i love people

deadlines are awful!! here let me cover for you, with notepad, in a bow tie.

sometimes different people have different ideas about how conformity works i guess!!


okay so this person observed that my blog’s subheading is ‘everything I draw ends up wearing a bow-tie’ and wondered why I hadn’t drawn Notepad with one and I said gosh darn isn’t that a perfectly valid point but that I was too busy to draw it right then SO THEY DREW IT FOR ME


if I become famous I would love
to have the autograph of my fans.
the scene would be like this:
“Hey Kibbi, could you do an autograph?”
“Awww of course! could you do the same, please?”
*hugs hugs*

it would be so fucking meaningful,
the most precious treasure in the world!
it will never happen but DAMN I swear I’d do it.
I would read the names before going to sleep
and I would try to memorize them.

I met the coolest person in the supermarket today.

Her name is Bobbie, and she’s 82. She was there with her husband, and I started talking to her. She asked me about my height. 

“How tall are you? 5′9?”

“Yeah around there.”

“Oh I was too, at your age. I used to walk all slumped over like this. (she slumped over and decreased her height significantly) I would always walk like that because I was ashamed of my height.”

“I do that too.”

“Well don’t. One day I just said, ‘Pshh with that.’ I put on high heels, pushed back my shoulders, and walked so that they could see me. I wasn’t bad looking then either, don’t look at what 82 years have done. Ravaged me.”

(my mom said this) “Well Al (her husband) seemed to approve.”

“He did. He asked me to marry him on the first date. He’d known me for fifteen minutes. You know what I said? ‘You’re nuts!’ “

We kept talking to her, and she told me that when she was young you could die from Strep throat, and she was allergic, deathly, to the regular medicine for it. But the doctors went to her parents and said that there was a new medicine that they hadn’t tried much yet, but that might work. 

“Do you know what that medicine was? Guess.”



I love meeting new people. I’m probably going to visit them soon and help out with whatever they need. 

  baby can’t you see, i’m calling?  ❤

These are the people that I love and will fuck up if anyone upsets them or hurts them in like, any way. Yeah, you heard me. For someone who screams when she stubs her toe I act pretty tough. No joke, though, I really do love all of you and I’m so grateful to be able to know you and appreciate you.

bramrps: you’re literally perfect. you’re also the best Sam roleplayer in the world and believe me, if we both weren’t so horrible at 1X1s we’d have all of them. you’re so so so so so so so sweet and i just want to keep you in the least weirdest way possible. you’re my little cupcake.

fabitchrps: kathie!! you’re so helpful and kind and cute and god you are such a little lovely. your an amazing quinn fabray roleplayer and i’m surprised you’re not actually dianna agron behind that screen. thank you for keeping ms. fabray alive for me, keep being a sweetheart.

diannasroleplays: rebekah, you’re actually perfect. i admire you, i admire your face, i admire your graphics and i of course admire your portrayal of quinn. you’re one of the sweetest people to join tumblr and you deserve much better than you seem to get.

mottabrayrps: your sugar motta is the funniest thing. she’s the most amazing, hilarious sugar on tumblr (lets be real) and she should probably become a stand up comedian? yes, she should, i can’t wait to get to know you better as a person because i think you’re already a little dolly.

  a guy like you should wear a warning,  ❤

These are all the people I stalk and admire on tumblr. I love each and every one of you already and I’d just love to get to know you and build a friendship if we don’t already have one.

marksroleplays ❤  jarleyrp ❤ kayladeeroleplays ❤ bpkurtwrites ❤ qfabraywrites ❤ snixsrps ❤ tcchelps ❤ issys-shizzle ❤ & hummelberryhelps

and i love what you do, don’t you know that you’re toxic?  ❤

and you guys, i love seeing you on my dash! you make coming on tumblr so addicting and i both despise and love you all for that.

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