i love pausing at the right time

The Beauty of Sight

So this came to me this morning after reading a Crowley x deaf!Reader by @thewildomega (which I absolutely loved) and it gave me this idea. Sorry, I wrote it at work and ran out of time to edit it lol

Pairings: Crowley x Reader, Sam & Dean (John mentioned) 2 OC bartenders mentioned.

Warnings: I always swear so swearing


As you walked into the bar, your hand gripped tight around your service dog’s harness, you needed to pause for a moment to get your bearings. You could hear that the bar was packed, loud voices shouting over each other to be heard amongst the chaos and the smell of stale beer and sweat permeated the air.

“Hey (Y/N)! Right on time.” You smiled at the familiar sound of the bar tenders voice and you waved in his direction.

“Hey Steve. Is my chair open?” You asked when you felt your German Sheppard, Cujo, pulling you forward.

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Would you believe me
If I tell you that our
Story is only at pause
And the universe is 
Only waiting for the right 
Time for us to meet again?
And do you think if
That time will come,
Our broken pieces will fall
Into place and we will feel complete?
Will fireworks start to ignite
Inside our bones and
Will your eyes hold the same
Affection they had before?
Tell me, would you love me again?
—  lm // soulmate pt 2
Viktor's Pauses

Okay, this is a break from my usual tough love on Viktor. This time, I’d like to talk about something Viktor does that makes me really, really happy and proud of him.

We see how kind Viktor is to Yuuri. He is thoughtful and careful with him in a way that appears so soft and warm and everything that made us fall in love with them. Somehow, Viktor just seems to do and say the right things. Not all the time, of course, and he has had his slips like what we saw at the Cup of China, but this is because Viktor is still learning. Most of the time though, he seems to have the right words to say.

The best part for me though is HOW Viktor says these things - more specifically, how he comes up with them. It is not as if the responses come naturally, or are top of mind. He had to learn them, because Viktor definitely thought about other things before the things that he does say out loud. How do we know?

He pauses.

For example, in episode 3, Yuuri (and Yurio) struggle with their respective programs. Yuuri, at his wits end, suddenly comes up with the crazy, “That’s it! Katsudon!”

Now look at what happens next:

There must have been a dozen things that passed through dear Viktor’s mind. Remember, he didn’t know that Yuuri forgot everything that happened at the banquet. He didn’t know that Yuuri didn’t know about his own Eros potential. Viktor’s thoughts possibly ranged from “Excuse me?” to “What the actual fuck,” but he does not say these things. Instead, he pauses.

What do pauses even mean? A pause means a person is thinking. Viktor thinks about what he will say to Yuuri. Granted, Viktor does not have the record of being the most tactful person on Earth. We have seen him deliver brutal truths with that heart-shaped smile of his, but that only makes it even more precious that he makes these later considerations for Yuuri.

Viktor did not start off being this considerate. You know when this kindness started? When Yuuri first ran away to skate away his anxiety since Viktor came, and then more and more as Viktor learned that Yuuri was apparently shy and more delicate than Viktor initially thought him to be.

So back at the dinner table, of course we know that what Viktor says instead of, you know, Yurio’s more sensible, “Seriously?” is:

Viktor’s first careful step!

Fast forward to Hot Springs on Ice. Yuuri panics when it is his turn, but eventually, comes up with another gem:

Viktor pauses a bit.

He’s still not used to this type of lines from Yuuri. In the end though, his answer to Yuuri is:

The beauty of what Viktor does is that it’s a considerate way of acting neutral while he tries to understand how this beautifully confusing creature he sort of fell a little in love with at the Sochi banquet ticks. At the same time, whether he meant to or not, he says things that Yuuri seems to need, as proven by the way Yuuri blushes every time Viktor says something that tells him that Viktor is on his side. Viktor is very careful with Yuuri, and what I love about it is that it shows to us that Viktor still wants to stay and get to know this person even though he is not who Viktor thought he was.

Episode 4, as we know, is that wonderful, wonderful episode that spanned the months of Yuuri’s training, during which we are somehow told that Yuuri and Viktor grew closer and got to know one another better. The next Viktor-pause is not so much a consideration for Yuuri as much as it is proof that Viktor picked up the habit of thinking before he speaks around Yuuri, and somehow finding the right words to say within those brief pauses.

The beauty of the pause here is that it seems to be a tentative one. The theme is love? Why did it become love, now when I am working on him with this? Am I somehow making progress with this person? Viktor pauses for his own sake this time, because Yuuri’s theme caught him off-guard.

But after all this time, Viktor is better with Yuuri, and his response is:

He reacts positively to Yuuri and supports his decisions. He has learned to relate with Yuuri better, and continues to be kind to him. He knows how to say yes to Yuuri’s decisions in the best way possible.

Here is another of my favourite scenes, purely because of Viktor’s word choices.

