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Hi, again (?) I think I sent you a submit thingy asking if a certain image was yours… I found the drawing of yours on pinterest (I am assuming is your pinterest) and I wanted to pay homage to it and I sculpted it in my own image? I just wanted to show it to you. I’m not selling it for profit or anything either because I suck at sculpting faces and she looks so derpy -__- I’m going to post it under my blog name/tagged/sergle.. anyways this is what it looks like


In regards to the last Omake in which Judar (and Morgiana) thinks that Hakuryuu hasn’t changed at all, I have to agree - at least when it came to his core personality. What has changed is his way of doing things or how to express himself.

Hakuryuu has always been a loyal person. He still is a loyal person.
Hakuryuu has always been a polite person. He still is a polite person - yes he let his sassiness out more now, but he is still polite.
Hakuryuu has always been an emotional person. He still is an emotional person - now he just does not act upon it immediately.
Hakuryuu has always been a smart boy. He still is a smart one.
Hakuryuu has always been a responsible person. He still is - if he weren’t he would have followed his revenge or had challenged Sinbad/Arba again.
Hakuryuu has always been insecure about his own worth and abilities. He still is insecure about himself.

Until he fulfilled his revenge he had copied his brother Hakuren and Hakuyuu, now he is more himself, that is also why a few things about how he expresses himself has changes (being more openly sassy).
Further, he learned from his past and made amendments to avoid making the same mistakes again (now not immediately acting upon his emotions, being more open etc.)

So, I think Hakuryuu has not changed at the core, but just the way he handles things and expresses himself.

(And I think that is just human, since someone changes throughout their lives, because one learns something new and therefore changes one’s opinion, because one realizes that one’s action were wrong and therefore apologizes and stop this action, because normal people do evolve.)

I saw the same fucking anti-greenflame post on my dash and
Every ship is wrong if you think about it
Bruise? Abusive.
Glacier? Zane is a nindroid.
Jaya? Nya broke Jay’s heart.
Kailor? They don’t even meet up.
Wusako? Misako is married to Garmadon and has a son with the latter.
Every. Ship. Is. Wrong. In. Some. Way. But if we headcanon stuff to be different (that Lloyd is older, perhaps. Or that they don’t have an age gap that big) then we can ship it. Heck, we don’t have to change stuff, but we can still enjoy it. I’m honestly sick of this. I get it, Lloyd’s not as old as the other ninja, but if he loves Kai and Kai loves him back, it’s okay. Because my friend’s parents have 10 years age gap, and they still love each other.
I am, and always will be, fine with ships between Lloyd and other ninja. I don’t care what you ship. If you’re an asshole and ship it, I hate you because you’re an asshole. I don’t hate you because you ship it.
I am not backing down from my opinion. I don’t care how much hate I’m getting for this.
I just want people to know that I exist. That I am here to support everyone. Please, ffs, if this war makes you feel like it did to me, come and talk to me. Please.

hello friends i’m having deep thoughts about love and what a weird and fickle concept it is

Greenflame rant... Idk just stuff

The whole age with Lloyd thing is really… Complicated.

People have asked Tommy Andreasen (co-creator of Ninjago) about Lloyd’s age, and he said that Lloyd is a minor.

Here is the thing though: They are always going to say all the Ninja are minors, because guess what? LEGO is primarily a kids toy. So they want kids to feel like they could be the characters on the screen, which means that they can never be “adults”.

Buuutt almost anyone who has watched the show would say that calling the Ninja minors is a bit of a stretch, given that not only have they had multiple jobs (one being teachers which is a 5 year education btw), but also from how the ninja are different from how they first were in the pilot episodes.

So on the one hand you have a person working on the show telling everyone that the main characters are all minors, but on the other hand you can see how mature they are on the show, and how much time “must” have passed.

I personally feel like Lloyd has reached the state of entering adulthood on the show (him training to be a Sensei for example), but I am not feeling like he is close enough for any… You know. 

So Lloyd (and all the other Ninja btw, they are all minors in the creators eyes), will always be minors canonically, but I view them as adults at this points.

(I still don’t ship Lloyd with anyone, because of his weird age-up thing)

In the end people will always ship what they want, no matter how much we write angrily about it. The best we can do is try to approach it calmly to change their minds.

Btw - Do you guys think people will ship movie Lloyd with the other characters? Will that be fine with everyone because even though he is on high school he is at the same age (from the beginning) with the other Ninja?

this magazine means so much to me. every time I see it, it reminds me why i love this fandom so much. you get to know and meet people from all around the world, with the same love and spirit as you. it’s like your second family you get to have moments of joy and tears with. remembering walking down the streets in madrid our way to the stadium, with the biggest smiles on our faces. seeing people so passionated about football and the team they love the most. that made me realize one thing: football is a way of living. no matter how old you are, what you are or where you are from. It unite us and we should always remember that.

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Thank you so much for creating this blog! I adore corvids especially crows. They are so intelligent, clever, pretty, and funny. The photographs you post are so gorgeous! Thanks for including the names of the corvids. Always a treat to see a corvid I didn't know about. Keep up the great work! :D

Thank you too for appreciating it and for taking time to leave such a kind message! I’m glad there’re so many people on tumblr who love corvids as much as I do. I try to mention the names whenever possible yes, corvids are such a diverse family and there’re so many birds that look nothing like your typical crow that I’d never have guessed were corvids, and I really enjoy the opportunity to show that diversity to others. You should really thank the artists who’ve taken all of those wonderful photos though, I’m just sharing other people’s work~

In honor of Britney Spears’ birthday (December 2), I want to remind everyone that this woman was publically ostracized for struggling with the onset of mental illness, divorce, and loosing custody of her children after years of media scrutiny and hypersexualization starting at the age of 17. No, she is not just a crazy woman who shaved her head. She’s the victim of an industry that loves to build a woman up before tearing her down.

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@new d&d players and dungeon masters starting because of critical role, aquisitions inc, the adventure zone, etc: 

hey listen. i know it’s really super easy to compare and set up expectations that your game, your DMing or your roleplaying should be like theirs. i know. it’s super easy to look at matthew mercer and feel like you’ll never be as entertaining as him or you’ll never be as good at roleplaying as the cast, or that you’ll never be as funny as the mcelroys.

but listen to me. i’m serious. they are professionals, but they’re playing with their friends. every single person brings something unique and great to a tabletop game, and if you let go of the expectation that everything needs to be perfect, everything needs to be like the podcasts you listen to or the shows you watch–

it WILL be perfect. d&d is a game where you can do whatever the fuck you want and you should do that, but realize that with these expectations are unfair to your fellow players, your dm, and most importantly yourself. sometimes it takes a while for people to get comfortable with how things are. sometimes it doesn’t. that’s ok. just enjoy your game as much as you can

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why do people talk about Jonathan Groff more than Okieriete Onaodowan? Jon left Hamilton months ago and is literally on stage for like 10 minutes. Oak has an amazing range and is the last original cast member. Why does no one talk about him. Why wasn't he nominated for a Tony. I need answers.