i love percabeth

Me when a character gets hurt and their SO gets overprotective:


Riordan give me stylized CHB outifts for my demigod children please


I absolutely love the fact that while Annabeth is super shocked when Percy knows things, because he almost always looks to her for information, she also knows that Percy is smart and shows him how much she appreciates him when he comes up with information she didn’t.

Can you imagine the look on Annabeth’s face when Percy challenged Briares, a Hundred-Handed One, in rock, paper, scissors and actually won because he used GUN????? Because I’m pretty sure this was the exact moment that Annabeth knew she was in love with Percy Jackson I AM DECEASED

Since re-reading the Percy Jackson series has kind-of brought me out of my funk, I’m doodling some percabeth and a hot little Percy for fun! Oh man how I missed these two, and these books! I love how colourfully humorous the books are, and Percy cheers me up so much xD

  • Hazel: hey, Percy. What's up?
  • Percy: nothing but the ceiling, girlie
  • Hazel: *laughs*
  • Percy: *leaning over to Annabeth* See? She thinks in funny!
  • Annabeth: statistically, I suppose someone has to
  • Percy: . . .

pjo aesthetics
↳ connor and travis stoll

  • y'all: jason is literally percy's best friend
  • me: ok but like...did you guys forget about grover
  • y'all: who in the hell is that