“Perfect” and “the best theme” – Viktor’s words are encouraging and uplifting, and I can perfectly imagine how they can affect Yuuri and motivate him.

Episode 5 is yet another gift of an episode where, for the first time, we hear Viktor think. And boy, he thinks a lot, and now we know that he does think a lot before doing and saying things in regards to Yuuri. We know he does not always agree with his student:

Yet at the end of the day, still makes the conscious decision to accept and support him.

We can see how this endeared Viktor to Yuuri. I mean look at the boy’s face in that last frame. He’s so happy, he actually cried. Viktor’s constant affirmation helped Yuuri grow and be more confident in himself. While I do believe that Viktor is naturally warm and a very kind person deep down, and while providing Yuuri this kind of positive regard is not contradictory to his personality, it’s wonderful to think that he still had to learn and develop these things in himself as well.

Now, of course Viktor isn’t perfect. He slipped in episode 7 and said the wrong thing. But, as Yakov said, Viktor still had a lot to learn, but it’s heartening to see him keep at it, isn’t it?

Lol, he even does this silent pause thing during their engagement. There was a good pause there, but then again maybe it was just shock. He’s been quiet even during the time that they bought the rings, and pretty much just followed Yuuri in a daze (I assume) up to the last moment. He doesn’t even talk until Yuuri prompts him.

Viktor still says something good, though - probably the best that could be said given the circumstances and given what Yuuri said. He has also grown quite a lot. Somewhere along the way, he learned to speak Yuuri’s language, and it is just a beautiful thing to watch.

arranged marriage; jungkook x reader (part 1)

Originally posted by dream-bts

for better understanding please read the description and foreword here;

genre: fluff, romance, angsty?

word count: 9.457;

a/n: thank you so much for reading this little story with jungkook; jimin x reader as well;  has a few swear words, nothing violent; if you like it please let me know; lots of love and hugs



“So,” Taehyung paused, adjusting his voice with a sunken cough, “You are her bodyguard, right?” He asked, turning his head to the right in Jimin’s direction as he wrapped his fingers tightly over the drinking glass filled with bourbon. Taehyung despised drinking, but he loved sipping from a classy glass of bourbon from time to time, especially when he was nervous – there was something about the smoky taste of bourbon that offered a sense of calmness to him. He was not an alcoholic, just a casual drinking.

Jimin snatched his glare from his own glass and looked directly at Taehyung, keeping his lips in a straight line during the whole time, “And you are his?” Jimin asked, tapping the bar’s woodened surface with the bottom of his glass filled with just plain water, evidently irritated by Taehyung’s question.

Even if he looked like one, Jimin disliked to be labelled just as your bodyguard, your subaltern. The fact that outsiders saw him as a part of your personal staff and security infuriated Jimin, he was pissed that he was always reminded of his mere position. Not your acquaintance, not your friend – just the guy who stood next to you. Thinking about that, his fingers wrapped even tighter around the glass.  

Taehyung chuckled, “Do I even look like I could be a bodyguard?” He asked as he shook his head in disapproval, “I am Jungkook’s best friend; I am here to guard him up from that kind of a position.” He answered, resting one of his elbows on the counter and slightly touching the bottom of his lips with two of his fingers, “He is not very good with girls, you know.” Taehyung added, subtlety watching his best friend over his shoulder, “He has never been on a date before.”

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Holy shit guys I just realized something...

*“One day at a Time” Season Finale spoilers*

While watching the season for the 3rd time - Sue me, I love this show (actually don’t I’m broke as shit) - I saw something important.

In the season finale (Episode 13 “Quinces”), at the end of Elena’s choreographed dance(s) during her Quinceañera, there is a brief moment when the camera pans over to Penelope, Lydia, and Dr. Burkowitz to see them clapping.
(At 25:32 in/5:25 left)

It was then when I noticed it: Schneider’s seat was already empty. (You have to pause it at the right moment and look closely)

Which means he figured out before everyone else that Victor (Elena’s dad) was missing before the father daughter dance was even announced and went to go look for him.

I didn’t think I could love him even more than I already did, But it fills my heart to the brim to see how much he cares about Elena and her family.

The first time that Kurt and Blaine said “I love you” in front of Burt uwu

“Okay, explain it to me again.”

Kurt rolls his eyes, tipping his head back onto the couch, as Blaine bites his lip to stifle his laughter. Pinching his nose, Kurt touches his cheek to Blaine’s arm—wrapped snugly around Kurt’s shoulders—and exhales, “Barty Crouch Jr. is the bad guy, Dad. He was pretending to be Mad Eye Moody using Polyjuice potion.”

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She paces around the room, searching hard for the right words to say.

“I don’t think he ever truly loved me,” she whispered. “If he did, he wouldn’t have been able to breathe as easily as he did when he left me.”

Her best friend paused for a while. She took a sip of her coffee and glanced at her broken best friend with relaxed eyes. “Then why did he say it so often, and with such certainty?”

