peter's relationship with them ok

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Birthday: February 16

Gender: male

Relationship status: single af 

Favourite colour: blue

Pets: A poodle, also claimed my neighbors cat and 2 of my friends cats

Wake up time: depends 8am-2pm but mostly 12

Love or lust: Love

Favourite food: Pizza always

Met a celebrity: didnt meet but saw mac demarco and peter sagar and walk passed them

Last song I listened to: down the line by beach fossils

First kiss: never had one but thats ok

Tall or short: tall

People I tag: well i dont really know anyone on here but i guess i tag all of my followers thats wants to do it, just tag ya boy so i can read it 

before the season of ahs started and it was revealed that evan peters and emma roberts were gonna play each others love interests i was like *eye roll* ok…. but now as i’m watching the season i’m actually liking their relationship seeing how initially she was planning on killing the freaks and selling them but as she spent time with then she came to like and understand the freaks and is actually romantically involved with one of them. i like her character shift it gives the characters and their relationship a cool dynamic imo tbh

sambuckying  asked:

Ok but what about Star-Lord hitting on Tony and Steve getting jealous? Sorry I just love possessive!Steve. Ps: you are 100% cutie plz post more selfies.

*blushes bright red* how dare you be so cute and sweet thank you <3


Omg jealous Steve please give me ten million. 

Okay but here’s the thing. Ever since the GOTG run with Tony I’ve thought that pre 616 stevetony relationship, Peter and Tony totally could’ve been no strings attached fuck buddies. I like to call them “space bros with benefits”. Like, space sex and then afterwards they’d harp on about their love lives (Tony: damn I love Steve so much but I dunno how to tell him, help me out here Quill. Peter: literally chill Stark you’re in space). SO YEAH Steve finding out about this and being super jealous :) :) :) Lowkey giving Tony sweet kisses and putting an arm around his waist when Peter comes around (Tony of course always leans into his side like Steve is a magnet to him). 

Of course Peter would be all like *wink* so Tony I see things worked out with a certain super soldier hmmm??? And Steve would get all soft, sappy and surprised (woah accidental alliteration) like “you told him about me??” And Peter’s just like “dude he never shut up about you please.”