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Reasons I love my job: part lots

PERSONALS FROM THE PAST! These are from the Daily Mail, 4th of May 1896…

BESSIE - darling. - Mother wishes you many happy returns of the day. You said, to avoid all reproachful letters, you would keep your whereabouts unknown for the time. Is the time not yet ended? There shall be no reproachful letters; but for Heaven’s sake let me hear of or from you. There is no need, dear, of all this secrecy, unless a stronger will than your own is at work to keep you silent. Even if this is so, don’t keep me longer without a word. It is so hard, my darling.

TO OAK - Oh, why have you left me for so long? This suspense is killing me. When you took me to the circus you swore you would never leave me. Think how you are keeping that promise! If you do not come back to me soon I fear I shall be tempted into accepting one of the offers of marriage I am receiving almost daily - Ivy.

UNCLE JIM - Come home at once. All is forgiven. Bring the pawntickets with you. - Niece.

WILL the gentleman who took away by mistake the Brown Pony standing outside the Star and Garter, on City and Suburban day, kindly send to the same place for the trap, or return pony? One is no use without the other.

OH BUT WAIT these were in the paper on the 5th. SURPRISE Oak is a dick! BUT WHERE IS UNCLE JIM??? 



anonymous asked:

could you write a tiny love letter to humanity?


  • The way brake lights flicker through the bare limbs of trees out the window of my apartment
  • the soft grinding of the CTA line as it passes into night, carrying unknown individuals pats, to the dark
  • our downstairs neighbors as they have soft, languorous sex, gently rattling our china cabinet as their headboard slams against the wall
  • My criminal law professor, who (despite a rough, emotionally-scarring military and prosecutorial past) articulates the necessity of being open to criticism as “if I alienate you from learning, I have failed as a professor”
  • the very gentle inquiries into what we’re all doing for spring break, the necessity of sunshine and/or our mothers’ cooking
  • Talking about work/life balance with other law students, some of whom believe in nothing of the sort, and others who harbor that spark of romanticism, that love can be found in a desperate place
  • How much people still long for external approval, even into their thirties and foties, so much as to be braggarts, desperate for external approval from law students ten to fifteen years their junior.
  • You are never really not that person you were at twelve and thirteen. It will all be a little easier if you love them gently, and with kindness. 

if I become famous I would love
to have the autograph of my fans.
the scene would be like this:
“Hey Kibbi, could you do an autograph?”
“Awww of course! could you do the same, please?”
*hugs hugs*

it would be so fucking meaningful,
the most precious treasure in the world!
it will never happen but DAMN I swear I’d do it.
I would read the names before going to sleep
and I would try to memorize them.

Sorry if I wear contact lenses heavenly CwC , but I did not want to change them .*coff coff*

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