“Because he was a dreamer,” she continued. “He knew how it would all go down. He continuously brought himself down and proved time and time again that he only wanted me for my body. He showed no effort. I cried every night for him because I wanted him to be okay and he never shed a single tear for me. He kept me not because he fought for me; but because every night he would whisper a breathless "I love you” and it would sweep me every time.“

"You fell for it.”

She felt uneasy. “He said I was the girl of his dreams,” she said, “but he made every day a nightmare.”

—  // b.k.
Oneshot: The Best Audience

Emma’s is secretly talking to Regina’s small bump every night when Regina falls asleep– anonymous

Thanks for the prompt. Apologies for any mistakes. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Established SQ fluff. Hope you all enjoy :)

Emma smiles softly as she holds Regina in her arms and waits for her to drift off to sleep. It doesn’t take long. Emma loves their nightly routine, from the way Regina curls into her to the way she whispers ‘I love you’ before closing her eyes. It’s something she never tires of. Lately, these nights though she’s been waiting for Regina to fall asleep.

Once Regina’s snores fill the air – not that Emma would ever be able to get her to admit it – it’s story time. Emma grins placing her hand tenderly on Regina’s slight bump, “Okay baby, where did we get to?”

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Triple Trouble, Triple Timeouts, Triple Love ♥

These little munsters are the reason that I blame me being so active during my pregnancy. I feel so lazy at times to the point to where I don’t even want to think about doing a single task until.. I hear whining followed by:

 “It’s mines!! ..”  

“No, no no.. it’s MINES..”

“Ouchie!! that hurted mees Apple..”


 “You not boss of mees”

 (pause because you hear him spit a raspberry at someone, and then the hitting begins) and I’m off of my feet turning into a WWE referee. I snapped this picture last week before bathtime, I tried. This is the best you’re going to get from 3 children who don’t have the DNA to be still, even in their sleep, ha.

It’s so hard with all of my older babies in school and being stuck at home without help or assistance all day with 3 little jumping beans who are extremely spontaneous, love to twirl, dance, jump, run and play. Not to mention eating..ohh they love to eat. One of the only things that we can agree to do on a day to day basis. Bored? What’s that? I’ve never heard of that in this household. Silence is dangerous in my home. Let me tell you how these past few weeks have been like..

 One morning, I left the three of them in the dining room to munch on some yummy breakfast..or so I thought. I went to go shower and dress quickly, they should be good right? WRONG.

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I Believe This is Why We're Here

I believe in opportunities
When given the chance to succeed.
I believe in trying your hardest
For the ones you love, even if,
They don’t care as much as you’d wish.

I believe in fairy-tale endings,
Stories that come alive in the night.
Romantic sonnets and love poems
Of gallant, chivalrous heroes, and
Princesses that don’t need a knight.

I believe there’s a song in our future,
That will bring memories of our past.
I believe in picture’s silent capture,
As time stops by for the instant,
Gives you pause, and reasons to last.

I believe in love and its glories,
Though it escapes most of us in life.
For if you can’t love all of your destinies,
You future and all that is right,
The wonder of you will be lost in flight.

I believe in the sound of silence,
Shh…let it envelope you and pass.
Make noise and praise the melodies
Flowing through all of our beings
United in harmonious symphonies.

I believe in you.
In all of you, reading.
In all that you are, were, and will be.
I believe we are here for a reason,
Together to share, to laugh, to care.
I believe you are here for me now,
I’ll be there for you, anywhere, everywhere.

I believe this is where we are meant to be.
I believe you are not alone.
I believe we will meet someday, if you want.
I believe we will change the future.
I believe
I believe

Will you?

-H. Murcia 12/31/2016 12:30PM

Happy New Year! Thanks for being a part of my life! See you all soon! Be a part of 2017 and beyond!!! Message and say hello!!!!

Day Four Hundred Forty Three.

Ruffling through memories
Flipping through the past
Minutes turning into hours
It all happened way too fast
Wishing we could just hit pause
And erase when you departed
But time does not spin backwards
And I am right back where I started

I love love love the scene when Simon walked in on Magnus and Alec in bed.  It reminded me of the time Magnus walked in on Tessa and Will and Jace and Clary. “Oh my God,” Simon said. “Oh wow. Oh wow, I am really sorry.” “Please leave,” said Alec in a tight, controlled voice. “Right!” said Simon. “Of course!” He paused. “I can’t leave.” “Believe me,” said Alec. “You can.”😂😂😂



I saw a dragon so beautiful I had to make her. I fell in love with her color scheme and I’m pretty happy with how she turned out, especially her head plumage. I left out the silks on her wings though because they didn’t really work at this scale and ended up looking messy.

This lovely lady is from @kagurasdragons‘s lair. She’s got a lot of pretty dragons, but this one actually made me pause and go “wow that’s a nice dragon!”